Two days later 6

He said, "Alessia, can we talk now?" He leaned against the wall next to the door. "I want to at least help you. It looked and sounded like I only made things worse for Sora."

"Then it's not solved is it? I feel your pain" she said in a distant tone

"I offered help," he said, "and to allow her to talk to me. I told her I wanted us to stop the whole thing we had going, me be the ass and she yells at me. I wanted to at least be friends since we work together. She refused it all. I left it open for her. Then, just before she disappeared, she said her lifemate was dead. Now, I have an investigation to do, and not because she's my ex, but because they had to be on the inside of the school grounds to do it." He hit his head on the wall if frustration. "I didn't go talk to her to get rid of the guilt, Alessia. I went to make it less painful, but not make it go away. It will always hurt because of what it did to her. She went from being a rose to an iceberg. Knowing I destroyed someone so completely shames me. And then, seeing that same hurt on your face..." He slid down the wall. "When I did it to Sora, my world shattered. With you, it shattered, destroyed other planets on its way to the center of a fucking black hole. You are the last person I want to have that pain in their heart because of me."

“We haven’t been together long....a lot has happened and their is still trust and love to be gained but hurt me the most is knowing you did that to someone because I know how she feels” she said in a sad tone though she tried to hide it

"That's why I wanted to talk to you about it," he said, turning his face towards the door. "I don't want to be a reminder of the pain. I want to be the promise of something better for you."

“Did you love her?” She asked randomly after a few moments of silence

"I did," he said. "But when I started to lose my emotions, I knew that it would not last. I hurt her because I didn't want her to hold on to something that wasn't there. Half a century later, I came to realize that I could have just told her that she was turning gray and it would have been better. But I was young and stupid. I was a coward. I was going to tell you, Alessia. I just wanted our love and trust stronger first."

“I’m not the jealous type when it comes to things like that, it’s your past landon, I understand I’m the further so there is no need to be jealous and you should have just told her the truth” she said

"I know," he said. "But how do you tell the most important person in the world something so shameful?"

“ what was shameful was what you did to her not that you loved her“ she said softly in a low tone “look this is not something I wish to talk about right now...” she said in a distracted tone

"Alessia, I know what part is shameful and which isn't," he said. "And what are you doing in there?"

“Look can’t you just leave me alone for a bit or something....”she said in a more aggravated tone.

"You want me to take a look at the baby?" he asked. "See why you are unable to carry them?"

“There is no need because there is no baby anymore” she said in a low tone “and I know as my lifemate you want to be here for me but...I just had a miscarriage and I don’t handle lost well and I just want to be left alone” she said

His heart sank. He couldn't move. To learn you were to become a parent and have it ripped from you like that... How does one deal with a pain like this?

"Sure," Landon said, his voice going monotoned.

Everyone with Carpathian blood in their veins could feel their shared devastation. A child was lost to them. But unlike Landon and Alessia, they could go on with their lives. But this would stay with Landon and Alessia for all time.

The both remained silent for over an hour “landon?”alessia voice said breaking the silence

"Yeah?" he asked, his voice sounding a bit choked.

“Can you help me out of the bath?” She said in a low tone

He opened the door and picked her up, ignoring everything else. He dried her with a thought and carried her to their bedroom. He went to the closet and grabbed a robe and some pajamas for her. He even got her slippers to allow her to dress the human way. He knew that something mundane and normal was what she needed in that moment.

When she was dressed she layer down in the bed, she looked pale and her blood could be smelled inside the bathroom “thanks...” she said turning over onto her side away from him

He cleaned the bathroom with a wave of his hand and shut the door, saying, "No problem." He stood up. "I'm going... to do some paperwork. You rest."

He went into the study and sat. He did do some paperwork but his mind was on what just happened. He couldn't recall most of what he was looking at and just gave up, putting his head in his hands.

She nodded but didn’t say anything

He went to his study next door and sat down. He tried to do paperwork but he couldn't concentrate. He eventually just sat her, head in his hands.
Micheal and brought scarlet to their room just as she was starting to wake up “are you ok? What happened ? Did she hurt you?” She said in a slightly panicked and worried tone

"No," he said. "Landon and his mate's grief is hitting hard here in the school. Alessia miscarried and their pain is affecting everyone."

“I see..” she said sitting up “so what happened? I don’t remember much after I got sick” she said in a uncomfortable tone

"I don't know the details but both Valcan and Apollo found lifemates. Valcan's woman was a mage but her powers must be bound. Apollo is being held for trial for allowing a child to perform a dark spell to heal his wife. He let the boy sacrifice a wolf and defied the prince. Everyone is calling him the Stain of the Dragonseekers."

