Heartbreaks 2

Kirigan put everything in his duffle bag and dressed like he was, man of power. He paused outside of the cave. He sighed and dug out the bundle he had buried moments before and placed them in a lead box. He put a stamp and address on it, taping it shut before shipping it to his home. Then he met up with Cristof.

"Did you have to get a flight that took the long way home?" Kirigan asked. "You know I hate planes."

"You left me your duties not your bank account" he said in a sarcastic tone

"You have quite the bank account of your own," said Kirigan. "Cristof, all this joking is fine, but I'm serious. This isn't my idea of fun."

"I know which is why I brought this" he said handing him a small brown bag, inside was their favorite tobacco and liquor "we are celebrating your union and easing your fear" he said with a smile

"Cristof, last time we did that, I ended up on the wing of the plane, naked as a babe," said Kirigan with a groan. "And that was before take off."

"That's why we make sure we're in the plane and it's already in the air before we start drinking" he said in a laughing tone

He shook his head. As they entered the plane, Kirigan's shoulders were stiff. He located every door and the location over every parachute. The thought of having to jump from the plane was even less appealing, but he'd rather a slow decent over a fast one.

"So..." He said as they say down on the private jet "tell me about her, our luna" he said pouring him a drink

"She is my bella luna," Kirigan said, half joking and half warning. "She has been in nearly every in the world, she grew up with parents in the society, but she wasn't part of it until much later, but not as a real member. She knew that they fed her father's need for revenge and her mother went along with it out of love until even she became corrupted. Both died because of the society, so Gidget saught to learn from them but not be a part of them. She learned the difference between shifters, Carpathians, vampires, humans, everyone. But it's from the time she was eighteen and twenty that I can't seem to find anything. Before she was eighteen, she let people in and got to know them, but after she turned twenty, she wouldn't let any man touch her, wouldn't let anyone too close. She used her training to gather those that believed as her, that there are monsters but not everyone who is different needs to be destroyed. She saved lives even as she sought the real enemy."

"But she has killed humans , shifters and carpathians a like correct? " He asked not in a judging tone but more engaging in the conversation

"But only if they hurt others," he said. "Just like I researched her, she researches her targets as well. The shifters and Carpathians had just turned, making them easy and still of sound mind but on the verge of losing their mind to the loss of their soul. She had been watching them because her people have abilities. She knew when they killed while feeding so that she could bring them to justice. She never destroyed them just because she thought them evil. She hates that someone had to die just so that she could destroy a monster before he killed thousands. She has to be sure, but killing them before they turn would be wrong and she knows it."

"Then...why did she kill john?" He asked in a serious tone "he was human and unarmed"

"His crime was being my friend and informant," he said. "At least, that's the only information I have. I don't think she fully understood who sent him. She is hunted by more than just me. The vampire that works in the shadows and controls the society is after her as well. He learned of her group and wants to destroy them for destroying his toys. I have been keeping them off of her while she has been running from me. For the last seven years, she has had relative peace because I made it so."

"Well" he said as the took a sip of their drinks as the plane took off "I was doing my own reach on her while you were away, I wanted to know if she was worth it and I found something's you might be interested in" he said handing him a folder "it seems our luna shares some common ancestors with our kind“

Kirigan looked at the file and said, "Che cosa?! Lycan ancestors and raised by humans? How did I not find this before? The number of generations between her and her ancestor explains why we can be mates and her be human in her scent. We need to seek out information on her true family and see if there are others like her. As much as I dislike it, we will have to send them to the school, as students and workers. It's the only place for them."

"They are more human than lycan so they cannot shift their form or have any of our abilities" he said " the school would not benefit them"

"They can be targets despite that," said Kirigan, remembering the werebears. " Also, they have the potential to be mates to Lycans and Carpathians. More than eight generations between them and their ancestor and there will be no Lycan blood in them to count."

"Well lucky for you my friend I have already assigned a group t find such individuals" he said with a smile "I could not identify the bloodline she was from though, has she displayed any traits of our kind?"

