A Plot 2

Scarlett smiled in a cruel manner “you are not my uncle and after what you have done all you are is a enemy and my rapist “ she said as her nails dug into his skin “I’m going to make your pain so unbearable your mind will shatter and even then I won’t let you rest” she said “by the time I get bored of your will make sure to fix your mind just long enough for you too know your about to die”

"Please," he gasped out, eyes bulging, "I have information. There is one not in my army. He took her already. The prince's cousin, daughter of Suziana Dubrinsky. I can tell you where Jekyll took her."

“Your a lier, you have no information why would he’ll tell you anything when it’s clear he was just using you” she said with a glare

"I had to take her to him," he said, his face turning blue. "He wasn't able to come with the prince's men around. I can take you to his cave. Just let me go."

She got close to his face, if it’s a trap, or no one is there that is were your torture will begin” she said placing a collar around his neck “I have all night, you will be crawling like the dog you are, get moving”

"You would make a weak old man get on his knees?" he asked. "Besides, I've always walked there, and might not recognize things from that angle."

We have to hurry. Take the information from his mind and drag him to the location. Micheal said

He will do as I want him to do, you can follow but stay hidden

“Did I stutter!” She growled kicking him hard “move”

Alister began to walk out of the house, turning away from the mountains. She followed close behind “hurry up” after walking for about a hour and the smell of his blood followed them, he stopped “why did you stop when I didn’t tell you to?”

"Because we are here," he said.

He moved a bush aside and pushed a large rock. It was heavy and he had some difficulty, but he managed it in the end. He was breathing heavily and doubled over to catch his breath.

The moved rock revealed a tunnel going into the ground “you first” she said poking him with her foot

He said, "I am winded and old, girl. I can't move things with a thought like you."

She growled and her eyes turned yellow like her wolf “if you don’t move I’ll throw you like the garbage you are”

Alister began walking into the hole without fear in him. He knew the way, but he prayed that she would misstep and get caught in one of the traps. She didn't and he was forced to open a large metal door. Inside a woman was chained to the wall.

"Alister," said Jekyll, "you disappoint me."

“Don’t speak to a dog” Scarlett said kicking alister over “it’s me you should be speaking too”

"His payment," he said, not looking up. "I see. Well, he wasn't too good at his job anyway. Do what you want to him. I have my first test subject. Why do you women not turn vampire unless you become deranged? I must find out why. She is all I need for now. I do not want to harm the school or the prince. I mean, it holds so many subjects for me. I need it to grow and prosper so that I may conduct further studies."

Scarlett chuckled “that’s your choice, wow your just as bad as this dog” she said kicking Ali star again “if you were smart you would be going for a stronger blood line or at least someone has more valuable information “ she said in a mocking tone

"I do not need information like what you think," he said. "Hanna Dubrinsky. Her bloodline is strong. I did not dare get nearer the prince. She is a fighter, like her mother. I have tissue and blood samples but I will need her as well. She has no mate, so it is best if I use her. You have a mate. Not such a good choice. Even with the sickness, he would still come to find you. But you have delayed me long enough. Take the scab and dispose of him. I only ask to keep Hanna so I can continue my tests."
The hunters began there work on the memories of the victims. Once that was done they escorted them back to the school to the infirmary. The prince himself started to check on each one, making sure nothing was wrong, no mind control left or enemies within their bodies.

Maddox was assisting when he felt serenity touch his mind I haven’t seen you for almost two days now....are you ok?

I was guarding the prince, he said. Landon has been busy looking for the threat against him. It falls to me to act in his stead. I could not reveal where I was because I don't know if we have a spy at the school or not. I wanted to keep you out of danger.

Ok... was all she said. But he could tell just like him she was feeling the effects of being away from each other. Maddox know lifemates needed to be close to one another but lately he was worried because the need to be close to her was almost a compulsion. He couldn’t think straight when she wasn’t in the same room with him. Their pull was stronger then any he had seen in other couples. Even now he was having a hard time thinking

"You are supposed to be keeping the prince safe," said Landon. "He should not be here."

He ordered it, said Maddox in an agitated tone.

"Or you became insufferable. You should have brought your woman with you. It would have solved your problem."

She would be worse if she were locked up because of my duties. She has been visiting her sister, talking about things. I gave her the ability to do that, knowing she would stay in the healing caves by choice. This, however, is maddening.

"I will take over now. Go to your woman. But the next time I give you a job, do it right. The prince could have been taken because of your carelessness."

Just a ray of sunshine, aren't you?

"If I were, you'd be ashes."

They smiled at each other. The next moment, Maddox was gone.

"How much did he let you get away with?" Landon asked when he got up next to Xavier.

“Should I remind you that I am not a child but your prince?” He said in a serious tone “and who said Maddox was to leave?”

"Maddox was not in a state where I could trust him with your safety or the safety of others," said Landon. "You should be in hiding, not using yourself to bait the enemy. You may be our prince and a hunter, but you are the most important of us. If you die, our species falls. There are no others that can take your place."

“That is not true and all of you are important l he said “and why was Maddox compromised, what are you not telling me?”

