Guilty Parties 2

He moved slowly, aware that what they were doing hurt her. He moved her body and his in such ways that she would only feel pleasure. What pain he could not remove, he took upon himself. She would not feel pain this night. She would feel love.

Her voice cracked when she moaned as her vocal cords were still healing, yet the more he made love to her the more he could feel her body relaxing more and her pain subsiding “Micheal....” she said holding him a little tighter. He felt her emotions swirling, for the first time she was feeling the fear that she was going to fail and die, that she was never going to see him again or that he would fall because she had not been strong enough, she had missed him, every moment of that torture she wanted to call to him

"Scarlett," he gasped, fighting to stay in control with her still in so much pain yet finding it difficult with how she gripped him. But it told him all she needed to know. The fear of losing her, the pride in her abilities, the love he held for her, the knowledge that she would not leave this world without him.

“Micheal....I’m close...please....” she said exposing her neck to him unable to fight off the need to feel him mark her, after all the pain, after that hunter tore into her, she needed to feel his bite, she knew it was a lot to ask of him but she trusted him him enough to do so

He had to give her this. It was pure need, in him and in her. He bit down, feeling her explode with him. He didn't take more than a couple drinks from her before closing the bit mark, but is was all that she needed. He rolled so that he could hold her, still locked within her body. He covered them with a sheet as the mist dissipated.

He felt her fall into a Carpathian sleep almost instantly on top of him, her body still warm against him, but he knew her mind was more calm this time and that meant good things for her recovery. The wind blew calming, he watched her hair dance with it, even though she was sleeping he found comfort holding her like this. He felt a small presence touch him suddenly, it was light as a feather, not reaching just simple there

He enveloped that touch, his son, with love and warmth. He whispered of the night and the wonders of the world. He didn't like that he had to take Scarlett back to the prince's house to heal, but if he didn't soon, the others would look for them. Despite the path being safe, he knew everyone would return to the house this night for safety. Even the school didn't feel safe on the heels of Alister's attack. He sighed, separating their bodies. He dressed her in a white dress, loving the look with her red hair, and put himself in a white shirt and jeans as he took her back. No one was there, so he could steal a few more moments of just holding her to him.

Not long after he came back did he feel his son fall asleep too. He put her to ground and went to grab a bottle of blood for the next rising to put in their room knowing he had to feed Scarlett. He almost ran right into Gidget as she was coming out of the kitchen while she was going on. She looked tired and half awake, hers eyes were zoned out like her mind was somewhere else’s “sorry...” she said in a groggy tone going to move past him

"Go rest," said Michael. "Azalea is asleep, so a few moments will be fine."

“I was resting” she said in a tired tone “and she just went to sleep, she is not on a sleep circle yet, that will take at least a month, new norms don’t sleep they nap” she said yawning

"Not resting enough," he said. "And why is it that you two are here unprotected? If you are so tired you can't even pick on me, then you are too tired to be here without a hunter nearby."

“I’m better then any hunter here, tired or not, and they all went out to hunt, now if you will excuse me..” she said walking past him

"And where are you going?" he asked. "We have enough food and formula to last a month. There are more weapons than even an army needs hiding under every bit of furniture you could fit it into. And, need I remind you, enough blood to supply every Carpathian that is currently residing here."

“I’m going back to the room you giant road block” she said in a tired sarcastic tone “or did you want to continue standing here talking to me while I’m wearing nothing but t-shirt?”

He smiled and said, "T-shirt? I thought it was a nightdress. Just how short are you, midget?"

She glared “I will shoot you and I won’t aim to kill but I promise you, you will wish I had” she said in a threatening tone “now move or I’ll move you”

"Yes, I seem to recall you carry a mean broom," he snickered, moving just out of reach as she swung at him. "Careful, you might hurt yourself, little one."

“Ok that’s it, it was bound to happen eventually “ she said in a tense tone. And then it was on in full swing, both of them fighting like their lives depended on it.

