Just in Time to Hunt

Roberto and Sofia arrived at the school. Sofia would stay at the school to watch over Jacob and his mate, as well as other De La Cruz children. Roberto would join the hunt to help someone close to Scarlett.

"I fear we are late," said Sofia when they met the group. "We apologize."

"I had to battle some society members on the way here," said Roberto. "I was also sent to look for my possible lifemate but this seems to be more important at this time."

"Your soul is just as important, Roberto," said Sofia, turning to him in worry. "Promise me that you will look for her even while hunting and that you won't take unnecessary risks."

"We will keep him safe, Sofia," said Zandar. "Thank you for watching after him for us. I know it has been difficult."

"No, Mr. Zandar," said Sofia. "It was no trouble and he made the trip more exciting."

"You do the name Chevez proud," said Manuel.

"I heard many of the family have found lifemates," said Sofia.

"Not now, Sofia," said Roberto. "You should get inside the school and set your room up."

"Sure thing," said Sofia. "After I learn what is going on so that I know how to handle the children."

Roberto shrugged and turned to Erik and Scarlett, and asked, "Are you sure you should be up, little sister? I heard you were badly injured recently."

"She is nearly healed, but she has promised to call me if she gets harmed," said Erik.

"I'm going to be going to aid the alpha with my mate," said Michael. "Gidget sent us a message but when she heard you were coming, we thought it best to have you join our rescue party."

"You honor me," said Roberto.

Maggie took Manuel's hand, and asked, "Should I be here? I'm human. And I don't want you to go."

"It's okay," said Sofia, taking Maggie's hand. "You and the other women who don't fight will be placed in a safe house with a hunter to protect you. That way, your mate can concentrate on the battle and rescue. He will be there for you if you are scared."

"Okay," said Maggie, looking more at ease.

"Tell me what we need to do," said Roberto.

Scarlett looked at the ancient hunter who was in danger of falling "you and me will meet up with some contacts I have while erik and Micheal will go see chrisof and the elder raven" she said and began walking "you are most familiar with jaguars, you will be needed from what gidget told me this particular facility is into dna and has aquired many different kind creatures" she said

"Very well," said Roberto.

"Are there any human victims in the facility as well?" Sofia asked. "If there are, they could be psychic like I am and a possible lifemate for Roberto."

"Enough, Sofia," said Roberto. "I will not lose my soul this night."

"She just worries," said Zandar. "She is more than an employee of our family. She is your friend and has kept the beast leashed. She speaks to your jaguar."

"She declined to be adopted into the family again," said Roberto.

"I'm not worthy of that honor," she said.

"You have fought to keep our lands safe," said Roberto, "and I have even given you a blood exchange to save your life. You are already part of the family."

"I don't feel worthy of it because you have fought much harder and longer than I have," said Sofia.

"I deemed you worthy," said Roberto. "That is enough."

"Enough" scarlett said in a aggravated tone and her eyes flashed and she turned to them both "keep your pathetic childish squabbles at home, in case you forget we not only have a alpha pair in trouble but countless of innocents are relying on is , we are going into one the biggest society strong holds in europe and we are out number" she said "if you can't focus on the job leave"she said in a booming tone "because I will hold everyone of you responsible for every death if you fail in your duty and I show no mercy for that kind of thing" she said

"I am taking this seriously," said Roberto as Sofia turned away. "It is just to put Sofia at ease. Let us get going. I do not want to give the enemy too much time to harm the alpha pair or the victims."

"Be safe everyone," said Sofia. "Please."

With that, she walked into the school and went to her room. Roberto turned to Scarlett and said, "Lead the way, little sister."

three hours later

Micheal and erik where with the elder witch, chrisof , scarlett and roberto where a mile away front he facility "I heard you plan to meet the dawn next month at the monastery" scarlett said as they waited for the phone call from gidget

"I am tired of endless fighting and no hope," he said. "My lifemate does not exist in this lifetime. I have come to accept it. As soon as Sofia accepts that she is part of the De La Cruz family, I will depart. She knows this and will not accept so as to keep me here."

"Yes but if you wait to long you will do no any any good and risk the chance of hurting sophia more then if you departed with honor, do not let her see you fall" she said in a low tone

"I plan on an honorable death that she will be forced to accept," said Roberto. "I do not want to greet the dawn. I am a warrior and want to leave the world like one."

"I know, that's why I chose you to be with me, I also know that's why you accepted, tonight we fight brother and I know you will fight with everything you have left and when you are ready I will be there when you are ready to go to the tree" she said in a serious tone looking at him

"If the end of next month comes and Sofia still refuses," said Roberto, looking at her, "I request you be my final battle. Just like when we were kids, you and I will spar. Only difference is, no matter who comes out on top, I get to rest."

She nodded "you should know...I will be giving it my all since I have your nephew growing inside me" she said letting him be the first she chose to tell.

He knew he felt love for her, but he could no longer feel it. He hugged her for a moment and then pulled away before saying, "Do me a favor and don't name the kid after me. We want him to stand half a chance when he starts training with you."

