Aftermath morning 5

"Serenity, you came when I needed you most," he said. "You make every dark day worth it. I now know that all those centuries hunting meant that I was making the world a little safer for you."

“Can there any way we don’t have to feel..” she began in a upset tone

"I don't know," said Maddox. "Even the mountain is holding its breath."

“I’m scared “ she said in a shaking tone “I’ve never felt so much anger”

He held her. He had no words of comfort. Even he was scared in that moment.

Serenity clung to him, it seemed the night was growing darker by the second. Suddenly Scarletts voice ran through madddoxs head Maddox! Your voice hurry! He needs to claim her now

Is the woman in front of him and of age? Maddox asked as he took Serenity with him to where she was. I can't sense anything off of him. No lifemate can be claimed before she is eighteen. Scarletts voice was weak no she is not of age but with dark magic she could be forehead to grow and I know a spell but... her words got shut off

That is when he stopped and they saw the sight in front of them.

"So, even my own family would walk away from us?" he asked, causing his parents to stop. "I do my duty and send Maddox away for Xavier's safety, and I'm told not to do it. I tell him I'm worried in my own way, and he removes me from being his second. I stand beside my lifemate, who is questioning who she is, and everyone puts us in a cage. Does any of that sound like the right thing to do? He was letting his darkness control him, demanding obedience from everyone. It was no longer a choice in most cases."

Alessia didn’t stop him from his rant, she sat there “I’m here...I trusted your judgment that why I made that call, to show them what only you were seeing” she said

Landon held her to him and said, "Everyone is just doing as he says, father. But he has removed himself so much that this is the result of seeing a simple picture. His state of mind should be questioned right now."

“We don’t have time to sit here, the time for talking is gone thanks to your lifemate” erik said, and with that his parents were gone

Landon punched the wall and said, "Why is everyone so blind?"

“I don’t know...the society said someone was after the prince maybe their all effected by some mind game”

Landon was going to say something when his legs went out from under him. Xavier was nearly lost to them.

“Landon what’s wrong?!” Alessia said running over to him

"Xavier, he's..." He looked at her, tears in his eyes for his oldest friend. "We may have lost him for good."

“I thought you hated him?” She asked

"I fear for him," said Landon. "I don't hate him. I questioned him lately, yes, but only because I know how hard it is to be around so many with mates. How it hurts the soul to be around those who are in the light. I wanted him to see reason, to see how he was acting, but I would not wish vampirism on my worst enemy."

“I see...what happens if he falls?” She asked

"Either a new vessel is chosen," he said, "or we all die."

Alessia tense “well then...” she said in a low tone “I guess we are all going to die since there is no other vessel “

Landon looked at her and said, "Alessia, tell me what you know."

His tone told her that she had overstepped a line. A dangerous line. Into a mine field. covered in mousetraps.

She moved away from him slowly “ you mean?” She asked in a confused tone

"How did you come by that information?" he asked. "No one knows for sure that Xavier is the last vessal. He and I are distantly related, you know. I could be the next prince."

“I thought vessels were like his kids or brothers or something..I still don’t know a lot” she said and he could tell she was lying and it felt like a slap to the face “isn’t that how it works I mean the books they made me read for class said....”

"Go to the other room," he said, his voice low but it shook the room. "I need to be alone."

“Landon whats...”she began but he cut her off.

He looked at her, pain and anger melting into one. "Go!"

She flinched and frowned “even if I wanted to I can’t!” She said walking over and slamming her fist in front of the open door way and hitting the ward “we are trapped in here remember so if you will just tell me what’s got you so...”

He stood up and with a growl, said, "You lied to me! To the other half of your soul, Alessia! Lifemates can't lie to each other! We always know! Now tell me how you learned about this!"

Micheal followed the carnage, he could smell Scarletts and Xavier’s blood. They were moving fast but he still didn’t know if she would get him there in time micheal if this really is his lifemate you need to bring her to him, he won’t make it said Meghan in his head

Michael went to the cabin and opened the door and said, "We need your help. It's Xavier."

“Who?” She asked in a confused tone

"Someone of importance," he said, going to her. "Scarlett is trying to bring him here but he won't make it. He is falling fast and only you can help."

“Scarlett I thought she was...” she began but micheal suddenly picked her up and ran with her. He got close enough that they would know but kept a safe distance. He let Scarlett know that he had the woman with him. Scarlett was suddenly their, the sight of her made the woman scream and cover her mouth. She was torn up, bleed badly and the part of her face with the scar was bleeding to the point she could not see out of her eye “Micheal it’s not her it’s the ba....” she was side swiped as Xavier took her too the ground and pinned her , he reared back his head and bit deep in her neck. Scarlett cried out in pain, but she was determined she would not be his reason for falling Maddox! Your voice hurry! He needs to claim her now

"The baby?!" Michael asked, then turned to Xavier. "Xavier, you must hold on until your woman is of age. She will need you."