"His need to be near his woman was causing him to allow you to be in danger," said Landon. "He put you at risk by not taking her because she would have been uncomfortable for a moment. That is unacceptable. It is the duty of all Carpathians to protect the prince, even at the risk of their own lives. You are the vessel of our people, Xavier. You have no lifemate and no children. Your sister cannot be the prince as she is not able to take on your duties. Only you are meant for this responsibility. If you had a lifemate, she would agree that your safety comes first."

Xavier growled “I do not need you to be telling me what it means to be prince or what needs to happen” he said in a serious tone “I also don’t need you to remember me that I do not have a lifemate, I asked you a simple question about Maddox “ he said in a stern tone “you will learn to hold your tongue better landon “ he said in a serious tone “and let me make one more thing clear, unless I dismiss someone personally when they are around me, you do not, is that understood?”

"The darkness has grown much in you, old friend," said Landon. "You did not demand such things before. You understood why I would say these things. You have started to act as if it is your right to our obedience. You have our respect and earned our loyalty, Xavier. Your lifemate, have there been moments you felt she might be close? Any inkling of her being near you? I worry for you, not just as my prince, but as my oldest friend."

Xavier took a step away from him “you ask me questions when you haven’t answered mine” he said in a softer but still stern tone

"I cannot agree to what you asked," said Landon. "That is why I did not answer. If they endanger you, I either dismiss them to their women, send them to ground, or kill them. That is my duty as your second. Maddox needed his woman. You need yours most of all. Have you sensed her at all?"

“That is not what I asked you” he said “also don’t forget I’m the one who can take that position away from you, just because you are the second does not mean you can over step your boundaries or talk done to me, and lately you have been doing so quite often” he said “in fact I am going to have you evaluated, as of this moment you are no longer my second until you are evaluate by the counsel. Your dismissed” he said and turned back away and started to talk to one of the healers

Landon closed his mind to everyone but his mate. He would call the secret Council and have them evaluate the prince. Something was not right, and if Xavier was no longer fit to be prince. Landon shivered. He feared for their people, now more than ever.

"Magnus, I must ask for aid," said Landon as he replayed the recent events for the hunter. "Xavier is starting to demand obedience from us. I need you to express concern to the others the usual way. I fear he may need to be replaced as the darkness in him grows too much for him to bear."

"Very well, I will evaluate him tonight. Go to your woman for now. Our world is changing and it seems it bodes ill for our people." He said in a concerned tone “trust in me and go rest” he said placing a hand in landons shoulder

"Magnus..." Landon said.

"Your woman will help you right now," he said. "I will speak to the prince and see how things are."

Landon left. Magnus went to Xavier and said, "No one has ever displaced their second like this before. They are usually removed for unforgivable sins or because they turned. I offer my ear if you need it."

“I do this because I feel it needs to be done for reasons you cannot see, go to your woman and rest, I will come speak to you tomorrow “ he said still working on a male

"If you want," Magnus said. "I know you have your reasons, but it must still be difficult. One hunter to another, I offer my assistance. If you have need, you know where to find me."
When Maddox came through the door serenity slammed into his arms wrapping her self around him. It was like they both could finally breath

"You are even more beautiful than I remember," he said. "It feels like it's been a lifetime since I held you."

“Take me home please” she said not letting go, instead she hopped up and wrapped her legs around his waist

"Serenity, I must go help the children freed from a monster," he said. "Come with me. You can help. That way, we are not apart. Once this is done, we will go home."

All she did was nod as she nuzzled his neck and gripped him tighter “any where you go I go...please” she said “I don’t know what’s wrong..li don’t want you to think I’m clingy but I can’t see to even breath properly when your not around”

"I feel the same," he said, taking her into his lungs. "I want the rest of the night with you. But the children that were rescued..." He shook his head. "They are traumatized, hurt, and had shameful acts forced upon them. We are needed to comfort them and take the memories from their minds. It is for their health and well-being."

She nodded “ok..just don’t leave me again” she said in a begging tone. Her hands stroked his neck instinctively and she kissed the skin on his neck

"Never again will you face something like that," he agreed. He felt her relief and she rested her head on his shoulder, he switched to hold her bridle style as he walked back to the infirmary with her “are they ok..the people”

"Many were young women," he said. "He hurt them first and then forced the men to harm them farther. He took their free wills as easily as a vampire. None are guilty but the guilt they feel will cause other untold damages if we do not remove the memories."

“Can we help them?” She asked

"The pain has not etched scars into their souls yet," he said. "They have not had time to think about it, only that they found themselves doing something they didn't feel right about and had to leave. If we get to them soon enough, we can remove the memories. We will leave blank spots. Children often block out harmful memories unconsciously but Carpathians need help to do so. That is where we come in." He looked at her. "If I had found you when you were a child, after he hurt you, I'd remove the memories for you so they didn't become a part of you so deeply. I would ensure his foulness would never have touched you so deeply. That is what we prevent this night."

He saw determination in her eyes “I want to help how ever I can”

"Keep them from thinking or talking about it," he said. "Ask random questions while I remove the memories. Michael said that there was one more and Scarlett had gone to fetch them. I do not know if we can help her or not. If we can't remove her memories, I know you will help her. You know the touch of evil and what it can do to an innocent mind. You can help her, Serenity."

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