"What is going on now?" asked an exasperated Erik.

They both stopped when they heard eriks voice, both were breathing heavy, she was of course faster and stronger then her but she got in her licks and he found she was more dangerous if he grabbed her. She got a good shot at his nose, his eyes still stung. She was totally exhausted now and would have bruises all over. The living room was more beat up then them though “um....he deserved it” was all she said as she rushed into the next room looking embarrassed

He wiped the blood from his nose and said loud enough for her to hear, "I did not. I made an observation. It's not my fault your short." He laughed as she ran out again, knowing she had put on a pair of shorts. He held her back easily with one hand. "What now, midget?"

Erik felt Meghan's laughter at the antics before them, but he had had enough. He didn't need to raise his voice to lecture them as he said, "Michael, you are an ancient and know better than this childish behavior. Gidget, you are a warrior, leader, and nanny. Both of you, act like your supposed to before Azalea wakes."

Both of them stopped and looked ashamed. They had forgotten Azalea sleeping in the next room. Gidget returned to the room to care for the baby while Michael looked at Erik, waiting for news.

“It’s almost finished, this will be out last night here, Xavier made it safely to the school “ he said sitting down

"I will take Gidget, Azalea, and Scarlett to the healing caves," Michael said. "It will be the best place for Scarlett to heal and my chamber there is cool enough to not harm Gidget or Azalea."

“We will wait until Xavier get back to decide about the child , after all he has not named her foster yet” he said

"Everyone seems of the mind that it will be Scarlett, and therefore, me," Michael said. "Scarlett has already bonded with Azalea, as have I."

“That may be but he himself has not said so yet” he said in a calm tone “by the way where did you take Scarlett? What was so important you would risk her safety and yours?”

"She needed some fresh air," Michael said with a shrug. "She was safe the whole time. I made sure. It has been a traumatic night for her."

Erik looked at him and after a moment he sighed “you may think it is none of my business but as her healer....I will say laying with your lifemate in the state that she is in was and is not wise” he said in a serious tone

"She was in no danger," said Michael. "I would not have done what I did if she did not need it."

“She needed it or you?” He said

"Both," said Michael.

Erik stood up “she was in no condition for such things micheal, what is going on with you”

"I know, but I was careful to not cause her more damage," he said. "She and I wanted more but I could not risk it. I took the pain on myself and adjusted so as to ease the pain she felt. If you were to inspect her, you will see that there is no damage."

“Maybe not physically but did you forget about her mind?” He asked in a serious tone

"No, I did not," Michael said. "I would not risk any harm to come to Scarlett, physical or mental."

He was quiet for a moment “I’m not trying to judge your care for your lifemate micheal, I am simply worried as a healer and as a male that knows sometimes it’s easy to get overwhelmed after feeling your emotions again”

"If you do not feed, then I will abstain from it as well," he said, moving to put the bottle away.

She sat up “what? Why?” She asked in a confused tone

"What happens to you, happens to me," he said, as if it explained everything.

“Why we are not the same person” she said in a slightly upset tone “just because I don’t eat doesn’t me you shouldn’t”

"Our souls are one," he said. "No Landon without Alessia. No Alessia without Landon. And we do not eat. We feed."

“I like eat better, no wait devour? No still not right, but definitely not feed” she said in a disgusted tone “either way, I prefer you to the taste of the bottle thats why I don’t want it, I’m not ashamed to admit it” she said crossing her arms

"Alright," he said with a smile before drinking a bottle. "But you aren't allowed to tease me. The prince is coming and you must feed."

“I think it’s you we have to worry about” she said in a whisper forgetting for a moment how good his hearing is

"I don't tease," he said, downing another bottle. "And besides, I can see the images in your mind. You cannot distract me while the prince is here. It could end badly," he smiled, "in and out of the bedroom."

