Actors in a Play 4

His eyes flashed an icy blue as he said, "Ravenous. He's struggling to push the man aside and really claim his mate." He stepped into the shower, towering above her and still in his sweats. "He's also mad. He didn't get to go through with our plan in the cave."

“Oh? And what plan was that?” She asked looking up at him

"Pretending to be weak enough to get captured just before he could play with the enemy," he said. "He was looking forward to tossing a few lowlifes around."

“I think you were...admit it, you miss the action, you got bored chasing me all those years” she said sliding her finger slowly up his chest

"Tired of chasing the bella luna?" he asked. "Never." He suddenly had her pinned to the wall, her right hand held above her head. "However, can't say I don't like being able to devour you now that you are here. I do love action, but I'd always chase after you."

“I will hold you to those words” she said inches away from his lips, her tongue snaked out and licked his bottom lip

He took her other arm and pinned it too, using the one hand. "It looks like I'm the one holding you. Seeing you stretched out like this makes my mouth water, piccola."

She licked her lips "don't be selfish...I'm hungry too" she said in a moaning tone

He kissed her hard, his free hand finding her core instantly. He inserted two fingers and set a hard rhythm that had her standing on tiptoe to get closer to him. He growled, feeling her breasts brush his chest. He moved back and said, "It's too bad I'm still in my clothes. Looks like I will be the only one feasting."

She growled "teasing me is not a good way to say sorry kiri" she said in a teasing tone

"I already said that," he said. "Now, I just want you screaming my name so that the moon takes notice, bella piccola."

She glared "and I just want you to fuck me so hard we both can't think and tear this room apart"

"Bed or tub?" he asked in a husky voice, getting out of his soaked pants.

"Yes" she moaned in such a sexy voice his cock pulsed

He took her out of the shower stall and into the jacuzzi tub. He turned it on and laid her out so that she had to hold onto the edge of the tub to keep from going under. The bubbles were like thousands of hot tongues on her skin. But she didn't have time to dwell on it as he entered her hard and fast, moving deeply within her.

The sounds coming out of her were new for her but not for him , it was a wolf in heat and with her mate. He held her hips still for his invasion as he went harder and harder, deeper and deeper. Soon, he was growling in pleasure.

She was not submissive tonight, she demanded him, she turned and made then turn so she was riding him as he sat on the edge. His eyes became icy blue again as he fought to take back control. He had his mouth at her throat, nipping and growling to get his way, his hands and body doing the same as they tried to move her into the submissive position. The fight turned them both on, she gripped his hair and pulled back his hair and started kissing his neck, he felt her canines brush his skin. He growled a warning first before he managed to turn her around. Now his canines were brushing the skin on her neck as he started to stand so that he was behind her, to make her bend before him as an offering to the alpha so that he could reach deeper into her core.

She moaned but growled, her core tightened, once more she turned so her ass was on the counter and she was facing him, without hesitation she gripped his hair and pulled him forward and bit deeply where his shoulder met his neck. He wasn't about to let her have the final say as he mimicked her movements and bit her in the same place. It was the best fight of their lives and neither wanted to lose, but the pressure was quickly building in them both.

The smell of their blood filled the air and kirigan heard the bedroom door bist open and he know it was chrisof because he smelled his blood, in response he growled and slammed gidget up against the bathroom door making her wrap her legs around his waist, so he couldn't open it, he knew he left immediately. She cried out in pleasure and pain "fuck.... kirigan..." She moaned

She let go first. He had won. He thrust deeply so that she was begging him before they climaxed to together, him howling in pleasure and triumph. Slowly, they slid to the ground, his animalistic breathing keeping the aftershocks rolling through her body.

"Don't stop....mark me...I know you want to....I feel it ...I need it" she moaned as his breath hit his face "you waited so long it"

He lapped at her nipple, his brain wondering why he needed to do this. He bit deep, drinking her in. He lapped at it, as if he could heal it and realized that she was close to being a guardian. He had awoken the Lycan within her and now, the Carpathian blood in her veins was merging with it.

