Actors in a Play 3

Kirigan got out then. He stared at her for a moment before taking a step towards her.

She took a step back "don't..." She said in a uneven tone like she was about to cry

"Gidget," he said, his tone breaking her heart. She frowned and balled her fist, she sudden covered her face with her hands and began to cry.

He was next to her instantly, holding her to him. He didn't say anything, didn't ask anything of her. He just let her get it out while shielding her from the others' view.

She went limp in his arms and he picked her up "don't take advantage of this......don't cage me"she said before she passed out in his arms.

He put her in the back seat with him and let her lay down, her head in his lap.

"Take us to an inn," he said. "She needs rest."

They drove quickly and quietly "ok I'll be the one to ask...what just happened? I mean we are currently driving away from six bodies, including one that was on top of our car..." Chrisof said

"Later, Cristof," said Kirigan. "All we need to focus on is the road. Just know, we have a reprieve from our enemies for a time because of her."

"Kirigan...I need to know what happened, I can't keep your both safe and do my job a beta if I don't know" chrisof said in a serious tone

"I don't have the answers you want," he said. "I just know that right now, she saved many of the people of this land this night. Be on the lookout for the society. You know their types. But she is angry and scared of what I will do to her. This is why we must not go back to my palazzo right now."

Kirigan felt a soft hand on his shoulder, he knew the elder was telling him he did a good job by making that decision "I will look over her and see if I can figure out what she took so we can all be at ease moon child"

"I feel lost still, elder one," Kirigan said. "Everything I have done so far drives her away from me."

"Think of movements when it has been pleasant, what was different?" She asked

"We didn't talk about duty or status or anything like that," he said, blushing. "We were just Kirigan and Gidget, mates in our own world and keeping the outside from coming in. Even when we weren't, we talked about nothing in general. No agenda, no worries, nothing but nonsense, really."

"And when you were tracking her and keeping tabs on her all these years when did she seem the happiest" she asked

"When she was alone," he said. "Scarlett of the Dragonseekers was not able to keep me from seeing her all the time. When I managed to be able to simply look upon her, she would laugh at nothing and just smile. I believe she was able to relax and allow events of the day to come back to her. To allow the emotions within her to come out and be free. She is always so strong and business-like around others, but she lets that fall away when she is alone."

"So your good time with her is similar to her alone time ,correct?" She asked

His hand moved over her hair and she snuggled in closer to him in her sleep as he said, "Yes."

The elder just patted his shoulder and moved away, knowing he just found the answer and the reason why things have been going wrong, mates are a Haven, yes they fight and work together but the are each other's comfort, both him and gidget have been alone for so long ,comfort was scary to both of them but they both wanted it, but when he started to force things on her he made her feel like she had to guard herself against him like she does with the people she worked with, he took away her haven by taking away her choices, yes she felt even more trapped because as his mate the need to be with him was strong, it was like a month to a flame but the month knew it would die by the flame

They arrived at the inn and secured two large rooms. He appreciated Cristof giving the two of them the bedroom area for privacy and took the lounge for himself. Gweneth and her daughter took the other room. Kirigan laid Gidget on the bed, removing her weapons and carefully sitting them on top of the dresser. He found what appeared to be her favorite knife and stuck it under her pillow. He removed her shoes for her but nothing else. He wanted her to feel comfortable and not at a disadvantage.

She frowned in her sleep like she was having a bad dream, when she rolled on her side he could see what looked like a wound peeking out of her shirt on her shoulder by her neck, his instincts left him no choice, slowly he gentle moved her shirt to get a look at it, a vampire bite

He walked to the other room and said, "Call any Carpathian allies we have in the area. The undead have bitten Gidget and we must remove the poison. I'm calling Scarlett. We have no choice. Gidget needs her to get here, with Erik Daratrazanoff. I trust no other to heal her."

The elder stood up "I sensed no taint with your mate, are you sure she is poison moon child?" She said softly and he felt a calm seep into him

"No but better safe than sorry," he said. "Oh, Cristof, no men can touch her. She finds it difficult and not just because she is my mate."

