A Plot

The sun sank below the mountain peaks. The humans in the school had been uneasy all day. It was not a day for tomfoolery or jokes. The air crackled with anticipation. Michael rose with the night and took to the highest point in the school. His woman had suffered enough. She believed, as he had come to believe, that her father was innocent and the prince had the wrong man in their jail cell. He called to the night to give him the answers.

Her arms went around him. Of course, she had followed, his need calling out to her. She had healed in the ground for several days and he fed her during that time, glad she was safe. He made sure that "Groundskeeper Eric" would hear of a grave wound and believe she was healing up for him. They planned their trap well. It now hinged on her acting skills and the strength of the totems given to them.

"I do not like you walking into his lair alone," he said. "He is a snake in the garden, and you are his prey. He has spent much time tormenting you. I fear the tricks he might use against you." He turned in her arms. "I know you can outwit him, but that doesn't change the fact that I am worried for you. You can't let him get his hands on you. If he does, he may find the talisman and take it from you. My heart will not be able to bear it. I had a waking dream, Scarlett, of the memory where you looked so weak that a could barely touch you without you falling. You are a true Dragonseeker, and I do not doubt you will win. I hold that belief close to me. It is a thin thread, but it allows me to let you do this thing."

She brought her forehead to his “if I was unmated I fear what would have become of me.....I am not close to anyone, no one would have notice...the fact that you are here has already saved me, no matter what happens” she said in a sincere and emotional tone. Placing her hands on his chest “as long as this heart beats I have a reason to fight”

"I mean it, Scarlett," he said. "He will not get his hands on you. If he so much as tries to..." He clenched his fists, his nails becoming talons and cutting his palm, but he didn't notice the pain or the blood dripping from his hands. "We will have nothing to take to the prince if he tries. I would kill him the moment he tried to use you in such a way."

She brought his hands to her mouth and licked them, she held his gaze as she did

"Scarlett," he said, his body tightening under her ministrations, though it was purely because he had hurt himself, "you are so good and pure, deadly as a hunter, yet he tried to take that from you. Why? What sickened his brain to the point of insanity to think he could have you, let alone control you?" He pulled her to him. "This should have never come to pass. He shouldn't have been able to do any of this, masking his scent and using a woman with a lifemate. He is unpredictable and it makes me fear for you."

She placed his healed hands on her face "Micheal.." she said his name softly " we will get through this and once he is gone I will tell you everything" she said

"I respected your need to hide this part of your life," he said with a nod. "I felt the pain in the memories. We better go now before I lose my nerve and decide to lock you in a tower far from his reach."

She smiled "maybe after this is all done we can go to said tower together" she said with a seductive tone and a playful wink. She was trying to lighten the mood, even if it was for a moment, even if inside she was just as worried as he was

"Don't tempt a wolf with his favorite meal," he teased back before kissing her deeply. But it did not last long. "I will follow you, Scarlett. If the worse should happen, I will follow you, bringing the worm kicking and screaming into the next world with me. On this, I promise."

She nodded “let’s end this” she said in a serious tone

They launched themselves into the sky. They traveled to the house just outside of the school grounds. Michael sat in a tree where he could easily look into the house. Scarlett materialized at the door and knocked.

Alister opened the door and beamed, a sickening smile on his face, as he said, "Scarlett, lovely to see you. I take it my number one girl is all better. Your new sisters have been waiting for you."

Scarlett, we didn't plan on him having others in the house, he said. Get him outside so that no one is harmed.

Scarlet frowned “I don’t have sisters” she said in a upset tone crossing her arms

"You all could easily be siblings," he said, opening the door wider. "Come take a look. They like the basement. Of course, they go to the men."

I called this man my friend, Michael growled in her head, but he is a kuly! It sickens me that he played me. How I missed the depravity is unforgivable.

"They were shy when I first called them to me," Alister kept going. "But like you, they learned I always get what I want. Soon, I turned them into toys for me and my men, but it is you I desired and deserve as my personal bitch." He took a step towards her. "Come, Scarlett, and ride me like you were meant to. You know you are no Dragonseeker or true bloodsucker when you lay with another man so easily."

His lies are transparent, said Michael. Scarlett, I do not think I can take much more of his talk. I am about to launch myself from this tree and snap his disgusting neck.

“No” she said with a frown “I don’t share, either get ride of them or lose me” she said with a tense tone calm yourself, distance yourself from me as your mate, try to pretend I am a hunter you are working with

I have, Scarlett, he said. This bastard made a fool out of me and every Carpathian at the school. He managed to get past every screening we had, every mind probe, everything to ensure the safety of the students. I won't deny that what he did to you is a big part of my anger, but the fact he has hurt women under our protection right under our noses... If he can, so can others and that means the school isn't as safe as we thought. Some of these children have nowhere else to go and he may have stolen their only home from them.

