Again we lie 5

"I am worried, and it doesn't make for a big appetite," he said with a shrug. "I will provide for your mother, and if I feel hungry before dawn, I will drink from the bottles. But Cassandra and the child she caries need fresh blood, not bottled blood." He looked up at the sky. "I'm also suddenly the father of several women and you, treasures beyond any price. Will I be good enough? I know I am not worthy of such a prize, and yet, I already do not want anything to happen to any of you. I wasn't able to aid Cassandra in the battle. I was the liability. Me, an experienced hunter. It doesn't help the confidence level or my ego. So, while my body may say it is hungry, my stomach refuses to let me feed."

Adam was quiet for a moment, not looking at him. He then stood up “follow me” he said and started to walk

Apollo walked with the boy. Say anything he like, Apollo knew in that moment what kind of man Adam was. He may want solitude and to be away from the school, possibly his family, but he would always watch over them. He hid his smile from the boy. It wouldn't do to have him think Apollo was on to him or thought him a joke. They walked for about an hour, the silence was somehow peaceful for both of them, almost like they didn’t need any words yet some words the walk had eased their stress. After a moment Apollo saw a small made made cabin in the distance “we are here” Adam said finally breaking the silence. Apollo could smell fresh burning wood coming from inside the house. When Adam opened the door the sight was calming just to look at. Everything was hand made, the smell of herbs and wood filled the small house. Plants and herbs hung on the walls, fur rugs laid on the floor and cover the small bed “sit down if you wish just don’t break anything “

"Thank you," said Apollo. He sat down, not seeming to change is size, but no sound was made from the chair nor did he seem to take up much space in it. "Did you make all of this?"

“Most of it” Adam say going into the small kitchen like area, even the sink was made of natural stone. He saw Adam drink something that was in a wooden cupboard and then walk over and held out his wrist “go on then as don’t give me I’m a child crap, I’m more then capable of feed a hunter like you without it effecting me”

Apollo said jokingly, "You keep showing off, and Landon's going to beg you to teach him your tricks." Before Adam could reply, Apollo bit down, though he didn't feel as if he could take much more in him.

His blood was hot and exploded in his mouth, he felt strength fill his muscles and bones. It was almost like a adrenaline high form a fight or sparing. Energy filled him like never before and something primal made him want to flex “now go to my mother...but make sure you two are alone, don’t let my siblings hear or see what she will want you to do...” he said with a disgusted tone “she will feel your dominance the second you get close and she will react to it”

"You are more of a Carpathian hunter than men three times your age," said Apollo before leaving. He walked into the cave where his new family slept. He picked up Cassandra and took her to a chamber off of the bedroom. He closed the door and laid her on the dirt floor.

"You need to feed, Cassandra," he said.

He saw her take a deep breath in and her lips parted and he heard a soft moan escape her lips that almost instantly made him hard. She looked up at him with such hunger in her eyes it took his breath away. He didn’t need to say it again. She tackled him to the ground and licked up the side of his neck before biting deep.

A shockwave went through him. He wanted to make love to her then and there. Instead, he held her to him, his hands shaping her body. He wanted to enflame her just as she was doing to him.

She became intoxicated by him. Her body warmed and relaxed and her mind blanked and acted on instinct alone. She moaned into his skin and wrapped her arms around him, she was still stronger then him but she didn't hurt him. She released his neck and licked and nuzzled the skin. Soon she started to nip and kiss his neck and shoulder

He gripped her firm buttocks, needing to hold onto her as she sent him soaring. Her natural magnetism was intoxicating. He wanted to be wrapped up in her for all time, never leave the haven she created for him.

"Take what you need from me," he said through clenched teeth, needing her to do anything to help the fire in his veins and the ache in his groin.

She kept going lower, tearing his clothes as she went, she left no part of his skin untouched, almost like she was discovering him for the first time. She kissed his inner thigh and bit down

His hips bucked and his hands tangled in her hair. She was teasing him. She had to be. Otherwise, he would burst into flames in less than a year of this foreplay. His large member grazed her cheek.

She teased and licked the bite and moved even closer to his groin and bit down again

"Cassandra," he gasped out.

She released his skin and looked up at him, her eyes golden as she slowly crawled up his body like a predator. Her breast touching his skin as she did, without saying anything her lips crashed onto his

At the same time, his hips surged upwards. He didn't enter her, but his hard member played over her stiff clit.

She gasped against his lips and on instinct alone her hips move and took him all the way inside her making her head go back with a moan. She was hungry for him, she began riding him, her mouth and hands exploring him, some one he felt she was submission even though she was in complete control, he never had someone put so much effort in his pleasure alone. But he wasn't going leave her wanting. He rolled so that she was under him and so he could reach her deepest core. Instantly, he felt her clench tight around him. He took her stiff nipple into his mouth and teased it before biting down to take her in.

She arched under him, her are going above her head. Letting him have full control, this was different then how she had acted before. There was no fight for dominance, she was in complete submissive

He sent her over the edge many times before filling her. He held himself off of her so as not to crush her beneath him. He kissed her, his personal miracle.

"Cassandra, you are my world," he said breathlessly.

They were both satisfied and their bodies relaxed against each other "apollo....." She whispered his name

He rolled them onto their sides so he didn't have to leave her hot channel as he said, "What is it, coração forte?"

"I have urges I don't understand....I want you too....bite me" she said in a concerned tone "no not want...need" she said as she didn't realize she was asking him to mark her like a wolf

He looked at his body and smiled. She had marked him everywhere she could reach. He looked at her and said, "Gladly, coração forte."

When he pulled her close he felt her body relax against him "please...."

He began with her breast and worked his way around her body until they had started to make love again.

She bared her neck to him "apollo please!" She begged, a feeling he never felt rose in him, a side of him he didn't recognize

He thought he had bitten her everywhere, and yet, she didn't seem to have enough markings on her. He bit into her neck as a primitive growl escaped him as they rose higher and higher.

She came the instant he bite her neck. He felt something snap into place that was new to him. He felt like another side of him came forward. She reached back and squeeze his neck and when he bit harder she came again

He did this one time more, filling her as she clamped down on him. He had to roll them both over so that she could collapse on his chest and he didn't crush her beneath him.

She fell asleep on him almost instantly. He was about to as well when he felt a light presence touch him, it was definitely male

He reached for the touch, enveloped it. He knew this wasn't Adam's touch. This was smaller, younger. His son carried by his woman.

His son greeted him with warmth. He was already a strong spirited boy, he could feel it

It should have been too early to tell or even make contact with his unborn child, but Apollo knew about what magic can do. With Cassandra as a mother, the boy would know love. There was no trace of dark magic in the baby, and Cassandra was not showing signs of pregnancy yet. Still, he knew that by freeing her, they had not only broken Dillon's hold on her but the magic forcing her children to grow rapidly in her womb.

He felt the baby go to sleep and soon he felt the dawn approaching. Cassandra shift on him, nuzzling her face in he neck.

He put a layer of dirt over them with a blanket over that. He did the same for the girls in the other room so that they all could rest and heal. Tomorrow night would be an adventure to say the least.

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