It felt new yet somehow right "I will give you the power you keep our child safe" she moaned

The bite looked a bit old and faded on her, though still pink. Still, his head snapped up when she said that.

"What do you mean, Gidget?" he asked. "I'm humbled by this gift you give me, but I wish to understand this power."

"When you converted me you seal all our dates, I've had carpathian blood in my system for years...I feel the change, you bring out the wolf in me has only mad it will is all" she moaned "do not think this is because I give in to your ways of your alphas but it's because I have decided it....I will make it safe for our child to be born, no matter the cost"

"Let me finish for you, piccola," he said. "My beta found out you are descended from a lost Lycan family. Your human blood diluted it so much that all you had left was your energy-sensing ability left to you. This is why the Carpathian blood worked on you. However, it was my blood, the blood of a Lycan, that awoke the wolf lying dormant within you. That is why you felt pain. I awoke the blood in you and now, the Carpathian blood in you is starting to turn you into a Guardian, and through you, me."

"We must do it tonight ...I will deal with whatever pain it will bring, help me" she said

"There is no pain," he said. "Cristof has called Scarlett and Erik to us. They will be here tomorrow night." He looked out the window. "I will miss the noonday sun, but I'd rather spend the rest of my nights with you than live in the sunlight. You will have to feed from one them and they from you. I would suggest Scarlett, but she is still quite injured, so it must be Erik. I will have to exchange two to three more times for my full transformation. But trust me, no pain is involved now."

She didn't move "prove to me I'm your soulmate kirigan, I know lycans can mate more then once, I don't want to be like are you so sure I'm different?"

He kissed her forehead and said, "It is true, we can mate with others, but once we find our mate, no other can capture our attention. I do not see other women as potential mates or even a need to satisfy such an urge with another. There is only you. When I first saw you, any urge I had before lifted. You filled my mind until I could not sleep, could not eat. That is when I knew I had to find you, that you were my other half."

"I do not trust easily ..and you have already hurt me deeply, bit if you help me with this I will try....I will give us another chance" she said

"There is no question of me helping," he said. "After finding you, I would never abandon you. I know I have made mistakes, and will make more, but know this above all else. What I do, I do because I care. I do not wish to lose my bella luna. You are most precious to me. I am used to telling my pack what to do and them following without question, but I should not have tried to force my will on you. I feared for you and I let that get in between what was right and what you needed. I will strive to be better, but I am not perfect."

She was silent for a moment “if you choose me you won’t be able to go back to your pack any time will learn things about me that will make you question everything you know...” she warned

"If you choose me, you will no longer be able to run when things get intimate or personal," he countered. "You will have get used to the idea to the idea of running a pack with me and you may question things about yourself. Such as, how you ever thought to live without me or the pack."

She rolled her eyes "I run ..just so you can chase "she said in a sexy teasing tone

"That is only part of the reason," he said, "but it always starts when I get intimate. You ran to the bathroom when I apologized. You ran after our first night, you ran to our sacred lands, sure with a job to do, but you still ran. And when we first saw each other nearly a decade ago, you ran. You have developed a love having me come after you, to chasing you down, but it always starts in fear. Tell me why you are afraid of being charished, piccola. I will give you a difficult memory of my own in return."

She started moved away from him separating their bodies, she hated how she moaned softly as he slid out of her wet hot core

"Gidget," he said, "I am doing you the courtesy of waiting for you to tell me rather than go into your mind to find out. I need to understand why you feel the way you do about certain moments and why you do what you do."

