Guilty Parties

Michael awoke. He opened the earth. Scarlett was not where she should have been. The air felt heavy, as if all joy had been removed. He walked out of his room and saw everyone in the hallway.

"What's going on?" he asked, knowing Scarlett was in the other room.

Xavier sat staring into the fire place, serenity nec to him her hand on his shoulder as her other hand held maddoxs, meghan and erik were in front of roses door , erik holding Megan as she buried her face in his chest "rose left us this day" erik said in a low tone

He stopped, his heart dropping from his chest. He shook his head, backing away. He hadn't said anything to Rose after bringing her to this place. Not a word. He was going to be raising her child, yet he still hadn't thought to talk to the one who gave birth to Azalea. Gidget had tried to push him into it, but he refused to budge, focusing on his own uncertainty rather than on what Rose had felt. He couldn't face his lifemate, child, or the nanny now. He couldn't look upon the now lifeless shell of the woman who brought his daughter into the world. He wanted the earth to swallow him whole. I am unworthy of the women in my life, he thought to himself, unaware that Scarlett was in his head and had learned of what caused his guilt.

She didn't speak and she didnt connect to his mind, he could feel her grief. Gidget came out of the room, her arms were covered in blood all the way to her elbow, her face was stone "excuse me I need to wash up" she said in a emotionless tone

Everyone gave her room. Michael practically disappeared into his room. He did not want to be seen by her. He did not want to see the accusation in her eyes. He knew that if it had been Scarlett, it would have been worse. He wanted to go to his mate to comfort her, but... He put his head in his hands. He was a sorry excuse for a lifemate, a man, and a hunter.

She left the room and went into the spare bathroom, they could hear the water running. The baby started to cry from roses room, Meghan shivered and erik held her tighter, after a moment gidget came out and went back in the room, after a moment the baby stopped crying. Gidget came out with the baby and shut the door behind her, a second later they all saw the colors of fire from behind the door and knew scarlett was cremating roses body

Mother, Michael is having an internal conflict, said Maddox. Serenity has to keep Xavier calm at this time and needs me.

it is not wise to interfere with a lifemates duty she said in a soft tone scarlett will go to him she added and Micheal knew the moment scarlett was hurt, she shouldn't have used any of her powers let alone be awake, he felt her fall to her knees in pain and exhaustion

Michael was there, picking her up. He couldn't look at her, he wasn't about to let her hurt anymore.

You shouldn't have risen, he said. There was more he wanted to say, but the words escaped him.

She didn't speak, the window opened and the ashed danced into the air, he felt her heart sputter as she did it

Enough, Scarlett, he said. I will not lose you this night. You must rest.

She didn't stop until all the ashes were gone, dancing with mother earth and the window closed "we..." She began should have been able to save her.....maybe she could have been converted or.... she trembled in pain

You know we could not, he said. Her body was human, unable to handle the stress of the fight between you and Xavier on top of the sudden birth. Nor would the conversion help as she was not a true psychic. Erik did all he could to make her comfortable in her final days.

Scarlett didn't speak but he knew her shaking was not just because of the pain take me from here please

He took her out of the window, ignoring everyone looking at them in shock. He took her to a high mountain top and laid her down in rich soil. Not once had he looked her in the face, fearing the condemnation there.

"It's too dangerous....I can't protect you if..." She said looking towards him, yet he already felt the part of her that felt relief being under the moon and high up like this

"The enemy is on the run," he said. "The other Guardians are hunting them and closing in fast. We have this night."

She stared at the moon "lay with me...please" she said softly

He lay next to her, her head on his shoulder. But his face only stared at the sky.

"Micheal...please, don't hide from me, not now, I can't take it" she said

"I'm not," he said. "If I were, you would be in the ground instead of laying on top of it." It wasn't a lie, but he knew that wasn't what she meant either. He felt her hand touch his cheek and his breath caught in his throat. She turned his head to look at her "she was ok" she said in a uneven tone

He buried his face in her hair. He could not let her see the moisture there. Guilt ate at him, and his body shook. She held him, she stroked his back softly while the other hand held his head and stroked his hair "share with me like you would want me to share with you...I'm here, I don't know how long for so please...let me be here for you"

He showed her the memory, of Gidget trying to get him to man up and talk to Rose but him not understanding what to do or say. How he hadn't spoken to her since taking her to the house. How he had time to get to know her before her death and he had not even given her the courtesy even though he would be raising Azalea after her death. He couldn't looked Scarlett in the face. He couldn't. He felt certain that she wouldn't want him, seeing this failing in him. Had he been alone so long that, even among his pack and family he no longer had the ability to connect with others? To feel for them as he should?

Micheal as hunters we have difficulties we must over come, emotions are a big one, you know this, it will take time after being without emotions she said softly fighting to stay awake we will do it together

Is she right about me? he asked. I didn't go to you to help you with your grief as I should have. I didn't take our daughter into my arms to comfort her. I am lacking in so many things that would aid you as a lifemate. I...

