Aftermath morning 3

"Well of your scarletts mate then I have no doubt you are smart and that means you should follow your own advice, you are what she needs remember, so never doubt yourself" she said helping him stand, she rubbed his arms in a soothing manner "now" she said pulling out a hand made handkerchief and wiped his face "let's get our girl back huh, besides if we make her wait to long you know how nasty she gets being out of the action"

He smiled and said, "Once again, you're right. Let's get this book and bring Scarlett back."

She nodded “ill keep looking down stairs, Scarlett said it was dangerous for me to be in her room” she said and then left. As he looked around he could see more and more of her here. The bed was a black, tall canopy, black silk sheet covered the bed, he could imagine her laying there, naked her red hair looking like it was glowing against the black sheets. Drawings and writings of hers covered the walls. Drawings of random things, from flowers to alchemy sigil’s. Her hand writing was a smooth cursive. Her books range from mystery novels to magic and fighting books, with random subjects in between, one caught his eye that surprised him “cooking for dummies”

He carefully looked around, not touching anything in case he triggered a trap. Now, other than the odd human self-help books, what is out of place here? Which book is it?

He saw something that caught his eye, on a wall that held weapons one stood out, it wouldn't have been eye catching if he hadn't know Scarlett like he did, their was a left handed small shield on the wall, hanging neatly, granted only a experience fighter could tell it was made for the left arm and that was what he was but Scarlett was right handed. He went over to it, it was old and looked like it had seen some battles. He touched it and it sank in the wall, then it cracked and opened traveling a book hidden inside, the book glew with magic and floating words

"Okay, so this is either what I'm supposed to find or a trick," he said. "Seems a bit showy for her." He looked around the case. "And there doesn't seem to be anything else hiding. But after everything else, this seems too easy."

Yet the more he looked at the book the more he felt the touch of Scarletts mind

He found himself reaching for it. Grabbing it. Holding it. The letters began to form words that only he could see. Memories. False ones planted to do her duty and the real ones to return to who she really was between jobs. Now, he just needed to find the right one.

“Did yo find anything yet?” called the woman from down stairs

He couldn't answer her. The swirl of memories played before him and he was in awe. He couldn't look away.

They went all the way back to when she was a kid, she was a hipper one, getting into trouble, climbing trees, running with wolves, when she was about ten she attacked a hunter for hurting a deer. Though her foster family punished her for it she didn't care. She was friends with some lycan kids but not carpathian kids. He saw her grow up with his very eyes. She was a loner for the most part, she hid what she felt and acted how everyone wanted her to act. But when she was alone he could tell all she wanted to do was be free. She was always in the woods when she could be. She looked at peace there, she had never trained to be a warrior up to this point, she seemed to be more into herbs and the animals. But when she was about sixteen the woods became a nightmare for her. He saw her, her eyes closed as she laid in a tree. She felt the shift, her body felt the cold and she tensed. This was the first time she felt like prey. She sat up slowly and looked around. The forest had grown quiet, the air seemed thicker. She was suddenly snatched from the tree. She hit the ground her breath knocked out of her, before she could comprehend what was happening something heavy slammed on top of her. A rogue, as a guardian she was stronger but she was not trained and young

