A Plot 3

Scarlet smiled "how about a pure source like the one growing in my stomach?" She she saw that got his attention her smile grew wicked "she will never understand what you are trying to do, but I do, I would willingly help you" she said stepping on alistair's back hard breaking his spine so he couldn't move " and I'm stronger than her in everyway and my bloodline is famous for never turning, male or female"

"Women cannot turn," he said. "Only males. Human women who are not strong psychics become vampiresses. But your child would be an excellent test subject. Yes, when it is born, I will be able to find a way to turn vampires back into Carpathians. No more senseless deaths! It will be glorious!"

He has gone mad! Michael said. He would kill the baby in the end! He will try to take you too, Scarlett. I'm coming in. He cannot have you!

stop! Do not come in you need to think like a hunter and not my mate, distance me from your mind like you do in battle, he mind have others else where we need to do this Micheal and you know that, I will keep our child safe, you have to trust me

"So do we have a deal?" She asked

I trust you, he said.

"Yes," said Jekyll, licking his lips in anticipation. "Release her and put yourself in the manacles. That is all I ask. It's not that I don't trust you to stay put, but more of you promising to do so. She would's stay put, so I had to keep her on a short leash."

Scarlett growled "I am no dog and she is not a warrior I am, I can handle a lot more, but this child is to be born unharmed or changed, you can do whatever you need with me " she said unchaining the girl and putting her next to alistair "drain him until you heal yourself and then leave" she said with compulsion.

thank you, take the girl and get to safety, I love you

You must live, he said. Find out what you can and then call for me. Tonight if not tomorrow. I don't think I could survive you being in his hands longer than that.

The girl looked at Scarlett and said, "Don't do this. I can fight." The girl took Scarlett's arm. "But not a baby. Let him have me. You carry life. You have a lifemate. I have neither. I am more expendable than you."

Scarlett removed her hand and bent down "you don't know me and what I do with my child is my choice" she said and sliced open alistair's neck and made her drink, when she was full she left the cave. She healed alistair's neck and made him follow her, knowing Micheal needed to let off steam on the man, her revenge would have to be through him make him suffer my love and wait for my return she said and then turned to jekyll"so...." She said walking up to him "let's begin"

"Eager to help your fallen brother," he said. "Good. But, as I said, the manacles are a promise. If the last one had simply stayed put while I took what I needed, she could have walked around freely. I am not without reason." He indicated to a gurney. "For now, lay down. I must examine the subject."

She stripped "I am like no other woman you have met" she said taking over her mask as well "but there will be respect both ways here, I trust you to keep your word and you trust me to keep mine, even a fallen can understand this, though I do not see a fallen like most, I never use that to hide behind, when I kill I kill my brothers" she said "now brother....what do you need of me?"

"I need you to let me examine the subject you carry," he said. "Then we will work on you, the container." He smiled. "Forgive me. I am a scientist. If I thought of those I use in my tests as people, my darker nature would come forth. I need my subjects uninfected, you see. I only hunt outside of the lab." He examined the baby. "Strong and healthy. Male. All good. He is developing nicely. This makes things better, for once you give birth, you can become my second subject. If I can find out how to bring a vampire's soul back, then there would be no more need for hunters. They would instead become collectors, you see." He looked at a covered mirror. "Those who lost their lifemates would be the only ones hunted. I promised her I would solve this problem. I will look upon this decrepit face before my death, knowing I can come to her marked with death but saved my brothers." He took out a large, sharp needle. "This will hurt, but I need some bone marrow."

Scarlett took a step towards him "distract me by yell ng me your story brother " she said

"I was not always this monster," he said as he began to collect the tissue he needed. "I had a lifemate and a daughter. They were my life. My daughter was about your age and staying with a friend. Little did she know, she would never be able to return home. I was conducting experiments and didn't want my lifemate in any danger in case I blew up the house again. I sent her to who I thought was a strong and capable hunter. But he failed to keep my lifemate safe, sacrificing her to save his own skin. He still hunts to this day, killing his brothers and ignoring his own sins. If I had kept her with me, she would be alive and I would not have to resort to drastic measures like this. It took me 300 years to regain my mind enough to even remember my lifemate and another 200 years before I restarted my experiments." He removed the needle. "I blame him for my state. If I do not and start to look too deep at it, I would fail my lifemate and give up my experiment. I cannot join her until I solve the problem. I do not know what I am missing. But the subject you carry will help me solve this. I know it."

"Who was this man" scarlett said with a growl "and what of your daughter?"

"My daughter became a warrior in her own right," he said, putting the bone marrow in a jar to study as he pleased. "She makes me proud, but I fear meeting her one day and seeing the pain of the memories we shared. The hurt, you know. Thinking of those happy times. And knowing that if we do meet, I'd have to kill her to continue my research does not help." He looked at Scarlett. "Lucinda de Montblanc. That is her name. She is unmated." He looked away again. "As for the man, he is none other than Landon Daratrazanoff. How the prince could accept him as his second after failing so miserably to defend a woman who had a mate drove my anger for many centuries."