"Like I'm going to reveal that one," Kirigan said with a chuckle.

He looked at him and sighed "stop being a horny pup and think kirigan, this is serious the more I know the better chance I am able to find her lineage, it can be anything, a scent, a behavior a like or dislike"

"The only real thing that might distinguish a bloodline is the bunny birthmark on her," he said. "If I remember correctly, it came from a line believed to be lost for all time. Famous trackers."

"The silverhare's, that's not possible they were wiped out on the first warn centuries ago, for her to have the birthmark would mean she would have to come from pureblood parents, but she didn't " he said

Kirigan laughed and said, "That's not how genetics work. After all, there are those in the Dragonseeker bloodline that do not bear their mark. Same with the High Mages and the Mage Mark. Just because she didn't have pureblood parents does not mean she won't have a strong connection to their tracking abilities or their honor."

Chrisof rolled his eyes "kirigan it's important we know, whatever clan she is from will not only tell is her enemies but how to help her if she was to turn"

"She needs one more exchange," he said. "I'm serious. She has the Silverhare mark and can track better than anyone I know, Lycan or otherwise. Still, no one wanted the Silverhare's to go extinct. If I recall, they were captured and chose to go into the next world than be used to hunt people and items for the enemy. It was a huge blow to our people when the family died out."

"Do you want her to go through the exchange?" He asked in a serious tone "you know there is a chance she won't make it"

"I know," said Kirigan, downing his fifth glass. "She is strong though. She could make it. It won't be as bad as the Carpathian conversion, but she will still suffer some. But she can do it. I have faith in her."

"Are you giving her a choice?" He asked "I know you my friend I know you're afraid about losing her but make sure you're not to rush it, it might do more damage than good"

He sighed and said, "I know. But I cannot imagine life without her. When she dies as a human, I would only have endless time without her. No hope, no happines, nothing. I do not want to face such dark times without my bella luna but I would not abandon our people. If she were to be converted, there would be no fear."

“I understand but be careful how you go about this my friend or you might lose her anyways “ he said in a serious yet care filled tone “I am your beta it’s my job to help you, relay on me to be your conscious through this until your emotions settle, don’t make any important decision right now” he said handing him a pip filled with their favorite tobacco, also, have you told her about lily?” He asked and when he saw him tense he sighed “I think it’s best you tell her before they meet, woman are different creatures then us and Gidget doesn’t seem the type to like surprises, especially if it’s a ex lover” he said “if she knows out mind then she should know it’s normal for undated men and woman to have partners during the heat seasons, you and I have both had plenty but we know Luna was different, for you it was a normal season pair but lily has feelings for you”

"Lily is certifiably insane!" Kirigan said, grabbing the bottle. "She tried to take a lock of my hair for a love ritual ten years ago! I have tried to get away from the puttana pazza, but she pops up everywhere! The last seven years has been a bloody vacation! It was one fucking night! She was never my lover! She was a one-night stand that decided one night was not enough!" He took another shot of liquor. "Please tell me she's not waiting for me in my own home. If she's in my Palazzo della Luna, naked in my bed again, I'll ship her to Antarctica this time. I swear it. I'll knock her out and send her as far away I can."

“She is young and unwise, you have been more patient then most with her behavior because of her family but she also does not forget who you are, she knows it will be a death sentence if she does such things now that you are mated” he said”that being said I heard she did not take the news well and has left the compound, no one seems to know where she is”

"And what does Don Gallicano Granito have to say?" said Kirigan, pinching the bridge of his nose. "That girl is more trouble than she's worth. I swear, if she jumps out from somewhere on the plane, I'm throwing her off." He sat up straighter. "You don't think she'd try to kill Gidget do you? The last thing I need is them fighting."

