New day a new enemy 2

He showed her his memories. His parents only caring enough to provide food because they had to. Fleas covering the bodies of him and his older brother. Sounds of flesh hitting flesh playing all hours of the day. The sight of his parents always connected through lust because she refused to come to him willingly and him needing her to, but that was lost as they became slaves to lust. Even as he was taken from their crack-house of a home, his parents never stopped. It was like he and his brother had never existed.

"That is what waits for you if he comes in here in the haze," said Michael. "I don't trust family bonds. What real example did I have? I may not be considered your friend, Gidget, but I'll be damned if I let you become like my parents. You will not lose your mind like that, lose who you are. I will not allow that. That is why I'm telling you to go to him. You just have to accept that you will work out your relationship. That's it. But remember this: Where there is an alpha male, there is an alpha female. So go out there and show him what the head bitch can do if he steps over the line." He glared at her. "Or you can become a slave to your lust like my mother. Turn a great man into a slave as well. He won't be a rogue, but he won't be a Lycan either. You won't be a warrior or a woman. Understand? If he comes in here, Azalea is as good as dead, along with the rest of us. Not that you'd have a mind to think of that. You will only want him to fuck you every minute of every day."

“He is a regular lycan alpha or not, you all will kill him before he gets in here and I will not be man handled to be a mate! I have a choice in this! I would rather him die then my choice be taken from me! I did not ask for this!” She said yelling and then pointed her gun at her head “and I would take my own life before I turn into some slobbering sex slave that.....” a howl echoed in the distance and though it was loud enough to hear it seemed Gidget heard it more loudly then the others as she cried out and dropped her gun and covered her ears

Michael removed the weapon from her reach and said, "He has no choice either. Fate decided. He wants to give you time, to have you chose him because you love him. But he is no longer able to give you that time. Do you know the guilt eating at him right now? He wants to do right by you, nothing more. Yet... he is falling, turning rogue. The lycan version of going vampire." He put his hand on her shoulder. "You are losing him, Gidget. He will be what you need, a partner. Just as he becomes your world, you become his. You fight beside each other, live for each other, and love one another."

She moved his hand away “you have no idea what you ask of me...but you know least now I won’t be blackmailed into stay here, now I’ll just be a prisoner my entire life to a creature I don’t know” she said in a hateful tone “tell your prince I quit” she said and went to walk away towards the front door "No, you aren't a prisoner," said Michael. "You go to him and say these words. Say them so that he hears them. You say, 'I am willing to get to know you and accept your claim but not your love. This night I remove your burden.' Then, you have mind-blowing sex and save his soul. Done."

She didn’t stop walking yet he felt her disgust, she felt like she was being raped already by just thinking about it bye micheal” she said and walked out the front door


Gidget walked. The night air seemed heavy, she just kept walking straight, knowing he would come to her, she had only seen him once during a job, she was there to steal from him, the only time she had ever been caught, she knew something was different about him when he was able to touch her without setting off her touch phobia, but when she learned who he really was to her, her life changed, and she hated it. She had been walking for less then fifteen minutes when the woods got quiet, she stopped and a chill ran up her spin. Her senses where going haywire, she knew the feel of a predator and she was the prey, she never liked being the prey. She looked around and took a defense stance

"I finally found you, little thief," came a rough voice next to her ear. "You hid when you knew I would look in every corner of the Earth to find you. It's been what? Seven years since you broke into my home? Yet, I could not get you out of my mind."

She hated the way his voice ran over her body, calling to her “you should have gotten the hint...I thought by now you would have mated with someone else...”

"You are the only mate for me," he said. "You turned off your ability. Why? It would have alerted you to me back then, and it would have done so now." It was a clear reprimand, though his voice was calm. "Little thief, our lives changed the day you tried to steal military secrets from my home. Instead, you stole my heart and loyalty. Today, I come to collect what is mine."

“I am not...” when he growled she stopped speaking and thought more carefully about her words “my nothing, I am not a powerful must be mistaken about our bond”

"Your ability is aura detection," he said. "You can sense the energy of others, but you fear it, just as you fear life with me. There is no mistake. Now, you will come with me where we can discuss things as we are meant to."

“You mean we’re we can fuck and you can chain me to you?” She said crossing her arms “and I just have good intuition, I am nothing special in that way” she said “I heard Lycans can mate with others if I am not your soulmate then you can mate with another and I am definitely not that”

"I cannot be with another," he said, turning her towards him. He looked savage, more so than she remembered, as if life had thrown every curveball at him and it hit him where it hurt most. "You are the one, I know it. However, yes, I have come to claim you. It will make our relationship easier in the long run. You don't know the family curse. I do not want to get to that point, which is why I sought you out so relentlessly. I am beyond where I can turn back." He grabbed her arm and started to drag her to the woods. "It must be tonight, little thief, or a monster will be unleashed. And you must accept what is. Neither of us can fight it."

She flinched out of habit when he grabbed her but felt no pain like she did when anyone else’s touched her, she had always been more sensitive to males, a alpha should have brought her to her knees “if we do this will you leave me alone?l she asked already knowing the answer “if I do this and your safe from falling can we separate?”

