Mates break fates 2

"How many exits in the church?" he quizzed her, using his way of preparing to help her focus more. "How many men? How many places can you or they hide within?" He smiled. "Do you know how sexy you look right now?"

She rolled her eyes "the church is fake you know, there is a whole self sutaining bunker underneath it that can house at least a hundred people" she said raising her skirt higher to hook a small safer on a chain to her black laced underwear

"It is still a place of worship, Gidget," he said. "Many people go to it for comfort and prayer."

She chuckled "and have no idea of the sin below them, kind of ironic" she said fixing her skirt "one way in and one way out, you will hold your tongue and your anger because it is my group, you want justice fine, but we do this my way" she said in a serious tone "if you can't agree then we will not go"

He tilted her chin up so that she had to look him in the eye as he said, "Don't get hurt. I mean it, Gidget. The instant you go down, and control I might have will be destroyed and the whole lot of them will die for harming you. I don't care if it's a paper cut. They will not live if I see them so much as injure you. Beyond that, I will do my part and be silent but deadly."

“I run things different then the society” she said “the others have the right to know that they broke our rules, you being there is me taking a gamble, if you lose control they will never trust me again because I brought you, what you do will reflex me” she said “just like what I do would have reflexes you to your pack” she said “as a leader I know you can I stand this, I’m not saying I will deny you your revenge I am just saying be careful how you do it”

"This isn't the first time I've been behind enemy lines, piccola," he said. "I know what's at stake and every way it could go wrong. Never worry about that. Now, let's get this done and over with."

When he turned to start leaving she grabbed his arm, she pressed a button on the bracelet and suddenly he felt a throbbing against his wrist “my heart beat, as warriors by near beat alone we can tell each other how the situation is going, our faces will show what we want them to show but a pulse doesn’t lie”

"Stay steady," he said after a moment, savoring the feel of her heartbeat. "Tonight we are hunting and being hunted."

She chuckled and released his arm “I helped train some of them, you have no idea what your walking into” she said and he could see the pride in her eyes yet also sadness, but her tone was neutral. She began walking towards the exit of the cave

"At the sight," he said as they walked out into the night, "I had the scent of five men and one woman. I want all of them, but only know of the ones in the paper. We must find all six, Gidget. Knowing the people you work with, having interrogated a number of them, they don't break. I admire their training even as I despised how they hid those that killed innocent men and women. You trained them well, as infuriating as it is to be on the opposite side of them."

“An enemy of my enemy....” she mumbled to herself “it will be done, but tomorrow we will have to separate, I have business to finish with the Carpathian’s” she said and he felt her heart race a little but saw her take a breath and it slowed

"I would like to accompany you," he said. "As you are my mate, I should get to know those you would be spending most of your time with. Perhaps, one day, we will travel to Italy and meet my former pack. All while you get to actually see the sights and not steal from them."

“I will not be spending time with these people” she said simply “anyways I..” her heart beat sped up suddenly and she cursed and froze in her spot, she was looking at a large wild spider, resting in its web between the two trees the were walking towards

He chuckled and moved her around the trees and said, "Go into a warzone, sure, no problem. Place a harmless spider in your path, and you get scared. You are a strange one. Good thing I like strange."

She glared "excuse me but that was the comb foot spider, it happens to be one of the most venomous spiders in all of europe and I wasn't scared it's simply a know thy enemy kind of thing" she said crossing her arms, he saw her look back and then shiver and walk faster

"It's harmless so long as you don't mess with it," he pointed out. "And you didn't. Besides, I felt your heartbeat. It was not that of someone respecting nature or possibly dangerous bugs, but someone afraid. If it makes you feel on even footing, would you like to hear my fear?"

"Sure" she said sounding uninterested as she kept looking around in a paranoid manner

"Heights," he said. "I don't have a house of two stories, and that's pushing it. Cliffs, planes, tall buildings, etc. cause me to sweat. I try to avoid them if I can. When I can't, I try to do my job without thinking about it."

