Mates break fates

Of she could have kicked her own ass for feeling how she was feeling she would, his touch was maddening and that growl of his called to her core and she answered wet and hot. She told him he had the day, so she would indulge him for now, but she would not make it easy. She turned her head and bit hard into his shoulder

He chuckled, his hand finding her core, as he said in a tone that curled her toes instantly, "Gidget, where are the degenerates that attacked my men? Tell me their location, piccola."

She grabbed his wrist stoping him "no"

He looked at her, shocked for a moment but then smiled, saying, "I thought you said I could have this night to play with your beautiful body. Are you taking that back? That's not nice, piccola." His free hand cupped her cheek. "Why would you deny me this?"

"Because your using it to try and get your way and I won't allow that habit to stay" she said

"Piccola, you wound my honor," he said with a smile that sent her heart into overdrive. "Do I look like a man that would seduce you just to get my way?" His fingers began moving harder in and out of her as he beant down to kiss her neck. "And more importantly, is it working?"

"'s not...because even if you fuck me right here I'm not telling you" she moaned

"The sound of your voice says otherwise," he said, bringing his fingers from her core to his mouth. "So does your taste. Remove your clothes, piccola." Before she could stop herself, she had her pants slipping from her waist at the same time as his. "The shirt too, Gidget. I want to see all of you." The gravel in his voice had her obeying, even though there was no compulsion. It was the promise of heat and fire and passion in his tone that had her dripping for him.but she glared at him the whole time "Lay down. I need to feast upon you." When she had done that, he opened her legs and positioned himself so that she could take him into her mouth. As she did that, he sucked on her clit and his fingers massaged her womanhood so that she was drowning in pleasure. "Delicious. The most exquisite meal."

She was drowning, she hated herself for it, she had always prided herself with having a strong will and self control, but he made it non existent, something she would have to plan and work on to control and limit his effect on her, but for now she would keep her word and give him this day. Her tongue massaged his shaft as she took him deep in her mouth

Just as she was about to make him cum and she was about to fall with him, he turned so that he was facing her and entered her hard. His little thief didn't like it gentle, which was a good thing because he wasn't a gentleman. The rougher he got, the wetter she got and the more submissive. He loved how she begged him for release followed by begging him to keep going. He had her on her knees, her breasts pressed into the soft moss, now feathery tongues teasing her sensitive nipples. He had her held down, in full dominance as he thrust deeper and deeper into her.

"Where are they, Gidget?" he asked, knowing that her mind was clouded now that she would reveal what he wanted. This control he had was but a thread that was quickly going up in flames, but he would get his answer. "I need to know, piccola. Tell me."

"I won't tell you....but I will show you" she said "and that's the only way it will happen, you said you wanted to be together we'll, then we will being doing this together" she said in a breathless tone

He chuckled and said, "I need to know the location first. I will not allow either of us to be in unnecessary danger." He began thrusting harder. "You will tell me, right, Gidget? You don't want me to get hurt, right?"

She full on stopped him from thrusting by tightening her legs and pushing against his chest with her hands "don't....." She said with a upset tone "don't you dare be another person who tries to manipulate me in such a way" she said in a serious tone

"Gidget, I have to know where this place is," he said honestly. "I am being honest with you on that. If it is dangerous, I will not allow you to go, nor will I go there. I would lure them out into the open. Never worry about that. Now that I have you, I would never do anything that would endanger what we have. It's far too new for me to risk."

She looked at him and said "it's not a place but a when, I have to call a meeting which I already did, tomorrow at the church in town" she said

"That is a location," he said, moving his hips again. "Now, let's just enjoy each other's company." He quickly enflamed her, his hands finding hollows that she didn't even think could be eroginous zones. "Dio, piccola, it feels like you won't let me go."

She moaned loudly "your the one pinning me down" she said in a uneven tone

"But your body is the one holding me with a vice grip," he said, moving harder and faster. He was fast losing himself in her body that he fell back on his Italian. "Forse non ti conosco molto bene, ma ti amo già, piccola! Ma Dio, ti senti come il paradiso! Non posso vivere senza di te!"