“I have learned over the years to always keep a open mind and to never underestimate someone, watching g her grow up she seems just childish, but we both have seen what one can turn into when they feel envy or hate or jealousy, we should be cautious, but for 5e sake of the pack and her family I hope she is better and wiser then other we have seen fall into darkness in these similar situations” he said in a serious tone

"The last I saw of her, she was willing to kill a rabbit in that love ritual," he said. "Trust me, you look up 'lunatic' in the dictionary, you will find a picture of Lily Granito." He took another shot. "Not to mention, her twin sister. I can brag about having a three-way with twins, but Lara grew up where Lily did not. Lara found a mate and apologized for what happened the last thirty years. I feel bad for Lily, but she has gone beyond crazy to obsessed. I heard she is also running from her mate because she is hooked on me."

“Kirigan her mate was a lie, she has none, I found out her family made the rumor to spare her reputation and to convince others that is why she left” he said “I fear lily has a evil heart, she will most likely not have a mate ever” he said “I have been keeping tabs on her and it seems she has been talking to the society in secret”

"I told Galli to get her in hand when she wouldn't leave me alone," Kirigan said. "His mate is too soft on those girls and now look at what is happening. Lily is so entitled. If I wasn't the alpha of the pack, Lily would have tried to find a way to force me into a human marriage. But I cannot help but feel sorry for the girl. She won't know what real love is and she is willing to sell us all out just because I am incapable of choosing her." He put his elbows on his knees and his hands clasped together on his chin. "We have no choice. We have to hunt her down and figure out how much she has revealed to the enemy. Her obsession with me would keep her from selling her body, so there is a line somewhere. Find out what that line is for her and force her back to the base for a trial."

"Yes my alpha" chrisof said bowing his head, it had been so long since someone had done that, a strong feeling surged in him and his wolf giving him a confidence boost. Chrisof had been right, his emotions where everywhere yet this small respectful action from him reminded him of who he was, he was the alpha of the Appenite pack, and he would not back down, from gidget, from his pack, from anyone.

"We also need to make sure she indeed does not have a mate," he said. "We will have to inform the packs outside of our borders of the situation and have all eligible men come look at her. If there is none and we know it is certain, I will then pass judgment. If she does have a mate, it will be up to him how to deal with her. But yes, your assumption on her not having a mate seems most likely."

“I hate to give you even more bad new kirigan but we think alike, these past seven years I had her come along on my runs to the near by families, I took her on our yearly rounds as well, of course I made sure she did not learn anything vital, she was there as your sisters maiden to help her, by the way she gave birth to a little boy while you were away, he is five now and just as naughty as you were as a kid, anyways, she has no mate, at least not in Europe” he said in a serious tone

"It was Mina's birth that finally got the old alpha to save us," said Kirigan. "I am glad she never knew the hardships Michael and I did. Lily needs to see males from outside of Europe then. There are a number of packs in Russia and the U.S. Ask them with the pack mind if they..." he chuckled. "You already sent the message and none wish to risk her being their mate, right? I guess I have my first job now. Well, tell me something good. What is the bambino's name?"

“Micheal” he said in a caring tone, he could see that meant a lot to him “and it’s not that they don’t want to meet her it’s that they refuse, your know how word travels fast, our kind knows evil kirigan and everyone could see her going down that path and I have to tell the council she was seeing the society, she has now been banished and is seen as a enemy, everyone has been order to kill on sight” he said in a serious tone “let me handle this as your beta, you have other things to worry about” he said looking at his phone as it vibrate “like why your mates plane just landed in the ravens territory”

"Che cosa?!" he slumped in his seat. "I'll handle Lily. She is from our pack and it's my responsibility as alpha." He shook his head, knowing he sounded just like Gidget during their fight. "Can you see if the Ravens will watch over her for me? We will pay triple the usual rate."

Chrisof shook his head “lily is out of your hands I’m afraid, Dorian and Lazarus who then reported her to Cassius.” He said in a serious tone “he was the one who issued the blood run on her” he said in a tense tone “there is nothing more you can do for her, as for our Luna it seems she did not have a invitation...” he said readying his phone “it also seems she did not land alone and has many weapons with her..”

