Gidgets and gadget and thing 2

“You won’t always have Scarlett to help you and if your saying in order to be a decent man you need help then I feel bad for Scarlett and don’t think your qualified to be a hunter “ she said in a serious tone “now since you seem more then happy to continue this pity party and lost boy show tune I’m going to go do my job” she said and turned to walk away

"I'm not asking for pity," he said. "I'm asking for help, Gidget. I don't have Scarlett here to kick my ass into doing something, or telling me what to say or do. This is where she would lead, not I."

“Hasn’t she done enough what exactly can you do on your own?” She said still not turning around to look at him “ she shouldn’t have to kick your ass to get you to do the right thing or make a decision“ she said

"I'm not good with emotions, Gidget. I've been centuries without them."

She sighed and turned to look at him “then tell me why the men of your kind think they know what’s best then huh? I want you to really think about it micheal, how you males act after being without emotions for so long, can you not see the problem? You are so busy fighting everyone else that you all have lacked to see the biggest problems are right in your own home” she said crossing her arms “Yemen your new school has nothing to help prepare males for before and after they lose their emotions, maybe if you did then more of them would choose the honorable way instead of falling” she said in a serious tone

"You make it sound so easy," he said. "We tell our men what to expect. That does nothing to ease the burden. We explain it all, but when it comes, it doesn't make it easier. It isn't that we don't prepare them, it is that nothing can. We train them to be warriors, to hunt down brothers and friends. We explain why they must be emotionless on the hunt. We explain it all. But how do you explain to a dying woman that you are essentially taking her child from her? Because that's what is happening. Her life could have continued if I hadn't taken her to see Xavier. She would have lived, Gidget. No stress to cause this. I only thought of Xavier. The fear from seeing him and Scarlett in battle caused her to go into labor a week earlier than expected. Now, the same man who took her there and caused her that trauma that her life is slipping away is going to be raising her daughter. Why add more pain to what she is already feeling?"

“You know what makes a true warrior, having emotions in battle, that’s your first wrong doing, you shouldn’t be teaching them to be emotionless it only hinders them and makes things worse in the future and I know you will need me to explain why so keep up because this is the last of our conversation, first teaching them that makes the numb long before they go numb, meaning less memories to hold on to for them, two there is a difference on learning how to control your emotions in battle verses turning them off, a good explain on why what you teach is bad, what you just said about Xavier, if you were taught how to control your emotions during battle then making mistakes out of fear would not be a issue, mated males are easy targets for us because you don’t know how to control your emotions and the older you are the more out of control you are” she said crossing her arms “and last but not least, emotions are one of the senses that make a deadly warrior, they are just as important as sight, without emotions you will miss things, important things that could mean life or death to someone including you” she said in a serious tone “the way you teach your people is just making them easier targets and weaker”

"Centuries of conditioning are not easy to break," he pointed out. "To feel pity, love, or anything for those we must destroy leads hunters to their doom. The vampire uses that against us. That is why we say to cut off emotions during battle. We also say that it's okay to feel sorrow and remorse after it. We never say to not feel when you can."

She just shook her head and looked disappointed at him “still failing to see, I have a job to do “ she said and she didn’t give him a chance to speak again before walking back into roses room

"There is no way to give comfort to one dying and losing their child," he said to himself. "No words or deeds good enough. Even if I read the woman's mind to pass on who she was to her child, it would not be enough."

Not knowing what more to do, he went to ground for the day.
She was less willing this time, she fought against them “ scared?” She asked in a challenging and mocking tone

"Nope," he said, his tongue licking at her erect nipples. "I just love seeing you like this. Bound and wanting me." She frown and tried to move away from him

His arms were like iron bands around her. He engorged member parted the rope at the entrance of her womanhood and started to enter her slowly. He was not letting her run the show. He was the one in charge.

Her confidence cracked and she for a moment was assaulted by bad memories, the moment that happened he slammed into almost like he was shoving them away with his large cock. She cried out and leaned into him no longer fighting his hold

He began thrusting harder and deeper. He merged their minds together so that she could feel what he felt. His lips found her neck where he teased her until he pierced her skin, taking her in as she was taking him into her body.

She cried out, that’s all she could do, she was helpless to him and the pleasure, he was in complete control, moving her like a puppet any way he wanted, the ropes sliding a crossed her skin

He didn't want the hurt to show in her eyes anymore. He tried to burrow deeper and deeper, to drive it out of her. He closed the bite only to use his teeth to hold her in place. Until he was permitted the chance to hunt her tormentor, this is what he could give her. Beautiful moments with him.

