Landon woke up with a startle like he was forced away, he knew who did it, Xavier was here, which meant that Alessia and his nightmare was about to continue

He held Alessia to him for a moment, wishing that it didn't have to happen. His soul wept for her and the agony she must endure. He clothed them both and exited the ....ground. He carried her to the other room, waking her as he told her that the prince was there.

"Good evening, Xavier," he said, Alessia fought his hold “ more please” she begged “it’s for your own good as well as outs “ Xavier replied to her plead “today I will be doing it, since Maddox has made your mind safe I will take care of the rest”

"If she feels anymore pain or relives anymore memories, I may not be able to heal her mind," Landon said. "I came close to losing her last time."

“I will do my best, you know my skills in this, if Scarlett was able I would have her do it being she is the only one who can claim rightfully to be better and mind manipulation then me”

"Xavier," he said, looking at the prince, "I..." He took a breath. "I cannot take much more." That spoke volumes. The prince had known that Landon had taken on as much pain as he could bear, and it had not been enough. If he did so again, neither of the pair would come out unscathed or whole.

With a serious look he nodded “I bear what I can if it becomes to much we will stop” he said “but the sooner her mind is unlocked the sooner she can begin to truly heal, it’s like we are resetting a bone that did not heal right, in order to do so we must rebreather if carefully”

Landon turned to Alessia and said, "Keep your eyes on me, mon amour. See me through the haze and know I am real. We are one. What happens to you happens to me."

She shook her head “please...I can’t...I can’t” she said in a begging tone

"I know," he said. "I will try to shield you again. If you break, so will I, but you will not be alone."

She tried to get away from him but Xavier seized her mind and she went stiff hold her soul not her mind and do not look Landon did as Xavier bid, knowing that it was to protect him and his lifemate from more trauma. This time he found it easier to concentrate and hold onto her, focusing on her soul was calming and easier then her mind. Though her emotions he felt told him it had begone, she was scared, sad, angry. I would spare you this if I could, but we must remove the last vestiges of the vampire. The Guardians destroyed him, but this last remnant remains. By removing it, you will be free of him, free to give all of yourself to me if you so desire. Not just your body, but your heart and soul.

She didn’t answer, he didn’t know how much time had passed, all he knew is her soul was crying. Landon enveloped her with love and warmth. He wanted to take the pain from her soul. He had not wanted this for her, but she had to be free. He would have done it if he could have, but he could not bear being the one to hurt her like this.

Enough for today, out her to sleep and come speak with me Xavier’s voice said

Landon put her to sleep and carried her to their bedroom. When she was put in the ground he went back to the entryway. He sat down across from Xavier.

"You look pale," Landon noted. "I offer freely but I already feel that you will decline. You wish to talk about my behavior that seems to have changed suddenly. I can explain that."

"Later for now I think you should know she did give birth to a son" he said

"I know," said Landon. "From what Maddox unlocked last rising, it was easy to guess at that. I want to rescue him, bring him to a place of safety and goodness. Any child of Alessia's was born into a hell no one should have to endure. The real question is, where is this child?"

"That I do not know but I know a good tracker, I will call them and see what they can find"

Landon nodded. There was tension between the prince and his former second. Landon knew that it came from the fact that Xavier needed to feed and Landon's guilt over his actions.

"Is there anything else you wish to talk about, old friend?" Landon asked.

He stood up "don't wake your woman for a day, let her rest , in the mean time I will send over some documents for you to look over and I will have the tracker come speak with you when they arrive"

Landon nodded again and said, "We still have much unresolved between us."

“Our matter is little compared to others at the moment” he said as Serenity and Maddox came in. Without another word he left with them, serenity touching his arms and walking him out
Maddox awoke with Serenity feeding from him, last night had been intense, they had to help Xavier calm down after the memories of Alessia, he fed from Serenity before they all went to sleep, the three of them had yet to have a talk about everything so they were all making it work as best they could, this was a much needed pleasant way to wake up "I couldn't think of too many ways better than this to wake up to," he said. "Only one, in fact."

He response was climbing on top of him after closing the bit “I need you....I haven’t touched you in days Maddox I’m going crazy...” she said in a shy tone “I’m sorry if that makes me seem weak or....”

"Never that," he said. "It takes bravery to admit something from your very soul. Besides, I need you too."

Her hands explored his chest “the ward...” she moaned put up the ward I can’t wait any longer” she said kissing his chest

Maddox wove a strong safeguard before crushing her to him, his mouth devouring hers. It felt as if eternity had ended and a new era began.

