Gidgets and gadgets and things

The rest of the night went by quickly to him , she slept for a couple of hours in his arms and when she awoke, Gidget had not returned still so he went and made her bottle and fed him himself, for the rest of the night he took care of her, when he asked where Gidget was erik said she had went with her human friends to patrol the area, the sun would be up soon though and still no sigh of her.

Michael couldn't put Azalea down, but he had to find Gidget... but his daughter needed him to care for her... Gidget had to return soon to take over... The battle between his child and what Scarlett would want him to do, not to mention his duty, tore at him.

"I'll stay up until Gidget returns," Michael said. "I'll do what I can for my daughter until then. Azalea is already able to keep the schedule in mind. She is highly intelligent."

"If you do say so yourself," said Erik with a laugh. "But I noticed you called her your daughter."

"Xavier has yet to tell me, but the way Scarlett holds Azalea even while I'm feeding her is humbling. Besides, it seems everyone else knew before I did."

"It seemed obvious to all of us."

"Great. Rub it in."

"Are you sure you can do this?"

"I will rest while Azalea rests. As I can stay above ground better than the rest of you, it is best if I do this for my daughter."

Just as erik was about to answer , Gidget walked through the from door, she looked tired and she was limping slightly “I’ll go wash up and take over” was all she said and walked into the bathroom

"You're injured," said Erik. "Please, allow me to heal you."

“No” she wasn’t nasty about it, it was just her answer “I am fine this is nothing” she said in a sincere tone “please go rest”

"You should rest as well," said Erik. "If you are injured in any way, it might affect your care of the child."

She sighed and gripped the door handle tightly “if it’s not a sprained ankle what next? Will you use the fact that I am human against me? Or a woman ?” She asked in a angry tone

"Why would we do that?" asked Erik. "We have many warrior women in our ranks. They are quite capable." He smiled. "It is uncomfortable for you to stand on. As a healer, it is my duty to heal it so that you can continue your own duties to the best of your abilities. Michael is handling Azalea's care quite well. Still, he is about to learn that not everything is an easy fix."

Michael was about to ask when Azalea started crying. He began to bounce her and go for food, but Azalea didn't want it. He checked her diaper but it was clean. He tried to reach for her with his mind, but he couldn't understand what she wanted or needed. He was beginning to look lost.

"You sit and I'll mend your ankle," said Erik. "Tell him what his daughter needs. Right now, this house would fall apart if not for you. You must take care of your injuries so that you can run it until Scarlett is healed."

"About that why are you guys taking the long way of healing her?" She asked in a low tone sitting down, though she glared at meghan, not fooled how she was calming her down

"It is safest with her being pregnant," said Erik as he knelt in front of her. "We do not want to rush the healing. Besides, Mother Earth needs time. She has been claimed as a Daughter of Earth, claimed by Mother Earth herself. They must become one. The minerals deep within the planet's core will combine with her skin. It has already begun and I cannot heal more than one part of her body at a time. So, I entrust her care to Mother Earth, accepting that she will ensure Scarlett's survival as she did with Ivory and my sister, River."

"Right...must be nice to be able to be healed by dirt" she said in a sarcastic tone "look can we hurry this along please I don't liked being touched in anyway" she said in a serious tone

"I have not placed a hand on you," he pointed out. "But I am done. It just needed some warmth and a bit of light healing. You should be able to walk and run without it bothering you, but if you feel a twinge at all, sit and rest if for about two minutes with an ice or heated pack."

"I don't know what she wants," Michael said. "She won't stop crying and touching her mind, filling it with warmth does nothing." He looked at Gidget, a little lost. "Help me..."

"She is human not carpathian" she said taking her from him. She gently stroked her head while holding her close to her chest "this is rises's not any of us she wants or needs but her mother, her mother's scent, her heart beat..." She said in a low tone "I'll take her to her, goodnight" she said and walked into roses room

"But..." Michael began, but she was already gone.