“I thought you were all about bragging about your self control, how it’s the best of the best, I’m a ancient this I’m a powerful ancient that” she said in a mocking tone “are you telling me that you wouldn’t be able to control yourself even in front of your prince if my thoughts wandered?”

"You are the only one that can make me loose all control," he said. "You have done so the last three risings."

She looked away, she didn’t want him to see on her face that him saying that pleased her. She struggled in her mind to adjust to everything new she was feeling, before when she was trapped she thought the connections was strong then too but she was wrong, now that she was free and fully connected to him it was not only overwhelming but indescribably stronger then before. Her new needs and instincts fought against her broken and healing mind at every turn. She didn’t trust him but she needed him, she didn’t want to need him but was helpless to do so, she had felt raped before when he had made loved to that thing that was controlling her body yet she wanted him to fuck her right here and right now. She sighed “are you done yet?” She asked

He put down a third bottle and said, "Are you ready to feed without seducing me?"

She glared “what makes your think I want you again, I’ve had my fun” she said in a stubborn tone “are you ready for me?” She said not looking at him but she could feel him moving behind her, a shiver went up her spine like a predator was watching her yet she was the opposite of afraid though she tried to hide it

"Hurry, mon amour," he said, turning her in his arms so that her face was in his chest, over his heart. "We have little time."

Damn him, she thought to herself, it took so little to get her flustered by him, his touch and voice, and that darn nickname he called her, his smell is what did her over this time. She pushed herself into him and bit down as he laid on his back on the bed. She moaned as his taste exploded in her mouth, her hands subconsciously exploring his chest and hips

"I said no seducing," he said, holding her to him. "I see I'm going to have to take you in hand."

Her response was biting deeper, she wasn’t drinking quickly, she was saviors g him slowly, her tongue leaping at his skin. When she felt his erection against her stomach she moaned and wanted it inside her, she thought that very thought as she moved her hips , rubbing her body against his

"Ma petite amour, we have guests coming," he said, fighting his own urge to bury himself deep within the haven of her body. "Stop tempting me."

We are both so would take long for you to fill me and...

He growled, jealousy rearing up, as he said, "I will not have them hear what is for my ears only."

She released his chest and licked the bite slowly then looked up at him, her hot gaze filled with desire “then keep me quiet “ she said licking her lips slowly catching the rest of his remaining blood

He was already laying over her, kissing her hard as he entered her. He set a hard pace, needing the friction between them. He held her hands above her head, his fingers laced with hers. He never removed his mouth from hers, taking each moan and mewling sound deep into his soul to treasure for all time. She didn't have time to think or beg or fight him. He built her up so fast that their shared orgasm was almost earth-shattering. He nearly groaned, leaving her body and leaving her bereft. He clothed them quickly and sat her up, not realizing the bed was once more broken.

"Xavier, welcome," he said breathlessly.

Cutting it close, brother, Maddox said.

Alessia slowly crossed her legs, still coming down from that orgasm, she could feel their combined cum seeping into the panties he had put her in.

Maddox felt Serenity squeeze his hand hard and made a surprise moaning sound and cover her mouth and looked down embarrassed “excuse me...” she said and quickly left the room

"I'm sorry, but I have not had the time to..." Landon began.

Stop making eyes at your woman long enough to present a decent place to meet the prince, Maddox said in exasperation, knowing that Alessia would hear. You have also caused distress to my woman. You were second in command, Landon. You should have more control, even when control seems lost.

Landon did not look repentant at all. He fixed the bed and picked up Alessia, saying, "We should go to the sitting room. I know we have much to discuss."