She moaned letting him take in her breath as their tongues began to dance. She was filled with need, yet her submissive shyness was there but she was a little more confident with her hands as the explored his body. His fingers found her core. Soon, she was riding his hand as his fingers moved in a hard rhythm. When he felt her ready, he removed his fingers only for his cock to fill the void hard and deep. That was it, she was his, she moaned and sunk into him, she almost came just from him sliding inside her, she moved her body up and down against his, her breast firmly against his chest as they moved. He couldn't say anything. The sight of her too beautiful to describe with words. He had his hands on her hips, guiding her, though there was no need. Both knew what the other needed. They came quickly, both sensitive because in had been a couple of days and their need was high, but to his surprise this time she was the one that kept going, giving his thick member no time to grow soft. His breath was locked in his throat. He couldn't get his mind to work. His control was going up in flames, and he was loving every second of it. She sat them up and wrapped her arms around his neck, pulling him closed as she rode him, grinding her hips into his taking him deep, her head feel back exposing her throat “Maddox..” she moaned. He didn't need another invitation. He kissed and nipped her neck before sinking in his teeth and tying them together with white lightning. They both came with a explosion that made them both have no choice but to hold on to each other to keep up right, her orgasm lasted as long as he feed like he was making it continue by doing so. He closed the bite so that she would not get dizzy. Then, without warning, she bit him so that his hips jerked up and into her. Their third dance was because he no longer had control. Each thrust made her bite tug, he never thought her bite could feel even better then before, this was new, this was driving him wild. He rolled her over so that his was on top. He had to hold her in the submissive. He had to hold her still for his invasion, to reach her deepest core where he could live for all time. He growled with pleasure continually. His hands were biting into her, but but that only added to their pleasure "maddox!" She cried out his name, his growls turning her on even more. He was usually a very gentle love, this was more rough and primal and though serenity thought she would be scared of such love making she found it was another part of him that she was learning and already loved. He grew inside of her, stretching her deliciously. Then, each thrust sent a jet of his seed deep within her. It sent her over the edge in an endless freefall. He was there to catch her. He held her to him, their bodies entangled still as aftershocks rocking her and squeezing every drop from him. He slowly let go of her shoulder, kissing her neck in endless love as the growls slowly disipated "have been holding back?" She asked in a breathless tone

"No," he said, looking at her in shock. "I have never held back. I just choose to show you gentle love instead of primitive, but I always make love without reservation. You had been brutalized with a rough abomination. You need gentle, sweet, and tender. I enjoy giving that to you. This is what happens when we are not able to touch each other enough, that is all. Imagine if you and I did not make love for another day or two. It would have been... violent."

Her core clenched around him making them both moan "I see..." She said with a smile "but what if I don't want to wait days for that to happen.....oh, xavier needs me" she said suddenly

He made her look at him and said, "I love you as you need me to, Serenity. We will have wild nights like this, and they will happen more often as the centuries pass. Do not worry. Now, let's get to the prince." She nodded and they left.
Micheal awoke to erik calling to him it’s time to leave

Scarlett and I should go someplace apart from everyone. If someone is hunting her as she indicated...

Have you forgotten how to hunt micheal, a know rule, only lead the enemy away if you know the enemy otherwise it’s a foolish trap he said and he heard the door to their room open “since we know nothing of this enemy it would be foolish to isolate yourself” erik said out loud entering the room

Michael clothed them and opened the earth, saying, "It is dangerous to be near others as well. I wouldn't be completely isolating us, but trying to keep others safe even if all I can do is stall the enemy until others arrive at the school. I do not want to risk the students."

“You will not being going to the school, you will be joking me and Meghan at our home” he said “if someone wants to get to Scarlett then as her healer I will take that personally “ he said and Micheal saw a seriousness in the ancient that would intimidate even a master, the dark one was showing himself and Micheal knew he had more then earned that title “we leave in ten” he said and left the room without another word

"Gidget and Azalea will be in more danger from the travel than any of us," Michael said. "I refuse to let them ride in a car unprotected."

“They are my guest as well and nothing will get close to them” he said and shut the door

Michael picked up Scarlett and carried her to the other room. He held her to him, waiting the order to leave.

True to his word ten minutes later everyone was on their way in a large suv, Scarlett remained asleep as so was azalea. The suv had another suv in front and behind it as a escort. Micheal could scent they were human and since Gidget seemed relax but on guard he knew it was her friends

"I do not like how slow we are going," Michael said, his voice anxious.

“Calm yourself, go into your hunting mode, it will help your senses over power your emotions” erik said

"I am trying," he said. "It feels as if something is watching us, and I fear for my family."

“Try harder for your families sake” he said in a stern tone “you are a ancient micheal, and a guardian, so do your duty” he said and the way he said it touched something in him, is alpha side felt like it was being challenged and answered the call, his instincts heighten and he felt strength in his muscles and bones, it had been a while since he felt like the predator his was, all his new emotions blocking it out, he forgot just how powerful he was and could feel your turning me on Scarlett said even though she hadn’t moved in his arms

You just have to try and distract me, he chuckled. He looked out of the window. Erik, in the forest. A child, but I cannot sense her presence there. It is not empty, but she does not exist within that grove.

I let the guardians know he said and Scarlett twitch in his arms “pull over” she said in a serious tone

"Keep driving," Michael said. Not this time, Scarlett. This time, you will have to go heal. Have another check this thing out. Dom is already going to the place I saw the child.

“No don’t need to pull over now” she said in a urgent tone as her eyes turned gold “or get me out of the car , now!”