He wanted to grab hold of her, run from that place, and take her to safety. But he was rooted to the spot. He could only watch as the rogue werewolf attacked her. Through her memory he could smell her blood and feel her fear. She was fighting the large male the best she could and her only advantage was she was stronger them him “scar?” asked a small voice and Scarlett looked to the side to see a small little girl, around the age of four. She looked scared, the next moment the wolf left Scarlet and went for the child “no!” Scarlett cried but she was too late, with a sicken snap the wolf had the toddler in his jaws. He felt her world shatter, something snapped and changed in her. With a cry of pain she slammed into the wolf, she bit it, scratched it, got it were ever she could, the wolves large paw can up and sliced down her face but she still didn't stop. She took a deep breath in and with a cry of rage fire shot out of her mouth. Engulfing the wolf's body. It howled in pain but she pined it down, her arms locking around his ribs, she squeezed with all her strength, the bones poped but she didn't stop, even after it was dead. She laid there on top of the dead wolf, she couldn't bring herself to look over, knowing what she would see I deserve to see it.... she thought and she slowly got up, and limped over to the toddlers deformed corpse. With shaking hands she picked the little girl up, every piece of her, she cried and started to walk away from the scen, that would be the last time she cried for year's. When she took the girl back to her foster parents she stayed only long enough to see their grief, receive their anger. She left that night. The rest of the memories was of her training and becoming the woman he knew today. The only difference was he never noticed before how numb she had been fore him, as a female she shouldn't have been so numb, it was almost as if she had died the night that little girl had

He tried to scoop her up, tried to reach for her. His body wouldn't listen. He knew he hadn't learned about how to bring her back yet. But he was close. Something was making him relive these events for a reason. There was a clue he was missing. He took a breath, stilled his mind, and looked around the scene. What did she leave for him in this memory that would help her regain her mind?

Her memories kept going all the way up to the day that had met, through her eyes he saw and felt how she had instantly knew she was his, but she had also known someone was messing with her mind, so she acted coldly towards him, hoping it would keep him from claiming her until she could figure out who was controlling her. The night before he claimed her she had slipped away and she came, he could see her looking in the mirror of this very bedroom. She slowly took off her mask and touched the scar on her face, her face turned angry and she punched the mirror shattering it. The woman from earlier came in, less pregnant but still shower “scarlett what happened?” she asked in a concern tone, Scarlett took her away from her room “i told you not to come in here it's dangerous” she said shutting the doors behind her and locking it “why?” asked them woman because I'm here she thought “because I have items in there that could hurt you and the child, the prince would have me killed if anything happened to you two” she said

So, the woman downstairs is under the protection of the prince, he mused. Possibly his lifemate. Does she carry the prince's child? But he kept watching. That was not the most important thing in that moment, though he would ask about it later.

Her memoores kept going, even the ones were she remembered her time with her uncle please Michael pick up on it she said in her head as she spoke to him and gave him clues the best she could, her mind compelled so she couldn't out right say it

"Scarlett," he said in a sad tone. "It took me so long to figure out what you were saying."

All the events played up until the night before they went to confront her uncle. Before she went to meet him and they had their amazing night together she was here in this room looking in that mirror “hey whoever you are.....if your seeing this it means my mind is not my own again, I’m sorry for whatever I may have done up until now” she said in a serious tone “I knew eventually my mind manipulation would back fire, the stronger I grew and used it the more vulnerable I became to manipulation myself” she said and then sighed “as a guardian I made a call, I won’t regret it I’ll just take my punishment, the prince knows what needs to be done if I should be to far gone but since I have a lifemate things are different, I will trust the prince with my death but my mind I give to him” she said “all my memories are here in this book and only the blood of my lifemate will restore them” she said “it was a needed thing, I wanted to make sure I could never hurt him, if I was force to attack him the moment I did my mind would lock down and I would have my memories forced back to me, it will be....” she looked down “ necessary“ she said looking back up

He closed the book. It was the last memory and he was finally free of it. He replaced the book and fixed everything so that it appeared undisturbed. He walked downstairs.

"I have to go," he said. "Scarlett will visit you soon, once she is healed. Stay safe."

“Wait! “ she said running over to him “what happened...please I’m worried” she said holding her stomach

The bed started to shake and the walls began to crack. But it was over within seconds, she was to weak and tired to continue. He heard her start to cry, her anger turning into sadness

"I will make mistakes," he said. "I'm not perfect. Letting the pain and anger and sadness out will make you feel better. I know I have to work at regaining your trust, and I plan on showing you that I love you more than anything or anyone else. All I ask is that you don't give up on us. Please."