He sat outside the door, waiting. Erik tried to make him go to ground, but Michael felt uneasy. Azalea wouldn't have Rose for much longer. She should be getting used to Scarlett, not her human mother. And he was now her father. Shouldn't she be wanting him? He had to ask questions, but the others could no longer stay above ground safely with him. That meant he had to rely on Gidget for answers.

After about a hour, gidget came out and he could tell she wasn't surprised to see him "the sun is up so why are you?"

"Why didn't she want me or Scarlett?" he asked. "In five days, Rose will no longer be here. She can't even say goodbye to Scarlett. Azalea will no longer have her to turn to. So, why not us?" He shook his head. "As a former Lycan, I'm used to being part of a pack. Not much changed when I was adopted into the De La Cruz family. But here, I am alone. No pack, no friends. I have no one to really turn to for answers. I always thought that my children, biological or adopted, would rely on me as the alpha. But she did not."

She frowned "wow..." She said in a disappointed tone "your really selfish you know that" she said crossing her arms "you realize rose grew her in her stomach for nine months right? Talked to her, feed her, became apart of her, yet your bit hurt because she doesn't want you?" She asked "that's a baby Micheal, a human one, not a lycan not carpathian, a simple pure human who only has know the smell and touch of her dying mother" she said "if anything you should be mourning the lost she is going to have, rose is dying in there, she will never get to watch her child grow up and has no choice but to leave her child to others, do you even know what that's like? No you don't, you don't even know rose you just see her as the woman who gave birth to your princes mate well guess what she is a person Micheal so get your head out of your ass and maybe go comfort the mother of your so called daughter because at the end of the day, that is her mother, not scarlett"

"I don't know what to say," he said. "I know I don't understand what it's like or what women deal with, but I wasn't trying to be selfish. I've never really understood family. Hierarchy of a pack, who leads and the ranks under them, I understand. The family I was adopted into had the same feeling. This is new to me. I know when to lead and when to follow. To interact with people, to know them and feel for them... it's new. With Scarlett, it's easy."

"Rose is not scarlett, she is a dying woman, mother and daughter" she said "it shouldn't be hard to try and understand her feelings, if you were dying, knowing you were leaving scarlett and your kids alone in the world and there was nothing you could do about it, how would you feel? " She said "it's called empathy ass hat, I suggest you use it and go tell rose what you would like to hear from someone if you were in her position"

He looked at her a moment before looking away and saying, "There are no words."

"Then don't give her words, show her, show her that she can rest easy" she said in a serious tone "do you realize how you all have been treating her? Xavier hasn't refused to even see her, serenity and maddox haven't seen her since she gave birth and erik only goes in there to check her body, for fucking sake she is dying! It's painful and scary and all you guys do is that her like a means to a end!" She said suddenly yelling "I get that safety and your prince are a big thing right now but even scarlett would be disappointed in all of you! " She yelled "this is why we fight, you guys want to claim your moral is better then us, well guess what it's not, as humans our short lives mean we feel more, we can't turn it off, we can't go into the mountains and hide from the world, we need food, water, warmth, companionship and much more to survive, we don't lack the empathy you do towards our kind, we can sympathize with you but you cannot do so with us. I mean come on, the society is based on fear that your kind installed, then it goes to power, but that need for power comes from looking at you guys and seeing the monsters you are and you are monsters compared to humans, your stronger, faster, can use magic and mind fuck us, and just like humans their andre good and bad of your kind, what makes it worse is you look like us and yet here I am standing in a hall way having to tell a man who is lifetimes older then me how to have fucking empathy" she said in a tired tone and sighed

"Not everyone is like me," he said. "Erik goes to her to heal her, yes, but gives her space because he knows she needs time to come to terms with what is happening in her own way. Every time he leaves the room, Meghan is there to take away the sadness he feels. Xavier is worried that he would take her life, killing her sooner, and it is out of love for his lifemate and the knowledge that Serenity, Maddox, and their unborn child's lives rest on him, the lives of all Carpathians, that he stays away. He would like to give Rose some parting words because that's who he is, but he is walking a knife's edge. It's just me, Gidget. They understand the pain because they have had real families and those memories to fall back on. Do not lump them with me for my failings."

