Guilty Parties 3

"I understand that," replied Michael, "but I also know that she has been injured and has not had the time to heal. I would not push her beyond her limits just for my own pleasure. I will admit, I almost lost that control, but I held on for her."

“I advise not to take such a risk again” he said “but I can not stop you”

"If it had not been such a bad night, I would not have taken her out," Michael said. "It should not be a problem now."

He nodded “I will have fed this night , take from me so you can provide for her

Michael nodded his thanks before taking his offered wrist and fed deeply. When he was done, he closed the wound with respect.

“She will need you soon” he said and walked away

"Can you take a look at Azalea?" Michael said. "I would like to ensure she is healthy after everything that has happened."

“I will check on her, go feed your mate” he said

Michael went back to Scarlett and, without waking her, began to feed her. He looked up as Gidget entered the room. He growled.

"Care to explain why you would intrude during this intimate moment?" he asked.

“She is not even awake so it’s not really intimate “ she said “and erik told me to come and get you”

He had Scarlett close the bite and go back to the ground to rest. He walked up to Gidget and said, "It is always intimate with one's lifemate. Now, what did he wish to see me about?"

She looked where Scarlett was sleep then back at him “something about your son”

He nodded and went to Erik, asking, "What is wrong with my son? Last I checked, he was healthy."

“He is but he is stressed which means Scarlett is stressed, but yet she is sleeping and healing, have you noticed anything that would be making your son stress out?” He asked in a serious tone

"No," he answered honestly. "The only thing I can think of is that he felt evil or some other outside influence. But I didn't feel anything."

He was in thought for a moment “ok....keep a eye out if things don’t calm down we will ah e to wake Scarlett but that will be a last resort “

"Erik, do you have an idea of what it could be?" Michael asked.

Erik shook his head “if I did I wouldn’t have asked you” she said in serious tone

"I thought maybe my answer may have sparked an idea," said Michael. "I will go to Scarlett now. Please, take care."

He nodded. Micheal returned to Scarlett, she was still asleep. She looked peaceful when she slept only he knew how deadly of a creature she was. He looked at her more and it still amazed him that such a beautiful woman could be as deadly as she was your staring Scarlett voice said in his head

You should be resting, he chuckled. He laid down next to her. Our son seems stressed about something. Do you have any idea what it might be?

It’s probably my fault, I’m stressed she said though she didn’t move or open her eyes

What has you so worried, my love?

I can not rest knowing he is out there....

Who? The cad that hurt you is dead, and the one pulling his strings followed soon after.

Not them....he knows me to well he is the one who is most dangerous to us, he knows me, he trained me... she said in a tense tone I keep fighting to stay awake but...

Who are you fighting? Fear for her filled him. He pulled her into his arms. Who is most dangerous to us?

Him moving her made her groan in pain and before she could answer her body forced her to sleep once more. Michael sent the information to Erik. Something had to be done. He followed her into a Carpathian sleep when he was done.

Maddox shook his head and said, The vampire forced her to endure many things in the time he had her. She is stable enough to for us to work on healing her mind but it will take time we do not have. There is only one option that I can see.

"No, Maddox," Landon said. "I said no one will harm her."

We have no choice in this. You can keep her mind from completely shattering because you are her lifemate. I will force the barriers to break.

"It's because of the barriers that her mind is intact!" said Landon. "You cannot do this!"

You did not listen to such passionate pleas from others begging as you are. You performed your duty as second to the prince, as I am now forced to do in your stead. You will hold her mind together because it is your duty as her lifemate and your duty to your people.

Landon looked at Alessia. He growled but nodded his acceptance. He took hold of her mind, took her into his keeping so that she would not be touched by what was about to happen. He then took hold of the memories that were not tainted by the vampire. If he could hold them in place, her mind would repair itself over time and Maddox could weave them together temporarily so that the memories would do no further harm to Alessia's mind while she healed. He hated the thought of her screaming in pain, even if she couldn't feel it while he held her.

