New day a new enemy

Micheal woke up to Scarlett feeding in a haze, her grip was primal and he only a small touch of her mind.

You are supposed to be asleep, he said, his arm going around her waist. His moving made her bite deeper and her grip grow tight on his shoulders. What am I going to do with you? his voice brought her more to the surface and she moaned if I was healed I could think of a few things she said in a sexual tone

You seem to think that way even without being healed, he chuckled.

She growled in a purr like manner and closed the bite and her lips found his you started something last night...

"As if you didn't help out by seducing me," he said. She nipped his lip i was putting you in your place

"First, you tell me that I turn you on by taking charge," he said, "then you kiss me while you tied 'putting me in my place'. Don't ignore your part, little dragon."

“This dragon is not so little” she said “but she is hungry and your the only thing around to eat”

"You just fed," he laughed. "And if we make love anymore, Erik is going to string me up by my ankles."

“That my job if it is to be done, and I know my body well and I know you, you asked me to trust you and I am, now I’m asking for the same” she said in a sincere tone “now I’m going to get on top of you and I’m going to kiss every inch of you until I am satisfied that I have tasted everything there is to be tasted and...” she stopped talking and suddenly moved away from him and covered her mouth with the look of shock on her face “oh god...Micheal these are not my thoughts...” she said in a low tone “I have to warn Gidget “ she said standing up as the earth moved above her letting her out

"What do you mean?" he asked, following her. "I'm confused."

She dressed herself and walled for a second “I...” she stopped just as she reached the door. He could see there was a battle going on in her mind, she met his gaze with determination “this stays between us do you understand “ she said in a serious tone because what I’m about to tell you is dangerous information “

He nodded, his face grim. He waited, unsure what she was about to tell him.

“Gidget has a mate, a alpha to be exact” she said in a serious tone “she wants no part of him, and she knows what’s happens if she refuses him so she has been running from him to avoid refusing his claim, that was our deal I was to keep him off her trail and in return she did me favors...but since I have be weak and sick...” she said looking at him with a concerned look know he could finish her sentence

"He has found her," Michael said. "Have you told her what happens to him if she doesn't let him claim her? A Lycan can turn rogue and a Carpathian can turn vampire. And he would give her time to come to terms. He would give her what she needs, no matter the pain to him."

“I’m not sure, he is a very dominant alpha, he has held his pack in power for years in Italy” she said “Gidget is not one to submit and she does know that’s why she didnt want him to get to close.” She said and he knew her thinking face, her brows frowned and she touched her lip with her thumb like she always did, he found he loved the little things about her just as much as the big “he had never come this far before, he doesn’t like to leave his territory which makes me think only two things, one he is close to turning or already has, but those feelings...god Micheal I dare say it would put our wolves to shame the lust and need he was feeling, it was over powering it was like he was....oh god he is in heat” she said with a concerned expression

Michael sighed and said, "It is more than that. Lycans only go into heat after we find our mates, though we can mate with others if we desire. I would venture a guess, he's had her in his sights for some time, but you kept him just out of reach. Now, he can no longer fight the urges that have been hounding him since he first found her. He was trying to give her time to get to know him and come to him herself. But it is too late. Everyone in this house is in danger if she doesn't go to him. He will destroy everyone who stands between him and her. If he kills anyone, especially Gidget or Azalea, he will become a rogue wolf and will have to be put down. You have to tell Gidget this. She will do what is right, but it must be her choice. She must want him in return or this night will end in a pleasurable hell for the both of them." His fists clenched. "Slaves to lust and pleasure. Only stopping until a child is born, then returning to mindlessly fucking until they die." It is no life for the mates or the children.

He saw the look on her face of disappointment “I have failed in so many ways...” she said opening the door, erik stood there with his arms crossed “erik wait you don’t...” she began and with a wave of his hand he put her to sleep catching her “you seem to not care how wreck less you are with her health and your sons, what were you....” he said as a howl echoed in the distance making him stop and from

"Scarlett is the only one that can defuse the situation," he said, waking Scarlett. "We have a male Lycan out there ready to tear apart everyone in this house to get to Gidget. He is in the throughs of the haze and Gidget is his mate. Like Carpathians, she must have psychic abilities to be a mate, but the conversion for it is very different. I will not go into that. The point is, he is on the verge of turning rogue. If he captures Gidget and mates with her without her coming to him as his mate, fully committed to him, he will kill us all to make both of them slaves to lust. Trust me, that life is hell on the resulting children and the mates who only think of making love day and night, no matter what they have to do. Eating, bathing, caring for children, constantly making love without caring who sees." He heard Meghan suck in her breath and he closed himself off from everyone except Scarlett. "I should not let my memories speak so loudly, but yes, it's that bad. You see why I chose to go without a pack and separated myself from my adopted family. Gidget must go to him, accept their union, and make love to him away from us. They must work out their relationship. There is no other choice."

