Again we lie 4

I guess I was the exception since she had no problem ripping my tongue out herself and gave me no name rosita said and without another word she ran off into the woods

No, child, a monster forced her to do it. She saved your life at the cost of your voice.

There was no answer. Lily tried to get out of maddox grip to go after her

Lily, be still, he said. She is like you. She is protecting those she cares for.

Lily cried and serenity leaned over and took her in her arms, it was the first time he had seen serenity touch the girl lily struggled alittle more then slowly started to calm down "maddox take the prince to safety I'll.....take her back to her room" she said in a low tone

He kissed Serenity, knowing how much it cost her to say that, to allow him away from her to do his duty to his people. He told Landon about Rosita and then blocked all communication. He could not allow anyone to know where the prince was.
Adam didn't answer her instead he compelled apollo and cassandra to go rescue the other children in the house and when the sange rau tried to go after them adam blocked his way and used magic to slam him down on the ground and hold him there, but he wouldn't be able to do it long, he was stretched to thin and he was still young and their father was a powerful sange rau.

Landon looked at Adam and returned to his human form. He began an ancient chant, calling to the powers of the elements to remove a tainted blood tie

He broke adams hold and rushed towards him adam barely moved in time and the sange rau swung around about to strike again, this time adam wasn't going to be able to move but right before he got hit another wolf slammed into the sange rau and they both went flying into the building. Adam ran up to landon and put both of his hands on him, landon felt his magic not only get stronger but it flowed like a strong current.

"You continue to surprise us," said Landon. "This spell is not one of darkness, but of light. A few seconds more, and we will be able to unravel the spell. He has many layers of protection."

"Just hurry, she is not match for him" adam said in a strained tone

"That is your sister, Rosita," said Landon, feeling the last bit of protection fall. "Maddox told me. Lily named her or remembered Cassandra calling her that. Her name means rose in Spanish. Now, I'll tear his spell apart. You will know when the spell is gone. Then, rip his heart out and stab him with silver."

"I know who it statement still stands she is no match for him, she is not a our fathers child" he said and gave landon on final push and the connection was broken. Adam dropped to his knees "the only one able to kill him is my mother....but I am to weak to control her again, you need to get her to turn on him...hurry" he said

"Promise not to kill me later?" Landon asked.

Before Adam could answer, Landon threw him at Dillon, knocking the sange rau off of Rosita.

"Cassandra!" Landon yelled. "Free yourself from him now! Adam is too weak to do it and I must keep him from rebuilding the blood tie! Show him what a mad mother can do!"

Apollo could feel the compulsion landon placed on his lifemate as she started to attack dillon, but he also felt her true emotions behind it. Anger so much anger and pain, it went into her muscles that sliced at him. She was unhinged, she snapped, as she kept biting and tearing into him all that flashed through her head was her children he had killed or hurt, nothing came in her head about what he had done to her. She bit clean into his chest her teeth shredding his heart but she didn't stop even when his head detached from his body. She kept going, tearing him to pieces

"His heart must be ripped out, Cassandra," Landon ordered. "Stabbed with a silver steak. Then, set his body ablaze so no part of him remains."

"Um...would eating him work?" Adam asked in a low tone as he watched his mother continue to tear him apart and noticed she was in fact eating him like a starved animal "because that's what she is doing......."

"Stop, Cassandra!" Landon ordered. "Don't prove him right. Bring justice to him. He looks upon you with a smirk, because you are letting him win. Rip his heart out and stab it with a steak, then burn the body and blood. He sees you as an animal to be tamed. Show him you are finally free of him and that he will never win."