"Um, what?" He asked in a confused tone

"If any man but I touch her, it causes her pain," Kirigan said. "Just... We need to heal her now. I do not want to say there is no poison only to find that it was slow acting."

"Kirigan, get me the empty vial she took, I believe she put it in her pocket" said the elder

Kirigan went back to Gidget and fished out the bottle. He took it into the lounge and handed it to Gweneth.

She smelled the context of it "maria burn this "she said and her daughter obeyed "sit down moon child we need to talk, alone" she said

"What is it, elder one?" he asked once they had sat down, he on the foot of the bed and she in an armchair in the room corner. "What was in the vial?"

"You said that there are certain yes and parts of her memory that are unknown correct" she asked and when he nodded she continued "I figured out why" she said "now I need you to remain calm because if you don't she will sense it and wake up and she needs her rest, but it seems for quite some time your lifemate has been a ghoul"

"But ghouls are soulless and dead," he said. "She can't be. She is my other half."

"Not all ghouls are, she is blood bonded to someone, it would make her stronger, faster, more durable, when you told me about her being in pain when males touch her I knew then something like this was at play, the vial of blood confirmed it. I sensed no taint because I do not think it is a vampire that bit her, but a carpathian" she said "the blood I smelled was not vampire"

"Then, not a ghoul," he said. "A blood bond is very different, elder one. You know this. Please, do not play me like that. But that doesn't explain the blood vial. A blood bond is when a human and Carpathian exchange blood one time. Same for vampires. It does not make a ghoul, but could turn a human into one over time if done by a vampire. If it was a Carpathian, she would have no need for the blood. None. Not even if he turned would she need it. It would only be if he forced her to take tainted blood after he turned, using the blood bond to force her to do so. But you say that is not the case. This makes no sense."

"It does when you have heard the rumors I have and seen the things I have, the rumor being that the society has figured out a way to make the Carpathians blood into what you might consider a enhancement drug, and I meant what I said about being a ghoul, she will need to keep continuing to get doses of the blood, she will act out and become sick and weak of she is unable to get it, now I do not know why she has that bite but I have seen these vials of blood going around, I have seen normal humans punch through wall or run as fast as a car..." She said "times are changing, something big is coming moon child and your mate is in the middle of the storm"

"What will happen if we get her off of this enhansment drug?" he asked, fearing the answer.

"I am not sure, especially now that she is with child" she said in a honest tone it's too dangerous....I can't, I can't have a child right now, it's not safe! gidgets words from when they were fighting in the forest echoed in his mind you have no idea what you have done! a sound of a cane hitting the floor bring him back "kirigan,what is it son?" Asked the elder

What have I done, Gidget? he asked as he said, "Gidget is the only person on earth I can link minds to without her life pouring into me. Elder one, she is a gift. I can speak to her as a mate."

"That is not what you were thinking though I am happy beyond words that you finally may touch someones mind moon child" she said patting his hand "confide in me so we may figure this out together, if it's within my power I will always help you and your mate"

"Gidget told me that she can't have the baby because it was dangerous," he said. "Do you think it could be tied to this drug? That it would cause her to miscarry?"

"I think it might be more then that, your mate is now lycan, a powerful bloodline at that, this drug is carpathian based...." The elder said but he cut her off

"That would make her a Hän ku pesäk kaikak," he said. "A Guardian of all. As I would become and our child born."

"If you were to feed from her enough yes, but my fear is that the bite is because the society has figured out what she is, it's hard enough to keep a carpathian prisoner and to kidnappe them, but if they found a new source from the drug, a more potent and powerful blood..." She sighed and stood up "the bite mark on your mate is it deep but clean? Like someone was feeding but trying not to hurt her?" She asked

He shook his head, "No, it was in two stages. The second is like you described, but the first is more like they were testing it, like they were unsure of it's quality. If they learn that she is pregnant, they will capture her to obtain the baby and hold it prisoner all of it's life to use as a source. Knowing no other way, the child would accept it so long as no pain came with the taking of blood."