He sighed and said, "Stop the car." He looked at Erik. "We put up a perimeter. Dom has already changed course to join us." He looked at Scarlett. "This is how I failed last time. You seem to take all good sense from me."

She groaned and kicked open the suv door, when Micheal and erik went to follow they found they could not open their doors "he is near....and he is forcing me..." She groaned and got out off the car and no sooner then she hit the ground did she shift into her dragon form, the large red beast groaned in pain, it's large wing went up and covered the suv under it, scarlett wrapped her large body protectively around the suv I'm sorry.....I didn't have a choice he forced me to shift, I would have killed you all if I would have done so in the car....but I refuse to let him have his way,

"Scarlett!" Michael growled. "Let me out of this car now!"

I can't move, was too much she said and Micheal turned to look back at Erik "help me heal her before she falls to sleep if she does we won't be able to get her to shift back, dom is here and everyone is on guard, if he can make her shift we need to protect her mind too"

Michael didn't hesitate. He made her stay up, relentless in taking care of her. He and Dom worked together to get her to return to her human form, but it drained them of their energy to fight her and the one forcing this on her. They knew Scarlett wanted them to help, but someone else would not let her give in to them.

save your energy, I will not let him stall us, hold on her large form started to move, the car moved with her. Her large talons gripped the car and with a flap of her wings the trees bent and the car went air born my mind is my own he will not have you

Damn you, woman, Michael said. Why don't you ever rely on any of us? I'm your lifemate, the one you can turn to no matter what. I've tried being kind, I've tried being dominant. What the hell do I do to get you to turn to me?!

Micheal....I am relying on you, your the only thing keeping my mind strong enough to fight of his persuasion, without you I fear I once more would be in someone else’s control

But you take on the battle by yourself.

I had not choice, he made me shift, but, if it was not for you and erik we would be sitting ducks, I am working together with all of you, can you. To see that?

Scarlett, when we hunt or an enemy first tries to get you, you go in alone. If you had said something when you first knew he got in your head, I could have gotten him out. I could have stopped him. But you didn't say anything. Am I not good enough to entrust at the start, but only supposed to be used when it is nearly too late?

I was asleep when he did it, when I woke up it was too late.....we will have a talk after we are all safe she said in a distant tone. He knew this conversation was not helping her, he could feel her pain and exhaustion. Lucky she landed right in front of eriks house a few minutes later, he large form traveling miles within minutes. As soon a the car was safely on the ground she shifted. Her naked form laying on top of the car

Michael got out and clothed her and picked her up, she was already in a Carpathian sleep. He knew he was being stupid, but he was angry that he was only a last resort. Then, a thought hit him. He said, "Erik, could someone be influencing my anger? I should not be feeling this upset when I know her true intentions and know the truth through her. I should not be this mad, and it should not be directed at Scarlett."

“It would be extremely difficult to do so to you as a guardian, we will check but first we must help your woman and check on her and the baby and get safely in my home” he said as they all walked in and erik put up his wards

When the ward went up, Michael's anger lessened. He looked at Erik and said, "Mage powered. A spell of some kind only to enhance what I already felt, but I took it out on my lifemate like a foolish child."

“Check on Scarlett and your son while I add to my ward, your should also ward yourself just in case” he said

Michael said, "I feel like an idiot for being used in such a way. But what concerns me is how I was unable to feel it. I should have been able to." He laid Scarlett down on the couch and looked her over. "Her heart is strong and her mind seems intact, but our son is still extremely stressed. His heart is strained now. We have to free Scarlett this night or I will lose my child after fighting so hard to keep him."

“Check yourself, your mind, soul and body while I get the blood bottles we will need” he said in a serious tone leaving the room, Meghan stayed “I’ll help by keeping you calm” she said with a soft smile and encouraging tone

"Thank you," he said with a smile.

Then, he began his search. There was nothing within his heart, soul, or body, but there seemed to be something in the fluid around his brain. It was a small, dark cloud, but it hid something solid. For a moment, he couldn't breathe, the feeling of evil overwhelming even for him. But he attacked it and destroyed it, a loud shriek threatening to make him go deaf emanating from the unknown sludge. With it destroyed, he returned to his body and relayed his findings to Erik.

"They seem to like the old games best," said Michael.

“We barely survived the old games” erik said in a serious tone and then went into the next room to make some calls. Meghan sat down next to Micheal “here, feed her, talk to her and make sure she rest, for both of their sakes” she said handing him the blood bottle

"They adapted the old game, though," he said. "Sludge hiding the scar that would attach to the brain and allow control. At some point, he put a bit of nastiness in her body and mine, but was only able to control the one within her because of her weakened state. It took some time, but that piece of himself within her allowed him to eventually touch me. My unease allowed him to nearly drag me down as well." He looked at Scarlett. "She has a mage shadow on her brain and that is what causes my son stress. I do not have time to feed her. I must remove it. It is a threat to her and my child."

She placed her hand on his and warmth spread through him, calming him “Micheal do not let your fears cloud your judgment, erik thoroughly checked Scarlett and your son, they are clean, in searching you would not be weakening yourself when you need to be at your best”

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