Adam sighed " you don't understand like we do..." Adam sent a command to his mother that only she heard. Landon saw her mouth fill with fire and she kept hearing him apart "she won't stop until there is nothing left of him...he died the second she was free of him" adam said slowly standing up "please go check on my sister" he said "he is already dead...or did you not notice when she ate his heart?" He said in a dark tone

"Did you not notice that, in it remaining in her stomach, he now lives in her?" Landon growled. "She hasn't killed him. She allowed him to enter her body. Her unborn child may now be him." He picked up Rosita. "Every hunter and master vampire, especially Senge rau, know to have a fail-safe. He didn't just want a slave. He wanted this to be his final revenge." He helped Adam stand. "Have her throw up the contents of her stomach and burn it. Lest we have to hunt him again."

When there was nothing left of dillion, not even his head cassandra finally stopped. She stood there breathing heavy until the large wolf fell over from exhaustion on her side "she and the child are in no danger..." Adam said looking over at his mother you were not the only one doing something to him when you broke that bond.." he said in a tired tone "he is gone but she will need healing from the damage of his blood" he said and started to walk away towards the wolves. Rosita didn't move in landons arms, the girl looked about seventeen but it was hard to tell because she was so malnourished. He also knew that she was not cassandra or Dillions child, she was a pure werewolf, no carpathian was in the girl.

Landon took off with Rosita. Apollo went to Cassandra's side. He returned to his human form.

"Coração forte, it is alright," Apollo said soothingly. "It's over now."

Cassandra shifted and apollo could see all the wounds she had, including the deep gashes to her stomach, not deep enough to hurt the baby but they would scar "she curled up tighter on her side and held her stomach and started to through up

He held her hair out her way as he said, "You were amazing, coração forte. So brave and beautiful. When you feel up for it, we can run in the forest. No boundaries, no destination, no restrictions. Pure freedom to go wherever you desire."

"My children...I want to see all my children please" she begged in a panicked tone. Apollo knew they had all been taken to the school, all but adam where there, no one could seem to find him or track him at the moment

"Adam needed some space for a moment," he said, picking her up and clothing her. "But yes, we will go see your children." He kissed her forehead. "They already know the love you have for them, Cassandra. They wish to see you too." He felt her tears. "Why do you cry? Let me aid you where I can, little one."

"No relief....." She said in a shaking tone "no relief!" She said grabbing her head and banging it against his chest

"Cassandra," he said, stopping her and holding her to him, "I know. It's okay. Let out the tears and the pain. Let your children comfort you. Let me comfort you. What you did released the anger, but you must let go of the pain and guilt. The guilt is on his soul, not yours. He will pay for it in the next world. A future of happiness awaits you and your children now. You freed them, with your own power. No one can take that from you. This night, and the next few nights, however long it takes, release your pain and let those of us who love you hold and comfort you. Nothing will be asked of you, nothing demanded. Just our need to envelope you in our love."

"I did nothing!" Her guilt slammed into him "I did nothing! " She tried to break his hold to get out of his arms. She was losing control, consumed by her own guilt

"Cassandra, I am here," he said, setting her on her feet but not releasing her. "Talk to me, let these feelings out. Your babies are scared. Everyone around them is a stranger, but not you. I know what you feel. Do not hold it in. Scream your rage to the heavens. Whatever you need to do. I am here to support you, lend you my ear and my shoulder. Your children need you strong, but right now, in this moment, when you are alone with me and it is still an open wound, break. It's okay to break. No one, least of all me, will condemn you for it. Even the strongest warrior has these moments. Even they break and their emotions flow when the dam breaks. Lean on me and allow me to help you."

As her emotions grew overwhelming she yelled out in anger, she broke his grip and turned and slammed her fist into a near by tree. A booming sound echoed the forest as it split in two. She ripped it from it's roots and through it. The skies turned gray and rain and thunder poured down over the forest. Animals could be heard panicking in the forest. She went to the next tree and hit it repeatedly until it shattered. He saw in her mind the images of her guilt, her child he had killed or eaten or hurt, the times she could have attacked him but didn't the times she wanted to give up or did when the pain became to much, how she let him use her body over and over again, the animals she hurt and the innocent people she killed. It was consuming her, his death did not bring her peace in anyway

