Actors in a Play

He became human again and said, "Let the wolf fall away. She is a guardian for you, will jump between you and danger. But she is also you, Gidget. You are the guardian. She will come when you call, always close. She walks and talks with you. When you regain your human form, you will feel her. She will heighten your senses, help you see more and learn more from your environment. You will be warned of danger and can easily sense friend from foe. She is instinct and you are reason. Two sides of the same coin. We are near the cave and must set the scene. You can do this, Gidget."

Slowly the wolf started to shift, when she was in her human for she was shaking and exhausted. He wished he could hold her, he knew how tiring and overwhelming this was, the fact that she survived was a miracle in itself and as her mate right now she needed his comfort and God did he was to give it to her "p-please..." She said in a shaking tone. She looked so vulnerable.

"I'm sorry, piccola," he said. "I long to hold you and comfort you as you deserve and need, but the enemy approaches. The cave must look as if I forced this upon you, forcibly took your body. It must appear that I am a monster."

He took her arms and dragged her back to the cave. He knew she understood and she made no sound when rocks scratched her overly sensitive skin. He ransacked the cave and saw her go into a fetal position. When he felt the scene was set perfectly he held her to him, letting her feel his warmth.

"Just breath, piccola," he said. "I know the voices were hard to get through. Your Lycan form held her claws over her ears to drown them out. But now, they will not touch you unless you reach for them. They are the voice of our people, welcoming their new packmate. But they are far from us now. Listen to my heartbeat, my breathing. Copy them. Close your eyes and just breath. One sensation at a time. Take it slow."

She groaned, the smell of her blood filled the cave. Everything hurts. He heard a sound he had not heard from her before and when he looked down at her face he saw she was crying "Piccola, what's wrong?" he asked. "Why do you cry?"

"I'm kill you....for this" she said in between sobs and he suddenly felt like someone was watching him, the wind that came into the cave brought the scent of two males, human, the scent was faint so he knew they was a good distance away but close enough they could most likely see in the cave. His back was to the cave but her head was at a angle she could see behind him. Though she said those words and her face held pain and fear, her hand gripped his wrist tightly, he knew she was struggling to think and that her body was so sensitive, everything in him told him this was wrong, that he should be comforting his mate

"I wish the situation was different," he whispered, laying her out and holding her down as if to use her body. "I hate they must see you like this and want to rip their throats out. If we had time, I give you comfort as you deserve after such an ordeal."

He kissed her and heat went through her, despite everything. He could smell her body's reaction and knew she was wet instantly. He bit the still red wound on her neck, causing her to yell out. He moved his body but did not further inflame her or even touch her. Her cries tore at his heart. But had to make it look like he forced himself on her and make the enemy think the worse of him to save her.

After a few minutes of the agony they both felt. The scent of the two males faded, the beeping from his watch stopped, letting him know they had left. Gidget whimpered and shook underneath him

He released the wound, kissing her neck in apology. He grabbed a bandage and placed it on her neck. But then he kissed her deeply, stealing her breath as he pulled her up from the hard ground. He gathered her up in his arms. She intently caught onto why. His large member, larger than she remembers, was hard against her buttocks. He lifted her and slowly skewered her. He had to feel the heat of her surrounding him. He helped her to bounce on him even as his hips surged upwards into her. He knew he needed it, but more importantly, she needed it too. His hands and mouth seemed to be everywhere at once, and she was lost to their lovemaking.

He could feel how tired and sore she was yet her hands gripped his back, and her head rested on his shoulders, making her moans vibrate against his skin, slowly he felt her mind brush is, it wasn't invading, it was warm, he knew subconsciously her mind was reaching for him in a way only a mates would. She wanted that connection to him whether she knew it or not "kiri...gan"

"If we merge minds, I'd see every memory," he said, ashamed of himself. "That is why I am unable to touch the pack mind. I cannot help it. I have no way to stop the flood of memories."