You are new to emotions micheal, you are use to fighting the battles but not dealing with the aftermath like this, you know death but not mourning, it’s ok she said in a sincere tone roses daughter will know her, I have her memories, she will not be forgotten

He pulled back and looked at Scarlett. His treasure, his miracle. He couldn't explain it to Gidget, but Scarlett understood his dilemma. He had to kiss her, to show her what she meant to him. Azalea is to become our daughter. Everyone seems sure of it.

I can’t think about that now, if I get too stressed I’m afraid my mind will slip back she said kissing him back. The longer he kissed her the more he felt her hunger rise

You should go back to ground and heal, he said, his hands moving over her.

You say that yet you touch me like that she said moving her head slightly and kissing the side of his neck before biting in deeply

He gasped and said, "I'm holding on by a thread, Scarlett. And your flame is threatening to sever it. It feels as if it has been lifetimes since we touched each other like this."

You will have to be gentle... she said in a seductive tone you taste so good micheal

"Scarlett," he gasped. The string had just snapped. Her clothes came off of her in ribbons and his fingers found the entrance to her core. They entered her hard and fast, but gentle as ever. "I need you."

Her body was sore and still hurting but she trusted him to be gentle. She knew this is what he needed, she wanted to comfort him and she could this way. She released his neck and closed the bite but left her mark “I’m afraid I can’t move much...but I need you too”

He blanketed her with his body, their clothes disappearing as a fine mist covered the mountain top. It was as if the mountain wanted to hide them from the world, giving them a space all their own. It was cool on their hot skin. He lapped at her skin, running his tongue over every red, raw scar. Not only did it heal the wounds but sent fire through her straight to her core. Suddenly, his tongue was at her womanhood, lapping at her creamy nectur like a starving man. Her body twitched with pleasure which made things painful but bearable “Micheal you torture me..”she moaned

No, Scarlett, he said. I feast upon you. I worship you. But I would never torture you. He kissed up her body. Never that, my love. When you heal, I will torture you then, bringing you such pleasure that you will not be able to walk right for the next month, perhaps year.

She growled “you will have to fight me for such glory” she said in a breathless tone “and I aim to win” she moaned

I have no doubt I am up for such a pleasurable battle, he said as he took her stiff nipple into his mouth. She winched in pain and pleasure, her breast sore and achy, he found out why when milk filled his mouth, it was sweet and warm. He looked at her as he swallowed. He found her neck and began to nibble as he kneed her thighs apart, opening her for his invasion. Something about how he had taken her milk turned her on, maybe it was because he enjoyed something her body was creating, maybe it was because it made her feel good to know he was happy her body was changing, either way she didn’t have time to think about it as he gently opened her legs “I can’t feed you...but I need to feel your bite micheal” she moaned

"If I were to bite, little dragon, I would feed," he said. "And I dare not risk pinning you down and harming you. But I'm sure I can satisfy you in other ways."

She groaned “Micheal...” she said in a need filled tone, she would accept what he said but it didn’t mean she didn’t crave his bite. He kissed her deeply, yet she somehow felt his bite on her neck. It wasn't the same as a physical bite, but it still sent shivers through her as he slowly entered her. She let out her breath in a moan as he slid inside her , her arms came up and her hands gripped his back softly in a weak grip. Her body was torn between pleasure and pain

Landon rose. He needed to hunt, but had to be happy with bottles of blood instead. He called the bottles to him and drank for himself and Alessia. When he was finished, he bid her to wake up, his hips moving at a slow pace. Your hunger beats at me, little love, he said. Feed from me as you take my body into yours.

She moaned and didn't hesitate, she bit in deeply into his neck, her core tightened as she drank from him landon....just like that baby she said at the way he slowly built her up, it was the first time she called him any pet name

I'm trying to build a tender moment and you are making me want to become wild, he said. We will do both, mon amour, do not worry.

She closed the noted and kissed slowly up his neck , she claimed his lips in a deep sensual kiss that sent fore through him god i love your taste, I can't believe your mine...I want more of you, all of you and I want everyone to know it and I'll kill anyone who questions it

No fear of that, he said. Your scent clings to me and refuses to leave. I want it no other way.

it's not enough, I feel someone will try to take you from me, I won't let that happen, not again, I cant

No one would dare take me from you, he promised. I would not allow it. I will always return to you after a battle and wake beside you every night.

promises you can't keep.... she said biting his lip

I will awake, though how long I would be able to stay up is another matter, he said.

She groaned against his lip and teased it with her tongue landon... she said in a warning tone letting him know talking was over

He chuckled, laying her on her back so he could reach deeper into her core. He knew they would have to prepare for the prince's arrival, but for now, he could give her the ride of her life.

Everytime they made love they discovered something new about each other, this time he found out she liked when he growled against her neck by her ear and for him was when she gripped his ass on a tight grip and eagerly trusted him even deeper by pulling him in

He gave her everything she wanted and needed. Tender love with every kink she had rolled into one moment. It felt as if both of them were drowning in pleasure, yet neither wanted release from it.

When they couldn't hold back anymore, both of them teasing and not giving each other the release so much that their bodies were too sensitive to hold back, the orgasm rocked them both, their cries of ecstasy echo the room. The tub cracked and they both couldn't move, the water was the only thing holding them up

"I should fix that," he said after a moment. "And the rest of the cave. We broke everything on our way back to the bathroom."

