Two days later 5

“I understand everyone has a past landon but it’s that I had to not only hear it from her but I felt your guilt towards her which means a part of you still cares and that’s not what upsets me it’s that you care and didn’t tell me, I know how lifemates work but you kept something important from me when you invaded my mind to seek my past” she said in a angry tone

"I am sorry about not telling you," he said. "I should have. You're right, I should have told you long before now, and I didn't. And you are right, I do feel guilty. If you would let me tell you what happened, you will see why."

She shook her head “I...I don’t want to talk about it right now and honestly I don’t think you need to talk to me first, you obviously have things you need closure on and so does sora and as much as I don’t like the thought I think you both need it” she said in a upset tone “I’ll talk to you after...” she said and went into their bedroom and shut the door.

Sora, I would like to speak to you, he said even as he told Alessia through the door, "I'll try."

We have nothing to talk about unless it has to do with the prince

What else is there to talk about? I always contact you this way, on our private link, when it involves Xavier. He hoped she didn't notice the lie.

There was nothing but silence for a few moments and then she finally answered my office in five

Landon made his way to her office. He took a deep breath. He opened the door and saw her behind her desk.

"Sora," he said.

She didn't look up from her papers "what is it landon" she said in a distant tone

"I'm here to apologize," he said. "For two things. I'm not here about Xavier, but you wouldn't talk to me otherwise. The other is for how things ended."

She looked up "I know you were lying but I only accept so I can tell you there is nothing to's been years landon and now we both have lifemates" she said

"Sora, just because I said those things didn't mean I stopped caring," he said, sitting down. "We did have a special bond, just not the one we thought. I didn't want to let you go either, but when my emotions started to go, I knew. I was still young and didn't know how to handle the situation. I hurt you with the things I said because I thought, if I didn't, you wouldn't let me go to find your real lifemate. That you would develop the sickness. I shouldn't have said them."

The scene started playing out in both of their heads. Sora and Landon, two young Carpathians, standing alone. Sora was crying and Landon was stone faced. He pulled her hands off of him.

"I said I'm tired of the farce, Sora," he said. "For one of your bloodline, you fall leagues short of their legacy, dark as it is. Malinovs are intelligent and able to turn a battle to their favor. You can barely get through a fight with the newly turned without getting hurt."

"Then why were you with me for so long?!" she demanded. "Fifty years, Landon! Why stay with me if you didn't love me?!"

"It should have been obvious to even a child," he said. "I wanted to learn the Malinov' secret battle style. I thought your father and mother had taught them to you. But I guess since you didn't inherit their intelligence, you weren't worthy of such knowledge. So, I'm done pretending."

Sora slammed her hands on the desk "stop! " She growled "I told you we have nothing to talk about now leave!" She said in a shaking tone

Landon refused to move. The scene continued with her running away. But it didn't stop. He fell to the ground, crying. They were the last tears he would shed for centuries to come.

"You weren't the only one heartbroken that day, little bird," Landon said, using the nickname he had given her. "I decided to play be an ass and let you get out your anger. I had to make you leave so I wouldn't do worse later. You would have fought for a man lost to you. I felt it was a better choice than pretty words that would have kept hope alive for you when there was none for us. Our love was true in the time we had it. Every promise I made, I wanted desperately to hold onto. But when everything began fading, when I noticed you were getting duller in color, my world shattered. Since then, though I couldn't feel it, I knew that I did still love you but over time, it came to be as a friend." The scene disappeared. "I never told you a lie until that moment. I never hurt you until that day. I have never forgiven myself for the pain I caused. I wanted to say these things to you so many times, but without emotions, it was easy to say that things are better the way they are. But now, I can't just shove it under the rug anymore." He stood up. "Think on it, my friend. Because, whether you knew it or not, you saved me in the early years after losing my colors and emotions. The memories of our time together helped me stay sane in an insane world. Alessia may be why I live, but I would have never been able to find her if you had not been in my life. I thank you for that gift, little bird, because I would not be here without it."

She glared at him "you thought I would get the sickness because of my hurt me for no reason! All you had to say was that your emotions and colors were fading, that was it!" She said jumping over the desk and kicking him in the chest sending him flying "it would have hurt but it would have been a hell of a lot better then what you did!" She said in a shaking tone " you did what you did because you were a coward, not for me! You have no idea what that did to me, you got to lose your emotions I did not!" She yelled "if you would have told me the truth then it would have been easier to heal and be your friend! But you took that away and on top of that you created a scar that has made me unable to be close to anyone including my lifemate!" She yelled out "I will not forgive you for your selfishness that has caused me a lifetime of get out" she said gripping the desk so hard it cracked under her grip

He stood up and said, "You think I didn't realize that? The way you acted, the glares you gave everyone, and knowing I was the one that did that to you would have torn me apart if I could have felt anything! I was young and stupid and scared and all of those things! But the worse part was watching you break! Those tears you saw were not just because I told you a lie that hurt you, but because I saw the woman I loved lose all trust and faith in others! So say what I really am to you! A kuly! A vile worm that took something special from you! I didn't come to ease my guilt, Sora! I came to let you know that I still give a damn!" He sighed, took a break, and continued calmly. "I know it's not the same and it won't make up for the pain you had to carry on your own. But I still care if you get hurt or if something happens to you. I can't be a lover. I can't care for you that way and you don't want me to. I want to start over. We are not the same fledglings we were when I took the coward's path. The first step for me was coming her to admit to my guilt and shame. I'll still try to be your friend, but the guilt won't leave. It happened and I will have to live with my cowardice. I want to know the woman you grew into and that I work with. I at least want to stop jumping in to be an ass on purpose. It would put a stop to all the bumps and bruises."

