Truth be told 2

She shook her head “don’t ask me....please” she said in a sad tone “it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t change anything” she said in a low tone and turned around, she kept her head down looking at the water, slowly she looked up at him, her eyes held so much pain and she looked so lost, this was definitely not the woman he was use to seeing “don’t look at me like that...”

He pulled her into his arms and just held her. He didn't want her to feel this way, but he could not deny that he had contributed to it. He vowed to show her that she had a place to call home, that all was not lost or hopeless, that she was loved and mattered, even if only to him.

"I'm sorry I failed you," he said, his voice breaking. She didn’t reply but she didn’t fight him either. She was taking in his touch, for the first time he was actually touching her, yet a part of her felt his touch was dirty like his hands had been all of another woman “’s...too soon it...hurts”

"I understand," he said, letting her move away. "But please, tell me when you reached out. When was the first time a truly met the real Alessia?"

She was silent and she hugged herself “the day you bound me...” she said in a low tone “I never had been able to before...gain control but that planned to kill you before you bound me” she said pacing slowly in the water “it knew if you did that it couldn’t kill you and it risked exposure” she said shaking slightly “that’s why hurt, I knew I could control it but if I could manage to get hurt become weak enough then..” she sighed “but you were not there for it...only what happened after, you never felt me”

"I am sorry," he said. "I should have looked harder. I thought, once bound, nothing could get between us. I let my arrogance hurt you. It will not happen again."

She shrugged “like I said you you were wrong, you never looked for me”

"I saw you in her or I wouldn't have been able to touch her," he said. "I was always looking for you."

“That thing wasn’t a was a him...always speaking to me in that oil like voice, I can’t get his voice out of my head” she said looking at him with a desperate tone “when you killed it I heard his roar...he was Angry”

"Did he ever take your blood?" he asked.

Almost instantly her hand went up to her neck where earlier she had scratched until it bled “no...” she said in a dazed tone and he saw her eyes glaze over, he knew compulsion when he saw it. But her strong mind was still showing it subconsciously

"I will find him," he promised. "He will no longer torment you, Alessia."

Her name made her look up at him “find who?” She asked

"The one who did this to you," he said.

She got closer to him , her eyes still glazed over, she turned her head, baring the side of her throat she had touched “right here....” she said leaning in closer “it hurts right here when you speak like that” she was so close his breath was on her neck and he could see her pulse speeding up

"He fed from you," he said. "I will make him pay for the hell he put you through."

“You fed from me too...but “ she said in a low tone. Her smell was stronger to him then before. It was deep like wild flowers in the woods, earthy and sweet “when I try to think what happened...I hurt”

"It's his way of hiding his trail," he said. "If I don't bring justice to him, he will try to use you again. I will not allow that."

She pulled back slightly “you....don’t want me do you?” She asked meeting his gaze, her eyes still glossy “my neck is right here” she said

"I do," he said, going through her mind to weaken his hold on her, "but I also know that if the compulsion is taken down while I do so, you would fear me more. And I do not want that."

“Compulsion...” she said in a distant tone “I just want you to ease the pain and....” he found it whenever you try to think of me it will cause you nothing but pain...if others ask about me you will do whatever it takes to avoid the subject he heard the males orders. The moment he touched that thread she gasped and straddled him come on then...take me...I can feel your desire for it...I want it..” she said in a begging tone

He began to construct a barrier. It wouldn't get him out of her head. There was a blood bond. But he could make it so that she was able to fight the vampire. He knew it worked when she slowly moved away from him. She wouldn't be able to give them a name, but she would be able to start asserting her will. Moving off of him was the first step, and she won.

She frowned “you should leave...” she said balling her fist “our bond is only making it harder” she said and he could smell her Arousal

"I am not asking that of you," he said calmly, though seeing her still naked in the water wasn't helping his case. "It is up to you what we do. But the prince will come soon, perhaps the next rising or so, and he will want answers."

He saw her close her legs tightly and her hands covered her core, her cheeks with red “please....go before”

"If you feel him starting to take control of your mind," he said, "call for me. I will add more barriers when needed."

He stood up to leave.

“bite me” she said in a whisper, a human would not have heard it but he did and the way she said it and what he felt from her he knew it was her saying it

"I don't understand," he said, stopping, the water dripping off his toned skin. "Are you upset or giving me an invitation?"

“Both....” she said in a low tone “he doesn’t want you to...”