But even as he said it, he merged with her as only mates could. But there was no flooding, no losing himself as he relived an entire life is seconds. There was just Gidget, her mind going to things she wanted done to her and things she wanted to do to him. He kissed her again, moving harder, tears forming at such an unexpected treasure.

She didn't know how or why but he touch changed, he had her on her back, holding her tightly to him, his trust was hard but more sensual then rough, one hand cradled her hair and the other was behind her knee hold her leg against his body. His face was buried against her neck, his tongue and lips teasing the skin there, this was not sex, he was making love to here and it was only a few days ago that when he had tried this it made her uncomfortable but tonight even though there was a part of her that was scared of this, she wanted it, no she needed this, her body needed this and the change within her needed this. Slowly her hands came up and gripped his back, her shoulders started to relax, giving him more access to her neck

He growled against her neck, loving how she gripped him. Her moans in his ear were a beautiful song he never wanted to end. Gidget. When she clawed his back, he lost himself. He was a gentle beast, rough and untamed but also tender and loving. Her mind was going blank from the pleasure. He felt her lock her ankles around his waist, allowing him deeper still. He nipped her neck and felt her nip him back. Both were growling before long, the pleasure building between them. She fell over the edge but he was not done. He flipped her onto her stomach and kept her falling. Both of them clawed the ground, sweat covering them until their bodies were slick and their hair clung to them. When he filled her, both of them howled into the night, two mates joined forever.


He didn't remeber how many times they had made love all he knew was by the end of the night he knew she had come into her own. He hand leveled her out and their love making and the touch of his mind helped her new body and mind settle. The last thing he remembered was his body shaking in more then just pleasure but pure soul reaching ecstasy when she marked him for the first time. As his eyes slowly opened he could still feel her mark on his neck. She was still there next to him, his arm held her against his chest as they both laid on their side. By her breathing she was still sleeping, her scent was all over him, mixing with his and his on her.

He felt as if centuries of weight had been lifted off of him and he had been thrown into paradise. He kissed her deeply, waking her as he went to make love again, earning himself a sleepy giggle. Clearly, she had been having a good dream. If he was sore, so was she and he wanted to start working on those ideas of hers. He entered her slowly, not wanting to hurt her. Her gasp at his size and her own sensitivity sent his heart fluttering.

Then, there was a beep. They both stiffen but gidget grabbed his hip when he went to pull away, she then slammed his hip forward making him thrust inside her hard, making them both moan "don't you dare stop..." She moaned as she did something on her watch "coordinates 356-42-7" she said and the watched beeped and a man's voice said through the watch "Roger that". Before he could ask questions gidget rolled them so she was on top, she began to ride him hard and fast, bending over she kissed up his chest up to his neck, he noticed he was just as sensitive to her touch as she was to his

With their minds still merged, he knew what she was doing. You know, piccola, when those men don't come back, they will come with a small army. I dare say, a fair price for making love to you. I did not want to stop.

She spoke out loud, he knew it was because she was still not comfortable or use to speaking in her head with him, it felt much more personal when it was a mates voice and touch "they will return, but they will not have found us, my men are simply a diversion to keep them away and give them hell" she said in a breathless tone. Though her body was sore she felt good, better then good she felt different, stronger, more sensitive to everything, which was still overwhelming but not as much as it was last night. She sat up and placed her hands on his chest and let her head fall back. She thought the sex was good before, she was wrong, she could feel every inch of his hard cock, she could feel the difference in his body temperature "touch me" she moaned, it wasn't a request it was a demand

"Only because I have a need to feel your skin," he said, gripping her waist.

But she knew instantly that that was a mistake on her part. He was back in control, thrusting upward as he brought her down harder and faster than she had. He wanted this to never end, but on the edge of his mind, he felt as if disaster waited like a snake in the grass. He removed one hand and texted Christof, [Have you located Lily? Is she in this sacred place?]