She cried out and then moaned "God has nothing to do with it" she said in Italian letting him know she understood Italian

Within minutes she was free-falling hard and fast, over and over. He wasn't letting her catch her breath, showing he had lost all control. He pinned her down in a primal, dominant stance, growling with pleasure. Her eyes nearly rolled to the back of her head, she felt so much pleasure of her own. She couldn't control her voice, not that she could speak. He filled her once more, howling to the heavens before falling to the ground next to her. Making them lay on their sides without disconnecting their bodies. It wasn't until the sun had sunk below the horizon that they both woke up, aching all over. Their bodies were still connected and it felt as if he hadn't had a chance to go limp because her body was still pulsing from their large orgasm. She moaned soft “if we don’t stop we will make ourselves sick...we have not eaten or drank anything in hours” she said even as her hips moved just enough to thrust him softly inside her

"I'm not the one moving," he said, his voice deeper and more gravelly than normal from growling and howling so much, instantly causing her juices to flow more. "Mio Dio, piccola! I do not think this is what stop means, but I do not mind."

It was hard to move , everything was so sore but the pain added to the pleasure. She moved so she was on top , she planted her hands on his chest and began to ride him, her pace was slowly and teasing, building him up slowly “if your that tired I’ll take control” she saw teasingly

He rolled until he was on top, setting a hard pace again, saying, "I do not think so, picoola. The dominant should be on top, don't you think?"

She used her legs and locked them and started meeting his thrust “a real dominant can lead from the bottom” she said with a smirk “I guess since you don’t know that , maybe you should not claim to be one” she said in a challenging tone

"Ah, but does the dominant one let the sub hold them down," he said, pinning her arms beside her head as he moved harder and deeper. "No dom can stand that, yet every time we have made love, you have always been sub. What does that say about you being the dom between us?"

“I told I would give you today...” she said in a serious tone “this is me acknowledging your suffering, I hope you will give me the same courtesy in the future” she said not fighting his hold but kept thrusting her hips

"I have always given you that courtesy," he said. "I may have had to chase you around the world, but I only wanted to learn about you. Would it have been hard, yes, but I would have taken you on dates, learned everything about you slowly, and taken my time. It was you who ran from that. If I didn't plan on giving you that courtesy, I would have claimed you the night you entered my home." He leaned in. "And, piccola, it was a fight to not do so, yet I won. What does that tell you?"

“That you have grown soft” she said back into his ear and then nipped his neck

Though his hips didn't stop, the look on his face said it all. Shock. Pure, utter shock. And, was he blushing? "Piccola?" he asked in a soft voice.

She looked at him, meeting his gaze, when she saw his expression, she slowed her trust “what’s I do something....”

"Did you just give me a love bite and not understand what that means?" he asked.

She frowned “a what?” She said in a low tone

"A love bite," he said, hiding his face in her hair to hide the moisture developing there. "A sign of affection. Most Lycans do it intentionally during lovemaking, but some do it on instinct... like you just did."

It was hard to focus on his words when he talked against her neck like that, it was then she noticed how the sex had turned softer, almost gentle and sensual, it was a complete one eighty to what they had been doing all day and night “kirigan....are you ok?” She asked. She found something wild about having sex this way too, it was more personal though and that me her want to retreat and stop

"Yes, piccola," he said, giving her his own love bite in return. "Just happy."

She had urges she didn’t want to feel, but she acted on them, slowly she brought her hand up and lightly gripped the base of his neck, something in her flinched, no this was to intimate, to personal. She suddenly gripped his hair and pulled his head back to make him look at her “ have gone soft” she said

"Just for you, crazy woman," he said with a smile that softened the hard edges of his face.

