New day a new enemy 3

She couldn't hold her voice anymore and normal she would have been embarrassed about the sounds coming out of her and the sounds of their bodies coming together but no thought managed to stay in her mind. He was filling her completely in everyway, she could feel him filling her very soul along with her body. Her body was not use to such wild handlings like this, a smell hit his nose that made him growl, the reason for her extreme sensitivity. He growled, but he didn't stop. He couldn't stop. He was growling, his hands tight on her hips.

When he had her right on the knife's tip, he sent her freefalling, screaming his name. He howled loudly, the sound of a lycan finding and claiming his mate, sending a ripple through her so that she fell again. When she was able to focus, she saw his arms next to her, holding him over her body in a dominant position. She couldn't move away from him without him moving his body out of the way, but that would mean she would feel him inside of her and cause another wave of pleasure. On the other hand, she could try to take over and become dominant, but everything in her said that she wouldn't win that battle and she didn't want to, that her place was beneath him, even though she was a dominant female herself. Before she could decide what to do in her tired state, he was moving again, as if he couldn't help himself.

"You saved me when others have condemned me," he said against her neck. "So now, it is my turn to please you."

His words made her close to cumming already "'s too much" she moaned and her chest fell to the mossy ground making him go deeper inside of her making her cry out, it was to much, she was too full with him, she came from him hitting the back of her so roughly

"Not for you," he said. "Mio Dio, piccola, you have no idea how good you feel." He felt her grab hold of his wrists as an anchor. "Tomorrow, we will learn about each other. Tonight," he gasped as she climaxed again, "tonight is just this."


Something heavy laid acrossed gidgets back , she couldn't move, her body was sore, more sore then when she had been training in the early days. He didn't let her rest until about three am. On and off he kept devouring her. She pulled herself more awake, forcing herself to open her eyes, she was staring at a water fall, his arm was the heavy thing acrossed her, it laid in such a way she would not be able to move it easily. She still tried and when she did he growled "You move and I make love to you again, piccola," he said drowsily. "It's too early to wake up. And don't tell me the time. All times are too early."

She sighed "I have to get up...natural calls and I have to go back and..."

He moved just slightly as if he were about to remove his body from hers and she was hit with a wave so hard, it took the wind out of her. "Do you think you could move without that happening along my full length when that was just a centimeter? Do not fool yourself, piccola."

He picked her up easily, her back to his chest. He took her to a corner, loving her moans as he carried her on his cock, knowing it only made her need to go more. He had her pinned to the wall in a dark corner and made love to her again, a short but rough moment that she hated to admit she enjoyed. After filling her again, he sat her on a portable camping toilet. He kissed her deeply. She heard him relight the fire and heard the sounds of food cooking.

When she was done she was determined to keep distance between them, she had mated with him just like she said she would, it didn't mean he could touch her whenever he wanted, she went over to the water and stepped in and began cleaning herself, she made a mental not with how much he had come inside her to go get a plan b from the pharmacy downtown. She would not be having some strangers pups "we need to talk about boundaries"

"Don't count too heavily on that, Gidget," he said, showing he had put his jeans back on and placed a delicious breakfast on a makeshift table for the two of them. "Today, we learn about each other. For instance, is that little bunny rabbit on your right buttocks a tattoo or a birthmark?"

She glared at him "we don't have to do this.." she said getting out of the water, her body dripping wet and her nipples hard from the change in temperature, her body was laced with scars, one was even above her eyebrow but it was old and faded "your safe from falling let's just go our separate ways and...."

"That's not how this works," he said. "Just as our brethren in the wilds, Lycans mate for life. There is only one. We may be able to bed others for a time, but once we find our one mate, no other will do. It's simply not done. No one will be able to feel like you, no one molded perfectly for me like you. In accepting the right to save me, you accepted being my mate and all that comes with it. Family, pack, and bearing my children. In other words, we are now married with no way to take it back and no divorce. The only course laying in wait for us is to learn to get along."

She was silent for a moment and stared at him in deep thought "I'm not the submissive type" she said in a stern tone "your a alpha, you'll want that from me and if you try to force it I'll break you in half" she said crossing her arms "that's what you need to know today, if I choose to tell you anything more it will be on my terms not yours , also unless I tell you it's ok don't touch me anymore" she said and she saw his eyes flash and he stood up. She knew what was in front of her, he didn't need to be in wolf form for her to see a beast staring her down "I mean it" she said taking a step back