Her cries grew quiet “I don’t want to be pregnant....I don’t want to be here...I don’t want to be a Carpathian...I...” she trailed off “I still want to never went away and I didn’t realize how strong my desire too was until tonight”

"Oh, Serenity," he said, smoothing out her hair. "I'm so sorry. How have I failed you so much? I knew that one doesn't get over dark feelings so easily, and yet I let you go on like this. I don't deserve to be your lifemate."

“Im the one who should be sorry, lifemates are not suppose to be like this right...maybe I'm really not yours....a part of me wished it were true so you could find someone better” she said in a low tone “ive tried to fight it but....”

"I never said that lifemates never feel depressed," he said. "I did say you shouldn't feel this way, but not because it's a wrong feeling. I meant because of how special and beautiful you are. And everyone feels that they may not be their lifemate's true mate. I look at you now, so hurt by my inaction, and I think that maybe fate played a trick on me and I stole you from someone more deserving than I."

“Is that possible?” she asked in a low tone and he felt her tense

"No," he said. "But it doesn't stop the thought from popping up when I see you like this. Everyone has doubts, Serenity, about themselves and others. It's not the thought that's the problem. It's never that. You're allowed doubt. It's letting the doubt control you that we must work on together. A hunter can't let doubt cloud his mind or else the enemy can kill him. A healer can't let doubt creep in or they could lose their patient. And a person can't let doubt take over or they lose everything most precious to them. Find what is most precious to you and live for it. A hobby, a passion," he put her hand on his cheek, "a person, or nature's song. Whatever it is, start there and build up. One day, you'll find you can drown out the doubt."

She was silent for a moment and then tenses in his arms “you....” she began and then sighed “you were becoming that reason until tonight”

He stiffened. He didn't know what to do or say. He wanted to make this right, but this revolution tore out his heart. She felt a tear on her forehead.

She didn't look at him, she said there no longer fighting his grip. Everything that happened finally caught up with her, her head was pounding and her body ached, and not in a good way this time. She let herself fall into a human sleep, hoping to get away from her reality

She was in a garden, nothing but white flowers everywhere. Maddox was there, even though she didn't want him to be. He had his back to her and the flowers around him were red. Something told her that this was wrong. That those flowers shouldn't be red. But she didn't want to go to him either. He had hurt her. So, why were her flowers white and his red?

“Maddox?” she said his name in a low tone

He didn't move. He didn't act like he heard her until he spoke. She noticed that the red seemed to spread.

"I hurt you, destroyed what we had," he said. "Did you know that there is a special, archaic method of ensuring plants grow? It's called a blood meal. Humans would put dry blood in the soil to encourage growth."

“Why would blood matter to plants?” she asked in a low tone

"It doesn't," he said. "It matters to the person who gives their blood to the plants." He looked at her over his shoulder. "I don't know why, but this garden I grew... it takes my blood to thrive. Yours is so clean and pure. I don't want to ruin it."

She looked at him confused “i don't understand “ she said

"Under the roses are those I brought to justice," he said. "The wounds I received watered or 'fed' the plants. But what I did to you... This garden will drown because I ripped out my own heart by hurting you."

She looked around for a moment “I think I am no different from any of these flowers, you cared for those you killed, why not just bury me here too” she asked

He chuckled and said, "You are here. What makes you think I haven't put some part of you in this guarden? Every pain I cause you is marked."

“Oh....then if I’m already here then it’s my job to right?” She asked before biting her hand and letting her blood drip on the flowers

"What if we time it, wait until it's down and make a break for it?" She asked

"That's not how safeguards work," he said. "They can stay in place long after the Carpathian who placed them as left this world. They can decay, but it takes centuries."

“So what do you suggest then?” She said crossing her arms

"That's the thing," he said, "every safeguard has weaknesses. We have to find them. His great-grandmother had used baby powder to find a gap in the safeguards to get out. I was hoping to find one, but my anger blinded me." He scratched his head. "But I have never known Xavier's safeguards to have any flaws. Maybe that fact caused me to be angrier because it felt like a hopeless search."