She closed her eyes "please...leave" she said in a shaken tone "you don't deserve to know the woman I became" she said in a shaking tone and he could feel her pain filling the room

"You're right, I don't," he said, showing an image of a happy moment in their memories together in a mirror. "But this woman still exists in you. I want to help her come out so this image, turns into this for you."

Before her eyes, Landon's image became that of Alexander's. The bliss that was on her face was almost too painful to look at.

She pinned him against the way "you have no right! I survived you , you don't get to try and make it better" she said tears in her eyes and her fangs bared

"Why not?" he said, not fighting back. "Who said that the person that hurt you can't also heal you? I'm a healer. It is what I do." He put a hand on her shaking fist. "Just as you grew into someone else, so did I. The cowardly boy is gone. I am here. The guy who procrastinates when it comes to talking about his past or feelings. The guy who would rather stay in the mountains away from people because it's quieter. The guy who..."

She put a dagger to his throat " you.....stay away from me unless it's work, you don't know how it was for me, what happened after you left..." She said as the dagger cut his skin "you have no idea how deep my blood runs" she said in a dark tone and he knew her well enough to know she did something he didn't know about

"At least you know," he said, easily moving her hand back. "And I am here if you need me. But if I'm an ass in the future, know that it is unintentional." He went to leave. "Oh, and Sora, tell your lifemate he's a lucky man." He looked back at her with a smile. "He got the smartest Malinov to live since Ivory."

Then he was gone.

I can't, he's dead

That stopped him in his tracks and Landon returned almost instantly, "When and how?"But her office was empty and she was gone. He sighed and went back to Alessia.

When he got to there room he knew she was still inside the bedroom. He could smell her perfume and clean skin

He went to the door and said, "I told her my side of the story. She told me of the pain I caused her. She wants nothing to do with me, but at least she knows. The guilt remains but it's not as heavy. So, I believe it's your turn, Alessia."

There was no answer, but he knew she was in there. When he walked in he found she was in the bath room, he could feel the heat from the water coming from underneath the door
If you make the decision to leave because you do not like the truth, then that will be on you the woman said sitting down like it was no big deal that they were upset I have told you the truth and what to do, the rest is up to you, I am doing this as a favor to the prince but I do not have to help you she said all in a calm tone as she picked up a book next to the chair and opened it accept the truth and do as I say or leave, it will not effect me in the slightest you are the ones wasting my time at this point and if others get hurt because your egos won’t let you accept your weak minded and have been fooled then that’s on you not me she said as she began to read her book but decide quickly because I wish to relax and you both are nothing but a disturbance to me

Michael looked at Scarlett. We need her to remove his compulsion, but it is up to you.

I want to trust the prince in his choice but something just doesn’t feel right... she said in a serious tone and whatever this drink does to me I’m afraid it will put you in danger

I will be fine. I'd stop hunting if it meant stopping from getting hurt by this bastard. I'd give up both legs and arms if that's what it took. We can look into who she is after we get rid of this poor excuse of a lifeform.

She sighed and without another word drank the concoction of herbs and blood. Almost immediately Micheal felt her get dizzy take her into the bathroom through there, there is a natural spring, do not try and stop her from getting sick, it needs to happen said the woman in their heads don’t fight the sickness, think of it as you are getting out poison

Michael ran her there and sat her on a shallow shelf on his lap, saying, "It'll be okay. Just breath."

Scarlet shook her head but before she could speak she bent over and vomited black ooze. It burned her throat and it was painful

Michael felt helpless as he held her hair back. He hadn't been able to protect her from the groundskeeper, whom he had thought a friend. Now, he could only sit by as the dark sludge forced it's way out of her.

After a hour of on and off vomiting, she laid against him, exhausted and weak. She had fallen into a human sleep when the witch came in. Without a word she waved her hand over the soiled spring, all the vile that she had thrown up formed into a ball and floated out of the water. She put the vile in a bottle place her in the spring for a hour she said and walked out with it when you are done bring her here to the other room

1 hour later...

Just as instructed Michael brought his dripping lifemate out of the spring. He dried her as he made his way to the other room and laid her down.

"Were you able to examine me as well?" Michael asked. "I've been around the man too and don't know if he may have influenced me also."

The woman handed him two black stones you are clean and these will deflect his magic and protect you from his mental control. They must be on you to work

"Now, we can catch him," he said. "We can end it."

you may leave now said the witch

Michael picked her up and took her back to the school to sleep.

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