"Oh, I haven't used them since I tasted you," he said, getting closer. "Why go for an imitation when the real feast is before you? I called them here today for the men to relieve stress. They are worthless whores anyway, so let them die laying on their backs and cum dripping from their pitiful holes."

Alister laughed as if he had made a joke, but Michael growled. He locked his talons in place so that he wouldn't fly down and kill the man. His control was slipping.

"You know, Michael, your lifemate?" Alister said, hoping to earn some fight from Scarlett. "He slighted me when I was a young man. He made me look a fool. I recognized him here and knew what to do. But finding out you were his woman, it made this even sweeter." Michael's heart stopped. She wouldn't have been hurt if not for him. "To destroy any hope he had through you was the best thing fate ever handed me. I wanted you before, but learning how unobtainable you were made it my mission. Now, I have you, and he can't do a thing."

“Your right...he can’t but I am still me, how do I know your good enough for me? I don’t even know these men you speak of” she said defiantly “I will not tie myself to a weakling, you took me with tricks and mind games, you haven’t won anything at all until I willing choose you over micheal” she said playing his ego “and you have given me no proof you are better them him”

Calm your self! We have a chance to make the school safer and rescue innocents, you are a guardian

I'm trying, Scarlett, he said, trying to tone down his rage and pain from her. Knowing these things does not make it easy.

"I got my brother locked up," he said, his finger running up her arm, "being born with two different sets of DNA helped when I took the women, I found men who wish to kill others like your man, and I found the aid of a man named Jekyll. I know it's an alias, but he has powers, more power than the petty prince they all claim. I found my ally. He promised to give me powers like his. Then, I would no longer need to talk to the women. One look and they will be of use to me. To us."

She growled low “how do I know what you say is true? Your claim is quite large, the prince is the strongest of our kind, what proof do you have this man is more so?” She said

"Thanks to the barrier that Jekyll made, I was able to hide my true thoughts and show what others want to see in my mind," he said. "Even the prince saw a man who just loved being a groundskeeper and keeping the children safe. He interviewed me himself. And Michael, if he were to come here now, he would see you riding me and still leave as a friend. He enhanced my ability. How else could I compel so many women? I have twenty being fucked in my basement. The men? Compelled as well. Learning to hide your desires is crap. I let them hurt the women as they want. They want power, I freed them and let them use the girls. I managed to ensnare you. I think that is proof enough. Now, come to my room. It's time I remind your fiery cunt who owns it."

Call the hunters to rescue the men and woman, inform them the men are under control too. This ends here she said as she followed him into the house “again until it’s willing you have won nothing”

They don't have the talismans we do, he said even as he sent word to every hunter, including the prince. They are vulnerable to his ability. He is an elderly man, Scarlett. The talisman in your pocket keeps him from using his ability on you. I have the same. We are the only ones that can take him down.

as long as they are ready to help, we can take care of him she said as she walked into his room with him “so why force it....” she asked as he shut the door “I always thought you were the kind of man who out smarted his advisory not use mind tricks”

"Simple, stop using a muscle and it becomes weak," he said, circling around her with his hand tracing her body. "Use it, and it becomes strong." He smiled, his shark-like grin making her skin crawl. "Besides, it's fun watching the men and women tell you that they don't want to do something while their body follows my orders. Right now, none of them can speak or act on their own. I liberate their minds and let them be true to their base needs. The women are nothing but whores opening their legs for any man that wants to shove it in and the men... Let's just say I picked them for a reason and the women may have scars for the rest of their lives. All of them fought needlessly to hid it, even from themselves. But today, they get to hear themselves say things they would normally hide. It must feel so liberating. Like when you begged me to fuck you, right?"

“I know you...you care nothing about rape, so whose children are they because that’s the only reason you would attack them like this, you are always a eye for a eye, so someone must have raped you of something, so who took what from you?” She asked

The others are nearby to aid us if needed, Michael said. I'm looking through a crack in the foundation. The women are in pain, forced to say horrendous things as the men are forced to rape them. The looks on their faces and in their eyes reveal the truth. This is not their true selves, but actions forced upon them. Now, stop letting him touch what is mine and end him. I grow tired of this game he thinks to play.