He shackled her wrist in a gentle but unbreakable hold as he said, "Here's what you must know, then, Gidget. You were submissive all last night. From the moment I touched you in the field, you were submissive. I did not force that on you, you simply were. Now, I have been courteous in not looking in your mind, even while making love to you all night. But I will go in there and learn about my woman, whether she likes it or not. I'm giving you a chance to talk about yourself on your own terms and after you ran from me seven years ago, leaving my life a living hell, I think you owe me a simple talk. And it is my right to touch you. I am the only male allowed to touch you. Even your body says so." Her breasts jutted out with every breath she took. She hadn't dressed and, though he tried to ignore it, he wanted her again. He looked her in the eye. "Last chance to talk civilly or I make you writhe beneath me with pleasure as I take the information from that pretty little head of yours. While I'm in there during that time, I might plant a few seeds of my own in your brain. Such as being away from me making it impossible to think, that you become dependant on me, and more. I heard the prince's father had changed who his lifemate was because she wanted to leave. I've done far worse to far better people." He saw the fear in her eyes, fear of him changing her just to keep her a prisoner, and sighed. "Don't look at me like that. Don't fear me. I'm incapable of hurting you in such a way."

" Then why say it at all!" She yelled ripping her wrist from his grip and took a step back. He could hear her heart beating fast in her chest, gidget prided herself for not crying in years but for some reason his threat made her eyes burn as they threatened to cry "I will not be some toy you mold!" She said balling her fist "I will kill you before that happens " she said and he felt her anger rising replace ng the fear "you will not touch me" she said looking his chest "you will not touch my mind, " she said doing it again "you have not earned the right to know me yet and until you do if you want any chance for us you will respect that" she said meeting his gaze and holding it , a clear challenge to his kind and a threat to a alpha

He growled at her and said, "I am doing my best to not ravish you with you being naked. I said those things so you knew who I am. I expect you to take into account who you agreed to spend the rest of your life with. I do not want anyone else. I want you. And..." He growled again, watching her nectar drip from her. "Damn it, woman, put some fucking clothes on!"

"Make me!" She yelled back challenging him

He crowded her until her back was against the wall as he said, "You body is calling out for me, Gidget. Begging me to dominate like I did last night. I smell your arousal everytime I growl, everytime I grab your arm, everytime I assert dominance over you. You like me like that, giving you a reprieve from leadership and taking all control. But you refuse to accept what your soul knows to be true, what body and heart have learned last night. So, unless you want another lesson this day on the truth, put some clothes on." He cupped her suddenly aching breast in his large hand. "Though, if you wish to be submissive to me for the next several hours again, who am I to deny you?"

Everything in her wanted to fight him, to tell him he was wrong, she was never submissive,in her line of business that could be a death sentence. When his thumb graze her nipple she couldn't stop the moan that escaped from her parted lips, but she never looked away from his gaze "you don't know what you ask of me...." She said in a breathless tone. She wanted to touch him, the urge to do so was overwhelming "just for today...just for today I'll give in because you waited as long as you could" she said recognizing his effort to give her time. Without another word she grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him forward,crashing her lips to his

He lifted her easily and slowly entered her. He had given her time he could not afford. The instant he saw her, his life had been a living hell, his soul in a deep spiral towards becoming a demon. It had been slow before she tried to steal military secrets from him, but the instant he laid eyes on her, his world shifted drastically. He retired from the military, put his beta in charge of the pack, and went on the hunt. It was either find her or fall. He gave up everything for Gidget, had to. She ran and he would follow until he found her. He began thrusting into her hard, pinning her to the wall with her hands above her head so that he could explore her body without interference. He was as gentle as he was rough, tender and dominating. He could not change. He had been too long in charge, too long a leader. He wanted to give her time to understand, to give her what she wanted, but that's not what she or he needed. He knew she would fight him for dominance, but he knew she would not win. In the field, with her team, let her lead and be in control, but with him, he was always in charge. She would come to see that, but he knew a leader when he saw one. She would lead their pack with him, not be moved out of it. He filled her and set her feet on the ground, their bodies separating.

"Gidget, I have no pack now," he said, giving her something. "I will call others to me, others who have been kicked out of their packs. I will lead them, just as you lead your gang of thieves. But I will need a beta, a second in command. I recognize your ability to fight." His fist clenched. He was not used to explaining things, just commanding it, but he would try for her. "I would like you to not only be my mate, but my beta as well. You would still be the sole leader of your band of misfits, but also our pack's second. Pack-related matters would need my approval, but if I am not found, as my mate and second, you would have the final say." She could see the struggle on his face to not only explain but give her a sense of power in their relationship, even if it was still under him. "We would battle together and live together. You would be the first female to be mated to her alpha and be the beta of the pack. Say you will be my beta."

She was quiet for a moment and then she met his gaze "I would first need to see if your worth following and if the pack is worth protecting and leading, I know your tracking skills but I do not know you as a leader or a fighter, I will make my decision based on you completely and whose company you decide to keep" she said in a honest tone "I never go in blindly so I can not give you a answer know but I will give you the chance to show me and....."

He pointed to a photo on the table next to her and said, "Those are the men and women that follow me into battle for Italy and her people. They were also my pack... until I retired to chase after you."