Scarlett looked at him and he saw determination in his eyes "I will help you, I will also keep tabs on your daughter to make sure you don't meet, that being said if we learn to trust each other we should talk more about how we can help each other do you agree?"

"Thank you," he said. "I can agree to talk. But I cannot talk to you or act like you are a person. I would bite and contaminate you, ruining everything. Now, you need to rest, heal, and feed. I have blood in some boxes in the corner. I request that you sleep here, but I know you won't go too far. I must begin my studies. I need to see how well your cells stand up to the tests I will need to conduct on you. It will help not kill you. I can't guarantee painlessness. I can promise that the subject will not be harmed. I need him."

Scarlett let her face show determination “I have been fed on by your kind, my bloodline does well against fighting the taint, I have even fed from your kind before and the damage was minimal, if you are in need let me know” she said and took a seat in the corner

"No, I cannot risk it," he said, even though there was a dark desire for her blood visible on his face. "Go feed and heal. I have some tests to run for now."

She nodded and left, after about a hour she returned. She showed no fear as she walked in, her face was voided of emotions making her seem less like a person. She sat down in the corner on a long chair.

He stood up from what he was doing and said, "You are quite the specimen yourself. I need to set up a test." He went to the gurney and began to tinker. The whole time she heard him mumbling, "Why don't women turn? What makes them the light even if they hunt?"

She pulled out a book and walked over to him “here, I got this on my hunt, it might help” she said holding it out to him “did you know in Greek mythology that humans once had two head, four arms and four legs. Zeus was scared of their power so he cut them in half, that’s were the myth of soulmates came into play in Greek mythology. If our species are like that in Theory then it would explain the bases of lifemates. One soul split in two” she said

"I will not go off of myths," he said, taking the book. "I will, however, look into it. But we are different than humans. We existed before this story. Perhaps they saw a Carpathian and built the concept around us."

“That’s what I was thinking too, it would make sense as too why we are the same pair in different life times” she said stepping away from him and returning to her chair

"Once found, lifemates aren't reborn," he said. "We get no other chance like that again. Only those left alone get to try again."

“I know that’s what I meant, until the would merge back together they it’s like a recycle redo” she said “it’s almost trike the entire purpose of our existence is finding our other half”

"Our purpose is our own," he said. "Just like it is for every other being on this planet. The only relief from the endless cycle is to find our mate so that we can finally rest."

"Like I said never ending cycle.." she said in a low tone "let me know if you need assistance" she said all in a emotionless tone as she leaned back and closed her eyes

"I need to test your endurance," he said, moving back from what looked like a torture device. "This will keep you from attacking me during the test. Please, get in."

"Why would I attack you?" She asked standing up

"I understand, thank you, I will see you tomorrow, there is also the issue of adam I want to discuss with you"

"Fresh eyes looking from the outside in can see things you cannot," he said. "I understand. I and my lifemate will be expecting you. I shall return to removing the harmful memories with my lifemate and tell her the good news."

He bowed and walked away in an old-world manner.

"Scarlett.......she is in pain right now, she is in danger and she is angry, very angry" serenity said

"After what happened to her, I do not doubt it," said Maddox. "But she is a hunter and she has a lifemate. If we are needed, he will call."

"Ok..." She said as they entered the room, he felt her flinch in his arms "so much...pain here"

We are here to take the pain away, he reminded her. They will have normal lives again, Serenity. Evil will not win this night.

She nodded when he sat her down in a chair "she doesn't belong here she is not hurt and is taking up room " said one of the healers to maddox. He knew serenity felt hurt by her words

She is my lifemate and she is aiding me, he told the woman with a growl. She has a special gift that will calm those I will be working on. You have a problem with it, then have Xavier talk to me. Otherwise, let me get on with my work in peace. She is not taking up anymore space than you.

The healer sighed "I'm sorry I just....I don't want anyone else to have to see this brother....." She said in a defeated tone "and she is pregnant I didn't want her to be expose to this" she said with a sincere tone

She will not be entering their minds unless she desires to, he said. I will be doing that. She is talking to them to keep them calm and using her ability when needed. I would not have brought her if I thought it unsafe.

"I know...I know it's just. I watched some of these kids grow up" she said pinching her nose in stress "just, be careful your woman is in her time where miscarriage possibility is hi, let me know if you need anything" she said and bowed and walked away. Serenity touched maddoxs hand "I'm ok"

Her words spoke of ignorance, not concern, he said. She knew better. Words can destroy a person better than any other weapon. She ignored the fact that I am your lifemate and chose to lecture me as well. I will not have my woman belittled or my judgment questioned when there are those in need of healing. A young girl was set between them. Get her to talk to you, little love. She cannot move towards me while I inspect her mind and remove the offensive memories.

Serenity looked at her, the girl reached out and touched her hand "please where am I.." she said but serenity froze at the touch and the girl froze too and so did the other victims "maddox...I...I can feel all of them ...what do I do" she said in a scared tone

Breath, focus, take it slow. Do not try to grasp all the pain at once. I know it is difficult. You have a desire to protect them from the pain, to take it away. Focus on the person in front of you and talk. It will be hard, but the more you practice, the easier it will become. I know you can do this. I have faith in you.