He walked slowly to her. His muscles were well defined. Everything about him appealed to her. He was tall, broad-shouldered, and had dark hair and eyes. He was like a walking tree trunk. He looked intimidating. Yet, his hands were gentle. The place where she had scratched was still freshly open though it no longer bled. He leaned down, holding her in his arms, and began to heal the wound with his tongue. It sent waves through her, ones she didn't want to feel just yet. Just as she started to protest, he bit down. To her horror she came instantly the moment he did and she cried out. The world around her spun and the wave slammed into her making her cry out, she wen t limp in his arms as the wave carried her. She swear she could feel a anger inside her, a voice yelling in anger, but it was drowned out by the pleasure. Her mind blanked and her body grew heavy as it relaxed.

He closed the wound and put her face to his neck, saying, "Now, it's your turn. It's only fair to feed from me after I feed on you."

He felt her tense in his arms, he felt her fear fill her, her need was there, she wanted to, his blood called to her. But the images of her doing it while she was not in control flashed in her mind and she pushed against his chest “no...I..”

"Follow your instincts," he said. "You need to feed and I need to provide for you. Simple."

“It’s not means something...sometimes I’m not ready for” she said in a breathless tone as she fought her instincts “you should focus on why he didn’t want you to bite me...why do you think that is?” She said trying to distract him and change the subject

"Because a blood bond with me allows me to act as your shield," he said. "By exchanging blood, and making our connection stronger, you can tell me things without saying them aloud. He can't hear us on our private link, and therefore, loses his advantage. You could tell me enough for me to find him and put an end to him."

“ but I said from you many times why did those times not matter?” She asked and hated he still had not let her go making it almost impossible not to give into her instincts "Because the other times were with an imitation," he said. "I want the real thing. You are just feeding. Nothing more."

“It will never be just feeding...” she said with a sexually tense tone “that thing always consumed your blood...not me..the only time was when I was converted” she said “this will mean something...”

"What will it mean to you?" he asked. "Because until your feelings come from your soul, there is no meaning to it other than instinct."

He knew it wasn't strictly true, but it was true to him. He wanted her to want him, not remember what he had done with an imitation. He wanted her to feel love for him, not fear.

She looked down at his chest, avoiding his gaze, her hunter beater at him “it will mean I accept what was forced on me...the conversion and you” she said in a low tone “and I do t want to feel what comes with tasting you...I’m still ashamed about what happened when you bit me” she said in a honest tone “it means your connected to me more, it means I need you and it means....”

"It only means something if you want it to mean something," he said. "Yes, I will be connected more and you do need me for aspects outside of our control, but the meaning is of your own making. A farmer whose son has a broken leg can see that he has more work to do around the farm or be grateful his only child doesn't have to go to war. It's a matter of perspective. What seems bad could be something good in disguise."

She frowned and for a moment she leaned in, her could feel her breath on his chest. He felt her stiffen and shake her head slightly “no...I can’t I’m not ready” she said “but I don’t have what it takes to....” she looked up at him “I’m going to blame forced me to do this” she said in a need filled tone “say it...say your forcing me to do this...” she said with desire in her eyes

He chuckled and said, "I cannot. I could, however, kiss you until you don't know up from down, if you prefer."

His teasing was all it took, it sent her over the end and she reach up and without another word bit deeply in his neck

He held her to him. His body raged at him but he did nothing to make her think he would push her too far. He simply let her be. He knew instinct would tell her when to stop. He knew lifemates could not hurt one another. He didn't worry about what she would do to him. He worried about the vampire trying to get into her head. He had to stay vigilant now. The enemy had his lifemate in the palm of his hand. It was a dangerous situation. He sent word to his father about the danger so that the prince would be better protected when he came. And he knew Xavier would come to visit this night.

She slowly moved him until he was pressed against the edge of the spring filled tub. Her mind was calm as she feed, her instincts were telling her to get closer, he felt and heard her desire for him, a imagine of him sliding his cock deep inside her core flashed into her mind, making her moan against his skin

"We can wait for that," he said. "We both know you are not ready to face that part of our relationship, and I will respect that boundary. But please, do not tempt me. You are making it hard to behave."

He knew she felt his erect cock against her hip. She pulled back and licked the bite, closing it, she was wet and throbbing but he was right she was not ready, yet her body and part of her mind where ready to betray her “leave now before I beg you to lean me over the side of this spring and slam your....”