Two hours later

After the third time of their love making Alessia’s aching body laid against his as they soaked in the warm water of the large tub. She had fallen into a human sleep as she laid against him, her back to his chest and her head rested on his shoulder, they way her head was turned exposed her neck and chest to him, his marks still on her body. He washed her gently. He wanted to heal every bruise on her body, but he had tried that twice already and it only served to put more on her. He was still locked in her body. She refused to let him go, not wanting the memories to return. But they had to work on them or they would haunt their relationship for all time. The more he washed her the more she woke up and so did her body for him, her core started to throb with need, encouraging his hard thickness to grow inside her making her moan softly

"You do know that our feelings for each other grows over time, right?" he asked. "If we continue like this, we may just become walking flames."

Her reply was wrapping her arms around his neck and bring his face down to her neck

His hips moved as he nipped her skin over her pulse. He didn't want to feed anymore from her, fearing it would be dangerous for her. But his small nibbles would wreak havoc on her all the same. His hands cupped her firm breasts in his hands. If she wanted to be a walking flame, he would happily burn with her.

It didn't take long, she didn't hold back, she was demanding and more then willing to voice her pleasure "landon...harder"

"Any harder, and you won't be able to walk tomorrow," he said even as he did as she begged.

"I don't care" she said and he knew she meant it, his woman liked it rough even though she felt weak and broken, it was the first step, her body was already perfect, digging into his fantasy he didn't even know he had "mark me more, I want your smell covering me" she moaned

"It already does," he said, using her legs to bounce her on him since she didn't have the strength. "If I mark you anymore, you will have to rest in the ground to heal. I do not want even one night away from you,"

Her movements became more needy, she demanded his attention, his touch, his voice, his pleasure "I want everything"

"Then, who am I to deny you?" he said, standing and turning so that she was bent over and holding onto the side of the tub.

She didn't hold back her voice, he found she liked hearing the sounds their bodies made together , she liked hearing his moans and growls and she liked that she was the one giving him that pleasure to make him sound that way "your mine" she said and it wasn't a question or a demand, it was a fact, he felt a possessiveness from her he thought only males had

He chuckled and said, "Always. Just as you are mine and the only one I want."

He felt a fierceness in her rose and she turned so he sat against the edge of and she began riding him, she kept his hard and fast pace while clinging to him. She gripped his hair and crashed her lips to his, her tongue demanding his, she was hungry for him and she was more then capable of devouring him. This was new from her and he loved every moment of it. He tried to battle her for dominance, only for her to fight him back. I think I may have to always keep the ropes on you at this rate, he said, knowing she was always more submissive with them on.

"Do it...oh god Landon do it, bind me while you fuck me" she moaned

The ropes appeared on her, giving him more places to grab so he could go deeper. He left her arms free, needing her to touch him in return. She looked far too sexy to be good for him, but God help him, he wanted her that way. She went wild she bit him, marking him any place she could, he knew she was about to cum, he could feel her core clenching "landon.... "She moaned licking up his neck

"Fall with me," he said breathlessly before his seed filled her with each thrust.

She came with him, true to his word she needed to go to ground but so did he "I want to go to ground with you inside me" she said in a tired tone

"We were supposed to be bathing in the hot water to ease your soreness," he said even as he floated them to the ground. "Instead, I have you seducing me at every turn."

"And I will do so again when we awake" she said in making a naughty promise to him "Sleep, little one," he said. "Next rising, we will prepare for guests and then resume healing your mind and ravishing each other's bodies."

"I want the ravishing first....I want to wake up with you" she finished with images in his head as they went to sleep
He felt her smell his skin, taking his scent into her lungs “I like the way they smell together...your scent and mine...” she said against his skin

"I love holding you like this," he said, "giving you the time you need until you can face more of the world. Or like I am your world. One day soon, I know you will start giving me trouble and I also know I will smile and enjoy every second of it."

He felt her stiffen in his arms “I won’t be any trouble I promise I’ll be good” she said in the soft and nervous tone

"That's not what I meant," he said. "Right now, you are afraid to be who you are. That's okay for now. You have been through hell. But once you see you can say and do what you want, within reason, I will love seeing the real you. The one who fought for years." He began kissing her neck. "The one who never gave up." He knelt in front of her, his face enticing her body through the thin cotton dress. "The one who loves deeply and waited for me."

Her hands gripped the ends of the cotton dress as her body heated up, he watched her eyes turn gold as her lips parted, her eyes traveled slowly down his body like she was trying to memorize every detail

He put the dress over him so that he could feast on her nectur. This here shows me my Cassandra yet lives inside of you. I know you are afraid and confused. Lean on me, look to our family, and know the truth coração forte. You are strong. You are my world. You are all that is good and you shine so brightly, it hurts to look upon you at times but I cannot look away. You are beautiful.

