Actors in a Play 2

"You go back there, she will recognize my scent on you and will rally the enemy against you," he said. "Also, I know what you mean. Trust me, I want to rip her heart out just for the trouble she has caused me alone, but targeting you is unforgivable." She felt anger filling the air around him, as if it were coming alive. "She will not have a quick death, of that you can be sure." He smelled Gidget's arousal and said, "Do not tempt me right now, piccola. I must take you to the palazzo to get clothes and weapons. We hunt this night, you for information and I a traitor."

She glared at him "I'm am not tempting you in any way shape or form and I..." She suddenly moaned loudly and bent over, her hands on her knees, a wave of heat rushed through her knocking the breath from her lungs. Her body bursted into flames and her core started to drip with wetness "what...." She said in a moaning and breathless tone as her body became alive with such a strong need she thought she would go crazy

"Damn it," said Kirigan, going to his knees behind her because he had no choice. His body went into heat seeing her go into the submissive position and smelling her scent. "We are in the middle of an important hunt on both sides." Still, he entered her hard and began moving fast. "Buon Dio, piccola, you are so tight. You are sucking me in like you won't let go."

Every thrust only made the heat worse, it threatened to consume her, the cries coming out of her were new, her body went completely submissive as the fire built "kirigan!"

He merged their minds so that she could feel what he felt, so he could feel what she experienced. His own heat took over as he completely dominated her. Growls echoed in the woods around them from their lovemaking. He took her over the edge several times, falling with her. Yet it was not enough. After the fifth time, they were forced to rest, but he couldn't work up the energy to remove himself from the haven of her body, where it constantly milked him. He buried his face in her now wild hair and his eyes snapped open. No... it can't be... but her scent was no mistake. You're pregnant, he said in her mind, forgetting they were still linked in mind. But you were human when we... She heard worry in his tone.

She frowned"but on birth control and took a plan b.." she said in a breathless tone. She wanted to move but couldn't. Though the heat had been calmed it was still there and the more she moved the more it started to rise again, it only seemed to calm when their bodies were connected "your wrong..."

"Exchanging blood must have canceled out the effects of the pills," he said. "I am sorry, piccola. I did not know this would happen."

She moved from under him "you didn't know?!" She yelled standing up on shaking legs "I just felt you lie to me...why lie that you didn't know this would happened unless..." Raged filled her face "you did this on purpose!" She said pushing him

"You were threatening to leave," he said. "I felt I had no choice. I know you do not believe in abortion. If nothing else, I would have had time to get to know you."

"By trapping me and the expense of a innocent life which I am not ready for!" She yelled, her eyes turned to her wolf's and her nails became sharp. Showing how deep her anger went and how she felt threatened and betrayed, He knew the decision to do what he did we made when he was not himself, when the heat was at his highest and so was the unbalance of his emotions. But he also knew he could not undo what has been done "I may not believe in abortion but I also find value in them in certain circumstances, I will not bring a child into this world right now, it is not safe and I can not make it safe in time before it would be born, this child's death is on you!" She said

"Gidget, I was also not in my right mind at the time," he said. "I was in the throws of heat and thought of only obtaining you. I was not thinking of the cost to you. This is why I was worried. I knew you would be upset with me. I will not apologize for it, because I cannot change it. If you are not ready for a child, there are families in the pack that have lost children in recent years. You can choose the ones you feel are the best fit to raise our child in our stead. It is your body and your right to choose such a thing since you were not consulted or considered during conception."

"No, I will not birth this child at all" she said in a serious tone "and if you know what's good for you, you will not be in even the same country as me until I say otherwise" she said shaking with anger "just when I doesn't matter now goodbye kirigan" she said and turned and started to walk away

"That is not possible," he said. "Now that you are Lycan, you cannot be far from me. Please understand, Gidget, I would change what I did to you if I could but I cannot." He stalked towards her. "However, I cannot allow you to destroy an innocent life simply because you feel wronged. Let someone adopt it, yes, but you will not abort it. It is forbidden."