“Do it” Xavier ordered and without hesitation Maddox began. None of them were prepared. She was born in the society, a mage from her father but when she didn’t seem to possess any magic he gave her disowned her and tried to sell her for gain to another faction within the society that dealt with more of the supernaturals. But her grandmother saved her and raised her in secret, but when she was about eight her father found them, that night her grandmother was killed and she was kidnapped and sold to the house that wanted her eight years ago. She grew up as a slave, she did her house holds bidding from chores, to errands, she was no better then a maid. When she could she read the books from the library in secret, she taught herself how to read and write, and she would watch the men sometimes spar and would practice in secret by herself. When she was about sixteen, her powers awoken with a nightmare, she dreamt she would meet a dark creature with a angelic face. For two years that dreamed happened almost every night until he showed up one day, she recognized him instantly as the man from her dreams, who so happened to be the master vampire who’s house she worked in. The same night she meant he m her nightmares became real, he knew she had dreamt of him and he aimed to use that power of hers that was awakening, he spared no time messing with her mind body and soul to try to awaken her powers more. Within a year she had been broken by him, he used dark magic to increase her powers, making it so she could call upon them, something a clairvoyant has never been able to achieve. He made her submit to him everything she was to make sure he stayed in control of her. He conditioned her in ways a vampire has never done before, almost completely changing her soul. But her powers kept her mind fighting him, showing her things to keep her in reality to how things truly were and when he caught on it got even darker you dare go against me using the power I gave you he said as he pinned her too his bed they were mine to begin with.....your fake face cannot fool me I see you for what you are and what you were...please greet the sun, rest so you may be... he cut her off by hitting into her neck painfully, she cried out just as her in her memory did reborn? he said pulling back painfully falling is being reborn, I will not let you ruin what needs to be done, as a female I cannot completely change your soul but I could if you give me a son he said with a dark smile that’s...that’s not possible, your fallen you can’t bare children she said in a shaking tone we shall see he said and raped her for moths after that night. Maddox was suddenly thrown out of her head as Alessia started to break, she panicked and fought hard breaking landons grip “no get off me!” Her mind was stuck in a loop, she was being raped over and over again not understanding where she was

"Alessia!" Landon said, blood-red tears falling. "It is okay! These are just memories! They are not happening now!" He looked at Maddox. "I'm taking her pain from what you are doing, Maddox! Stop it now!"

I will not, Maddox said and just as he was about to go back in Serenity entered the room, Alessia slowly calmed down, she was still shaking but she was not violent anymore. Serenity grabbed Maddoxs hand as he went back in she is pregnant said the male mage to the master vampire while Alessia laid on the cold metal table good, if it’s a girl kill it and we will start again he ordered the mage until then keep them healthy he said and left the room. When he was gone Alessia instantly reached for the scalpel that was next to the table, she slammed it into her stomach just as the mage turned around no! he said but it was too late, she jerked her arm cutting her stomach open. That memory faded to black and in the next one she was giving birth, from her memories it was clear she was scared and didn’t know what was going on which meant that her mind had not been her own for the nine months it took for her to give birth. The last thing she remembered was stabbing her stomach and now she woke up giving birth I wanted you to see your failure and my gain said the master with a dark smile since you are giving me my son I will let you decide whether you live or die, so decide he said and she began to push. After hours in labor the child was born. She only saw a glimpse of him before the master took him from the room wait! Please! I’ll do anything! Just don’t take him! she said in a panicked and begging tone. She moved to get off the table but couldn’t her body to weak from giving birth. The next memory made them all break with her. A child, a baby laying faced down in a pool of blood he was normal, you failed, he possessed no magic he said in a dark tone while Alessia could only star at the babies body I will be bringing in a friend of mine he is a powerful mage, he will breed you and it should hold more promising result, if you don’t fight it I might allow you to be apart of it this time he said but once more she didn’t answer, she couldn’t she just kept staring at the dead child, she reached and shaking hand towards it and suddenly the body was kicked, the sound would forever echo in her mind as it hit the wall you answer me when I speak to you he said, that was when she broke, truly broke, they all felt it. She stared in horror and shock where the chilled body use to to be her hand still reached out yes.......master

Maddox pulled away as Landon said, "That's enough. Any more and she won't survive intact."

You're right, said Maddox. Besides, I can see what happened after. In losing her child, born a Carpathian, she lost the will to live like any mother. It seems strange that the vampire would not want a female, considering that she would have grown to also produce children. Perhaps he desired an army of mages he could control and the best way to do that is to ensure males born of their union, Carpathian or not. But didn't father say that her parents were killed when her grandmother rescued her? Yet, her father was alive. When her mind is more healed, we will have to resume looking at her memories to learn the reason behind it.

“He didn’t want a army” Xavier said suddenly “he wanted a taintable soul” he said in a serious tone “he mention that as a female he could not taint Alessia, though he got close” he said in a low tone and crossed his arms “stay here and rest with her, we will be back tomorrow, Maddox please feed Landon so he may feed her” he said “I cannot “

Of course, said Maddox, rolling up his sleeve and held out his wrist to his brother. Landon took it, but wondered at Xavier's words. When he finished, he looked at his friend.

"Xavier, I'd like to know why you are unable to feed others?" he said. "And I would also like to know how your lifemate is. Alessia knew she had been born, but was unable to tell me how due to the vampire's influence."