"No," he said. "I will not give you up. I'm not a Jaguar. I'm a Lycan."

She sighed “so my choices here fall I go crazy and I go crazy which pretty much means I still die or I accept to be your mate...a stranger and we both live but at that point is it really living or...l she slammed her heels into the ground making him stop. When he looked back at her she pulled him towards her and pulled out her gun, just as his body slammed up against hers she shot at something behind him. A loud thud was heard and a man with a large shotgun fell from the near by tree. He was wearing a strang looking body suit “fucking they are stealing from us..” she said glaring at the dead man

"At this point, I do not care," he said, dragging her around the body. "Also, once I am safe from going rogue, we will have time to work things out. But if I cannot be near you without wanting to rip your clothes off of you and find every secret hollow on your body, then we will be in trouble." He looked back at her. "And how did you learn of my family curse? We are the only Lycans with such an affliction, the only family to suffer such a fate."

She smirked “I’m a Thorough thief “ she said

"And a terrible liar," he said. He took her to a cave behind a waterfall. She could tell he had been there often. "I tracked you to this place, and could tell you had not left. So, I made this my base. Now, I think it best if we learn each other's names." He bowed. "Col. Kirigan Donavine."

She frowned “I don’t want to talk” she said undoing her jacket “if your beast roses any further I don’t think I will survive tonight “ she said letting her jacket slid to the ground. "You haven't even begun to see my beast," he said, lighting a fire. "Also, I know your name already, Gidget. Scarlett told me when you ran the first time. She is the reason I have not found you as quickly as I desired. I will have a word with her after we are done, about how she nearly created a monster." He took off his own coat and she saw he was wearing no shirt beneath it. His muscles rippled deliciously from so simple a movement. "But I must know, do you accept what is between us? That we are mates?"

“I...” she thought of her words carefully “I will believe it once it is done but I am willing to test it” she said meaning every word “I also know...” she looked uncomfortable “I want to save you if I can” she said and he was on her instantly, kissing her hard and backing her up into the cave wall. He was so tall, almost picking her up off her feet just to kiss her. His hands tore her shirt from her body so that his rough hands could run over her satin skin. A small panic came in her mind, she had not been touch my another in anyway in so long it was overwhelming, he was overwhelming. She cried out against his lips , her body overly sensitive to his touch

He spoke in an language she had never heard in her head, but he translated it for her. By the light of the moon, I claim you. My mate for all time. The silvery light binds us, heart and body and soul. I will honor and care for you until the end of our days. I am your mate, and only fiery silver will tear me from you. She felt threads tying them. It wasn't the same as Scarlett's description of the lifemate bond. She knew that if he died, she would be able to continue on and find a lesser happiness, but happiness all the same. She would not live a half life, but she wouldn't be completely whole either. He bit down, his teeth sending a surge of fire through her blood. He was feeding on her as he fed information on his race to her. When he took enough, he opened his skin and had her drink from him until she had replenished what he took. It had not been necessary, but it tied them closer. A marriage. There would be no going back. He stripped her pants off of her, laying her on some soft moss. He then took his pants off so that she saw his large member. He had worn only a jacket and some jeans. The thought was sexy as hell to her. With a quick tug, he had her bra and panties removed so that he could arouse and prepare her body for his invasion. The first course, feasting on her dripping juices.

All thought left her head, this was not what she had read about this was overwhelming on a primal level. She gripped his shoulders to help her stay upright. She could feel his alpha blood coursing through her, it was like she was high. Her body felt like it was on fire, all of her senses heightened. She she bit her lip trying to not make noise but when his tongue slid in her wet fold she cried out, the sound echoing the watery cave

"I envy Carpathians," he said, lapping at the juices. "They can merge minds and learn about their mates. But Lycans, we go on pure instinct. I have to learn everything about you the hard way." He moved up her body. "Though, you seem to respond to everything I do." Then, he was facing her, pulling her to her knees while he stood before him. Without conscious thought, she took him in her mouth, her hands on his thick column of legs as he bunched her hair in his hand and helplessly thrusting into her mouth. She noticed he kept it shallow, showing he knew she wasn't used to this, showing restraint for her. "This is the way of my people, our people. God, you look so beautiful, piccola."

He pulled her up to him only to lay her back down on the moss, her legs open. Once more, his hands were everywhere, keeping the burning flame alive within her. She felt him slowly enter her. He felt like silk over iron until he came to the barrier of her innocence, then he felt impossibly big. He was suddenly too big, too long, too everything. But his mouth was devouring hers as he wrapped her arms around his neck. Then, he surged forward, capturing her moan. He waited a moment, allowing her body to get used to his size and girth. He hated that he had put all of himself into her as he tore her innocence, showing how close he was to losing control, but he loved how she gripped him and how he felt the very back of her instantly even though he hadn't tried to reach it. He started slow, or that had been the intention. After a handful of gentle thrusts, he was a hungry beast needing to hear her beg him to keep going and beg him for release. Without missing a beat, he flipped her over so that she was on her hands and knees so that he could thrust into her hard and deep without hurting her. It was unlike anything she had ever imagined. The call of the wild on the both of them.
He growled, bent his head to her neck, and said, "Now, I have to take a nibble. I want your taste in my mouth."