She wasn’t convinced, he could see it in her eyes “you want to claim the babe then do right by her dying mother” she said and pointed to the door

"Gidget," he said, "you seem to have all the answers and yet... I'm unsure. What peace can I bring to a dying woman? There is nothing I can say or do that will make it okay." He put his chin on his knees. "If I were to try, I know I will make things worse. Scarlett would know what to do, what words to say." For the first time, he looked like a child, and for someone who had lived centuries, it was downright embarrassing. She was about to say something, but he continued. "Being so long in a bleak world after my conversion, no color or emotion, I have forgotten what to do, Gidget. I'm learning all over again. Without Scarlett's light... I am more beast than man. With Scarlett, if she were to touch my mind, I might be able to find the words or deed to help the woman, but..."
“Landon stop pacing....they said after tonight it should be clear for the prince to return, so why are you so nervous?” Asked Alessia

"Many reasons," he said. "Xavier is angry with me still and I do not wish you to see him like that. And I do not want him to condemn us because of what the vampire forced you to do. Lastly, I feel as if something is going to happen soon, and sun scorch it, I know you will be in the thick of things. The last one has me agitated that the vampire would think to try to use you again or worse."

She hated herself in that moment, she felt completely insane at the fact that she was getting turned on while watching him pace, his back muscles flexing, his jaw tensing, the way he ran his finger through his hair “well nothing is going to get solved with you pacing and...”

"I know, but I am not allowed to leave and hunt the monster that has tormented you, and continues to try to do so." He said “the only thing tormenting me right now is you” she said in a low tone more to herself then him

"And how am I tormenting you?" he asked, a small smile playing at his mouth, taking the hard edge off of it.

She rolled her eyes and got out of the chair “go back to your pacing” she said heading towards the bathroom

He pulled her back to him and said, "I can read your mind, Alessia. Why deny what you need when I am ready to provide it for you?"

"We have been going at it almost none stop..." She said in a embarrassed tone

"Well, it's either make love to you or spontaneously combust," he said, kissing her neck. "I'd rather have you burn me than go up in flames."

She let out a breath "it's not normal, everything in me still feels betrayed and broken yet..." She moaned at his kiss on her neck, fire building inside her

"Talk it out with me," he said. "We will get through this. After all, I claimed you, not the imposter. I kept trying to bring you back, but I believe the words in your mind were 'idiot' and 'block head'. You thought that of me a lot."

"Please don't...." She said in a serious tone "you don't want to know how I felt or what I thought.." she said turning in his arms, her hands on his chest were debating on whether or not to push him away

"There were other names, but those were the nicest," he said, looking at her. "Trust me, I was all those things and more. I failed you in the worse way all because I let arrogance get in the way."

She began pushing at his chest "I don't want to talk about this anymore"

"Alessia, we must address your fear and pain," he said, letting her slip from his arms. "I can do no other than see to your happiness and wellbeing in all things."

"Please stop saying such things I'm not ready to hear them" she said taking a step back "all I wish to hear from you is your growl as you...."

"I can do that," he said. "But I cannot neglect your pain. It hurts to know I caused it."

"Then make me feel something other then pain" she said in a challenging tone

"That's the problem," he said, bringing her back to him so that his arms circled her. "Even when we make love, even when I tell you what is in my heart and soul, you hurt. After we make love, your pain fills you again. I want it gone for all time. Then, you can fully enjoy what we have."

She frowned "until then..." She said and ripped his shirt open "you used me fore comfort, I'm going to do the same, of I think...feel..." She said kissing his chest "I'll break" she said before biting into his chest

He cupped her round bottom, his head thrown back, saying through clenched teeth, "You are breaking down my control. I'm supposed to be caring for you. Not making love to you every time I look at you."

