Aftermath morning 4

"My blood is the key," he said. "I found what I was looking for."

“I still don’t understand but safe” she said stepping back “please let me know if she is ok...”

"She will visit you as soon as she is able," he promised. "Until then, I will take over any duties she might have in giving you supplies."

She shook her head “I want for nothing, go” she said in a soft tone with a smile

Michael ran back to Scarlett and took her from the ground. He opened a vein in his neck and placed her mouth on it, only waking her enough for her to feed from him. Come back to me.

He felt her awake even more and her hands slammed onto his chest and she tried to push him away no!

He did not let her escape his hold or let her stop feeding. He said, "You must feed. You and the baby are malnourished and the earth can only provide so much. I fed well this night. Allow me to provide for you, little dragon."

She truffled against his hold but she suddenly bit down and instead of pushing she pulled him closer. Her need over powering her mind

"There you go," he said. "Take what you need. Come back to me." Her still healing body already had enough strength to push him down so she laid on top of him. She was drinking in large gulps, her need was great, but she never hurt him, when he started to feel dizzy he felt her hesitation and slowly she stopped. She licked in closed and her head rested right where she had been feeding. Her breathing was stronger, her body was warmer but he felt a soft in her, it was slow at first, her mind was becoming chaos, memories clashing with one another. She gripped his shoulders tightly and groaned, her body started to shake and she started to sweat. He held her, waiting. He would jump in if things got too hard and try to help, but he also knew that she had to do the greatest part on her own. So, he waited, saying nothing. Her stress was rising, it wasn’t until it reached a peak that it was hurting her that he cursed himself, he was so desperate to get her back he didn’t think about how she should have healed first before putting her through this. Almost like the universe was agreeing with him. Her wounds started to bleed, she started to cry and hold her head, their sons heartbeat started to rise. He called to the prince, needing assistance. He needed a healer, something he was not.

The prince arrived a moment later “what happened?” He asked going over to them and helping him hold Scarlett still

"I fed her," he said. "Now, her mind is rebelling against her planted memories and her true memories. It is causing her so much stress that her wounds are opening and even our child is affected."

“Explain it to me, what does feeding her have to do with memories “ he said as they moved her to the bed

"She sent me to a cabin in the woods," he said. "I had to find a book. In the book were her memories, real and fake. The last memory was her telling me that my blood was the key to recovering her mind. She needed to feed, but had refused when I left. When I got back from my treasure hunt, I fed her. I didn't take into account the toll it would take on her as I should have."

His face was like a stone statue, no emotions were held there “I see, then we can only keep her alive” he said in a plain tone

"I won't tell anyone," Michael said. "I left no trail. She is safe."

The prince didn’t look at him “let’s turn her on her side” he said and they both did so, Xavier put a thick piece of cloth in her mouth so she wouldn’t hurt herself, he warded the room “lay behind her and use you legs and arms to keep her still, you focus on her mind and I’ll focus on her body”

Michael nodded. He moved so that he was behind her. He held her to him and entered her mind. It was like two armies were battling within her. He knew he had to get everything to line up just so, that way her mind could repair itself naturally.

A sudden noise came from Xavier’s phone, micheal saw the prince look at it, whatever was on it he didn’t get a chance to ask, the next second Xavier suddenly disappeared. Michael didn't ask. For Xavier to leave in the middle of a healing, it must be serious. However, a moment later, a healer walked in to help heal Scarlett's body in place of the prince. After micheal started to help the memories started to naturally take their place. She wasn’t as stressed, the baby was calming. But she was having to relive them, but it was happening quickly. Just a roar echoed the cave Scarletts eyes popped open

"Something is wrong," Michael said. "Scarlett, you stay and rest. I will..." she was already up and out the room and him running after her.

He closed the wound instantly and said, "No." She saw it. A hole in his chest. Open wounds all over his body. "I think it's time we wake up from this nightmare. Human sleep is not good for a Carpathian, let alone in the state we are in right now."

