It was slow, serenity ran her hands under his shirt, taking her time to build the heat between them. Her kissing were deep and sensual and began to ease the tension from his body, she reached up and brought his lips to her neck, gripping his hair slightly.

He licked over her pulse, loving how it jumped when he did so. Her heartbeat went into overdrive when he began nipping at her. When her hands tightened in his hair, he bit down, drinking her in.

She moaned and her head dropped back and her body pressed into his. She was wet instantly. She moved and straddling him,without interrupting his feed “don’t stop....” she moaned as she undid his pants and pulled out his hard think member, she moved her panties to the side and slowly took him inside her hot wet core

He growled and his hips surged upwards. He was greeted with her juices covering his cock and her tight muscles gripping him strongly. His hands moved to her waist to help her bounce on him. He could tell she was still tender from their lovemaking the night before and wanted to give her a gentle night.

She got lost in the pleasure he was providing, each bounce made his teeth tug her skin and it sent fire threw her. She could feel her orgasm already coming “Maddox...” she moaned his name “don’t...don’t stop...” she begged

He closed the bite and looked at her, saying, "I don't want to."

She pulled herself closer to him and moved her hips with his thrust “I’m...” she moaned and gripped his shoulders "Feed from me," he said. "I need you to feed from me."

She was helpless to his request, she moved her head slightly and licked the skin over his pulse, when he growled her core tightened and she bit in

He threw back his head and the pace picked up. Still, his grip was gentle even if it was unbreakable. His movements told her he cared about the pain she felt, but still needed to make love to her. He had somehow wrapped himself around her heart and she didn't know how.

She couldn't think anymore, she closed the bite and buried her face into his neck "maddox....." She chanted his name over and over again. He filled her as he kissed her, needing to take her moan of pleasure deep into his soul.

Her body shook with after shock as she leaned against him, her head resting on his shoulder, her smell covered him and his covered hers

"I love you," he said. "Know that if nothing else. I will always love you, Serenity."

"I......believe you" she said and he knew that was a big step for her "and that's what makes me scared...I'm worried I won't be...worthy of it"

"No, my love, it is I who am unworthy," he said, holding her. "But, no matter what, we will face life's trials together."

She nodded into his neck and for the rest of the night, they laid together, talking and hold each other until the sun called for them to sleep
She ran her fingers through her hair “I have no choice anymore, not if I want to stand next to you and fight along side you” she said pacing slightly “if what you said was true then things are getting worse....”

He sent the message to Xavier as he said, "Every few centuries, our enemies grow bold. Our kind isn't known for adapting well within the human world and they take advantage of that. This time, it was us stopping a practice that should have been kept up. It is clear that even the old methods will still be used against us. We must prepare for everything, new and old. Not staying stagnant."

Xavier talked back to help letting him know he will come see her tomorrow and for now to rest. Alessia sighed “it doesn’t help what the humans are doing...god this is a mess why did I have to be a lifemate!” She said slamming her hands down on the desk

"Maybe because you only killed because you were forced to survive," he said. "Maybe because you never actually wanted to hurt anyone. I see the light in you and I ask myself why fate chose me to be your lifemate? What made me so special to deserve you?"

“You mean unlucky” she said turning to face him “your unlucky to be paired with me” she said crossing her arms “and I always had a choice” she said “I did what I felt was right....”

"Alessia, women are of the light," he said. "Do you know what that means? It means that you never did anything out of evil intent. Your choices were to survive or die. All other choices were illusions. Some part of you knows this. I've caught glimpses of it when I shared your mind."

“No it just means the I was doing it for the right reasons, I still believe without Carpathians there would be no vampires, the same goes for all the supernatural in the world, humans are monsters enough we don’t need more” she said in a serious tone “did I like it no, but I truly felt that what I was doing was for a better world” she said

"And that is what makes you of the light," he said, encircling her waist with his arms. "That is why you are a lifemate. You don't like taking a life, but you do it to make the world safer. Not because you want to, but because it needs doing. You don't kill for the love of killing." He leaned down and kissed her throat. "It is also why I am unworthy of you."

She held in her moan in but her lips parted "your delusional as always" she said in a low tone trying to back away from him

He followed her until she was against a wall and said, "Most would say I'm a man in love. God, Alessia. Do you know what you smell like?" He licked over her pulse and felt it get even faster. "What you taste like?"