“Why are there three, well two now” Alessia asked in a tense tone to lamdon, her arms tighten around his neck like she was nervous or didn’t feel safe “and why is Maddox here....I thought you said I had a chance to talk...” she said and Xavier growled “that was before you sent that picture and caused unbearable pain to many” he said in a serious tone

"It was not her," Landon said, sitting her in a comfortable armchair and him standing behind her. "She had a parasite within her brain and controlling her. He has also taken her blood. I have placed barriers to prevent him from entering her mind and controlling her again, but I must still fight him at all times." He felt her tense beneath his hands and massaged her neck to ease the fear growing in her. "He senses you near, but I am blocking him from seeing those in this room or hearing our words. He is not happy that I managed to connect fully with her now, taking her from him." He looked Xavier squarely in the eyes. "I must apologize for my words and actions the last few times we had met. I should have known something was wrong but was blinded by my own arrogance and strayed. She has consented to tell you what she can, but there are barriers of pain I have yet to take down. They will force her to lie but we cannot remove them without doing damage until he is destroyed. I ask that I join the party sent after him so that I may lead them to his lair."

“If what you say is true then no, you are better here helping to keep her mind her own, I will also make sure that only certain individuals are allowed to enter here, I will also see if I can get someone to assist with her mind, I will not say who until the time comes for safety reasons, even so Maddox will be influencing her tonight” Xavier said “and we will talk about your actions and behavior later, I do not have time and I have much to do, so for now Maddox will reinforce her mind and the work you have done, I will also use that link between them to put advantage, Maddox already know how and what to do” he said giving a nod and Maddox started to walk towards them and Alessia flinched “no! I don’t want my mind messed with!” She cried out trying to get up

"He isn't going to do any such thing," Landon said, kneeling next to her. "Xavier said he is going to help keep the vampire from entering and use the link he forced upon you to find him. Talk to Xavier, tell him what you can safely about what happened. I am here with you."

“No! I heard about him! Leave me alone!” She said in a panicked tone, and Landon and Maddox both felt the compulsion on her mind influencing the panic and fear of him “he knows Maddox it seems” said Xavier

My reputation proceeds me, Maddox said. Well, what should we do? If I were to say anything aloud, it might trigger pain and/or violence, a defense mechanism built-in by the vampire.

"Alessia, it's okay," Landon said, holding her to him. "No one is going to hurt you."

They all saw her eyes glaze over as she fought against Landons hold “do it” Xavier said to Maddox “it needs to be done now, and find out all you can while your in there, there must be a reason he made sure she avoided you personally “

Landon and Xavier blocked his voice as Maddox said, "Sit still, Alessia." He looked her in the eye and began to look through her mind. He felt Landon with him, keeping him from the recent memories of the two of them. "I see you, ancient one. I command you to show yourself to me so that the justice you want may be delivered. You grow tired of these games. The society is not a shield to hide you. The shield is broken. You must face the Guardians this rising and you will fail. You will release this woman from your hold, along with any other victims you have chained and tortured. You will reveal those you work for to the Guardians, the only honorable path to you now. Yes, Severon, I see you. You will not win."

He felt the master push through through Alessia “you may have commanded my death but I will not let victory be all yours “ Alessia said but they knew it was not her speaking “I made plans the moment she came to this school and before she was bound, our child will never be found by either side, this I made sure of brother” she said in a dark tone “may your curse of tongue be your undoing like it has been mine” she said and a moment later the masters presence was gone. Alessia was shaking before she fell into a human sleep “what child?” Asked Xavier, looking at landon

"I'm afraid that it is one of the memories that are behind his barriers," said Landon truthfully. "Until they are down, I will not know more about the child. However, it is a safe guess that some of Vadim's disgusting experiments survived his passing and the destruction of his base in San Diego long ago. This one must have found it and used it on the women that he captured." His fist clenched and he longed to take Alessia far from this place. "We must find this child. Alessia and I are not ready to be parents right now, but when the child is rescued, I would like Alessia to see them. If her maternal instincts awaken, it is her right to raise the child and my right to protect them. If not, allow me to find a suitable couple to raise them in our stead."

Xavier was quiet for a moment “Maddox has already made sure that our fallen brother is brought to justice, if the barriers are not down that means he will not be doing them” he said in a serious tone “that leaves us, is her mind stable enough to withstand taking them down?” He asked maddox

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