“You knew she could be such a risk yet you let her near the princes lifemate” erik said in a dark angry tone “erik I...” she began “and to my house no less” he continued cutting her off and walking away, Meghan followed, Scarlett stood there with her face made of stone but Micheal know she felt bad by the way her fist were balled “Micheal go get Gidget, I’ll go speak with her mate, and before you protest we are in good terms do not worry, but I fought you, I would do no good in trying to convince her, you might”

"She hates me," he said. "Besides, you didn't put up much of a fight. I won you over with my good looks."

She rolled her eyes with a smirk and began to walk away “if she hated you, you would be dead, now please go I need your help with this” she said and left the house

He went to the room and said, "Gidget, I know you heard that growl. The stiffness in your shoulders tells me you know what it means. I am going to tell you this now, you must go to him with acceptance."

“You have known me for only three days, do not speak to me like we are close because we are not and I will do no such thing”
Maddox knew Serenity was up, he also know she was feeding Xavier when he woke up, he could feel her mind focusing on him I’m sorry, I didn’t want to wake you and it was urgent, he made a lot of wards yesterday

You don't have to hide this from me, Maddox said, leaving the ground and sitting in a chair. We will work this all out. I understand the urgency.

He felt her relax more, the side of him and his mind eased her and it seemed to ease Xavier as well. He gentle release her wrist and without a word, handed her wrist over to Maddox to close, feeling it would be more beneficial if he did it. He was right, Maddox closing her wrist seemed to calm Serenity down almost completely “Meghan has finally made time for that talk and has found her outside source to help, we will meet her later today” Xavier said

Let's hear them out and I will leave the decision between you two, Maddox said. I will support you as I always have.

“It’s not just for us to decide Maddox, I regret things have come to this I am grateful to you and Serenity but I don’t plan to step over any boundaries or cross any lines, you are both my people, my children, and Carpathians do no harm family” he said and walked towards the door “I will be back for the meeting” he said and left. Serenity stared at the door “is it bad...that I find it weird to be considered that way...”

Maddox held her to him and said, "You are not used to the concept, that is all. Xavier has always thought it so. It came from learning of his grandfather and great-grandfather. Antony, Xavier's father, felt more like a younger brother to his people as they often had to make up for his mistakes or live with the consequences until he found his lifemate. But all Carpathians feel like a family to us as we can always call on them for aid when needed and we share what we have. Money and influence are to be shared and to help one through life, nothing more. We have no need nor do we care for such things, but it makes it easier. I, myself, own vast petrol rights and am very wealthy. I have handed over much of my money to aid in funds for young half-Carpathians to live comfortably, as have many of our people. You will find, in a century or two, that the concept of everyone as your extended family will not be so strange."

She looked at him with a shocked expression “your...your rich?”

"All Carpathians are," he said with a shrug. "When you live as long as we do, it doesn't really take much to make money. Still, yes, I am. I have about $1.2 billion dollars in various banks around the world."

She let out a surprised sigh, and covered her mouth “are you...are you serious!” She asked in a disbelief tone “ can’t honestly be that casual about that kind of money! Oh my go , I mean, how, I never see you work...are you like a ceo or something or are you well know like will people recognize you, oh god...on top of how you look your rich...woman must have” she shook her head of those thoughts “i mean I have nothing, not a dime, I don’t look like a good match standing next to you..I don’t come from a good family” she said starting to pace “you ...really are out of my league you would have never gave me a second glacé out there in the real world”

"Not only would I have looked twice," he said, stopping her, "but I would never stop looking. I do run the businesses, but I also have managers and others working under me to take care of things if I am unable to do so. And, if we were to travel to New York, yes, I would be recognized as the reclusive businessman that may or may not be gay, or have a woman hidden in a dungeon, depending on the tabloid."

She made a weird face that made him chuckle “we are from two different worlds Maddox, hell two different species, I am not good enough to stand beside you like I am am now...” she said looking to the floor “but if you give me time and I can try to make a name for myself maybe then we can get married and be accepted or...I don’t know how this works with your people, with my kind it’s simple, money means power...and with that come so much shit, married, murder, the difference between starving and being full, money is everything”

"You are no longer human, and when I bound you to me, we became married in the way of my people," he said. "You stand beside me just fine, as you were meant to. I want no other. I love you as you are. If you still desire to make a name for yourself, by all means, do so but you will not be alone in it."

“Is there such a thing as a Carpathian prenup?” She asked

"Nope," he chuckled. "No prenup and no divorce. It does not exist for lifemates."

“But this is t one of those situations what’s mine is yours right because I couldn’t handle that, I have done nothing to earn money like that and there is no way I would be able to pay you back so you better not spend a dime on me or....”

"Serenity," he said, stilling her, "I do not care about money. If I desire to spoil you, I do not require money to do so. I can easily manufacture it or create it myself by hand."