She let out her breath as her heart slammed in her chest "don't...try to distract me from..."

He bit down then. He didn't want her talking. He wanted her screaming his name to the heavens. He ripped their clothes off, needing them to be skin to skin. The feel of her breasts against his chest aroused him further. He lifted her up so that the only way she could stabilize herself was by wrapping her arms and legs around him. This put her hot, dripping core over his hard, pulsing member. He didn't wait. He skewered her onto him and began moving within her passionately.

His sudden forcefulness caught her off guard, her body exploded with pleasure and her cry was one of surprise and a deep moan. Her nails dug into his back roughly. She started to fight him for control but when he tighten his jaws she almost came then and there

He would never tire of this. He had to show her what she meant to him. He closed the wound and held her head to his neck.

"Take me in, Alessia," he said through clenched teeth. "I need you to feed from me."

She glared at him through lust filled eyes. She teased his skin, licking and nipping, her fangs grazing his skin but not breaking it "You are playing with fire, woman," he said.

"A fire you started without my permission" she moaned against his skin "one I am to turn into a nuke" she said and with a growling moan she sank her fangs in deep

When she connected them, he threw back his head and picked up the pace. He was building up the fiery friction between them at a fever pace. He couldn't get deep enough with her against the wall and moved her to the table, throwing everything off onto the floor. There, he could pound into her hard. It felt like he was trying to reach her soul. And damn him, it was working.

She threw her head back in ecstasy, she leaned in and closed the bite and arched against the desk, the started to break under their roughness, she turned her head and bit into his chest, not to feed but just to bite. She kept doing this in different places, she bit down on a spot where his neck meets shoulder and he felt like fire just exploded inside him

It was like an animal was unleashed. The desk gave way and he had to float them to the floor, only one that wasn't covered in documents and broken wood. He bit into her shoulder to hold her in the submissive. It wasn't that he was holding back, but that she had found his weak spot. The spot that took him from passionate and gentle to full beast mode. His hands gripped her hips hard, holding her still for his invasion. He merged their minds so that they were one in every way. The more she nipped the deeper, harder, and faster he would go. This was him untamed and it sent shockwave after shockwave through her. Still, he never let up. He was on a mission to give her the ultimate pleasure and he was succeeding. However, she could never say he hurt her. In fact, he made sure to put her pleasure first. It was all there for her to see... and feel... and taste.

They both kept taking each other to the end but both refused to allow the other to cum, they kept building each other up until not only was the room completely destroyed bit they had no choice but to finally cum, their bodies to sensitive to refuse it anymore. He had her on her stomach leaning over the broken bed, her knees on the floor, his teeth were in her shoulder, each thrust tugging the skin, her head was to the said and her hands were behind her gripping his waist. The bed gave way making him slam deeper inside her, his tip slamming the back of her core and his teeth tugged hard on her skin, that was it for her, her cry echoed the room as she came hard, her core tighten around him so hard it was almost painful for him, her orgasm got stronger at the pressure of his seed filling her. He buried himself deep as he came, both of their visions got blurry from the intensity of their shared orgasm

They lay there a moment on top of the mattress before he gently took what weight he had on her off and released her shoulder. He separated their bodies and laid her out on the bed. He then laid next to her, holding her to him, still breathing heavily.

I don't think a house is sturdy enough for us, he said in her head because he couldn't get even his mouth to work. We may need to live in a cave if this keeps up.

Both of their bodies were covered with each others marks a cave it is she said in a silk like tone in his head before lunch him in the jaw before laying back down on him. It stung but it didn't hurt that's for starting that fire she said and then pulled herself to him and kissed him deeply, her tongue dancing with his and this is for the fire

Just thinking of you starts it for me, he said as they laid back once more. I must admit, I have a hard time not thinking about you.

She laid her head on his chest oh? What do you think about? she asked and she came up with a idea that the next time he left she would wait until the perfect opportunity to send him very vivid images of her playing with herself to see if he would be able to remain in control

You naked and chained to my bed, wet with wanting me, he said, unashamed.