"Why do you try to force me and dominant's in your nature" she said standing up on shaken legs "I had a good time tonight....." She said and he saw a glint of michief in her eyes "it was fun distracting you." She said with a smile, before he could ask what she meant she opened the door to the bathroom just as four large figures busted through the windows of their room, chrisof was there instantly, but on of them threw something on him and he convulsed and feel to the ground like he had been tased "I'll see you back in italy in a week, sorry moon child" she said mockingly "I'm not ready to give up the chance yet, I have things to do before our child is born"

Kirigan fought to get out of the hold of the men, but with four against one, even one as strong as him, it was impossible. It was worse when he was injected with something he couldn't see that made it difficult to move. He tried to make sure Cristof was okay as they forced him out of the hotel, but he couldn't move his head to look at his beta. Though he could still talk, the last thing he wanted to do was put any innocent in danger. One of them at least put a towel around Kirigan's waist, but they put a bag over his head and gagged and tied him. He was put in the floor of a large vehicle so he wouldn't fall on anyone as they moved. He heard the men talking.

"Ma'am, what are we allowed to do to this... creature," one asked. "Some of the men are anxious to direct him and others want to study him alive. How much torture he can endure until madness and so on."

"He's well built," said another man, making Kirigan internally cringe as the man ran his hand over Kirigan's body. "I know I wouldn't mind..."

Gidget growled "unless you want to break the spell that those raven witches got paid so much for, our bosses money" she said and they all went stiff "then nothing is to be done, you heard the witch herself , the spell acts like a mate bond if you hurt him and it does not affect me which it won't the spell will be broken" she said in a serious tone " and then we would have a centuries old alpha lose in our facility" she said in a stern tone "and I'll make sure to let the boss know it all the damage and casualties we would have was because you all could not control yourselves" she said in a threatening tone

The first man said, "I want to know what we can do to him. He's got to have some valuable information in that brain of his. This thing can't be too smart if he trusted you, Ma'am. How could he not feel the spell on him or know what you planned? Just another dog with a bone that needs to learn its place."

"I have already racked his brain, he as been chasing me for seven years after we broke into his facility, before that it was all unless information, just a head dog fucking and living his filthy life, but I have something much better for you men to do that you will enjoy , there is a female that has history with him, she knows a lot more then he does, he threw her away like a cheese bone, so she is angry, she thought she was good enough to join us, but I found out she only did so so she could look good for him, she is his spy and is reporting us back to not only him but the ultimate alpha" that got their attention "find her and show her what happens to dogs who try to bite us"

Kirigan growled. Lily was his mark and Gidget knew it. He couldn't move to get them to let him go. From the way the man laughed, the growl was not interpreted as Kirigan wanted.

"So, the men can have fun with the little bitch?" a third man asked. "I admit, I wouldn't mind getting my hands on a saucy little thing."

"What ever it takes to get the information ould of her" she said in a dark tone "I know you boys got the new tools I gave you as a reward for your last job, use them"

Kirigan tried to talk but he couldn't get any word past the gag. He couldn't see anything, let alone glare at them like he wanted.

The fourth man said, "The boss wants the collar on this one. If he attempts to fight back, we have a way to take him down. I swear, the old man watches too many movies." He out a collar on Kirigan. "He changed it from the movie version. Instead of being able to see the spikes, this one injects liquid silver into the bloodstream to kill quickly. Still, suitable for a mangy dog."

Gidget didn't say anything and for the rest of the ride it was quiet, after what seemed like hours of driving the car stopped, kirigan could feel the sun on his skin when they excited the car, letting him know hours really had past since it was day time. After a moment he felt himself be put in a wheel chair and pushed somewhere, many runes later it stopped and the men put him on the table and cuffed him down. After a moment the bag came off his head, the light blinding him for a moment, when his eyes adjust he saw gidget putting on gloves. He was in a brick room filled with bio lab equipment. He was strapped down to a metal table that kept him up right "hello mate" she said with a cold smile "oh right your hard" she said teasingly "I like it better with you silent, but then again I won't be able to hear you scream"

He glared at her and growled. His eyes held pain, anger, and betrayal.

"Don't look at me like that I warned you" she said ripping off his gag, his skin stung from doing so

"Just go away," he said, looking away. "Let them do whatever they want. What's the point anymore?" He looked back at her. "Just know, I will live through any form of torture you throw at me to hunt every one of you down. None of you will live to harm another. You will live the rest of your pathetic days looking over your shoulder, waiting for death."