She looked away from him “at least we are in yours and not mine” she said unable to look at him, the sight making her want to vomit and cry

He said, "Serenity, I love you. But I hurt you... How can I keep going? I can't find my heart in this garden of blood."

He pointed it to her. Everywhere among the blood-covered roses were body parts. It was gruesome. She knew it was a dream, his nightmare. He knew it. But it was like he didn't know how to wake up from it. A script he was forced to follow. She turned into his shoulder to get away from the sight.

"This is the monster fate tied you to," he said, his grip on her getting tighter and tighter and his voice getting gravelier. "I did my duty only to hurt the only woman I love. The only person who matters." He was hurting her, but she felt the thorns against her back and tried to get away. "I can't fight the truth. I'll add you to this place, your beautiful face greeting me every night."

Thorny vines started to drag her underground. She was forced to watch Maddox turn from the handsome man she loved to the undead, a vampire. She went to scream but then nothing. Serenity, wake up! Oh, god, please! Maddox called. He was scared. His voice was back to normal. I've called my parents! I don't know what happened but we will get through this!

She couldn’t fight the vines, they cut into her skin and dirt covered her, filling her mouth as she tried to scream. She tried to move but between the vines and the dirt it was impossible. She was being swallowed by the earth and no one was going to help her. She could feel her blood seeping into the dirt like the earth itself was draining her dry Wake up! It's not real! It's a dream! he begged.

Serenity, came Eric's voice. Meghan and I are here now. Use your mind. Carpathians don't need to breathe underground. Talk to us.

She tried to break the hold of the vines help me...please, I’m afraid of the dark

Open your eyes! Maddox said in a panic while Eric calmly said, You are the light. You were born into it. Open your eyes and you will see it. You are stuck in a dream, feeling the pain of many. The thorns of their memories have captured you and try to bury you. Do not let them. Use your light to shine on them. You are strong, you can do this.

She tried to open her eyes but suddenly parasites moved through the dirt and started to bury themselves in her skin, she screamed not only in her dream but out loud. Her eyes suddenly opened and she found herself back in the room with Maddox and his parents. She flailed like she was trying to get the parasites off and when Maddox went to touch her she flinched and fell away from him off the bed

Eric said, "It's okay. Meghan is here. She can help where Maddox and I cannot." He looked to his lifemate. "Ma petite, if you please."

Meghan went up to her and leaned down slowly, serenity tried to move away from her but that wasn’t going to happen. Serenity went still as Meghan stroked her head “it’s ok your safe now....why don’t you come back on the bed and I’ll check you over hun” she said in a soft tone. Serenity nodded and slowly got up, Meghan led her to the bed and sat her down. She kneeled in front of her, Meghan cleaned her up and put her in a nice soft dress, her hair was up in a pretty bun with a flower pedant in the bun “there we go...feeling better?” She asked and serenity shook her head no “why not?” She asked and serenity looked at her “because there is a monster here...” she said and Meghan looked at erik, her face was soft but her eyes held concern

She means me, Maddox said. I was having a nightmare. We were in a human sleep. I keep hurting her. He went to leave the room.

But Meghan stopped him “I sense no fear from her when she looks at you, I don’t think she meant you”

Then, who is she meaning? Maddox asked. And why won't she let me touch her? The nightmare...

"Revealed your fears and thoughts only," Erik said. "It does not mean you are the monster she fears."

“Go talk to her, let her see you are ok” Meghan said “me and your father will talk in the other room for a moment”

Maddox walked slowly to Serenity, saying, "Honey, I'm here. I'm fine."

She was calm but her eyes showed she did not feel that way inside, her eyes started to tear up “no your not...” she said in a sad tone

He opened his shirt and said, "Examine me. Look me over. Do what you have to so that you know that I am okay."

“Your not ok” she said in a more serious tone “your not ok here or here” she said touching her chest and head “and I don’t know what to do about it...”