Gidget growled, which caught him completely off guard. She suddenly separated their bodies and stood up , he was no longer in her mind as she said nothing and began to dress her self with her dirty clothes from last night

"Gidget, piccola, let me explain," he started to say, looking around and realizing he had not clothes to speak of.

"No let me" she said putting on her shirt and turning towards him "I made a mistake and got carried away with these new urges something I will work ok trust me" she said in a harsh tone "that being said no matter what I do, no matter the situation, I demand the attention I deserve, if you find what we were just doing boring enough to be on your phone then perhaps you should find someone else do do it with" she said putting her hair up and turning her back to him while she bent down to get her pants

He stopped her and said, "I felt a ripple of unease. This is why I contacted my beta, to see if he had managed to find this dangerous and crazy woman. I did not wish you to come to harm because of me. Sit and let me explain. I do not want you to learn by surprise or from another."

She moved away from him "your pack business has nothing to do with me...I have my own mess that you caused to clean up and I made a mistake by staying this long.." she said walking towards the exit of the cave

He pulled her back and said, "This woman is a Lycan who consorts with the society and has no doubt marked you, my mate, for death. All because I could not love her as I love you. I am sorry I hurt you. You always have my attention, but I could not bear to have another death on my shoulders, especially not yours."

She removed herself from his grip "pretty sappy words for a alpha, well guess what I'm not moved by them , now if you excuse me I have things to do so feel free to talk to your beta all you want now"

He chuckled and threw her over his shoulder. He began to run with her, a fast rate for his human form. He felt her hitting and kicking him, but he barely felt it, his true strength showing. He didn't slow or faulter. For the first time, she cursed how short she was because she couldn't kick him where it really hurts.

"Stay still or I'll have to spank you," he said. "I would have continued to make love to you, my full attention on you no matter what. If you refuse to accept my protection, I will simply lock you up in my palazzo until you will talk with me reasonably."

She growled "I'm taking your words as a threat and I don't take kindly to threats, if you try to do so you will regret it" she said in a serious tone "don't forget the bracelet you wear"

"Then, will you allow me to explain?" he asked. "That is all I ask of you in this, piccola. If you still desire to make love after, we will do so."

She laughed in a cold way "you think I'm letting you touch me after this your wrong" she said in a serious town, now I'm warning you put me down, I'm not your dogs I want bow or be threatened into submission"

"Then I have no choice in this," he said. "Your safety comes first. I will not let this puttana pazza kill you. You are the alpha female of our pack, and therefore must be protected at all times." He looked back at her. "By mating with me, you have become the equivocate to the Donna of my people. As it is, I am no longer a colonnello in the Italian army, I have been given the title of Don due to my large estate and the shipping industry my sister has run in my stead due to military duties. She has asked me to retire for the past century and a half, and I am sure she is grateful that I have." He chuckled feeling the shock still her body. "So, Donna Gidget Donavine, do you allow me to explain or continue to fight?"

She growled and he felt her bones start to shift, the sound of her clothes ripping echoed as he was force to drop her, the moment her feet hit the ground her wolf took off "fighting it his" he said with a smile, he couldn't help it, seeing her shift, seeing her wolf, it sorted deep feelings inside of him, but her running from him brought forth a primal one. He shifted on the fly and was after her. He howled, her mate calling to her, knowing the wolf would want to come back to him. She would fight the urge, he knew, but she could not fight her own needs or instincts for long. He ran, not following her scent too much. He tuned his body to hers and soon, she found him jumping out of the bushes and on top of her. He had her pinned under his large body, his teeth scant centimeters from her neck. He was growling, demanding obedience as he was the stronger. She bit at him, but he did not flinch or move. His eyes stared into hers. She could not move without him biting and gaining the advantage, but nothing she did was able to make him move. He stood, waiting. It made her angrier that he wasn't even fazed by her struggles. It was as if she were laying still beneath him rather than fighting him. It was humiliating.