"I believe the first bite was her feeding the capture carpathian, send your people out to search for the carpathian he might be in danger and need help, I don't know about the second but, maybe she got in the way of a vampire that might have been there, so warn your people there also might be a fallen in the area, but if gidget used herself as a way to stay good with the society and rescue the carpathian then what worries me is why she killed those society members"

"She is part of the society, yet she is not," he said. "She has created an off branch that knows the difference between that which is evil and those that hunt it. Some have psychic abilities that not only let them see this, but protect each other as well. They take out society members when they learn what they need to. They destroy it from within."

"But if to many die around her they will get suspicious and didn't you say that she recently killed a high ranking member and that's why you had to convert her, she also didn't look pleased that were were there and she looked friendly with them before we showed up, I worry our presence caused trouble" she said in a serious tone " go to your mate, examine her body, make sure there are no other marks"

He went to her and looked her over. He held the growl in and worked at keeping his heart steady. On the inside of her right thigh, over a vital artery, was a bite mark. It was not healed with the tongue as a Carpathian or vampire would have done, but healed as if the person only understood vitakenesis. It was still scabbed over and looked incredibly painful.

"Elder one, come look at this," he said. "The one who did this was not a natural-born Carpathian, but perhaps used to be a human doctor with tremendous healing abilities."

"The bite is too small for a male" she said looking at it "there is taint here but it's not venom or may be looking at a vampiress" she said "it's eager and aggressive and it's meant to cause pain, but why here...there is always a purpose for such a aggressive bite"

"I am unsure," he said. "It could be to punish her or it could be a challenge for me. Hell, it could be both. I cannot be certain without Gidget to clarify."

"Maybe it was something more simple...she was riding a motorcycle, with the wound here it would have been extremely painful for her to ride it, especially on that rode she went on when the bikers started to tank, maybe this was to keep her from trying to leave, if so it would explained why she passed out in your arms, it was probably from the pain, I will get some herbs to heal it, " she said getting up "in the mean time since it is clean start licking it to help" she said leaving the room

"I should be able to ease the pain for her at the very least," he said. "I wish I could heal as quickly as Carpathians or Guardians can."

He began to lick the bite, her leg twitches in pain and she groan, bit after a moment her groans of pain turned to moans and her leg stopped twitching, the redness around the bite faded slightly. His eyes pooed open when he felt her hairs gently gripped his hair, and tugged, he knew exactly were she wanted him to go, her arousal filled his nose and he could see her core had started to listen as it became wet. His face only inches away from it giving him a full view or her soft shaven pink pussy

He was having trouble keeping himself from indulging in her body. He heard the door lock and knew that Gweneth was giving them this moment. With that, he feasted on her juices. His body became hard and stiff. He heard her moan and felt when she awoke. He looked up at her for a moment, his eyes sparkling, telling her that this was her fault before going back to his feast.

She didn't stop him, she couldn't, she couldn't fight her need for him and God help her she didn't want too, with all the pain she had been in the pleasure he was giving her was a god send to her. She relaxed her legs to the side giving him more access. She gripped his hair and arched her back. Her sweet juices flooded his mouth

He moved so that he was suckling her breast before moving up to her mouth. He slowly entered her, wanting to ensure her pleasure. He even moved her leg so that it didn't get hurt during their lovemaking. He held her like she were precious to him, his very life. "Gidget," he moaned into her mouth.

She growled against his mouth and went to push him away but he pinned her hands by her head, he could feel she was pulling back because she still felt hurt and betrayed, but he also felt the side of her she tried to hide, his mate, the one who was hurt and needed to reconnect with him. She tried to fight him but the more she moved the more he moved, going deeper and faster inside her. The more he did the more that side that needed him came forward, he knew he would get hell after this but he didn't care. Slowly she stopped fighting him, her mouth became demanding and needing

He pulled back and said honestly, "Piccola, I know I hurt you. I let fear take hold instead of trusting you as I should have. I wish I could take it back. I am sorry."