"You couldn't find me for seven years and I was just teasing you, you won't find me but I could just kill you if that is what you prefer" she said with a smile getting close to him "I will grant you death since you gave me my new powers and a child to play with" she said coldy

"Despite everything," he said, "despite this betrayal... my soul still calls to you. I wouldn't kill you, Gidget. I..." He found the gag back in his mouth. "Mhmmmmm!"

"You wanna know the reason why I ran when it got intimate, because I couldn't act like I cared about you, and then you would have known something was wrong and the spell would have been broken" she said in a emotionless tone "so sit back and relax" she said picking up a long syringe

He growled, wishing he could move. He at least wanted a chance to fight back. He closed his eyes. He couldn't look at the woman he loved without feeling pain. His wolf was there saying it was an act. The man wished it was true. No one but Gidget saw a tear fall and disappear into his hair.

He felt the sharp pain in his arm as she drew blood. She removed the needle once she got what she wanted then licked the wound "yummy...scared alpha" she said in a dark tone as she walked over to a machine and put his blood in. The machine started to spin "now why we wait on that why don't we start with something fun, luis bring me my gloves" she said to a man to her left

Luis gave her the gloves and the men left. They did not want to witness what she did. They had heard the stories. The door shut and left them alone.

She locked the door and put on her gloves and went up to him "make sure to scream nice and loud for me " she said and his world went black when she slammed a needle in his neck and injected him with something.

He didn't know how long he had been out but when he woke up, he was covered in his own blood and his body ached and he still couldn't move, he was starring at the floor, which also had his blood on it. Gidget was covered in his blood and doing something with what looked like a piece of his skin, the sight made him sick

The men came back in. The youngest and newest of the men ran from the room and threw up. The others were pale but didn't react too much, though their stomachs were churning.

"Did you have fun?" asked Luis. "He looks worse for wear. We heard the screams. Wish I could have helped."

"Your the one that left" she said in a plain tone "did you find the woman? I gave you a name and even a picture" she said in a aggravated tone

"She's with the boss," he said. "She is under his protection for now. Sorry, Ma'am. We cannot touch her."

"They say she turned into a wolf in front of the boss last week," said Luis. "She was missing fur in places. She said that this guy here, Kirigan, refused to claim her as his mate and she became evil. He wouldn't save her. The boss is using her to find their safe houses." Kirigan growled, causing the man to laugh and lift his head by gripping Kirigan's hair. "Your luck ran out long ago, mutt." He let Kirigan's head fall again. "Next time, I'll ask to join the torture. I was told you couldn't touch men so I left out of respect for my superior."

"Only the Superior can touch me" she said in a emotionless tone "and you don't respect anyone luis" she said with a smirk and a wink at him

"Maybe not," he said, smirking back at her, "but I like to keep the family jewels where they are, thank you. We were threatened with castration by the boss if we don't ask."

The one that threw up came back and said, "Miss Gidget... I am sorry I have a weak stomach." He looked at her, admiration in his eyes. This boy was practically hero-worshiping Gidget. "How do I get to be as good as you? I mean, you could probably get him to sell out the other packs of dogs to us with what you can do!"

"France,russia, romania,german,italy" she said licking his blood off her fingers in front of them "that's were the alphas of the council are" she said going up to the boy , her eyes flashing gold "and are you sure you want to be like me" she said in a intimidating tone

"I just want to be able to torture people," he said. "I've never had power before. Everyone picked on me. I want to show them what happens when you push someone too far. But I don't want to be turned into an unholy creature. What happened to you was a travesty. No one blames you, just the beast in chains over there. We all know you wouldn't have chosen to be like them, that you wouldn't hunt down the human race to make them into monsters."

She got close to his face "you run from your and envy others, what I willing made myself was a sarifice for our cause, what have you sacrifice for our cause?" She asked in a low tone making him back up

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