"I don't care what you think is forbidden it's my body and my choice and I have made it, any child I have will be mine and I will raise it and since it's not time for me to do such a thing then this is the option I have" she said still walking

"It is not my law," he said, grabbing her arm. "It is the law of the Grand Council. They are the wisest of us all, with the oldest and wisest of those alphas leading them in meetings. So, you do not have a choice in it. However, I can take you to High Priestess Gweneth. She will guide us to the correct path."

She ripped her arm away from him " let me make this I have not agreed to join your pack or the lycan society, your old dogs do not rule me!" She said in a angry tone "so fuck their rules fuck you and fuck off!"

He threw her over his shoulder again and began walking. Even when she shifted, he did not let go. He made his way back to the cave and took up his phone, not releasing Gidget. Cristof could hear her cursing on the other end of the line.

"I must speak with High Priestess Gweneth," he said. "If she is near you, tell her that I seek guidance for a failing on my part towards my mate."

Before chrisof could say anything or kirigan could he was assaulted with electricity going through his body, he dropped to his knees and dropped his phone and gidget who wasted no time and moved away from him "you left me know choice" she said backing away from him "your actions have consequences mate.." was the last thing he remembered her saying before his world went black.

"Kirigan... kirigan wake up" he heard chrisof voice calling for him while someone shook him "damnit wake up!" He said and his eyes pooed open to see chrisof above him looking down with a worried expression

"Stop yelling," he said. "I'm trying to not look mortified right now. You tell anyone you saw me laid out by a woman half my size, I'll kick your culo. And just when I started to like her gift. Damned woman. She's is planning on breaking the law of having an abortion. I wanted to get Gweneth's guidance before we considered it, to learn if my failing would bring her joy or only pain."

"Ok slow down.." he said helping him sit up. The world spun and he had a massive head ache "ok so one...what happened and two...your mates already pregnant?" He asked in a shocked tone

He showed him the bracelet and said, "Gidget gave me a gift and it can tase me. She used it to escape. And yes, she is pregnant. While I was in the haze, I incorrectly came to the conclusion that it was the only way to keep her with me. I gave her my blood so that no pill or any human medicine would work on her body to ensure a pregnancy. It was wrong and stupid of me."

Chrisof sighed and sat down next to him "let me guess you feel even more guilty because a part of you is happy and does not regret it"

Kirigan looked at him for a moment and said, "I hate that you know me so well sometimes." He stood up and held out his hands, which Cristof put some sweats into them. Kirigan put them on. "She is in the town three clicks north of here. She is trying to figure out a way to get rid of our child. I have to hunt Lily down soon or the Granitos will raise hell that we cannot afford. First, we get my mate and make her see reason. I will not ask for forgiveness and I do not care what it takes to keep her with our pack, but we will do so. She must learn what she means to them, what she embodies." He looked at Cristof. "She is to learn our ways and so much more. Once she does, she will come to me more informed and with a clearer head. Right now, she feels hurt and betrayed. Neither are good for decision makings, as I should know."

"My intel says her men are with her on the area, it might lead to a fight, you have only been mated a couple of days are you sure you want to do this?" He asked "are you sure you are clear headed enough to make sure drastic decisions, after all she is human she is not use to our ways and ...."

"She survived the transformation," said Kirigan, his very posture intimidating. "She is no longer human, but Lycan. She is in danger from even her own men. Yes, I am sure. Her safety is paramount."

Chrisof was taken back a bit and for the first time in years he raised his voice to kirigan" have you gone insane!" He yelled "you converted her alone! What if something were to happen! What is she needed help, the witches were only a few miles away what if she would have died kirigan! We would have lost you too! What were you thinking! Why didn't you call me! And you changed her while she was pregnant! She should have already lost the child! That fact that she didn't is unheard of!"

