Actors in a Play 5

The boy looked down and said, "I'll do what I have to for the society. I want to get stronger. Like you." Kirigan growled. "Can I do something to him like you did? Is there a way?"

"You think you have earned the right to do anything?" She asked in a dark tone

"But the others let hands-on training!" the boy said. "They teach the others by letting them do and get a taste for it!"

Luis sighed and said, "She isn't your mentor. I am. You want to learn, earn the right to."

"Luis it seems your underling hasn't sacrifice enough, it also seems that you have not taught him....we are all bullies here, you chose the wrong place weakling, we are apex here you will be eaten alive if we don't find you useful" she then looked at luis "take care of that"

"What can I say, he's the boss' brat," said Luis. "I can't train him like I do the others. Have to go easy on him or boss man will get one of the leeches he captured to suck me dry."

Kirigan growled. They had Carpathians too? Did they capture some children? There was no way they could have gotten a hunter. He had to find a way out of this and free them as well."

She walked up to luis, she knew luis wanted to fuck her for years now, though he hid it she knew he had a thing for him "maybe your just not getting creative enough a pity"

"Easy to say when you don't have the boss tying your hands," he said. "I'm not allowed to harm a hair on the brat's head. His dad wants him to be a badass when the kid is better at lab work."

"Mental training and conditioning before physical, I can train him in the lab if you wish" she said

"Kid's already got the mental crap down," he said rubbing the back of his head, hiding his smirk. "The stuff making the dog paralyzed is the kid's doing. It's the physical. You train him if you want, Gidg. But I have to oversee the training. Just get him strong enough to actually do shit. Boy can barely pick up the staking gear."

"Bring him to the field, I'll meet you both there within the hour" she said and then turned to the boy "if you cry I'll eat you" she said

"You can't touch me," said the boy smugly. "My dad will have you killed if you try to hurt me."

"He makes runts like all the time, you are not special and you are very much replaceable" she said and that smile faded "he will kill you himself if you are not good enough by his standards and right now your not, I can run circles around you in this lab and I out match you in every way physically, so" she said getting real close to his face and looking him in the eyes "what your response should be is yes commander"

The boy looked down and said in a low tone, "Yes, commander."

"Speak up to your superior," said Luis. "I did teach you respect at the very least."

"Sorry, sir," said the boy. "I said, yes, Commander."

"After tonight, she's going to become a Lieutenant," Luis continued. "She's moving up two ranks for bagging this guy."

"But he promised me that rank!" the boy said, appalled.

"Nothing is guaranteed," said Luis. "You were supposed to suck it up and do normal training with the others by yesterday. Instead, you throw your father's power around and he won't do a thing about it. Either stick to the lab or get dirty and get a few scrapes and bruises."

"Now I get to catch you up" she said walking over to the table and grabbing a bag and handing it to luis "make sure he puts this on, I don't want to kill him...yet" she said

"Sure thing," said Luis with a smile. "Come on, boy. Can't be wasting the woman's time."

After everyone left she went up to kirigan " I have things to do I'll play with you later" she said and pushed him back into a sleeping pod, it was cold and slowly he felt his body relax and dispite him fighting it he's so interested off to sleep

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