His response was bitting down harder on Scarletts neck, the pregnant woman scream and passed out, micheal had to catch her. Erik held Meghan back, she was yelling for him to let her try and help but he wouldn’t let her get close “he is too far gone, hunter bring your woman to safety, tonight we put our prince to rest” erik said through the mental channel. Scarlett went limp underneath Xavier. Maddox and serenity showed up, Maddox quickly covered her eyes from the sight and went to leave with her “wait!” Meghan said in a urgent tone running over to them “Maddox do you trust me with your lifemate?” She asked

Maddox looked at his mother and said, Yes.

"His lifemate is the child this woman carries," Michael said. "He can't claim her and using magic could harm her."

“I know this...” Meghan said and took a hold of serenity “Scarlett if you can hear me hold him down now!” Meghan yelled. Micheal saw Scarlett start to shake, he felt how hurt and tired she was, with a cry she locked her arms around Xavier. Meghan was on him instantly, serenity right there with her, she forced serenity to touch Xavier, the moment she did both woman cried out. Erik had to hold Maddox back “your mother would not let harm come to her” he said. Xavier roared and released Scarletts neck, Meghan was thrown back by the blast of power that came from him, erik moved and caught her but serenity wasn’t, within a blink of a eye Xavier was on her, every felt their hearts skip a beat thinking they were about to lose Maddox this night to, sure he was going to kill her but instead he wrapped up in a tight embrace, burying his head in her neck falling to his knees. What every thought was cries of anger were cries of unfiltered emotions. The storm stopped, everyone felt closed off from the prince, they could not tell if he had fallen or not. Slowly and with shaking hands serenity wrapped her arms around him and started to stroke his back in a soothing manner

"Is he alright?" Michael asked as Maddox said, Is his soul intact?

Everyone was holding their breath no one dared moved, Xavier’s grip on serenity tightened and she looked uncomfortable but continued to stroke his back. She looked over at Maddox and he didn’t see fear in her eyes but sadness, she was crying. Meghan went over to Maddox “no body move them, don’t touch them or speak to them” she said and then she looked at Maddox “your lifemate...she is soul bonding with the prince, I had a feeling she was like me and tonight I was proven right , your lifemate is rare indeed” she said “I will explain in more detail later but just know once it’s done he will have the time he needs but it will be very hard on her” she said and erik squeezed her hand. Micheal went to Scarlett and immediately started to heal her, erik joined in to help him and Meghan and Maddox stayed with the pregnant woman while watching over Xavier and serenity who had barely moved

Eighteen years is a long time to wait, Maddox said. And his mother nodded “your right it is and that’s why I made such a serious decision...” she said in a tense tone looking over at Xavier and serenity who still had not moved “this is not going to be easy...the best way I can explain it is your relationship just became a threesome” when he saw the look on his face she quickly said “not like that, the soul bonded her kind of empath can do is...I’ll try to explain it the best I can, imagine a link attaching his soul to hers, her soul through that link will keep his darkness at bay, she will be his light until his lifemate bonds with him, do not mistake this for a lifemate bond think of it support, his lifemate is life and she is the machine that will keep him alive until she comes” she said touching his shoulder

Thanks for the explanation, he said. Next time, think of the context of the word before you use it. Because now I have a story.

Xavier suddenly picked serenity up in his arms, he still didn’t remove his face from her neck. Maddox could see serenity was scared but not of him, but he couldn’t seem to get into her head but he wasn’t going through the separation so he knew they were still connected “ok...just give them space, he will problem go somewhere he fell is safe, he is on auto pilot right now” Meghan said “Maddox follow and take the woman with you, keep a distance I am going to help your father, Scarlett might lose her baby tonight” she said and went over to where they were.

Maddox followed and carried the passed by out pregnant woman. She was healthy and so was the baby. He could see serenity looked lost, like she was in her head. They walked for about three hours before they came to a hidden entrance on a hill. It revealed a house made deep within the hill. Almost like a hobbit hole, he sat down with serenity in the middle of the large living room floor and cradled her in his lap like he was a child holding his stuff animal to make himself feel better

Maddox laid the pregnant woman on a bed in a nearby room and watched from the door way.

Another hour went by and when he suddenly felt serenity mind shut off from his, he walked out into the room to see Xavier was in a Carpathian sleep as well as serenity. He had fallen over, her small body tucked under his

Maddox put them both in the ground. He slept next to them to guard them and to ensure that when Serenity awoke, she would not think he was hurt. In fact, he was grateful for what she did. She saved the prince. The Carpathian people owed her a debt.

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