She didn't say anything for a moment "is it because dogs don't land on their feet" she said pursuing her lips like she was trying not to smile

He chuckled and said, "Wolves do go to the edge of the cliffs at times. No, it's simpler than that. I fell out of a tree as a child."

"So? I've fallen out of trees many times, but I don't mind heights" she said with a shrug. Before he could reply he got a whiff of blood, a deer

He growled, stopping her movements. "Don't move. Something is hunting now and we have entered its territory. I'm going to shift into my wolf form and you are going to ride on my back. It will be safer for you." He then said, "Also, I was three."

She sighed "I'm not riding on your back I'm more then capable..." A large bear came in view as she walked around the corner. She had never seen on so close, he was magnificent. Hundred of pounds of raw muscle. She took in every detail in awe,the bear was in the middle of eating a large buck. She could hear the crunching of the bones like it was nothing for him to bite through them

He kept her behind him and said, "While you are admiring that beast, he is eyeing you for dinner. Don't move. No sudden movements. Now, I'm going to shift. Don't scream and don't run." His arm started to contort and fur growing along it. "I will protect you from him if he decides to attack."

"No need, he won't" she said come confidently and took a step towards the bear

He held her back and said, "Caro Dio, donna! Sei pazzo o stai solo chiedendo di essere mangiato?!"

She rolled her eyes "will you let me go he is a shifter one I personally know" she said in a calm tone looking back at the large male bear "where is your sister and have you been well?" She asked and the bear nodded and looked in to the left just a smaller yet still large bear came out, they both had the same colored fur, dark blonde with red hues, but the female was a light tone "I thought you two were leaving until the war was over. The female bear shifted, a naked woman with red and blonde hair and hazel eyes stood in its place "the war will never be over and this is our home" she said walking up to her and kirigan "oh this is....kirigan, my...mate" she said hesitantly. The girl looked shocked "mate? You? Oh man I'm sorry buddy get out now" the girl said in a teasing tone and gidget rolled her eyes "shut up"

"You're... Carpathian?" he asked, then he sighed. "You should go back to your brother and shift. There are human butchers nearby and it is not safe. You both should return to your people for safety."

"We are not carpathian moon brother we are shifters" she said with a smile. Gidget turned to him before he could speak "first of their kind, they were a byproduct of a experiment done by the society mages, I rescued them a few years ago, brought them to a white witch who helped them be accepted by mother earth" she said "and now here we are" said the woman with a smile "anyways I better go eat before his fat butt eats it all" she said and the large male bear groaned

"I have read about Ursuthropes, but they had gone extinct so long ago that no one remembers them," he said. "According to the historians among my people, we determined that they disappeared the same way the Jaguars nearly did, but no one dared help them due to their tempers. You would be the first in nearly six millennia."

"They used magic to pull forward our family blood line, there are many humans walking around not knowing they had ancestors who were shifters, but it's so weak that all they share is the blood, not the ability, I can't image going back, we always felt, but as a human that normal, now, we feel whole" she said with a smile " I don't care that we are hunted, I am grateful for the gift of my ancestors" she said "I mean god .." she said digging her feet in the dirt "to feel the power in my bones and the forest...when I run, how the ground shifts between my large's" she sighed "it's natural and I'll fight to keep it"

"These people kill humans, Carpathians, Lycans, anyone different," he said. "They would kill your brother and you would have a hard death after they had their 'fun' with you. They tend to focus on Carpathians and humans though. Still, they would still try to capture you if they knew you were more than just bears. I'm cautioning you to be careful." He pulled Gidget to his side. "I am glad my little thief managed to save you. Her talents can be useful at times."