Micheal when this is over we will erase these memories for both the men and woman, they do not need to know of this, also this rape business is not normal for him, something more is going on and we need to know

I can tell from the few memories you let me see that he wasn't always like this, Michael said. Just with you. He had to wait for weakness to hit you before he could get into your mind. Before that, he could only control one person, maybe two if he pushed himself. This Jekyll... he hasn't used a compulsion. We will need Eric... Alister's blood to know what is causing this. But make no mistake, Scarlett. Your adopted uncle has always been sick and depraved. But you were his ultimate target. The women, he should have let them go by now, never to touch them again, but he didn't. If he drank vampire blood, as been in a vampire's presence long enough, this darkness will fester even more. Perhaps it was this that started it. He wanted you, but only went after these other women after making a deal with a devil, so to speak, because you were so much stronger than him. This is the current level of depravity, but it could get so much worse if he is allowed to live. There is no saving him, even if he had only targeted you and you alone. The darkness stained his very soul before the vampire and ate him away the more they met.

"Your man stole my glory, and then my sweet Tessi left me because I wasn't him!" he yelled. "Not rich or handsome like them! But why let my anger out on only him? They flaunt their powers and their money! I convinced my brother to join the society so I could get my revenge on them! But he just had to be better than me too! Then he found you. I had to have you, not only because of your beauty, but because it would show them all that one of their precious women could be with a simple human! But you chose one of those beasts too! You sided with them the moment we got here! That's when Jekyll found me and helped me. He told me how to trap you, but I needed much practice. So, I used women that looked like you to build up my stamina and my own powers. He still coaches me. Now, I have an army of their children. Plus, Jekyll can use them to get even the prince to bow to him and let him do as he pleases."

All because I slighted him some way, Michael said. I don't even remember what I did to him.

“What did Micheal do to you and what does this Jekyll want?” She asked

"I was a cop at the time," he said, sounding sad and actually normal for one so evil. "I was driving home one night when an animal ran in front of me. Tessi was in the car with me. She had surprised me by bringing me dinner for our three-year anniversary. I was taking her to where we first met to ask her to marry me and had just clocked off. Michael is chasing the animal. I got out of the car, getting my gun ready. He traps it in a building. I get a few shots in. But he killed it with his bare hands! Tessi saw it all, and another cop who was on duty saw it and called it in. I was one job away from a promotion. But hearing that I shot my gun in a residential building to fend off a crazed animal not only took that opportunity away, but lost me my one true love. It was my job to take down the damn thing, not a civilian's."

He was the cop? Michael said. I didn't recognize him. He went in like an idiot and shot randomly. If I hadn't compelled the families to get down and stay in their apartments, they could have been killed by his stupidity. And it was a vampire. He would have died painfully. He didn't try to make sure the families in the building were safe or try to get them out. He wanted recognition. He left his woman in the car, crying alone and afraid. He cared only for his job in that moment. Nothing else. I read that easily and dismissed him as a nuisance.

"As for Jekyll," Alister said, sitting down and unzipping, "he wants a laboratory back. He wants to run experiments. For that, he needs test subjects. Basically, he wants a variety of people to be tested and directed to see what caused the men to turn vampire and how to return the soul to their bodies. He's not afraid to let people die for a worthy cause like their prince. If his family had found the answer, they are choosing not to share. Probably explains the Dragonseekers, Dubrinskys, and Daratrazanoffs lasting longer than most, don't you think?"

“I would be a perfect test subject why haven’t you brought me to him?” She asked

"You are my payment," he said with a smile. "You are now my property."

“No im, like I said you don’t actually own me unless I choose you willingly “ she said in a serious tone “and right now micheal is better then you, he doesn’t have to resort to mind tricks to get what he wants and he doesn’t have to rely on some shadow man to teach him” she said in a mocking tone “in fact I bet this Jekyll person is tricking you, your just a weak toy for him, since you have already done his dirty work I bet your powers won’t even work anymore” she said with a mocking smile

"Don't be stupid," he said, pulling himself out. "Instead of talking, I have a much better idea." He looked at her, his eyes almost glowing. "Take off your clothes and put me into your tight cunt, riding me like your life depends on it."

She smiled and with in human speed she snatched him up and pinned him to the wall by his throat “no” she said with a smile baring her fangs “do you have any idea what I am about to do to you” she said in a dark tone “I won’t have to mess with your mind to get you to beg me for death, you are going to do that all on your own” she said in a threatening tone

"I still have the children in the basement!" he gasped, trying to get her to let go in a panic. "I could call them to do my bidding or even kill them if I wanted to."

Suddenly, the children he had brainwashed ran from the house, clutching their clothes. Alister looked on in horror. He looked at Scarlett.

"You wouldn't kill your own uncle, would you?" he asked, trying to tug on her heart strings. "We are family."

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