He waited for her to fall to the ground in a sobbing heap before going to her and putting his arm around her. He didn't say anything. Nothing he said would bring her comfort. He wished he had the words to tell her, to make the pain stop. But he knew she had to work through it on her own and in her own way. Time would help her see the truth, but she could not accept it right now. She was guiltless. She had done everything just so she could survive to the next rising. She survived long enough for him to find her. His own guilt over not finding her sooner was still fresh in his own mind, along with the guilt of the spell to save her and being unable to properly aid her in ridding the world of her tormentor. But she did not need his guilt added to her own. He could break another time. His guilt was insignificant to what she was feeling. Someone so full of light, so full of compassion and love, did not deserve what she had endured and was burdened with. He had to be her rock until she was ready for him to be more.

When he carried her onto the school grounds some hunters gave him a supportive look, they knew what the storm was about, they had all been there, they didn't stop him but he knew he had their support and sympathy. When he took her to her room in the healing caves he was grateful to find landon was a step ahead and already put her children in there too. They were sleeping soundly and cleans and dressed on a large bed they were all sharing that was next to Cassandra's bed. Lily was there too but not Rosita. Cassandra had fallen asleep in his arms on the walk here and he knew she was in a deep sleep and in need of blood

He set her on the bed. He had yet to feed that night and needed to hunt. He looked at Lily, who was the only one awake.

"If she awakes while I'm gone, will you call for me?" he asked. "She needs to feed and I can distance her from the act so as not to frighten her. I will not be far nor will I take much time. She needs all of us to help her heal. She feels so much guilt and none of it is hers to bear. It all falls on him."

She looked at him "can you...find adam while you are out there?" She asked in a worried tone "please" she said in a shaking tone as she softly grabbed his hand

"I will try," he promised. "He has not left me a trail to follow and won't let me enter his mind, but yes, dear heart, I will look for him. Family sticks together."

She let go of his hand and crawled into the bed with cassandra and curled up next to her. Once outside and after he fed he was able to take a breath and take in everything that had happen. He was about ten minutes away from the school when he felt adams presence near by, he followed it to a small den that was under a fallen tree. Inside he found adam in his wolf form curled up and sleeping

He smiled. He stepped on a twig to get Adam's attention. He bolted up, ready to attack. Apollo held up his hands to show he came in peace.

"Your sister is worried, Adam," he said. "She wants the whole family together. That can't happen without you. A few days to help your mother heal can't be that bad, right?"

I told you all after i helped with this i was done and I would be leaving he said in a tense tone, apollo could see him swaying though he tried to hide it lily will be fine where she is

He felt Lily stir in his mind and said, "Is it done when your mother's mind is unhealed and she still carries the darkness he forced on her? Or the wounds Rosita bears thinking she is unloved? Or the nightmares Lily has nightly? No, Adam. Removing that stain is but the first step. The hardest part is now before you. You are strong, the man of the family. I may be Cassandra's lifemate, but I am an outsider. You are the one they need to lead them, show them the safety of this place. You are their alpha right now. If you leave, they will follow. If you are the man I believe you to be, the one you strive to be, you will put your need for isolation aside and provide for the women under your care. You are a warrior with a great deal of honor. You are not even a mile from the school. Even now, when you wish to leave, your honor is driving you to watch over them. Lead them by example. You are their strength, Adam. I cannot ease their guilt and pain as I wish to. I know your need for isolation, and every warrior knows it too. I do not wish this position on you, by any means, but it falls on you to guide them until they are ready to go to another. Once Cassandra has healed and names me the new alpha, I promise, you will be free of the duty. But it must come from her heart, not forced on her. It will only break her farther. Leaving now will break them all and there will be no way to repair it like we did this night."

