Heartbreaks 3

No they just didn't build it for alphas pushing seven feet" he said with a chuckle. Before he could answer the smell of sage and sandalwood hit their nose, a moment later and elderly woman step out towards them, she wore a forest green dress with leather strapping and had a large staff that was a deep oak with feathers dangling from the top "good evening alpha kiri" she said in a soft tone, her eyes were white, letting them know she was blind.

"High Priestess Gweneth," said Kirigan with a bow, "it's an honor to see you. What brings you so far from the nest?"

"Why you do moon child, you come to are lands so suddenly without word I figured it was an emergency" she said slowly making her way towards them

"My mate," he said, "she is said to be a member of the society, but that is not true, yet it is fact. She spies on them, saves innocents, and destroys them when necessary. She has made her own band out of members that think as she does, that we are not all bad. Yet, she fears our union beyond the physical." Cristof cleared his throat, and Kirigan sighed, stiffening his shoulders. "She carries many weapons and came to your lands uninvited. I have come to offer protection until the elite hunters arrive, if not longer."

"I appreciate your concern moon child, bit I think my people are able to handle your human mate" she said softly "you are welcome to stay if you wish and congratulations on your union, if you would like when she is ready you may bring her here for the ceremony to bless your union"

"You honor me with your offer," said Kirigan. "Which is why I must warn you that we have been unable to track her since she entered your land, elder one. And she has undergone two exchanges. She also carries the mark of the Silverhares."

They could see her posture change "are you sure?" She asked in a serious tone

"Yes," he said. "She has diluted Lycan blood in her. She is the last of the family line."

"Ok, chrisof, if you would be so kind as to go to my home and let my daughter know the situation and she will help you plan, kiri come with me my boy" she said

Kirigan followed the woman while Cristof went in a different direction. "What do you wish to show me, elder one?" he asked.

"Enjoy the walk and relax your mind as much as possible, I will help you find your mate" she said as they walked

"I will try," he said. "It is difficult, knowing she does not want me as I want her."

"Do not focus on that, focus on her, the fact that she exist for you in this lifetime is a miracle itself, true mates are much harder to find for your kind" she said in a soft tone that was helping him relax "think about her smell, her voice, the feel of her skin, let your wolf come forward with these thoughts"

He found that he could not help but focus on those things. His mind went farther to her moans as they made love, the sounds she made when he touched her, the way she looked when mad. As he thought of those things, the night around him became brighter, more beautiful.

His wolf started to go towards a certain direction, following some unseen force feel her moon child, feel her touch, her soul, think of the moment you first met her, the moment you knew she was yours

He thought back to when he walked into his study, hoping to get the military secrets into his safe before the intruders arrived. There she was, turning in shock. He stood looking at her, his body tuning itself towards her. He had moved to touch her, to make sure she was real and she ran to the window and jumped out. He ran but stopped there, seeing as she had disappeared into the hedge maze in his garden. He took her scent into his lungs. His entire being shifted to her, to the one woman that would make the world seem right.

The next thing he knew he was running in his wolf far, he didn't even realized he shifted, the witch was no longer next to him, he ran without hesitation, a force so strong it was like his very soul was being pulled towards it. He didn't know how much time had passed or how long her had been running but the moment her smell filled his nose it was like someone hit the turbo in his body, his muscles burned and he was filled with new energy. He broke the tree line and there she, she was in mid leap, coming down on a large wolf that oozed black blood from it's mouth, her daggers slammed deep into it's shoulders and it howled and thrashed, she held on until the wolf shifted into a bloody slashed up man with sick skin and black eyes. He turned and grabbed her and went to bite her throat but she blocked it with her arms. She yelled out as he bit in so hard her bone snapped, in the same turn she reach and grabbed her dagger from his back and slammed it onto the man's neck. The sickening sound of him chocking on his own blood echoed the night as he fell to the ground and on top of her with a loud thud

Kirigan ripped the man off of her and finished destroying the body. He didn't want any risk of it being tied to a vampire and returning. When it was done, he turned back to her, but stopped just short. His muscles were tense and he was sweating. He wanted to take her back to his palazzo and care for her. He wanted her to want him. He wanted her safe. He whimpered and waited before nudging her leg with his snout.

She held her injured arm to her chest and with her free had she pointed her gun at him, when she looked him in the eyes she frowned "kirigan?"

He laid down next to her. He needed her closeness. He laid his large head in her lap to comfort her.

She moved away from him and stood up "what are you doing here? " She asked

He shifted back, forgetting he would be naked when he did so, and said, "You entered sacred ground, armed to the teeth. I aimed to protect those here from getting hurt for knowing me or from harming you."

She frowned"how ..I was carful...how did you find me?" She asked

"Mates can always find each other," he said. "I tuned my body towards your being."

She got really close to him "you need to leave...now" she said in a urgent and serous tone

"You are injured," he said, picking her up. "I will take you to our healers."

She slammed against his chest and dropped to her feet "if you stay you will get me killed you need to leave now" she said in a serious tone

"You have much to explain, piccola," he said. "Come find me after your duty is done."