Talking is over she said in a demanding tone, he was slammed with a feeling of dominance coming from her

He pinned her to the wall. It triggered a delicious battle between them instantly. He could not give up the dominant position. She felt her clothes come off of her in shreds as ropes covered her body as they had the night before.
Cassandra awoke with a sore body, at first she didn’t know where she was, the cool earth laid on top of her and a heavy arm laid on her stomach

The earth opened above them as Apollo lifted his head, saying, "Good evening, Cassandra." He said and he saw her frown at first, then her eyes showed fear, then sadness then recognition “hi” she said in a low tone

"What's wrong," he asked an he clothed them both. "What has you so upset, coração forte?"

She frowned again “I don’t know...” she said looking around the room like she didn’t recognize it, he could tell this was going to be one of her hard days. She touched her head “my head hurts...” she said in a sad tone

He cupped her face and she felt warmth there, taking the pain away, even as he said, "It's alright. Would you like to see our room? We won't be here forever, but you can familiarize yourself with its contents if you wish."

She leaned into his hand, he felt her connecting to him more “I’m ok as long as your here..” she said closing her eyes

"Then, I shall be your guide," he said. "If you have questions, you are free to ask them. But we must hurry. The girls are starting to wake and they want to know if you are okay."

"Girls?" She asked in a confused tone

"We were able to rescue all of your daughters," he said. "You have them here, safe and sound, to love as they should have been all their lives. Lily has even started to turn to me in things as a father, but I am still a long way from that honorable title."

He could tell she didn't recognize lily's name, sometimes the mind distance itself to heal "I...don't know"

"When you are ready to leave the ground, we will do so," he said. "I may be the male of the house, but I am not ruthless. Your health and wellbeing come first."

She looked around and slowly covered her head with her hands "when...when is master coming for me?" She asked

"He isn't," Apollo said, knowing who she meant. "We were able to remove his hold on you and you destroyed him. He is no longer is part of this world. You are free and in my care for all time."

She looked up at him and he felt like he was punched in the gut the way she did. He had seen that look in other victims through out the years, with emotions though and her being his lifemate it hit him harder. She was looking at him with that glazed empty look slave got "so your my new...."

"No," he said. "Never that. I will be bossy. It is in my nature. But I am not your master nor are you my slave. I am your husband, your confidant, and your alpha. Those do not make me your master. You are free to do as you want, but I put your safety and the safety of the girls first. If you are in danger, I expect obedience. But we have time to work this out. For now, enjoy your freedom."

"Freedom...." She said in a low tone "how do I earn freedom.." she said to herself

"You already have," he said, kissing her forehead.

She flinched but then relaxed against his touch, her mind was not well today but her soul knew his touch, she leaned into him, her hands gently gripping his shirt

He smiled at her and said, "So, what is it you want to do this evening? A walk around our cave or talk to the girls or to see the outside world? Whatever you want to do, we will do it." He didn't add that if they left the cave, they would be monitored because of him, but he could let her enjoy the night. "Just tell me, Cassandra."

"I want more of you...please" she said in a soft needing tone, he knew she wasn't asking for sex but the warmth only a lifemate could give by touch, smell, mental connection. In her own way she was asking him to give himself to her, she needed him, all of him and she was asking as his lifemate.

He pulled her in close to him, let her feel his warmth, hear his heartbeat. He touched her mind, speaking in English, Portuguese, and the ancient language, giving her words of love. His scent enveloped her, making peace steal through her. He asked nothing of her, only that she let him give her what she needed. That didn't stop little flames from dancing through the both of them.

The way he felt her mind and body relax was the best compliment he had ever gotten, him, just as he was, even with the previous dark events that had taken place, was good enough to ease her broken mind. She moved and curled up into his lap, making it easier for him to move around if he needed to or to pick her up. She started to lazily nuzzle his neck as she closed her eyes

"Take what you need," he said. "You are my coração forte - strong heart. In the language of my homeland, kont o sívanak. You are a strong woman, Cassandra, and I am humbled by the honor of being your husband, your lifemate."

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