She frowned again and decided she could no longer do it “either fuck me or get off of me” she said not meaning for her tone to sound so cold but it did. She wasn’t ready for this much intimacy, it scared her , but other reason also made this sweetness hell for her, things she kept far from her mind or they would break her

He smiled and said, "Well, why didn't you just say so?"

Just like that, it was hard and rough again. Yes, he loved the intimate moment they had just shared, but she didn't need that. She needed him hard and rough. He needed to be hard and rough. Until he knew her better, until she knew him better, this was best. But he knew by her love bite that he was making his way into her heart, slowly but surely.

Early morning, 5 am

Kirigan woke up at the sound of the first bird chirping, he had made sure the Gidget was to tired to leave that evening, he cooked them dinner and ravished her over and over again until they literally could not move any more, their bodies spent. And this morning he had a plan. He knew the church she spoke of. He wanted to kiss her before he left but knew that it would wake her. He got up and dressed quickly and walked out of the cave. He got about twelve feet from her before a mind numbing pain shot up his arm and throughout his whole body like he was being electrocuted. He tried to ignore it but another foot caused him to grasp his arm and go to his knees in pain. He was fighting the urge to yell out in pain. He looked at his wrist and saw a bracelet with a sun on it. He tried to take it off, feeling like a trapped wolf. But he couldn't find the clasp. He then tried to force it off until his wrist was bloody. It was then that he heard footsteps coming towards him and the shocks began to lessen until Gidget stood in front of him. He looked up at her, growling.

"What the hell did you do?" he asked, still clawing at his wrist to free himself of his chain.

She smiled and crossed her arms “I read and heard its custom for your kind to give gifts for the mating ceremony, so here are mine “ she said holding her arm up to show him a similar with a moon and diamonds “ of the great advantage of being me is I plan ahead and don’t trust anyone, I read you like a book kirigan” she said in a more serious tone “your going to learn that I won’t bow down and just accept what you want me to accept, I’m your mate and to me that means something different then it does to you, I’m your equal not your subordinate, now I let you have your fun for a day like I promised well not the fun ends” she said meeting his gaze “oh and if you try and force the bracelet off it will give you a nice lethal dose of silver bane” she said “and only I know the way to take it off, but hey it’s not that bad, these bracelets can also tell us each other’s location, let each other feel each other’s heart beats and a couple of other nifty thing” she said with a bored shrug and turned her back to him and started walking away “welcome to the cage kirigan “

"I didn't cage you!" he growled. "This... This is not the same as the ritual in any way and you know it! I was only doing my duty by destroying those that hurt my people!" He pulled her to a stop, his blood covering her arm. "Take it off of me!"

She ripped her arm from his grip “oh, is that what you were doing? Well mr I think of you and your well being let me tell you something, fucking me just to make me too tired to realize you snuck off and killed my men, when I made it clear I wanted to do it together does not scream caring but selfish, not to mention the fact you used sex to try and get the rest information out of me, as far as I can tell, so far you’re a conniving sneaky beast of a man, I told you there would be consequences” she said in a serious tone

He sighed and said, "Yes, I can see how it would appear that way. But really, I was wanting to spare you having to destroy those you thought were allies, men you had fought next to. I also don't want you hurt. Gidget, do you honestly believe I would go back on my word for anything as simple as just liking to kill? Can you look me in the eye and say that? I have been honest with you on everything. This is my final gift to my former pack, piccola, and my first gift to you. I have no attachments to these men, and you do. I did not want to risk you hesitating and getting hurt."