"Yeah, I know," he said, opening a second bottle and drank directly from it. "Don't remind me that she'd rather be with a deficiente than me. I mean, why would she not want to be with me?" He loosened his collar, a sign he was getting drunk. "I can offer her the world, happiness, everything. She said binding her was worse than torture."

He grabbed the bottle from him “ok I just told you, your mate went into the ravens territory with a plane full of weapons and this is what your talking about” he said in a upset tone

"Because she's a warrior, it's natural for her to have weapons," he said, slurring his words. "Are you saying you didn't put at least ten guns, twelve knives, and a metal trunk of ammo on this tin can you put me in. Give back the bottle, Cristof. Your woman wants you, at least."

He sighed and punched kirigan hard in the jaw, so hard he fell out of his chair “this is not you! So snap the fuck out of it!”

Kirigan growled and said, "Think about what you do, Cristof. So I'm upset my mate doesn't want me. I'm also in the fucking air on a death machine! At least I'm not trying to take my clothes off."

“He bent down and grabbed him by the color “no one knows she is your mate, but they do know her as a society member...one...that just landed..in our most protected and sacred territory!” He yelled “I have seen men act crazy from being newly mated but you are the worse, if you are this bad then I was mistaken in asking you to come back and lead”

"I know," Kirigan said after a moment. "I'm focusing on the wrong thing, but my brain won't stop going to it." He went over, drank a cup of water and ate half a sandwich. "Okay, I've got to think. I'm drunk but not stupid." He looked at Cristof. "Send word to everyone in the area. Send her picture and explain the situation. They have to know she is to be protected but do not let her get near the Ravens. Tell them to move their gypsy homes so that they can't be found. Our elite hunters will need to guard them. They are the one group Gidget has not been able to get past. Send an apology to the Ravens for the inconvenience and ask for forgiveness from them as well."

Chrisof was silent for a moment “they won’t make it in time...pilot, German airway three six six two dash eight zero ninety six! “ he yelled and the plane started to turn “you can’t make that judgment of protection because we don’t know her intentions, this sucks...I was really looking forward to you riding the wing naked again, I even brought a parachute “ he said teasingly trying to lighten the mood

"Stronzo," he said with a smile. "You caught it on camera last time and played it at that party. I was mortified."

He chuckled and helped him to his seat “I guess I get to meet our Luna early, any advice?” He asked

"Wear a helmet and body armor," Kirigan said, starting to laugh, but remembered John and became solemn.

“What’s wrong?” Chrisof asked

"My comment made me think of John," he said. "All he was doing was watching over her for me. He hadn't done anything wrong. Yet..." He put his hand over his eyes, grief filling him. "His death is on my shoulders."

He felt chrisof hand ok his shoulder “my brother, we will mourn him soon but for now we carry him and his sacrifice like we have for so many others,but I am determined to make sure tonight does not end in more death, how about you?”

Kirigan nodded and said, "I will be a ghost, haunting her while she is there. She will not harm another innocent."

two hours later

They landed almost thirty minutes ago yet there was no sign of gidget or her company, the plane was gone too "so.....you mention she was a good tracker bit you didn't mention she was a freaking ghost" chrisof said in a exasperated tone "no tracks no scent nothing!" He said throwing his hands up in the air

Kirigan rubbed his pounding temple and said, "I said she was good at her job. If she has to sneak into places, it makes sense that she could go unnoticed."

Chrisof groaned "I was hoping when you found a mate she wouldn't be a troublemaker like you" he said pinching the bridge of his nose "your bonded right? You should be able to track her, is their another way to track her?"

"No," he said. "At least, not that I can think of right now. My head hurts too much to think."

"Well I told you to duck " he said as he tried not to chuckle at the large red mark on his forehead from were he smacked his head leaving the plane

"Oh, shut up," he said. "They built the door too damn small."

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