She elbowed him in the ribs and moved away " she knows what the society is capable of and what the Carpathians and other shifters are capable of, now let's go we have work to do" gidget said walking away "keep in touch!" The girl save waving at her while she walked away "yeah yeah just don't cause any trouble" gidget replied "hey " she said to kirigan before he started to follow "good luck with that one you'll need it, also keep your mouth shut about is or I'll eat you " she said with a smile yet her eyes said she was serious

"If you ever need aid, I will gladly give it, but send your brother," he said. "I don't need Gidget thinking I'm looking at another woman." When they were out of sight, he looked at Gidget and said, "You found a treasure, but there is a problem. They are too close to the Carpathians and if she is lifemate to one of them, it could cause problems. With them being the only known werebears in existence, any Carpathian will want to protect them, whether they like it or not. I own some land in Russia that will be to their liking and will be a safe haven for them. No one will bother them as it is a nature preserve."

"You try changing convincing them to leave romania.. I thought I was stubborn" she said in a aggravated tone

"It is an offer and it is their choice to not accept," he said with a shrug. "Now, about this spider phobia you have..."

She ignored him and said "we are close so shut up" she said as they emerged and found themselves staring at the town

He didn't like how quiet the town was. He wanted to get Gidget out of harm's way but she stood next to him with such confidence that he was in awe of her. He walked with her to the church and took up a lazy stance in some shadows near her as she stood on the dias. Soon after, her men began to file in.

Once they were all there she got their attention, all of them had their faces covered on way or another "we have a new member joining up, kirigan come on out" she said

Kirigan stepped out, looking intimidating as hell. He gave a smirk and gave a mock salute to everyone but did little else. All of this caused one man to say, "This man isn't human. Do you think we can trust him, Ms. Leader?"

She glared at him "I told you if you called me that again I will have wing man teach you a lesson " she said folding her arms and the man held up his hands "it was a joke" he said backing down "the others asked no question "you all have been sent a certain message of tonight events correct" they all noded "good then let's go" she said and they all filed in. As they walked she explained "we don't take kindly to betrayal" she said to kirigan "when we get there you will see the way we work" she said

He nodded. He wanted to wrap his arm around her, take her out of this nest of vipers, but knew that she wouldn't like him to do that. He had noticed that the other men gave her ample room and didn't touch her skin. He had to fight the urge to kiss her too, seeing how she commanded her men.

"Hey, Gidg," said a woman, rather young looking and still giving off the noob vibe, "you think someone did something they weren't supposed to, right? What's going to happen?" She looked at Kirigan and her breath caught in her throat now that she saw him up close. "And where did you find the hunk?" Kirigan raised an eyebrow like he didn't understand what the child was saying. "I mean, you do know he's smoking hot, right?"

Kirigan saw the closet man to them shake his head and say something in a language he didn't understand and everyone stopped and moved back just as gidget grabbed the woman by the throat turned her around so she was in front of her and then kicked her so hard she went sliding a few feet away "one, you don't talk so disrespectful, two in the message you all got it was specified not to bring up the content of it or speak of it out loud and three , that's your third strike nina, you don't follow out rules and can't keep up with even the youngest here, Micheal" she said and large man stepped out, his face had a fox mask on it, all black that matched his jacket and pants . Gidget nodded and Micheal came up and started dragging nina away "no please! I'll do better!" The girl cried as she was dragged around a corner

Kirigan shook his head. He joined the others to continue walking. But the name, Michael, stirred a memory he long ago shut a door on. He shook his head again and focused on the mission. He took a sniff at the air and found the five scents, the five people who harmed his former pack. They would pay, and he would enjoy bringing Lycan justice to them.