Adam shifted, he was dirty and bruised and pale "I'm realize you are asking this of a child?" He said yet apollo gave him a look and he sighed "regardless of how I act or my magic I am still a kid, yet I know I do not act like it nor do I feel like it..." He said pacing "in fact I don't remember a time when I did feel like one...I feel old and tired" he said in a strained tone "your prince will never allow me to stay...I'm too much of a threat and he is right in his decision" he said stopping and looking at apollo "I can not help them like you claim, my darkness overshadows even landon, I am not capable of the kindness they would need, I would be strick, I would claim obedience and punish them when I did not receive it" he said in a serious tone "the only one I would take with me is lily, no other, my mother lost me long ago and I lost her then too, the only family I acknowledge anymore as Lily and I have my reasons for it" he said in a low tone looking away from him "it would only hurt her if she knows me now, but she gave her life for me and I have repaid that debt by freeing her from dillion" he said looking back at him "but, if you give me lily I promise to guard your school until my last day"

"I had family that aged like you were forced to," he said. "Through magic. The prince's father was only 2 decades older than him. Yet, he seemed ancient, as if he had lived nearly a thousand years and saw far too many horrors. When made to age more than you are, you feel like an adult trapped in a child's body at times and the child you are at others. That's okay. But you also have people to help you." He went up to Adam and put his hand on his shoulder. "You have me. I don't care if you see me as a warrior, a brother, or a father. You could hate me and I would not mind. But trust me to help you. They need you to prepare them for the transition of power. You will be strict, but I will stop you from going too far. You will demand obedience, but I will earn it. You are familiar, despite everything. They understand your brand of leadership. Mine is foreign and frightening. Do you see now? They don't need kindness, they need familiar."

He shook off his hand with a growl “even if I wanted to like I said your prince will never allow it” he said moving away from him and sitting down in the dirt

"Look, I can't just take over the pack," Apollo said. "There would be a fight for power. And I'm the only male in a sea of femininity. I wouldn't ask you if Lily hadn't asked me to bring you back. I tried to give you a job to do, from one hunter to the other. But, if you want to know the truth, this is all for Lily. She won't stay here if you don't. And that would destroy Cassandra."

“My mother wouldn’t notice if lily was gone, I doubt my mother even remembers who she is let alone anyone else...” he said looking away from him “but if your prince will allow me to stay then I will, but only until they are adjusted “

"Xavier doesn't abandon his people," said Apollo with confidence. "He knows you have learned things in order to survive. He also knows you are still a child and understands you can't act on what you don't know. The way you act, you have never grown up with a family that cares for you the way everyone else has. You were born into a dark world and made to feel pain. He will order me to teach you our ways or make you and your sisters go to school to learn. That way, as you grow, you will be able to join the other warriors."

Adam chuckled, it was a dark chuckle “I won’t be attending your school and I already know the ways of your people” he said standing up “I’m tired leave me to rest and I will be there tomorrow evening”

"Connect with Lily," he said. "She is having a nightmare about you leaving her, about your death. A promise is not enough to ease her fears, but feeling your presence will."

“I asked you to bring her, or did you forget the ward that is up around the school that makes it impossible for any outside source to connect to anyone’s mind within the school?” He said in a tired tone

"Don't act like you haven't found a way around that," Apollo said with a smile, standing up. "All it take is a flick of the wrist with you."

Apollo thought he saw amusement in adams eyes “I think your overestimating a twelve year old boy” he said with a shrug “just how powerful do you think I am....” he said finding his sleeping spot again

"Enough to scare the High Mages," said Apollo. "But, then again, what man wouldn't think highly of his son?" Apollo looked back with amusement. "Well, step-son, but I see no difference."

“You claiming I could do it means you saying I am stronger then your prince, be careful of such claims he said with a shrug “and you have not eaten well, your body tells me so, if you need blood I know a place”

"He knows there are those who are stronger than him in some areas," he said. "You can't beat him at tactical menouvers. He is a master strategist and a Guardian of all. So, he also has you beat in hunting ability. But magic, dark or light, you have him beat. He never studied it too much."

Adam looked at him “you avoided the blood issue....why?” He said in a stern tone “why don’t you want to feed properly?”

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