He shifted and ran into the woods, but stopped just out of her eyesight, but not his. He watched her, intent on protecting her if need be.

A large well but man came up to her covered in blood "I see you got your mark and other rabbit dogs here ?" He asked "no" she said in a emotionless tone "well it's clear they failed, we will have to update them back at the compound, if there's dogs can't take on the witches we will have to continue to modify a reed that can" he said in a dark tone "also you have gotten sloppy, clean yourself up, I don't want you dirtying up my plane" he said and began to walk away

Kirigan wanted to rip the man into pieces for talking to her that way. His anger must have told Gidget he was still nearby because she looked back in his direction in a Go away, I mean it look.

She glared at the man "fine then make sure not to get any of your filth on my equipment, oh wait your wearing it so you already have, shall I tell the others how sloppy you have gotten Z?" She said and the man stopped and turned back towards her "listen here G your won't be the favorite forever and when that day comes I will be the first in line to pull the trigger at your tiny little skull" he said in a threatening tone. Gidget step up towards him and met his challenge "why wait, or do you already know you don't stand a chance" she said in a threatening tone back

It took everything in Kirigan to not rush out and just dispose of the man. As it was, he was shaking with the effort to stand in one spot and not draw attention to himself.

They started each other down for a few minutes the man smile and laughed and stepped closer and looked down at her , his face inches from hers. He said something that kiri could not hear what he said but what ever it was the next thing that followed was the sound of a gun and the man falling backwards looking surprised, gidget bent down in front of him and said something to her and he looked angry

Kirigan walked up to her, staying in his wolf form. He nudged her elbow before dragging her back gently.

"His blood is clean...he is all yours to tear apart "she said to him

He returned to his human form and said, "What was all that about, piccola?"

"If you don't tear him up in your wolf form both of us will be killed" he could tell she wasn't lying "this is your fault I am not in this situation, it's me or him at this point, does it help if I tell you he is responsible for the Rome raid three years ago" she said. Kirigan looked at the man and shifted, tearing him apart. When it was done, he was a human again and turned to Gidget. "You are coming to our healer now. You cannot be found here."

"You have messed things up enough, I'm leaving without you and unless you want to get me killed you will not follow and leave " she said "he is the really society and if they find out what happened here I'm fucked, he saw you back there that why I had to do what I just did, the only hope I have is that this looks like that monster did it" she said pointing at the ashes

"Your blood is no longer human," he said starkly. "If they healed you, they would know and label you a traitor. For that reason, you cannot return to them."

She frowned "what the hell are you talking about? We have only exchange once and that was only for the mating ritual, I should be very much human"

"You were mad with lovemaking, as can happen when two mates go into heat together," he said. "We exchanged again during that time. However, once is all it would take to change your blood enough for them to label you a traitor and decide to rape your mind and kill you. You know this."

She punched him in the face suddenly, it stung and made his ears ring but she was tired from her previous fight so her full strength was not behind it "you selfish..." She began to pace "do you have any idea!..." She couldn't seem to form words. After a moment she stopped and turned towards him "here is what you are going to do..." She said "I can not leave yet, there is still much I need to do within their walls, so your going to help me" she said standing right in front of him "hit me"

"I cannot," he said. "The bond prevents me from doing so. If I hadn't been drinking, your hit would not have even been noticed. Try something else."

She was silent for a moment and then sighed " the only other option is the one that you have officially left me no choice about.." she said running her fingers through her hair with her good hand. He could feel the panic in her and the sadness " you have made it so I either die by them or I die by you.....so the only option left is you finish it , and I take my chances on whether or not I'll survive the transformation ,"

"I know you will," he said, cupping her cheek. "You are strong enough. And I will be with you the whole time. But to the healer first. They will aid us with the transformation. The High Priestess can work miracles."

She shook her head and grabbed his wrist and started dragging him towards the opposite direction " you don't understand the situation I and in" she said as she lead him through the forest "this job was important i was in charge of it, I had it all planned, if it was successful I would have gotten valuable Intel as well as been able to take out a few of these monsters that I have been tracking since prance as well as get a few members taken out and possible move up even higher in the ranks " she said as she kept walking quickly "I have a theory about this place and now no way to test it and on top of that I am probably going to die tonight and by some miracle I survive I have a fort dirt shot that the society will let me live after wards" she said as the emerged near a water fall and a small lake "we do this here and now, no healers nothing, only your scent" she said

"Gidget, I do not want the finalization of our union to be something else you hate about me," he said, moving away from her. "You are smart, piccola. You would find a way into their network without this. We can still take them down. However, there is a course you have not thought about. One you shy away from. I can see it in your eyes. It feels abhorrent to you." He was up against her. "Let them take me. If they think I tried to taint you and they catch me doing it, they will not suspect you in any way. When they see who I am, they will try to make me talk. Greater men than they have tried and failed. By delivering me to them, you will shoot so far up their ranks, you will be seen as a hero, a national treasure. You know this."