"If you move right now...I might.." she said in a breathless tone and he knew she was so sensitive that if he moved even to pull out of her she might cum again

"If I move right now, I'd do the same," he said with honesty, loving how the aftershocks forced her body to grip him over and over.

He felt her mischievous feeling to late, she purposely clenched her core and moved her hips making him thrust inside her, it didn't matter that he wasn't fully hard, they both had been right and both came instantly "Little minx," he chuckled "I think...I need a break" she said in a surprised tone "if we don't.....I'm afraid I'll be consumed by this never ending need for you"

"I tried to warn you," he said with a chuckle. "But my legs and arms aren't working properly." He was teasing her! The nerve! "I doubt yours are either."

"Don't you dare....." She said knowing her body wouldn't be able to take it and she would cum almost instantly

"Do what?" he asked all too innocently

Her core throbbed "landon....."

His hands gripped her hips and moved her up only a millimeter. Her response was explosive. He kept the slow movement up, filling her one last time before their bodies seperated.

She laid unmoving, her body was heavy, she couldn't move even if she wanted too, she could feel his seed oozing out of her with her own cum touche....

He let her lay on his arm, unable to even summon the energy to get out of the broken tub, water still flowing freely. I may have caused our cave home to be ruined. We will have to move when we get a chance so I can fix this one without you getting hurt.

I don’t think we can survive do lifemates function with this intense...desire, no need

They learn to balance the need and daily life. My parents took several years, but others go almost a century of butting heads and body parts before they find their balance.

Their mistake was locking us in here....nothing else to think about, having you so close he could feel her getting excited even though she couldn’t move

I must fix the tub and prepare for the prince's arrival, he said. And you should rest before the others come as well. The Guardians nearly have the path clear for travel. Before dawn, our sanctuary will be invaded for a short time.

You should rest too, leave the room as is, I want them to know that we had each other in every part of this place

Our scent will be everywhere, little love, he chuckled. Just because the place looks clean doesn't mean we won't think of how you rode me, bound in rope, in the chair the prince will sit in. It just means it's presentable for visitors.

He smelled her arousal, she forced her body to move closer to him until her chest was on his chest and her face rested against his neck teaseshe said nipping his skin

You are still a young Carpathian, he said, his arm going around her. We should build up the the all-night lovemaking before you get hurt.

But you are not young.... I can feel the strength in your body...your stamina and endurance are intimidating she said continuing to nibble his skin

He pushed her back so that she could look at him as he said, "Alessia, I have lived for centuries, battling monsters that were mortal and undead alike. My stamina has been building over time. If I were to make love to you again, it would hurt you in ways I will not allow. Your health comes first. You need sleep and time to heal from what we have done." He leaned in close and whispered, "You have rope burns around your wrists and across your body. As sexy as they are to me, any more and you will bleed. I will not have our erotic pleasures harm you just because I love the way you respond when bound and ready for me to play with at my leisure."

She glared at him “just you wait, I’ll catch up and then you’ll be the one to tap out, and just so we are clear I’m not tapping out your simple forcing my hand” she said in a serious tone trying to seem threatening but failing because he could see the blush on her cheeks

He chuckled and said, "Keep thinking that way, ma petite amour. Someday, you will come to believe it. I, however, am rarely bested."

“Oh?” She said in a challenging tone “then why was I trapped so long even though I was by your side?”

He felt as if she had punched him in the gut. He waved his hand and the tub was fixed with the water cleaned up. He stood up and got out of the water, completely dry. He needed space to breathe, his hands on the side of the basin. He couldn't look at her. She had been teasing him, he knew that, meaning to make the memory a light-hearted moment rather than one of pain for her. Yet, it reminded him of how he had failed her.

She felt the sudden tension and forced herself to stand. Her legs threatened to give out on her but she refused to stop. She felt awkward and embarrassed and dint know how to make things better. So instead she grabbed a towel and covered herself and left the bathroom, she barely made it to the broken bed before her legs gave out. She hated she was trapped here, she couldn’t leave this situation and she didn’t know how to face him now. She laid down on the bed and covered herself with the large blanket

He repaired everything in the house, even the bed as she laid upon it. When he was done, he moved under the blanket to hold her to him. I'm sorry, little love. I have hurt you accidentally. I know you were jesting. I just need to get better in control of my emotions. That is all.

She didn’t answer him, part of her was kidding and the other part was not, but she wasn’t going to tell him that “you need to eat so I can eat you” she said bluntly

He had her turn her head to look at him so he could say, "Whether you meant it slightly or not, it was the jesting part you had tapped into in that moment. I failed you, joking or not. I know that. I will never forgive myself for that failing for all of eternity."

She didn’t like how serious he was, she leaned in and kissed him, letting her need show in the way her tongue demanded his you need to ear I can’t wait long she said, her hunger beating at him

He pulled out a bottle and said, "Drink from this. It will have to satisfy you until I can hunt and feed on fresh pray." She groaned and moved away from him “no thanks” she said turning and laying on her side, her back to him “I’m just going to take a nap until the prince comes”

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