She glared at him and suddenly she moved quickly and had him on his back, the arm the to bracelet she held firmly while her foot his on his chest “you made a decision based on assumptions” she said in a nasty tone “that makes me question your ability as a leader, you do not know me well enough to know how I react or fight or feel, you assumed and guess what you made the wrong decisions because of it, you didn’t even bother to try and talk to me about it which shows me you don’t see me as a equal but a subordinate, someone weaker then you that you have to protect” she said throwing his arm down and stepping back “you are twice my sized and heavier then him yet your on your back, you don’t know me, but I am learning a lot about you and I’m not impressed”

He was up instantly and said, "I am giving you the courtesy of not looking in your mind. I will naturally make mistakes because I chose the human way of making friends and handling situations. But doesn't that mean you also make assumptions about me? Just because I chose to keep my mate safe doesn't mean I see you as weaker or my subordinate." He walked up to her. "Perhaps, piccola, it means I care. But you run from things that could be deeper than a working relationship. I did my homework, Gidget. Once things get personal, you leave. Once things start to become permanent, you get out. This time, you aren't able to walk away." He sighed. "Let just get this over with so we can talk. Because clearly, being nice and actually giving a damn is betrayal in your eyes."

“It is and it’s one of the worse kinds” she said just as erik showed up out of no where “you called for me” he said

Kirigan growled and placed himself between Gidget and the stranger. Not only that, but she was naked, for heaven's sake! He was ready to attack Erik at any moment, a red haze taking over. To him, this was an enemy, nothing less. If he could have pushed her back to the cave, he would have, but his instincts told him to kill the man in front of him for even seeing her in such a state. He was an alpha protecting his mate, and if Erik took a step closer, all hell would break loose. The air was heavy as if the whole forest held it's breath to see what would happen.

“Thank you for the clothes erik” Gidget said behind kirigan “I asked him to come” she said placing her hand on kirigan arm and walking out from behind him “me and my mate got a bit rough I only trust you to heal him please” she said and erik looked at kirigan “my apologies when she said you needed healing I came quickly, I did not think to make sure I did not startle you or that I would find her unclothed” he said with a sincere tone “my name is erik Daratrazanoff “ he said slightly bowing in a greeting

Kirigan looked at the man a moment longer and said, "Ciao, ancient one. I am Kirigan. It is an honor to meet with you. Forgive my manners. I am new to having a mate. And mine seems to be... difficult."

Gidget frown and nudge him aside "his arm please erik and my duffle bag" she said. Walking up to him and he handed her, her duffle bag "thanks" she said and turned to walk away "xavier.." he began and she waved him off "I know I will come tomorrow evening" she said and walked back into the cave. Erik looked at kirigan"do I have your permission to heal you?" He asked

"No entering my mind," he said, holding his injured arm out. "That is all I request. Well, maybe go into hers and find out how to take this damned thing off."

Erik raised his eyebrow and stepped forward "are you in danger?" Was all he asked as he gently yet firmly took his arm, inside of being a healing light he bent his head and started to lick the wound

"No, nothing like that," he said. "I don't share my mind with anyone. My reasons are my own, healer. I have not shared them with anyone, and have not had time to tell Gidget why."

"I meant the bracelet " he said and continued to heal his arm

"Her idea of a gift," he said with a growl. "I want it off. It's not a gift. She has attempted to place a collar on an alpha. It is dangerous, and that's putting it mildly."

"I see" he said standing up normally "it is done and as for gidget I am a man of my word, our prince gave strict instructions not to look into her mind" he said "I'm sorry but if you two are in need or in danger do not hesitate to call"

Kirigan nodded and said, "Thank you for your aid."

He nodded "I will give you this advice as a long mated male" he said "listen and I don't mean just her words , listen to her actions, her emotions, listen especially when she thinks you are not watching her. Everything they do, from their breath to their looks, what they like and dislike, it a language only you as her mate can understand and it tells you more then she ever could, truly....take a moment it doesn't matter what going on in fact I say the more different different situations you do this in the better, calm yourself and just, watch her, listen to what her actions say to you."

"All I need to know right now is why being considerate and caring for her is seen as a betrayal," he said. "I thank you for your advice, of course, but it does not change the fact she put this collar on me because I cared for her. I know I have much to learn about her, and it will take time, but... I will learn about her and her about me in our own time."

He nodded "good evening" he said and left. Back in the cave he found gidget putting a knife on her thing band, her cream like skin seems to glow against the blackness of her skirt

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