He heard a swishing sound and he felt her embarrassment skyrocket her eyes widden in shock and humiliation as she noticed it too. Her tail was wagging, yet he did not move. His own tail wagged at her liking him chasing her, but he needed her to submit. She didn't yet understand what that means in his pack, but she would soon. He waited, a growl escaping as an enticement and a warning. She growled back not backing down. He bared his teeth at her, showing her show was not swaying him. He would wait eternity like this if he had to and she felt his resolve. She would submit to him of her own free will or be trapped in this battle until the enemy found them. It mattered little to him. He pushed into her mind. Do you not grow tired of this game, piccola?

do not force me to, I can''s not in my nature and I may recognize you as my mate but I don't as my alpha she said in a honest tone, her tone held no anger or coldness just sincerity

My dear Donna, he said with a chuckle. I am not acknowledging deference in all things. You submitting to listening to what I have to say. Also, you are the alpha female. You do not give deference to any but me. But it must be your choice. It is a sign of trust. My pack is different in that respect. I do not ask my pack to obey all my orders. I let them question because if I overstep a line, I want them to remove me from power so that I can think more clearly and make rational decisions. So, do you submit to hearing my explanation?

if you get out of my head I will give you give minutes, no more

He nipped her neck and then stepped back, changing into his human form. When she had returned to her human form he pulled her to a downed tree to sit.

"Twenty years ago, I felt a need to lay with a woman," he said, feeling her tense at his words. "I felt nothing but it was there as it is in normal wolves. I laid with Lily and Lara Granito. They became obsessed and I explained that they were not my mate. Just before you broke into my home, Lara found her mate and apologized. When I left to find you, Lily disappeared from the Granito Palazzo. Her family said she was running from her mate, but it turns out that she has talked to the society. She is under a blood run, to be killed on sight." He showed her a picture. "This girl is obsessed with me, stalking me, even turning to dark magic to try and entrap me, but none of it has worked because you existed. To remove the threat to her claim, she will try to kill you. She does not know what you look like, and we have that in our favor. I want our pack to be the ones to find her, to bring her to justice. Just as you do in your group, I do in my pack. If another finds her, the Granitos will demand we cut all ties with that pack just as we were forced to do with the French pack. However, she is still dangerous to you. She has a special ability. She can hide in plain sight, and even I cannot always find her. This is why I talked to my beta when I felt apprehension before. I did not want you hurt. I do not mind ridding the world and myself of this puttana pazza, but not at the risk of you getting hurt. I at least want you to prepare before we go hunting."

She looked at him before she spoke "her name is not lily, not that we call her anyways, she is know as camil, as is chameleon, I have met her before and have even worked with her before on a couple of jobs, she knows me, maybe not as your mate but she does know me" she said in a calm tone "and of that who you are worried about then you overestimate her and underestimate me, she is a child, even she doesn't know what to do with the powers she has, in a fight she has many weaknesses, also " she said making a disgusted face "I know I'm more on the average side of looks but come on......her?" She said "compared to you she is a two where you are a ten, she has no ass and no tits, you must have been really desperate"

"No, just drunk," he said with a chuckle. "Anyway, it is our duty to find her and destroy her. Mine and yours. The Granitos will accept us doing it over any other."

She sighed "you know at least I didn't bring and crazy ex's into the mix, I just brought enemies and assassin's like a normal woman" she said standing up

"You do realize that that isn't normal?" he said with a chuckle. "The women I've seen mated to those in my pack brought debt or failing businesses or no money. Not enemies or assassins."

She crossed her arms "well your a alpha everything is always more of a challenge for you" she said and started to walk away "see you later mate" she said

He grabbed her hand and said, "Gidget, I must be there to destroy her. If not, the pack will be calling for blood."

She turned toward him "I'm not going after her, she is not worth my time, she is yours to do what ever with" she said and he saw her flick bit he also saw her pride would not let her correct her wording

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