“I meant what happened with the witch! “ she said in a appalled tone “Micheal are you upset at these men because that came out of no where”

"I'm upset with Apollo!" said Michael. "I save his life and he throws it away like this! The witch let us leave and gave us some amulets to have on us so he doesn't control our minds, but I come back to this cluster fuck! Apollo was my cousin through adoption, and I had to save him, but to hear this... Valcan is his brother and they should have been watching each other's backs, but Valcan's mate is a ticking time bomb. His converting her was an accident. But Apollo chose to let the boy risk himself, chose to let a wolf die, and chose to go against everything he fights for!" He paced the room after sitting her on the bed. "I know he was trying to save his lifemate but to do such a dark spell was not the way to do it! What the hell was he thinking?!"

"Micheal you took me to a witch and you would have fought the prince himself wouldn't you?" She asked in a soft tone

He looked at her for a moment and smiled, "Of course I would. It isn't the reason that I'm upset with, but the method. But I did sound like an ass, didn't I?"

"Yes you did" she said with a chuckle "but it's ok because it means you care about them, which means after we end this with....him, we can help them"

"No," he said. "That's one thing I learned about Apollo and Valcan. They won't involve anyone else in these affairs. Thank you for listening, though. It helped a lot. Now, we should plan our next move. Once he realizes you are here but he can't touch your mind, all hell will break loose."

She looked at him "Micheal I have to ask you to do something first...before my mind gets muddled or we have to fight" she said sitting up "kiss me"

He chuckled and kissed her hard. It had felt like ages since they had kissed. He knew he couldn't go beyond that just yet, not until her tormentor was dealt with, but he could give her this.

She moaned against his lips , and wrapped her arms around his neck, deepening the kiss

Before he knew it, he had her pinned against the wall and her top off.

She ripped off his shirt, their passion escalating just as quick as it did in the car only this time he was in control

He had their clothes off of them in shreds. He picked her up, forcing her to wrap her legs around his waist, laced their fingers together as he surged into her. He kissed her again, thrusting hard and deep.

She moaned loudly against his lips, feeling as if his nails digging into her back when he merged their minds, before in the car it was a need, this time it was much more, it was a reconnection.

He kissed down to her neck where he bit deep, needing to take her in. She seemed to grip him harder than ever before. He closed the wound, but didn't give her time to feed from him. He used his teeth to hold her in place, moving harder and faster.

She fought against his hold “Micheal...” she moaned his name in both pleasure and frustration

He closed the bite and moved them to her waist so he could lay her on the ground. This gave her an opening to sink her teeth into his neck, causing him to throw back his head and roar.

She didn’t drink much but her bite became more dominant and needy have been holding back

You are still injured, he pointed out, even as his nails raked farrows in the floor.

You have been holding out for a very long time she moaned in his head I feel it...I want that beast micheal

He looked at her and said, You like to play with fire, don't you?

If that fire is you then yes she said in a seductive tone

He kissed her and said, Then, be prepared to get burned.

His eyes went feral, his nails became claws, and he grew inside of her. He instantly held her down with his teeth once more, digging hard into the floor and reaching spots she didn't know existed.

Three hours later

The room was destroyed, the furniture was broken and the walls were lined with scratch marks. Scarlet laid on on her belly on the mattress of the broken bed, after three hours she was spent and so was he, he laid up against her, on his stomach, his arm and leg throw over her “you...really were holding back” she said in a breathless tone

He lay on his back next to her and said, "I didn't want to hurt you, but I should have known better." He turned his head to smile at her. "You are the toughest person I know. No more holding back."

She turned her head to look at him which seemed to take effort “if that’s the case then may I suggest we find a place that’s a little more sturdy...also” she said scooting closer “we need to feed on something more then each other”

"Aww, but you're so delicious," he said.

She lowered her gazed and eyed his body "tease..." She said in a raspy tone that he felt on his skin

"Always," he said, his eyes likewise roving over her. "But you are right, we need to go feed. Then, we have a job to do."

She nodded in agreement "I might need helped up" she said

He stood up and pulled her up after dressing the both of them. He looked at her, caressing her cheek before handing her the mask that had somehow ended up on the opposite side of the room. He felt that it was an honor to see her without it, that she hid her beauty from everyone but him.

"Let's go before he realizes he can't touch your mind and tries to flee."

She nodded and they left, hand in hand

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