His answer caught her off hairs and even though she could barely move she felt herself get wet well...that will never happen, I'm not the chaining kind of girl she said and closed her eyes we should sleep before we... she turned her head and nipped his chest start another fire that would mostly finish us both off and the room

You can break chains, he said, moving her hand lower. It's more of the image of it. He played it for her. Him walking in and her holding the chains with her hands, her core dripping and her simply saying his name in need. This is what I envision and then no work ever gets done. Her hand now rested on his engorged and sensitive member. And this is me wanting you all over again.

it's seems I underestimated a hunters stamina ....I really never stood a chance did I... she said as a moan escaped her lips

I never stood a chance either, he said. This isn't just me, you know. My little tiger has a big appetite. What else can I do but give her what she wants?

She glared at him oh...well if that's the case then let me feast and you be a good little hunter and behave she said in a teasing tone before suddenly taking him deep in her hot wet mouth

He gripped her hair in his hands. I never behave. And you love me when I'm wild.

your right.... I do she said holding his large cock in her hand while she sudden bit into his inner thigh near his groan

With that, he pulled her up to him and kissed her hard as he rolled so he was on top. He lifted her leg and slowly entered her. You tease me, I tease you. She moaned "beg me for it...and I'll let you tie me up" she said in a seductive tone I don't beg, he said, going harder. I demand.

She moaned loudly I see what's in your mind...your desires go deep...beg me and I'll let you, but nothing to extreme first

If you are being tied up, he said, that means I'm the dominant one. So, it is you who should be begging me.

She let a imagine of her being bound with silk ropes, her arms forced above her head, her leges held open with the top , the rope dancing and cupping her breast and stomach go into his head

Suddenly, the image changed. It wasn't silk, but course rope around her. Its roughness added to the experience. Silk is too soft for you.

She moaned and shit the image from her mind, she started fighting him for dominance, her hips moving to meet his thrust, she even tried to get from underneath him if you think for one moment.....I don't like that look on your face better not

Just as she said that, he moved her hands above her head and rope appeared on her wrists, holding them there. You were the one who suggested it, little tiger.

She looked up at the rope "I told you to beg me for it.." she said in a breathless tone, she hated he had been right about the roughness of the rope being to her liking, but it didn't mean she was comfortable being tied up, a part of her was fighting it, bad memories tried to fill her mind, with and growl she manage to roll them so she was on top. She placed her bound hands on his chest and began riding him with a quick and rough pace. She need to feel like she has some control so she wouldn't panic and the memories would stay away "you want ropes...fine" she said and ropes suddenly appears around both of them, forcing him into a sitting position. The ran around his back and arms and around his throat, forcing his arms to lock onto her waist. The ropes made their bodies push up against each other, each thrust made the rope move against their skin, teasing the sensitive spots they touched

Woman, this is a dangerous game we play, he said, his mouth going to her breast. And I plan on us enjoying every second of it.

Each movement they made , made the roped dance across their skin, she found the ones on her back she was the most sensitive too, she moved her bound hands around his neck, the movement made the roped on his hips move and tighten you ....wanted ropes...she couldn't believe how turned on she was getting, knowing he was bound like her, too her, the sound of the ropes, the feeling of them as he slammed into her "oh god!" She cried out, she was loosing her mind and for the first time she was becoming scared of her own pleasure

Hold on to me, he said. I'm here with you. I'm not going anywhere. Even if we weren't tied together, I would never leave you. He kissed his way up to her mouth. You are my reason for living.

She let him take control then, and almost instantly her fears went away, she let him guide her, the ropes bound them even closer together but only for a second did she feel nervous about it, his kiss kept her call, she understood now why he wanted to wait, things like this required a lot of trust, bit she now found she wanted the kind of trust it would require. She felt bad her past was making this hard, she had grown to trust him alot but she didn't know just how much of her was still holding back until this moment. She had come to care deeply for landon and right now it was being put to the test. Her arms tightened around him and she moaned against his invading mouth I....oh god..I'm going to cum she moaned in his head

Together, he said as he filled her, sending her into a free fall. When she started to come down from the high, she noticed the ropes were gone. Thank you for your trust. I promise to cherish it the same way I cherish you. He rolled so they were laying on their sides. This is a gift not to be squandered.

She closed her mind to him, need some time to think about what just happened. She didn't know how to feel about it. When he touched her back she flinched but then relaxed. She scooted closer to him and rested her head on his chest. She didn't want to think any more tonight and her body was more then ready for sleep goodnight landon she said with a emotional tone

We will work through things together, he promised. For now, yes, the sun is rising and we need rest. Goodnight, my love. With that, he put her in a Carpathian sleep and put them both in the ground.

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