“She is fine and I cannot give because...” he looked at Serenity “because it would not only affect me” he said and Serenity blushed and looked down embarrassed “rest tonight” he said and left the room without giving him a chance to say anything else. Serenity took Maddox hand “can we please leave hurts to be in here”

Of course, said Maddox. I am sorry that you had to feel her pain, but it was necessary to see what we might learn to protect you and our people.

Landon didn't notice the others. He only wanted Alessia to open her eyes and know where she was and who with. He begged every holy being he could think of for such a miracle.

Just as Maddox and Serenity turned to leave Alessia moved and Serenity flinched “Maddox..” she began to warm but it was to late, Alessia woke up with a panic and bit into the closest thing to her. Which was landon.

Landon didn't so much as flinch. He placed himself between the others and Alessia. He held her to him, smoothing out her hair. He will care for her, Maddox said. We should leave and let him do what he should as a lifemate.

Serenity pretty much pulled Maddox out of the room by his hand. Once they left and closed the door the sound made Alessia wrap her arms around him in a tight grip, her aggressiveness started to calm the more his blood filled her, her growls turned to moans and her hands went from hitting to gripping his back

"It's okay," he soothed. "You are safe. You are not in his grasp anymore."

He felt her emotions going into over drive, he felt her desperation to avoid them as she ripped open the back of his shirt. She licked the bite and her lips found his, she was rushing to build that fire between them. He carried her to the tub. He wanted her to be surrounded by warmth as he stepped into the hot water, making their clothes disappear with a thought. He sat down and skewered her instantly. He put ropes around her breasts to make her think of the here and now. He left her arms free. After what she relived, he didn't want her to feel trapped.

She moaned against his lips and threw her head back, each time a memory forced its way into her mind she built the flame between them even more. “Landon...more” she begged as her mind threatened to break. He had her stand up, bent over so she was forced to hold the side of the tub, and his teeth holding her in the submissive. He needed to do this as much as she needed him to do this. She wasn't the only one building the flames between them. He hands cupped her breasts, loving the weight of them in his palm as her stiff nipples pressed into them.

He knew she needed it rough, she needed the pain and pleasure to keep her here “landon...I don’t care if I’ll need to go to ground...please” she begged “mess me up like only you can”

He growled, adding more ropes to her body. He wanted to drive the pain and memories away so that she could come back to him. He pulled her up so that her back was to his chest, her arms tied in such a way that they went behind his neck so she could grip his back. He lifted her legs up, thrusting deeply as her full weight came down on him.

She felt him slam all the way back into her core. She cried out, his large thickness stretched and filled her. She started to go crazy, her mind came to him enough that he could take a hold of it. Her moans grew louder “landon!” She cried out his name

With that, he filled her and took her with him. But he did not separate them. In fact, he started the burning all over again. He knew the memories were still too close. But now he stood in front of a full-length mirror so that she could see them coming together as one. She saw an erotic beauty, flush with pleasure, bound from neck to core in rough rope, and submissive to a strong and dominant man. This is us, he said. God, mon amour, you are so hot, so tight.

She wanted to look away but seeing landon like this gave her pleasure she had not yet felt, she made him make those faces, and oh god those faces and sounds from him were a woman’s wet dream. She watched his muscles flex as he thrusted into her, the way his lips parted and his eyes watched her

He stared in her eyes through the mirror. This is how it is meant to be between us. Fiery, hot, burning passion. Can you feel yourself through our mind merge? How you feel around me, squeezing so strongly that I cannot escape? He licked her neck. Do you taste yourself? That spicy sweetness that is pure Alessia? And the sounds you make? That beautiful music of you begging me for release even as you beg for me to never stop? Do you know how crazy it makes me, ma petite amour? I will never tire of this. Never.

His words were her undoing, she came again, hard enough her body tensed and shook. Her threw her head back and her visions blurred, her core gripped him so tight his body was left with no choice but to fill her again. He pulsed inside her ask his semen filled her making her core feel full.

He sat down in a chair with her in his lap. Better, Alessia? Did you enjoy seeing us together?

After her body came down from the high he felt the change in her you said.....he wouldn’t hurt me she said in a shaking tone

I know. There had been no plans to do so since you contented to tell the prince everything you could. I tried to keep you from feeling the pain. I didn't want it to touch you since I was the one mistaken. I'm so sorry, ma petite.

She had no strength to move let alone get out of his arms but he felt how his touch conflicted her, her mind had lost trust yet her soul said this was her lifemate. I wish to sleep she said needing to get away from it all

He removed the ropes and took them both to ground. He put her in a deep sleep, following after her as the earth closed over them.

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