"I said don't bait the bear!" he said as he stood up. Still, he smiled down at her, cupped her cheek a moment, then left. "I'll go fix up the house while you finish up. There are clothes and a towel waiting for you when you are done."

A few moments later a rush of Ecstasy hit him so hard his knees almost buckled, he knew instantly why, she was Masturbating

I think it would feel better if I were there instead of your fingers, he said in her mind.

He felt her tense and the feeling stopped letting him know she stopped, his intrusion made her feel violated this is why I didn’t want to blood bond with you... she said in a sad tone, feeling like she was trapped once more, that her body was not her own

I'm sorry, but your pleasure hit me and made me drop your things, he said, showing her the clothes he had picked up from around the house. I should have thought about my words, but it is the truth. It was an offhand comment and I will be more careful about my personal thoughts in the future.

I’m not ready for sex but....I can’t get it to’s like your blood is making my body on fire and nothing I can do will satisfy it

It feels the same for me, Alessia, he said. I just learned that what I had been with for the last month was a lie and I never noticed because it let me feel just enough of you that I held on. Yet, all I want to do is ravish you and hold you close.

I can’t believe I’m going to say this...I’m fighting two sides of me but I can’t...function like this...I need release landon...please, just don’t go all the way...there are other things right? I’m sure at this point I’ll cum if you just touch me, please landon

He slowly walked into the bathroom. He helped her out of the water and kissed her hard. He had her pressed against the wall, his hands on either side of her. He made sure to put a towel around her so that she felt safer but the thought of her naked under that towel added to the intensity of his kiss.

He could feel her body was extremely sensitive, the new body had made it so, it was almost as if it was catching up from neglect. She moaned against his mouth, he knew she was trying to keep bad thoughts away and with how sensitive she was it was manageable “more..” she moaned against his lips

"If we go further, there will be no going back," he said, showing her what he meant by the images in his mind. "Once we do more, the burning will become worse until we are both satisfied."

“Why...why is this happening” she said in a breathless moaning ton. Her skin was flushed, her wetness poured down her inner thighs, her sweet smell engulfing the room

"I do not know," he said, kissing her neck. "I believe we both need comfort and it is manifesting this way."

Her hands slid up his back, gripping his muscles tightly “ I can’t...” she moaned and took her right hand and gripped his hard member, she closed her legs and slipped him in between her closed thighs and up against her hot dripping core. She moaned loudly “move...your hips..” she moaned

He began to move, his cock becoming drenched in her juice. He had one hand on your lower stomach, the other on the wall for support. He couldn't help that he bit her shoulder to hold her still. Even this simple act seemed too much for his control, but he held on by a thread.

They both knew it would only take a small move to have him inside her, somehow that teased added to the hotness between them. His teeth made her cum instantly but it still wasn’t enough for either of them. He had never heard her moan like this and he realized it was because he had never really heard her. Before she was able to stay in control and right now she was not. Her moans were loud and unfiltered, her hands gripping and begging

Alessia, this is making the fire worse, he growled in her head. But the both knew it was to late to go back “landon....” she moaned his name. That's all it took for him to lose enough control to enter her. He couldn't stop his hips if he wanted to. He was quickly getting lost in her. She came again the moment he entered her, her core gripped him in a hot pulsing grip, she threw her head back and cried out, all thought left her mind. He knew this was how it should have been, their first time and to him it was, there was such a strong connection here it felt like they both were alive for the first time

When he filled her, it was an explosion of colors. They slid down the wall with her sitting on him. He didn't feel the need to continue immediately, though he knew he was capable of doing so and wanted to. He separated their bodies and sat her next to him. He moved some hair from her face.

"This is real," he said before kissing her.

She flitched only for a moment but then relaxed "that....meant something" she said against his lips

"That it was really you with me," he said. "That I am not part way in the darkness. It means that we can truly begin our lives."

She wanted to move away from him but her body was still to high and sated to do so "a short life....." She said in a low tone

"What do you mean, short?" he asked.

"You honestly think I won't be punished for...."

"Do you honestly think I would let him live for the crimes he committed against you?"

“And what about your prince? I did so many horrible things.....” she said

"As long as you are honest with him, you will be fine," said Landon. "You have nothing to fear." He bolted up. "The prince has been cut off from everyone." He turned to her. "Go to the bedroom and stay there. I'll try to get to a window to see what's going on. I will not be caught unaware.”

She went into the bedroom. He couldn't see anything, nor would any of the other hunters talk to him. That told him how dangerous it was out there.

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