“Well what if I was to get hurt?” she asked “here me out, your a strong healer so you would know how to hurt me enough for me to need to go to the healing caves without killing me right? I'm willing if it means we get out ofhere”

"No," he said, his voice telling her not to argue with him. "That is not an option."

She crossed her arms “excuse me?” she said in a low tone “first off you don't speak to me like I'm one of these miles you train, and second you need to treat me like a equal not my boos and third I don't hear any better ideas from you and if your going to be like this just know I don't need you to make this happen I'm an do it myself”

He stood up and said, "Okay, then imagine you have to harm my body to the point of near-death. Could you break my arms, legs, ribs, nearly every bone? Could you see me in such pain that I was nearly mad?" The image of him as he described popped in her head, his face pale and his eyes saw nothing. "Could you live with yourself knowing you were the one who brought me that pain? Who did that to me?"

“Im not asking you to do that! I've been tortured before, it's not fun but I'm sure you could block the pain from my mind while doing something less extreme, my point was you didn't even give us a chance to talk about it you just said no” she said in a upset tone “we are on borrowed time here...maddox will come and I've heard about his voice, even my explores said to stay away from him...”

He picked her up suddenly as she walked and set her on the matress. He cleaned up a vase they had destroyed while making love. In fact, he fixed everything in the room.

"I don't want you to get even a paper cut," he said, not looking at her. "That is how much I cannot have you in pain. That is why I said no. Not because I didn't want to hear you out. Because I can't stand the thought of small, insignificant pains, let alone the one you want me to do."

“The one I trust you to do....” she said in a low tone “we need to get out of here and we are running out of time and options and I don't know what to do, I don't want my mind to be raped...” she said hiding the fear from her tone but he could feel it

"Your mind wouldn't be raped," he said. "He would just order you to tell the prince everything happened to you and all that you know about the society. He would command you to talk. Every horror spilling from your lips, every entrance they use, and what their mission is. You would tell them about your whole life. I wanted to give you time to trust me, to open up on your own. But with the groundskeeper turning out to be the enemy and hurting our children, the prince has decided that we can no longer wait."

He felt her emotions go hay wire, she was up and slamming into that ward “let me out!”

He took hold of her and said, "This is why I was angry before. He condemned us and has placed you in a situation where I will be forced to watch you suffer. I would not be allowed to help you." He moved her aside. "This is why I want to get out." He punched the wall, making the building shake. "This is why I raged." He punched again. "And this is why I'm questioning Xavier!"

He kept punching. It was like watching the Hulk battle but getting nowhere. The walls shook, but nothing broke. She saw the wall become red as his knuckles scraped the rough surface. He didn't stop, the anger pouring off of him in waves.

She grabbed his arm “hey...” she said turning him towards her, she brought his hands up to her and licked his knuckles slowly, she met his gaze as she did so

It was the sexiest thing he had ever seen. Still, he said, "I need to know if an enemy comes. I need to smell the air, feel it. And you need to find out who you are and if you need to shake off the lies of the past. I don't like being caged, just like you."

When his knuckles were healed she moved closer to him “fine then we will get out” she said in a determined tone “we will” she said sliding her hands up his arms until her body pressed against his, her thumb had a small smear of his blood on it and she slowly licked it off.

He gulped, needing to find his voice, and said, "And how will we do that?"

Her eyes held so much lust it felt like we’re she looked was on fire. She nicked her thumb with her fang and rubbed it on his lower lip and slowly pushed it in his mouth “with blood...if that’s what it takes” she said in a low sexual tone

He licked the blood before kissing her neck. Yours or mine? I need out or we will need to make love all night to destract me from the walls closing in.

She moaned softly “landon....” she said in a low warning tone “if your going to....l

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