Alexander cleaned his mouth and said, "I am fine, Serenity, but I thank you for your concern. I have a request. I am the headmaster of a school that will be opening in a few hours. I would like you to become a student there. You are under my protection, and so no one will argue with my decision. You will also be safe. I would very much like you to be part of the first class at Kunta Academy."


Seren looked at him like he had said something odd "I'm sorry...I'm just a tourist here I leave back for the states tomorrow...more then that Im confused on why you're out here in the middle of the night asking me to be a part of your don't even know me" She said politely. For some reason, though her heart started to beat faster and she felt her mind get a little fuzy


Alexander said, "Some of the students are trying to cause mischief even before classes begin and I have come to round them up. And we are a school for special children, such as yourself. I will offer you a scholarship to our school, and pay for your way to move all of your things here. We understand what it's like to be different and want to give children, ages 10 and up, to attend." He planted a compulsion to accept. "The opening ceremony will begin in a few hours. I really need your answer now. Will you join our school as a student?"


Seren blinked and looked at him with a blushing face " sorry I..have a head ache for some reason...what makes you think Im special" she asked but everyhing in her was telling her to say yes but there was something strange here, why did he think she was special and why did she want to go with him so badly


Alexander, knowing her kind nature from her previous gesture, decided to tell a story. Calling forth tears, he said, "You remind me of my late daughter. She would have been in the school but someone took her from me. Having you at the school would ease my mind. Would please join the class?"

He didn't mind lying to her. He had to have her at the school. He could not give up emotions now that he had them once again. He would do anything to get her to the school. He made the need to accept stronger, just in case his story wasn't enough.


Seren sighed "I will check it out...but I promise nothing," She said swaying a little, everything felt very sensitive to her the moonlight, the sounds of the wind and animals, it was making it very hard to think. She closed her eyes tight and shook her head slightly, she laced her hand n her chest, maybe her heart condition was acting up "Um...would you excuse me.." She said going to step around im


Alexander heard that her heart beat was too slow to be healthy. He put her to sleep and ran with her to the school. He laid her down in the infirmary and woke her up.

"Are you okay?" he asked, concerned. "You fainted in the woods. I brought you to the school." He changed her memory so that she had accepted his invitation. "I'm glad that you will be attending the school this year. I know everyone will enjoy your company."
Seren sat up slowly "I um...Im fine It must have been my heart condition" She said looking around she was amazed at the old fashioned room, it was like she was in a castle or a manor

She looked back at him "how did we get here?" She asked softly

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