She moaned again softly and she relaxed in his arms like she was hypnotized by his very touch, she moved her head with his lips, giving him more access to her neck “you say such’s embarrassing “ she said in a breathless tone “your growl makes me...”

His hand found her core as he said, "You are so hot and wet down here. I want to feast upon you so bad, Serenity."

She shivered under his touch and her legs threatened to give out “Maddox...we...shouldn’t...and don’t speak that way to that voice”

He brought his fingers to his mouth and licked them. "Delicious." Her arousal filled the air and she was helpless to look away even though she was embarrassed by what he did, her breathing quickened and she realized something and she met his gaze “your....hold back, why? No....your distracting me” she said in a suspicious stone “you never tease like always just take me without a thought”

"Just trying something new," he said. "I want to show you what you mean to me."

She looked at him suspiciously and tried to back away from him “I don’t......”

"You are my world," he said. "When you felt as you did in learning about my money, I knew I had to show you." He knelt in front of her, his hot breath on her exposed thigh. "So, if you need me to show you, I will do so happily."

She looked down at him with flushed cheeks “Maddox....what if someone comes in or Xavier...”

He waved his hand towards the door. She felt a ward go up even as the door locked. That was his only answer before licking her through her silk panties. Her legs gave out and he held her up with ease, her head went back and her hands went to his hair “wait...” she moaned “we...shouldn’t”

He moved her panties aside, his tongue stabbing deep. She completely clasped then, he gently laid her on the floor so she was on her back, never removing his tongue from her, he had to hold her hips still and she became more unhinged. His fingers replaced his tongue in a hard rhythm as he licked up and down her now naked body.

He felt a switch in her, she groaned and grabbed his hair and pulled him up to her, her lips crashing hard against his, she moaned against his mouth as she rolled until she was on top. She nipped and kissed her way down his naked body until she reached his hard member. She took it in her mouth just as he started to speak

His hips bucked. He took hold of her hair. Just as he had teased her, she was now teasing him until he thought his heart would explode. She brought him close but never gave him his release, building him higher and higher let me taste you she moaned in his head. He pulled her up to him then, skewering her onto him as he kissed her deeply. He had to move his hips. There was no choice. She growled a soft feminine growl “I said...I wanted to taste you” she moaned

"Then do it," he said through clenched teeth, a clear demand, she smiled and started to ride him harder, when he was about to cum she got off and took him in her mouth keeping the pace, the sudden change threw him over the edge, his hips bucket as she took his hot lead down her throat, swallowing every drop

He pulled her back up and pinned her beneath him. He was instantly inside of her, sending wave after wave of pleasure through her.
"Alessia, would you leave me?" he asked, his voice sounding like he was breaking. "Would you abandon me to a cold world without your light in it?" He showed her what his life before her as best as he could. "No feeling... no colors... no you. I'm not going back to that."

“No fear...” she said seeing another side to it

"No hope," he finished.

“But I have no hope now...” she said

"What do you mean?" he asked. "I'm offering you hope."

“Just like you offered me protection...” she said still tense and unmoving

"I tried to take the pain, Alessia. I did not know that they would try to do that. If I had fought them, Maddox would have put me to sleep, where I wouldn't have been able to aid you at all. Then Xavier told me a way to keep the pain from hurting you, I took it. I would have spared you if I could."

“Xavier lied...I was in pain, you were not” she said

"I wouldn't have allowed that if I had known," he said. "Xavier told me to hold onto your spirit. I didn't feel any pain coming from you, so I thought..."

She moved away from him “just do whatever you want with me...I don’t care anymore” she said hugging herself sounding defeated

"There is nothing I can do," he said. "The decision is yours. Life or death for us."

Liz don’t want to die, I have just given up on living...I guess it’s the same thing” she said turning towards him “thank you though...for the good memories I do have...though they do no good in a broken mind” she said gripping her head

"Let yourself heal, Alessia," he said. "It will help get everything in order. If you do this, then we can pick up this discussion. You are not permanently broken."

She frowned “can you not see it...tell me I’m not broken”she said shutting her eyes

"I don't see a broken woman," he said honestly. "I see a woman struggling to understand the memories now open to her. I see a woman in pain and I have a need to ease or erase that pain for all time."

He felt her panic, she was scared to open her eyes “just.....leave me alone...please” she said in a scared tone "That I cannot do," he said “why...” she asked in a distant tone

"Because you are my lifemate," he said. "Because I can see what you are seeing. I know it isn't real, but I am."

“It’s real to me...” she said in a shaking tone

"I know, but I also know that I am clean in your eyes. I have more blood on my hands than you, yet you see me as clean. You know I am real, Alessia. Latch on to that thought and hold it close."

She frowned “your prince is waiting” she said coldly

"I'm not leaving you like this," said Landon. "It will take time, but we can heal your mind so that you no longer see blood and death around you, okay?"

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