"You mean the nightmare?" he asked. "Oh, baby, it wasn't real. It was just my fears, nothing more. Look at you, you make my fear seem so far away. It can't touch me now."

She frowned and slowly moved away from him “I am your fear..”

"What?" he asked. "No! I'm afraid that I'm the one going to hurt you, that I'm a monster that can't be redeemed. It has never been you. Putting you in the garden in the nightmare, that was me turning even though your light shown on me. This fear seemed far too close because I did hurt you. But you were never my fear."

“But...I thought you couldn’t become a vampire if you had a lifemate?” She asked in a low tone

"That's true," he said. "But knowing that doesn't make the fear go away. It's irrational, just like many human fears."

She looked at him “can....can we go to bed, it’s been a long day and I just want to lay next to you and not dream...” her eyes suddenly went wide with fear “monster! It’s here!” She said and everything felt it, it was like a title wave sweeping the entire area, rage, dark rage, everyone knew who it was, the prince.

"The prince," said Maddox. "My love, I must help him. Stay here with my mother and stay in my mind. Danger has tainted the wind this night and I will not have you in danger."

She grabbed his arm “no! Don’t go please! Dont!” She said in a fear filled tone. Maddox knew his father had already left, his mother looked at him “stay with her, I will help” she said and left the room

Maddox nodded and held Serenity in his arms, saying, "Okay, I'm here."

She let him, she curled up against him “I’m scared...I can’t block it’s like...he is in my soul”

"We all feel his anger," said Maddox. "That is how angry he is. I don't know what set him off, but it must be very important to him."

She looked at him “this isn’t just’s cold...he is getting cold”

"He is... losing his soul," said Maddox. "I don't know if we have anyone that could be the prince if he were to fall."

She looked at him “this feeling.....” she said, tears running down her face “it’s worse then any5ing I have ever felt in my entire life...” she said

"The only one that can save him is his lifemate," said Maddox. "No one has seen him with a woman. We do not know if he even has a lifemate nearby. All we can do is pray that she feels his need and comes to him."

“And if she doesn’t? Did you need me?” She asked

"If she doesn't, then he will fall," said Maddox. "That is the most frightening thing about this situation." He looked at her. "And yes, I needed you. I did not know how much longer I would last."

She looked at him “I’m sorry I kept you waiting “

What are you suggesting we use blood for then? he asked. Until I know, your feet stay on the ground.

She went to move away from him but his grip tightened and she felt the brush of his fangs on her skin and a soft moan escaped her lips “let go”

Tell me your plan, little tiger, he said as she pushed against his chest “no” she said in a defiant tone

He chuckled against her neck, "Then, should I leave you wanting?"

She growled, she was still new to being Carpathian so it was a new thing but it happened naturally “remember what you said to me earlier....your playing with fire”

"Perhaps you could tell me your plan while I feast on your nectar?" he said, kissing down her body.

She gripped his shoulders hard “landon....this won’t work”

"What won't?" he said, his hot breath sending electricity through her as it blew over her sensitive womanhood, realizing her just made her clothes disappear.

“that’s not fair I don’t know how to do that yet...” she said trying to move away from him “this really is not the time to be...”

"Then, tell me your plan so that it can be," he said.

She pushed harder against him “landon...” she said in a warning tone

"I haven't moved," he said. "I am just here, waiting until I can feast upon you. I'd like to hear your plan.

“Now is not the time we should be doing this we are trapped here and unless we get out....will you stop breathing like that!” She said with flushed cheeks

He smiled up at her, his eyes too innocent, and said, "What do you mean? I'm just talking."

She growled again and this time she managed to break his hold and within seconds she was on the other side of the room covering herself with the bed sheet “you know what your doing and I won’t...”

"I'm just trying to get you to share your plan," he said. "Though, making love to you also sounds good to me."

“Your trying to bait me with pleasure and let’s both be honest here, I don’t you really have sex on your mind right now and....”