They entered a room, some people sat down while others stood in a circle around five individuals sat on their knees with bags over their heads. Gidget sat down on a chair in front of them, she was the closes "begin" she said simple and two of the smalls standing in a circle unbagged their heads. Kirigan recognized them instantly "you have been accused with evidence" she said and the people around them said in unison "innocent until proven guilty". Gidget crossed her legs "yes or no" she asked the group of five, the two females and one male said "yes " while the other two males said " no" ,kirigan recognized them as the two males who he personal had a vendetta against. Gidget nodded and the ones who said yes were taken away to another room while the two males stayed "begin" gidget said and a large man who wore a tiger mask came up and placed his hands on both of their heads, they both started sweating and looking in pain

Kirigan looked at Gidget, unsure of what was going on. There were six total, one female and five males. Why was she putting them in separate groups? He watched and waited.

After a few moments the male nodded and said "yes" the two men turned white , one got angry "you won't get away with this, we have made connections that will sniff this group out!" Gidget nodded and they were dragged away. Every one watched in silence until they were gone "you know know what to do" everyone left leaving her and kirigan alone "ask your questions"

"There were six, not five," he said. "Also, one female and five males. Why were there two females and three males? And why less than the number of culprits? And what was all of that?"

"First you were wrong about the genders but dont worry I trained them to be able to hide their genders well, second there are five because the woman in the hallway was one of them, and third it's how we do things, think of it like a court of your peers, that being said we do things a very specific way " she said "those who said yes admitted they were guilty, those who said no claimed innocent, they were proven not"

"I see," he said. "Being on the outside, it didn't seem like a trial, but I can see how it works. The young man that said I wasn't human, what of him? And what will happen to those who were found guilty?"

"Freedom of speech is a thing you know and everyone here could tell you are not human, are you asking if he did something wrong by saying it out loud?" She asked

"I'm supposed to appear somewhat human," he said. "Noone is supposed to suspect a thing. I'm supposed to be a big, bad ex-military man."

She gave him a weird expression"if that is what you are going for you failed also I trained everyone here in one thing or another, anyone who thinks you are human is not good enough to be in this group, you pretty much scream shifter, even your smell gives you away"

"I may be a shifter but I'm still paramilitary, piccola," he said. "But you never answered my other question. What's going to happen to those found guilty?"

"Those who admit their guilty will be wipped cleaned mentally and sent back out into the world, but we reprogram them for repentance, in a way they day here tonight for their betrayal and we send them back out into the world as a better human to live out their lives making up for their wrong doings, those found guilty while claiming innocents well...." She said as screaming was heard from the other room

He sighed and said, "I will have members of my former pack know their faces. They will watch over them so that, if the memories return, they can have justice brought down on them. As for the ones that claimed innocence, don't torture them. Just destroy them and burn the bodies after. It is the way of my people and the way of the Carpathians. It ensures no slip ups."

“No you will not” she said, it was a demand, a fact “I am in charge here and you one have no authority over what happens to my people and two you do not even remember their faces” she said and by the look on his face he just figured out she was right, whenever he tried to remember what they looked like all he saw was a faceless being “I made it clear you were a new member joining up, that is a very specific phrase, you are welcomed here, I take responsibility for you but you are not a member, therefore any information here you learn here will be selective by what I deem appropriate” she said standing up and just as he was about to speak she cut him off “mate or not I don’t trust you yet, you are so you know that those people will be brought to justice, this is closer then anyone has gotten to my people with your position, a position where you are a stranger that I do not trust and who has not been through our trails, some of our members who have been with us for more then a decade still not have set foot in this place”

"And you expect me to trust people I do not know with the protection of my people?" he asked. "You cannot be serious. If it's found out that I let the murders walk away alive, the entirety of the Lycan people would be after me, coming for blood. Not even the prince of the Carpathians could protect us. And yes, they would come after you too. I will not have us spend the rest of our lives running or looking over our shoulders."

“What people?” She said in a cold tone “you have no one remember, no pack any more” she said crossing her arms “you left your people” she said in a plain tone “if you want to get your people involved that’s your decision and their blood on your hands, because they will die, we out rank you in every way, we have more resources, talent, and skills, your dogs won’t survive and I don’t care if you trust them, hell I dont care if you trust me, but you will play by my rules here” she said

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