“Spoil me...” she said shaking her head Leno don’t..please don’t I wouldn’t know what to do “

"Just be yourself," he said, wrapping his arms around her. "That is all I have ever asked of you."

“I’m panicking, this is myself” she said in a cute pouting tone against his chest

"I have seen a strong and confident woman this last month, even before she had to bind Xavier to her. This is you right now, Serenity. But in time, it will not be so."

“Do you...want me to change? “ she asked in a self conscious tone is it bad you make me want to change...I want to be stronger for both of us but I don’t know how or where to start....god this is making me feel weaker she thought to herself

"I love you as you are," he said. "Change is inevitable, so I accept that it will happen, but no, I do not want you to change. You are too cute when you pout."

She frowned “I don’t pout, pouting is something children do “ she said with her cute pouting face

"You're doing it again," he chuckled. "It makes me want to spirit you away and ravish you until you're screaming my name."

Her face dropped to a shy look and blushing she looked down,p “we should go see if we can help or..”

"That blush suits you even better," he said, tilting her head up. "Yes, now you look almost good enough to eat."

He heard her heart slam into her chest as heat reached her eyes, her lips parted and instead of words of protest like she wanted to say a soft low moan escaped her lips
Landon woke up with the smell of Alessia surrounding him, her hair laid on his chest as he hugged her to him. He had another meeting with Xavier soon, but he had to let Alessia rest. She needed it, for her mind and for herself. Landon worried though. She felt he had betrayed her last rising by letting Xavier do what he did. It only deepened that sense of betrayal from when Maddox caused her pain in trying to take down the barriers the night before last. He had no way to explain it to her so that she would understand the necessity of it, no way to show her that he didn't want her to have to go through such an ordeal. All he could do is prove to her that his love was real and that he would put her wellbeing, health, and happiness first always. He left the earth to feed from the bottles that had been provided and to make sure the room was presentable, after thirty minutes had passed Alessia still had not woke up. Alessia, come to me. You must feed. he felt her start to stir but found she was having trouble pulling her self to the surface to awake. He gave her time, lending aid where she needed it until her eyes opened. He had placed her on the bed, knowing that her human mind would shy away from being in the ground, considering it a grave.

"Hello there," he said with a kiss. "How are you this rising, mon amour?"

She didn’t answer him, she just slowly sat up. She felt numb and broken, she felt cold even though she wasn’t. She just sat there looking down at her hands, her mind played tricks on her making her think they were covered in blood. He made her look at him as he said, "Talk to me, tell me what's wrong." He asked and she stared at him with hazed and blank eyes “what do you want from me...” she asked in a uneven tone

"To heal and feed," he said honestly. "I will not ask more of you. Your mind is free of him, as is your blood and your life. Once you heal more, we will talk about the future."

“I don’t want a future anymore...I’m tired” she said in a low tone "We will discuss this after you heal more," he said, his heart stopping. "Right now, you are disoriented."

She shook her head “don’t...don’t look at me like that...after everything don’t I have the right to feel this way” she said tears sliding down her face

"Of course," he said. "That's not what I was saying. What I mean is... I..." he groaned. "I don't know if I can explain it." He clothed her and himself. "But I will try. If you wish to not have a future, to end your life, then I must join you or become a vampire. Trust me when I say, I will follow you. Meaning, if you die, so will I."

She didn’t respond, she just sat there, a few moments later Xavier showed up “good evening “ he said and at his voice Alessia flinched and ran with inhuman speed towards the bathroom. Landon sighed and said, "Evening, Xavier. Alessia... she isn't doing so well. I only meant to feed her and let her rest."

“The mind is a powerful thing” he said sitting down “before they arrive do you have any questions or concerns”

"She wants to end her life," he said. "I need to convince her to give us a chance. I need her to want to live." He looked at Xavier. "I am at a loss for the first time that I can remember. I need help."

“First we give her time to heal, if she still feels that way or is not able to we will bring in a healer , though I’m sure your mother would want to help” he said

Landon nodded, then said, "I know I cannot make up for what I did. I have no excuse but to say that my arrogance caused much blindness on my part. I will not ask to be your second again. I know you have gained the information you needed from her yesterday when you removed more of the barriers. I ask only that Alessia and I be allowed to walk around after she is healed so that she may get used to her new life and the people that will be in it."

“There is much to be done before it would be safe to do that, but we will take it one day at a time, and we will talk about our relationship later” he said

"I understand," said Landon. "I'm grateful you didn't shut the idea down with how I acted. Thank you."

He nodded and said “you should go check on her, I’ll wait here”

Landon went to the bathroom door and filtered through the door to wrap his arms around her, saying, "It's okay, Alessia. Talk to me."

She tensed in his arms and remained silent, he felt her mental wall come up, stronger then ever

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