"I am taking you...in my own way, by being your mate I will be a asset to them more then I am now, your scent is already all over me, he figured it out, that was his threat that he could smell you on me, of he could the others can too, but no one knows, the best thing to do is to finish this and if I survive I will say that you were here and forced it upon me this night, it the only way things will add up, in a few hours our extraction will be here we only have until then, i am unable to function you need to act, and I mean act your ass of for me because they won't approach you or attack you but they will watch you need to make it look like you are forcing this on me that you do not care about me in any way or form "she said in a serious tone " she grabbed his wrist and did something to the watch she had placed on him "that will beep when they are getting close to our location"

"You will act like a wounded wolf," he said, telling her about the conversion. "The pain of your body reshaping to allow shifting will last one hour. Two, at most. Thousands of voices with make you go mad for a brief time, but you must let them wash over you with the pain. Do not fight it, as your body must shift during that time, as the wolf within you awakes from its slumber. When it is done, you will howl to the moon. Accept your wolf now, because once this guardian within you awakes, there is no way to make her return to that endless slumber."

Before she could say more, he cut open his palm and put it to her mouth so that it would appear he was silencing her. He bit into her neck and drank heavily, He hated that this time it hurt her, but had to make the wound ragged. When it was done, he moved back, his blood on her face.

She stood there swaying from a moment. She looked like she was in shock for a moment "I don't feel anything, that would mean I'm not really your mate and..." The sound of a bone snapping echoed with her cry of pain. She feel to her knees, her breathing was heavy "I.." another snap and a cry of pain had her on her back

He was there instantly. He held her broken arm so that it didn't get worse as a forced healing was taking place. When it was done, he held her. When the first wave was over, he laid her on some soft moss and moved back. He kept chanting over and over that he was sorry. The next wave was worse and she watched as her body went into its Lycan form before she was drawn into herself.
She saw a wolf watching her, It waited for her to welcome it. She stared into it's eyes, the wolf's dirty blond fur matched her own hair, it's blue eyes were her same color blue but seemed brighter. She felt a pull to go towards it but something told her if she did she would lose a part of her self, that something drastic would happen but she could remember what. The wolf continued to start , gidget knew there was something important she had to do but she couldn't remember, slowly she walked over to the wolf, a rabbit came out of no where and hoped between them and then stopped. The wolf lowered it's head towards the rabbit, gidget reached for the rabbit to try and save it from the wolf but stopped right before she reached it, who was she to deny the wolf it's meal, it was natural and part of nature for it to eat the rabbit and the rabbit be eaten. She took a step back and the wolf looked up and howled. At the same time, she heard it say as silver tipped its fur, We are one. Suddenly gidget came too, she heard the wolf from her dream howling, when her eyes opened she was looking up at the moon, her body was on fire and it felt weird, different´╝îShe looked downn and saw paws, she yiped in surprise. Panic set in yet everything was to much and to overwhelming, the sounds, the brightness of the moon, it was too much.

"Gidget, it's okay," said Kirigan. "It's the final stretch of the transformation. You body must recognize this, know it, and be able to shift into it. Follow me, run with me for a bit and get used to this new form. When we return, the stage will be set."

He shifted, letting her watch the change. He began to push her towards the entrance, wanting her to feel her body, to get used to the sensations. She had to or her mind would try to block everything. It would hurt her to shift if she didn't learn to use this other form and know it inside and out.

She was panicking, this didn't feel right and yet at the same time it did, she was scared, more scared then she had ever been in her entire life. When he nudged her again she yipped and ticked her tail in fear, but when he rubbed up against her , his large black wolf was a giant compared to hers or maybe she just wasn't standing right , she didn't know, all she knew was the more his wolf touched her the more she began to calm. Slowly her legs stopped shaking she focused on him, how scent, the way his fur felt. She rubbed her head against his neck, like she was burning her face in it. She didn't want to focus on her surrounding, it was too much and she was scared, so she focused on him

He nudged her harder and jumped back, hunkering down playfully. He waited a moment before jumping around a bit to get her to chase him. When she hadn't moved, he barked at her. He nudged her again, nipping her slightly before doing the play with me dance again.

She looked at him like he was crazy and he felt like it for a moment too but it was a good feeling. She took a step towards him on wobbly legs and whined, looking around in a skittish way. When it seemed like she was going to sit again, right before she did the watch on his now ankle started to beep and he saw something change in her eyes, a reconnection of herself. She looked around and shook her head trying to be able to focus through the overwhelming new senses. After a moment she started to move, slowly her walk become more confident, with a snarl she started to run, soon she was running at full speed, she was faster then him by only a little but he could keep up, he notice though she was built for stealth. Her wolf made barely and sound even running like she was. This was her first one as a wolf , he knew this was important, this was the final step of her soul changing, of her and her wolf becoming one. They ran for almost a hour a half another straight. He could tell she was getting tired though. Slowly she came to a stop underneath a giant forest tree. She feel over onto her side and was breathing heavy

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