"If they are your true pack then they will be waiting your return" she said simply "and a picture doesn't not tell me who they are or who you are" she said in a calm tone and then looking at her clothes sighing "you tore my clothes..."

"I gave my pack to my former beta," he said. "It was about time I moved away anyway. If I stayed too much longer without aging, the humans would suspect something more than just me possibly selling secrets. The media loves to sensationalize things. I never sold secretes. Your people came back after you ran while I was packing and stole those secrets from me, selling them to the enemy, who nearly took out my people. They got many good men killed, men with families. I had to clean that up before I left." He pulled out a news article. "I vowed to kill the men who did it. Made orphans for no other reason than we are different."

Italian military called to bomb threat in Rome. Twenty-three dead, twelve injured. Col. Kirigan stated that the lose of life was intolerable and their families would receive recompense, though it would not make up for the loss the children and spouses would feel. He also announced his retirement after fourteen years of service on the heels of the attack. Police managed to find fingerprints of two men on bomb fragments. Former U.S. Ranger Danville and McCraig, who now work in the private sector, had previously been in the country on business but have since vanished. Their whereabouts unknown.

Her face became like stone and she handed him back the paper "look I have things I need to take care of and so do you, I was in the middle of a job when you came, and though I quit I must settle things with the company I was keeping" she said "so I need clothes and I need to leave" she said crossing her arms taking a step away from him

He handed her a shirt and a pair of sweats. They smelled of him when she put them on, but they were almost twice her usual size, meaning she had to tie a knot in both of them for them to stay up. He smiled.

"You look good in my clothes, though I prefer you accessable to me," he said.

"Good to know , now I know to double layer" she said sarcastically, tying her hair up in a messy bun and began to walk towards the exit of the cave

He pulled her back to him and kissed her hard and said, "You look sexy when you try to act tough with me. Your intimidation act might work on others, but I know what you're like in bed. If you find those two, send one my way. I have much to pay him back for." He had an angry expression now, like the predator he was. "They killed my men and they blew up my favorite car." He looked at her as she laughed, openly laughed at him. "What's so funny?"

"Nothing just thought pouting looked funny on a alpha " she said pushing him away "and enjoy being able to touch me while you can because after today if you do so without my permission there will be consequences"

"No, there won't," he said. "You can't harm your mate. Also, you like me touching you. And I wasn't pouting. I was seething with rage. Get it right next time. And I mean it. You give me have the stronger of the two. I was quite rough with you in our lovemaking, so you aren't able to handle a man at full strength." But the look she gave him told him that was the wrong thing to say as she said "really.....tell that to your lycan gaurds I took out the night I raised your base, these men are you, I've killed not other your kind but vampires as well and many humans" she said with a deadly glare "but go ahead and underestimate me mate " she said emphasizing the last word in a nasty tone "don't forget our union is not carpathian and this time you won't find me again if I choose to leave" she said making it very clear it was a threat

He pulled her close to him and said, "I can find you anywhere now, piccola. And I did not express myself correctly. I'm just saying, you don't have a clear view of yourself. Exhausted and covered in my marks. I am trying to care for my mate after a long," he kissed her neck, "rough," he growled as his scent hit his nose, "and intense night of lovemaking. If you don't leave now, I'll not be able to stop myself from ravishing you for the rest of the day and well into the night. You are that beautiful. Not to mention, tasty and hot."
you just came... she moaned in his head You have not, he said, suckling her breast I came when you did and... she cried and and he tasted sweet milk come from her breast, he felt her embarrassment "oh!" She said covering her face with her hands. He chuckled and said, "I want to see your face. Knowing you can provide perfectly for our child, I am happy, Serenity. And it tastes delicious. It makes me want to feast upon you even more." She pouted "you tease me to much I'm going to go insane" she said. He thrust hard into her and said, "I'm not teasing. I'm enflaming." For the rest of the night they were not needed and he took that opportunity to inflame her all night long.
She started to shake as she held her hands over her eyes, her ears heard sounds that made her skin crawl "landon..." She said in ain a scared tone that broke his heart

He pulled her into his arms and said, "Let me put you to sleep, the healing sleep of our people. Nothing will touch you there. We can let your mind heal, mon amour."

She shook in his arms "and then what...I wake to the same nightmare" she said gripping his shirt "No," he said. "I will feed you as I heal your mind. I will tell you of the beauty of things while you lay dreaming in my arms as you feed. You will not see evil when it is my mind you will be in. I will keep it all away so that when you next wake fully, you will not have the nightmares in your waking hours." She sighed and said " why did it end like this ...I was someone else before I came here .. now I'm a broke thing, he got what he wanted" before he could rely her body shut down and went into a carpathian sleep in his arms

Landon put her into the ground and explained to Xavier what she was seeing. Xavier nodded, saying he would send a healer to aid him in healing her mind the next day before he left. Landon then followed Alessia into a Carpathian sleep.

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