"What I do with my mate is of no concern to you, Cristof," Kirigan said, his voice not raising but carrying the full weight of an alpha. "If there was any danger I would have called the witches to us. But now, because she feels hurt and betrayed because of being pregnant, she is not thinking of the child, only of her pain. Either our child was meant to live or it was not. Nature would take its course and nature decided it should live. Now, either you help me find my mate and convince her of the danger and the need for her to keep to our laws or you leave and I bring her back to the palazzo kicking and screaming. She will be kept safe, as will our child. Choose now, Cristof, because once made it cannot be undone."

Chrisof looked at him with a serious expression "kirigan this does not sound like you, even in your prime as alpha you were never this kind of controlling " he said "we have know each other for decades my brother listen to my words, this is not you"

"What would you do if it were Natasha?" he asked, knowing the answer already. "What if Natasha was in danger because of your failings? Would you not go against your usual nature to secure her safety?"

"Let us think this through more if we go in there like you suggest and fail then the society will know about her being pregnant and your mate" he said in a serious tone "so....what if we use your connection to our advantage instead and call upon the carpathian people. We have friends that are carpathian maybe they can help"

"You think calling on an injured, pregnant woman would be a better option?" Kirigan asked. "Scarlett of the Dragonseekers is the only one that can convince Gidget of anything and she must heal for another two days. By then, she could have aborted the child, which the Grand Council has forbidden, or worse, be prisoner to the society. We do not have the time."

"Let us see if there are any allied carpathians in the area first, we should also talk to gywenth to see if she can help"

"Then call Gweneth," said Kirigan, his fists clenching. "But she will have to meet us on the way."

He got on the phone right away, after a moment he said good bye "she is on her way with her daughter as well I also learned there are allies in the area" he said "she also advise not to call to her or she might run,let is get to the car and we will head to the city"

Kirigan got in and looked out the window, feeling as if everything was moving too slow. To pass the time, he thought about the plan he and Gidget had cooked up. It could have developed into a trap meant to capture him.

"I will go in after her alone," Kirigan said. "You will do nothing until you get my signal, Cristof. I mean it. Natasha and the pack need you."

"Betas can be replaced, it's much harder to replace a alpha, the pack needs you more" he said as he pulled over. The elder witch and her daughter got in "it seems you are a bit lost moon child, tell me what has happened" said gweneth

"My mate survived the transformation while pregnant," said Kirigan. "However, now she is trying to abort the child, which is against our laws, and is surrounded by people that could harm her. I plan to walk into the lion's den to get her out myself." He glared at Cristof. "Alone."

" I see and you think this is the best plan?" She asked in a calm tone

"I think it is the only plan she will accept," he said after a moment.

"So this mate of yours will like the plan that after she feels you have betrayed her that you show up and not only do you show up but you show up around people that want to hurt your kind, is your goal to out her association with your kind and the date that you are her mate?"

"They already know she is my mate," he said. "So, no, that is not my intention. My intention is to go in and save her by acting as if she escaped me. They will capture me and we will know their location and the location of Lily. Furthermore, they will think she is loyal to them and upset that she is carrying a monster's child. It will save her because they will have me to harm instead of her."

"Bit you don't know what she told them, by showing up you might put her in more danger" she said calmly

"I know of no other way to aid her at this time," he said. "None that she would happy with."

"Well have you thought of trusting your woman to make the right decisions" she said

"Elder one, she wants to abort the child and wants nothing to do with me," he said. "She is acting out of hurt and betrayal. Has anyone ever made a good decision with those emotions?"

"Are warriors not trained to handle their emotions? Do you think she can? Is she a good warrior?" She asked

"One of the best I've ever seen," he said after a moment.

"What was her reasoning for not wanting the child?" She asked

"She said that she didn't want to bring the child into this world because she didn't make it safe," he said, feeling as if he were in a half-dream state. "But I felt her her hurt from what I did."

"Bit her reason for for not wanting the child was that it was dangerous, not because of you correct?" She asked

"Yes," he said, his words sounding like they were echoing to him.