She closed her eyes and tried to think of a happy time But the pain made it hard, maddox helped and she found herself back in the garden with maddox. It was one of the only times she felt happy in a long time, it was months ago and she was sick but she was happy. The cries of pain and confuse in the room went silent. Their minds calmed and they all relaxed. One male even fell asleep

This is you, he said. When I remember this, I see you everywhere. You are the calm, Serenity. You are peace. You are hope. When you focus, this is what others feel. The children are able to let the healers work because they feel this beautiful calm. Their minds are not rebelling at the dark memories. They will be driven to find this. This is the memory they will keep. This will allow the women to go to their lifemate full of hope instead of fear and help the men hold on far better than any others, knowing that this awaits them. You are a gift, Serenity. I am humbled and honored to be your lifemate.

She let his words fill her and almost everyone of the victims fell into a human sleep and became peaceful. He saw her start to sweat but she didn't stop or feel sick. The more he relaxed the more they relaxed. The girl placed her head in serenitys lap and she didn't know what to do, she was only use to maddox touching. Yet she started to stroke her hair. Quickly the healers announced they were done with the victims memories and even the healers seemed calmer. The air seemed warm like healing candles where lit

I am proud of you, he said as he let the memory fall away as the children were put to sleep and in the ground. You worked a miracle today. The whole of the Carpathian people are in your debt for what you did for these children. You should rest and feed He looked up. Michael returns. There is one more child. The prince's cousin. She is refusing aid, wanting to go back for Scarlett.

“I feel her...her mind is strong but it’s calling to me” she said in a stressed tone. And she started to cry “something dark and...oily touched her ..I don’t like it” she said in a panicked tone and he realized she had never felt a vampires touch before “Maddox I’m scare “ she said panicking

He held her to him and said, She was touched by a vampire, a Carpathian male that chose to give up his soul. If he had a lifemate, she died and he chose to live on after her. I will need to take a look into her mind, but I don't know if I will be able to take it away. Distance her, yes, but sometimes, removing a memory is not possible without altering the personality of the person. And we need information.

She clung to him, her body shaking against him but when the girl walked in she seemed calmer, almost tired. Serenity rested her head on Maddox chest “i feel dirty....please help her so I can stop” she said

I will do what I can, he promised. They walked up to the woman.

"Maddox?" she said, almost like a child with a crush. "Where's Landon? I have to..."

Heal, he said. Xavier is coming and you can tell him what you know. I would like to introduce my lifemate. She will be aiding me.

"Oh," she said, her face falling slightly. "I see. Congratulations. Um... I want to talk to my cousin first."

“Please let him heal your first so I can rest, my stomach is starting to hurt...our child does not like this feeling either” serenity said in a upset tone “also I feel what you feel unless you want me to say it out loud do as he ask, and yes it’s called blackmail” she said with a angry expression

Hanna said, "I would never get between lifemates. I plan on healing but I want to tell my cousin what the vampire did and where he is. And I humbly accept any aid you offer."

She is an old friend, Serenity, Maddox said. I will not touch her physically if it makes you uncomfortable. It is human love she feels or that of a brother but misunderstood. I will not be long. He looked at Hanna. I will distance the memory so that you look at it as if it is happening to another. You will still be able to tell Xavier what you endured.

"Thank you," she said, backing away to prevent herself from hugging him. "Truly, I am happy you found your lifemate. You deserve happiness."

If she hurts him, I will never forgive her, she thought to herself, not knowing that Serenity could hear her thoughts. He has had enough pain in his life. She shouldn't be another.

Suddenly the room went from warm and healing to cold and dark, to the point the victims were being pulled from their Carpathian sleeps by instinct alone “you are nothing to me do you understand so I don’t care if you forgive me or not and what I do with my lifemate is none of your concern! I know him better then you would ever hope to so keep this in mind the next time you want to talk like a ignorant child” she said baring her fangs at her “Maddox leave her to the others if you even touch her mind I will kill her”

Alright, Serenity, he said turning them away from Hanna. You should rest anyway. You used much of your energy, even if it doesn't feel like it.

"Maddox?" Hanna said in a small voice, rooted in place by shock. She didn't even notice Xavier walking towards her. "Why?"

Xavier guided her away from the couple and into a different room.

The moment Maddox picked serenity up the coldness in the room vanished, she looked up at Maddox with tears in her eyes I’m sorry....I’m so sorry I didn’t mean...

You are fine, he said. To me, she is like a little sister. Nothing more. If she upset you, then my only option is to ensure you are alright. There are other healers who can distance her from the memory. You are my priority.

I know you would not betray me...I don't know what came over me she said in a scared tone "I feel like I'm loosing myself.."

With them away from everyone, he said, "You felt what she felt for me. She was a threat. It is how I see other males. Being so close to the touch of evil that lay on her may have caused you to react more strongly. You are not losing yourself. You are allowing yourself to touch more of your abilities."

She sighed "did you always know how she felt...did you ever...."

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