He could feel his words made her uncomfortable, she was not use to intimacy, and it was worse because his words stired feelings in her. She just shook her head and grabbed the back of his neck and pulled him down towards her to start kissing him again

"I should not have tried to force my will and views on you," he said when he managed to say, needing her to know. "I should have been your confidant, not your enemy. I am your partner and safe harbor, not your dictator and jailer. For that, I will carry the guilt for all time."

He felt her losing patience and it was easier to fight the haze of pleasure, he felt her ready to stop like she did in the cave. Her hands went to his chest and he realized he made another mistake, he should have waited until they were done before speaking to her. He felt all of her pulled back and the wolf in him felt that lost. She pushed against his chest "get off of me"

He moved back and said, "I did it again, it seems."

She used the blanket to cover herself "where am I? Did you...are we at your place?"

"This is an inn in a small village three clicks north of the cave," he said, putting his sweats back on. "I did not want to upset you, though I seem to have done so anyway."

"I shouldn't have let you touch me at all, I wasn't in my right mind, I was still hi..." She trailed off "it doesn't matter" she said "so now what...what are you going to do with me now? Chain me? Rape me? I mean you have already converted me and got me pregnant, what else is there to do?" She asked coldly

"I am not going to do anything to you," he said. "I was trying to heal you when you connected to me as a mate in need. If you will allow me, I can ease the pain of the wound on your leg."

She stiffened "no it's fine..." She said "I would like clothes" she said

"They are on the bed next to you," he said. "I tried to help put you at ease. The restroom is just off the lounge if you need it. Cristof has agreed to help protect you while you heal and has offered to use the folding couch in the lounge so we can talk."

"Talk about what?" She asked getting up but making sure the sheet of the bed covered her

"Whatever you want," he said. "I noticed you carved designs into your blades. You put rabbits on them. They are quite beautiful."

She didn't reply, she grabbed her clothes and went into the bathroom, he heard the shower start "hey.." she said in a whispered tone, lycans hearing was exceptional and a normal lichen might have a hard time hearing her but he was an alpha and he could hear her very clearly "yeah I'm safe, everything went fine, I got him out and took out rose and demetrius, but I also had to take care of the laggers bit don't worry, I drank the m-sixty three so it won't be my scent they smell" she said "I will be back in a couple of days, you know what to do, also I'm going to need to change my armor a bit, the silver is not working for me anymore....make fun of it me all you want but don't forget now that I'm like this I can..." She stopped talking "when? How did he find out? No it's fine I'll take care of it, bye" she said and he heard the sound of a phone breaking and the toilet flushing.

"Hey, Gidget," Kirigan said through the door. "I'd like to take you out. There is a spot I always visit when I come to these lands and I'd like to show it to you."

"I don't think that's a good idea...but if you want you can come join me in the shower" she said in a soft tone

Kirigan had been leaning against the door but he was so surprised by what she said that he ended up sliding down the door suddenly, landing on his butt and hitting his head hard.

The door opened and she stood there soaking wet and naked "what happened?" She asked

Cristof said, "Incantato dalla bellissima luna." from the other room

Kirigan growled and said, "Zitto, stronzo!" He got up. "Don't worry. It was nothing. An accident."

She shrugged “so are you joining me or are you going to stay there on the floor?” She said turning and getting back in the shower

He followed her and said, "So, why are you inviting me in when you don't want me to touch you?"

“When did I say I didn’t want you to touch me? I said get off me, you ruined the moment with your talking, like your doing now” she said running her hand up her sides until they came up into her hair as she leaned her head back under the water

He chuckled, walking up to her, "And you desire the alpha in action rather than the modern man? Be careful, piccola. The alpha is more beast than man."

“I’m counting on it” she said slowly looking at him, he saw her eyes flash to her wolves “is the alpha hungry?”

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