"So do you think showing up and then forcing her away and trapping her in your home will make her feel safe? Or would it be similar to the decision to conceive forcefully "

"But I only want to keep her safe," he said.

"What would make her safe? Think of her, of what you have seen, what kind of fighter is she moon child, have you seen her in action?" She said softly

"She can fight close up better than any other," he said. "She craves action and needs to bring justice to those wronged. She can use any weapon with ease. Short or long-range, it makes no difference. But she is with men that would harm her just because my scent is on her."

"Unless she could convince them the connection was useful to them, is that something she would do?" She asked and gidgets words before she was converted echoed his mind I have a fifty fifty chance of convincing them this is a good thing

"Yes," he said.

"So I ask again is this the best plan?" She asked softly and the images of gidget filled his mind, the way she fought how he saw her outsmart so many enemies over the years, how when she thought she was alone she would smile at the smallest things, how she commanded her men

"No," he said. "Was acting on my own desires... again."

"So what should we do?" Asked chrisof

"I..." Kirigan looked around for a moment, the cobwebs clearing. "I'm not sure. Anything I would do for the pack would only result in her getting more upset or endanger her."

"Well we are here so..." Chrisof said as they sat outside a nightclub

"Elder one, I don't know what to do here," he said.

"Feel her, is she hurt? Is she ok?" She asked

He looked out the window a moment and said, "She is calm and unharmed."

"How are her emotions, is she scared, angry..." She asked

"She is upset but determined," he said.

"What does that mean to you?" She asked

He had one hand on the door handle and the other clutching the seat as he said, "She is about to fight."

"Don't think, just do, your wolf will guide you if you let him" she said

"I..." he looked around the car. "He is telling me to watch."

They all remained silent and watched the club, a hour passed and finally she came out, she looked beaten up but not to badly, her lip was cut and her knuckles were bloody, a man came out with her looking worse off the her, he smiled and laughed at something she said and she rolled her eyes. She took out a phone and handed it to him. He took it and nodded and walked away getting into a car and driving off. After a moment she looked around and turned and left, she went up to a motorcycle and got on , putting on a helmet

"Elder one, how do I balance my need to keep her safe and her need to protect others?" Kirigan asked.

Right as she was about to answer gidget stopped and sat up and looked around. A male came up to her a moment later it was clear he was not a human man, he said something to her and she took off her helmet and said something back, a moment later he handed her a vial of something and she took it and handed him money a lot of money. With a nod they parted ways and she put her helmet back on after downing the vial. The bike roared and she took off

"I want to go after her," he said. "I do not know what was in that vial and I feel apprehensive."

"Yes sir" chrisof said and started to follow it was like something out of a scene from fast and the furious weaving and dodging to try to keep up with the bike but chrisof was an expert driver. But then they noticed the other bikes. They followed in sue, keep up with her, she high fives another female biker and they started to book it

Kirigan looked at Gweneth and said, "She won't let me talk to her. I don't know if she is leading us somewhere or the enemy. But the enemy does follow her."

"She seems to know them and I'm sure she already knows we are following, but I am getting nervous at the speed she is going, their is a old road up ahead, it would be extremely dangerous to do so at this speed"

"If I talk to her, she will drive faster," he said.

The second they hit that road they realize how dangerous it actually was, one guy already tanked and a few moments later so did another one gidget waited until the last one tanked until she tanked her bike and ride on top, as it slide she shot everyone who was down in the head. The bike skidded to a stop and she stepped off and crossed her arms looking at the car

The car stopped and Kirigan looked out at her. He wanted to go to her to make sure she was okay. He wanted to shake her for running. He wanted to kiss her. So many things he wanted to do. But he just sat there, unsure of what to do.

She met his gaze, her eyes flashed to her wolves, she pointed a gun toward she care and everyone went still, chrisof growled but remained unmoved, the gun went off and a loud thud echoed on top of the car like a body dropped on the top of the car

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