"Not true," he said. "I was thinking of having you hang upside down from a chandelier one night and see how that goes." He said

She rolled her eyes “but that night is not tonight now you have already wasted enough time and to be frank im not int the mood to..”

"Then tell me the fucking plan so we can get out of here!" he growled.

She frowned and he saw her flinch. Her grip on the sheet tightened “fine....” she said and went over to the dresser and pulled out a cell phone “like I said, with blood” she said and clicked a button on the side of it. A few seconds later the door to the room busted open, landon had never seen Xavier look so angry in his life and his target was alessia. He was on her within a second, his fangs bared, he had her off the floor and pinned the wall by her throat. Landon went to move, to get Xavier away from his lifemate. But it felt like he was moving through concrete that was partially dry.

“You left me no choice....” alessia chocked and and Xavier, roared, literal roared at her, his fangs right in her face

"Let go of her, Xavier!" Landon said. "You need to release her now before you kill her and me!" His words fell on deaf ears, Xavier lifted a clawed hand, landon was helpless to watch as his oldes friend was about to slam his hand through his lifemates chest. A red blur suddenly slammed into Xavier. Alessia dropped to the floor coughing. Whoever or what ever Xavier was fighting landon couldn’t see , they were moving to fast

Landon was free from whatever held him back and held his lifemate to him. He edged closer to the door and was about to get out when his father pushed him back into the room, clothing both his son and his mate. Landon growled.

“If you don’t find out what she did to the prince I will” he said in a serious tone, his mother came in behind him “now landon” she said and the room filled with a calm sensation, landon was able to think more clearly now that he was calm. The wall of the cave broke and the fight resumed outside, trees could be heard breaking, thunder and rain began like a hurricane “Erik find micheal” Meghan said “he is a guardian...I can’t get a read on who the prince is fighting”

"I'm here," said Michael. "It's Scarlett, my lifemate." He looked at Landon. "Get her to talk or I will."

Landon growled at the threat. The whole of the Carpathian community seemed against him and Alessia. He had to get her out of there fast, but with two Guardians there, he didn't have a chance of hiding from them. Alessia broke the tension “I sent him a picture of the thing he thought he was hiding, letting him know I will be seems like he heard me” she said in a serious tone. Micheal picked up the phone and saw the pregnant woman he had met earlier, the picture was taking from the window.

Michael crumbled the phone in his hand, saying, "Do you know what you have done? You have sent him into a freefall. He is turning vampire as we speak. You have to be the stupidest..."

"You will not speak to my lifemate that way!" Landon said.

“He was falling any way and he forced my hand” she said standing her ground “you all failed to notice, landon was the only one who noticed and look what happened” she said. The fight outside grew distance like they were moving “erik I’m doing the best I can to keep him at bay but he is falling fast” Meghan said in a worried tone “if I could get closer it would be different but they are moving to fast, it’s almost like she is herding him somewhere”

Michael said, "I know where. Let them go. It won't take long. He will not fall this night."

They all looked at him with serious expression “Micheal of you know something we need to know” said erik. Meghan looked at micheal “Micheal she is not doing well, she is still very weak we need to know because he is hurting her” she said in a serious tone

"I will go aid her," said Michael. "I suggest you keep that woman away from him. She and her lifemate have been ordered to stay inside their cave until Xavier releases them."

"When he is like this, I think the order is rescinded," said Landon, trying to step out of the cave with Alessia.

Erik stepped in his way “your lifemate may have just killed our prince, you were his second and you didn’t protect him from the person who you were closets too” he said in a serious tone “if anyone could have gotten in her head it was you and you refused to do so” he said “you two are not going anywhere because it’s clear to me she has been manipulating you this whole time” he said and a ward went over the room “pray he lives this night landon...” erik said and walked out the room. Meghan looked at him “I believe in you, you can do this and I know you may feel lost but remember when it comes to the mind nothing is as it seems” she said and touched his cheek before leaving

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