She laid back, unable to keep up right, between his voice in her head and the fire he was building between her legs she was helpless. Her mind could only feel him and what he was doing to her. Her dress became to tight to her, she wiggled out of it while he held her hips still for is mouth. Her hands gripped his hair as she moaned loudly and arched into his mouth. He kissed up her body and she could see he was naked, his clothes having disappeared. He lifted her leg and plunged deep within her core as he kissed her deeply.

She gasped against his lips as her body took his largeness deep inside. She felt like heaven as her silk hot core wrapped around him. He began moving hard and fast. He couldn't express the joy he was feeling with mere words, so he told her with his body, putting her pleasure before his own. His hands found every nook and cranny that sent wave upon wave through her until she thought she would go mad. He chanted her name in her head, unable to think of anything else. He felt the shift in her mind, it was slow but the more pleasure he gave her the more he felt her returning to him as of his love making was shielding her mind from the pain enough that she was emerging a little more “Apollo...”

"Cassandra," he said. "Come home. Don't hide from us anymore. I'm here for you."

When he eagerly latched on to her mentally she arched underneath him and cried out. Her nails dug into his back and said his name again

He let every memory play out for her. Every kill, every betrayal committed against him and his, the moment he found her, the love he had for her and her children. He held nothing back. He wanted her to fight to be with him because she loved him as much as he loved her. He wanted her to live for him just as he lived for her.

Tears fell from her eyes even as she moan loudly in pleasure, he could feel her mind was still broken but for the first time he knew she was finally seeing him, all of him

He kissed her deeply again as he said, Cassandra, I am in awe of your strength. You held on long enough for me to find you. I should have looked harder and that failure will stay with me for all time.

you didn't know... she said in a soft voice of n his head

Do not try to absolve my failure, little one, he said. I should have had your strength. You humble me as nothing else can or ever will.

"You didn't know" she moaned out loud in a desperate tone

He looked at her because he had to. He knew he would never get over not saving her in time. He took her stiff nipple into his mouth, needing to feed on her. She knew it all, so let her judge him. She was the only one who had the right. If she said he was not guilty, he would learn to see himself through her eyes. You are truly beautiful, coração forte. Inside and out.

He felt she didn't feel that way, she felt ugly, tainted and broken, she didn't recognize her own body, covered in all it's new scars. She shyed away from him, turning her head to the side and closing her eyes

He stopped feasting to make her look him in the eye as he said, "If I am to believe I am guiltless in what was done to you, then you should believe what I say in return. I will learn to see myself through your eyes if you do the same. We both must work on this, coração forte."

how...when I am not me she said letting him know she knew her mind was broken. He took her nipple back into his mouth. It will not always be so. I have seen some of your memories and you are already healed enough to know your mind is not as it should be. Give yourself time, Cassandra. I know you well enough to know your strength and the depth of your love. You will come back from the travesty inflicted upon you and rise above it. That is the most humbling part about you, that you do not let the pain tear you down but build you up. How will I ever be worthy of one such as you?

I want to be me now...I need to be she said in a desperate tone I don't want to go back to that dark place....I want to be here with you and.... she was cut off when she came, her core pulsing around him

He kissed up to her neck before saying, "I know you want to be healed now. I want it as well. But if we rush it, it would cause more damage. Memories mixed up and more pain for you to try and fix the new damages. I will always be by your side. Let me be your anchor, Cassandra."

"It be here but knowing I won't stay" she said in a sad moaning tone

"Three more days of healing," he said. "I believe you will have returned enough to stay with us after that. I know it feels like a long time, but I do not want to take chances with your health. It pains me to know you hurt and am unable to do more to aid you." He smiled. "Another of my failings."

She shook her head as their love making turned slow and sensual "imagine how I would be if you didn't find me when you did...I broke the day you came...." She said in a soft tone

"If I had been a day earlier, it wouldn't have mattered," he pointed out, moving because he had to. "But we cannot change the past. Just know, I see you, healthy and whole at times, and know I will have you forever in my arms soon."

"Then I'll wait again" she said in a soft tone burying her face in his neck

His hands were tender on her. He had yet to feed but she was in need of him. He was the only thing keeping the true Cassandra at the surface at the moment. He did not want her to leave him any more than she wanted to. Still, his first duty was to ensure her health. Damn him and his need to be inside her when she should be resting, healing.

Her hips slowly moved with his building the pleasure "apollo......thank you" she moaned

"For what, coração forte?" he asked through clenched teeth.

She didn't get to answer, the both came hard, she bit into his should, her moan vibrated his skin, she didn't feed and just held onto him apollo she said his name before she fell into a deep carpathian sleep

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