"He won't no matter his name "she said with a chuckle "guide me from the tree brother, and pray we meet again" she said and stood up "I know of you felt anything you would be chewing my ear off and trying to lock me away so I don't do what we are about to do because I am pregnant so I guess thats a plus... though I would glading take it if it meant you could be happy " she said. Before he could answer she cut him off "it's time, I will keep them busy up top, the victims are in the basement level, they will not notice you when there is a dragon at their door" she said with a smile and shifted. It had been years since he seen her dragon or any dragon, though he could not feel any emotions he could still feel the power the beast had. He knew she was going to give them hell, with a flap of her wings she took to the air and within moments the forest and sky lit up with her flames as she started the attack

Roberto went in with Cristof. Cristoff went to free the Lycans and humans while Roberto freed the Carpathians and Jaguars. The later group gave him the hardest time as they had been used to feed the Carpathians at times, so were not very trusting until he said his lineage. They followed him, though the males were not happy. All of them wanted to run. He said, Scarlett, we have almost made it out of the facility. There were no guards. Something isn't right about this.

there are no gaurds because of Gidget and me, tell chrisof that kirigan is on the next floor, he is sedate so he will have to be carried you all must hurry, also to make sure we have all the victims chrisof has grabbed the device gidget left to track everyone in the facility, so lead them out to the van and get moving if some run we will find them

Roberto told Cristof and both looked more. There were some stuck to lab tables and others could not be saved, having to be given merciful deaths. Cristof could not bring himself to watch Roberto perform such mercy. When they made it to Kirigan, Cristof and Roberto was surprised to see a woman half their size beating some guy's head into the floor. The man was no longer recognizable. Roberto carefully removed Kirigan from the chains holding him to the wall. He had bruises, cuts, and burns all over. Blood dripped from his mouth. But he was alive. Cristof took him.

"Lady, you've done your part," said Roberto emotionlessly. "At this point, your making wine."

She growled at him and looked at chrisof taking away kirigan “get my mate out of here now” she said in a serious tone and ripped the mans head off and kicked it against the wall and started to walk out of the room “don’t forget the female in the next freezer” she said and left

"Right," he said, going to the next freezer.

Once there, he stopped. All around him was gray but the jaguar was in color. He wanted to know what that meant for him, but he had to hurry. He picked up the female and carried her out of the facility. He wanted to stay with her, but he had to check to see if there were others still inside. With some regret, he went back in and took another look around. It was all clear, when he returned to the van chrisof just closed it and was getting int driver seat, Roberto got in and off they went, in the distance they could hear a dragon roar and fall to the earth with a loud thud, they all know it was a act, Scarlett had told them before hand. In order to keep Gidget in the good graces of the society and to help her move up, they all planned for her to fake kill Scarlett, taking down a guardian would earn her even more standing. Scarlett did her job, making it seem that she turned to dust after Gidget took her out after she fell to the ground and fought. It was also a way to help finish Gidgets transition. They would do another blood exchange while they fought.

Three hours later

Erik was busy with all the victims, so much so he had to call in the enforcement, there were over four doesn’t victims, ranging from human, Carpathian, half Carpathian, lycan and Jaguar and mages. Micheal was doing his best to help while also providing for erik, the witches were extremely helpful , aiding in healing and helping the victims, while Meghan, erik mate made sure everyone remained calm. Micheal made his way down the hall, chrisof had needed him to bring him bandages to his alpha and erik was too busy so he asked him, but when he opened the door and saw the alpha laying on the bed he froze, the bandages slipping out of his hands and onto the floor

Kirigan looked at the man who walked in and sat up slowly. "Michael?" he asked in shock. "Cristof, am I still under the effects of the drug or...?"

Micheal bent down and picked up the wrappings “no, your awake” he said simply as he walked over and handed chrisof the bandages

Chrisof looked between them “wait...Micheal as in..l”

"My fratello," said Kirigan. He wanted to stand up, but he was still woozy. Still, he yelled. "No contact. No body. Nothing! For a century and a half, you let Mina and I think you had died in that vampire fight! If I could stand, I'd kick your as, fratellino! How could you just walk away from us?!"

“I don’t owe you or Mina anything” he said with a plain tone “I have my life and you both have your own” he said walking back towards the door “let’s keep it that way”

"Screw that!" said Kirigan. "We are family! You don't abandon family, Michael! Why have you never gotten that concept?! I looked for you, searched all over that damned continent to find you! Mina and I mourned you, honored you as a warrior! She named her newborn son after you! Did you ever think maybe we wanted you in our lives?!"

“The only family I have is my lifemate and my son" he said and walked out shutting the door behind him. Chrisof had to hold kirigan down “don’t...you shouldn’t get up right now, you know he is alive and who his mate is , there is time”

"I don't know who his woman is," said Kirigan, still fuming but laying back down. "I don't understand him. I took over the pack and improved every messed up thing the old alpha had made. No one is abandoned, no one left behind. I have carried the guilt for 150 years, Cristof. He saved my life at risk to his own. I thought he died saving me. But he ran and hid, letting us think he was gone from us." He balled up his fist. "I'm so mad at him, I want to hit him!"

“His lifemate is Scarlett, the one your mate knows” he said and when kirigan growled chrisof was confused “what?”

"Scarlett seems to like keeping those important to me from me," he said. "If I wasn't injured..." He groaned in pain, his side twinging. "You know what, I just want to kick all their asses."

Chrisof started to bandage him up “I’ve seen you take a lot worse” he said in a serious yet light tone “I heard out Luna....”

"Don't get me started on her!" said Kirigan. "That conniving, backstabbing she-devil! She set me up, Cristof! I fell for it like a teen on prom night! She played ignorant of our ways, acted like a simpering pup half the time and a tyrannical witch the next! She tortured me! Only a sick, black-hearted, soulless being could ever think to do that to their mate!"

“You must be mistaken as your mate she can’t hurt you and...” chrisof began but was cut off

"She put a spell on me to think that!" Kirigan yelled. "I can't even stop thinking of her as my mate because of it! The Ravens helped her get that spell! I feel like a fool! She's so damned broken, incapable of feeling, I should have known better! I'd rather the child die than have it be a constant reminder of the succubus!"

His yelling was heard by everyone in the house and covered the sound of the door opening, Gidget stood there, covered in blood and bruises along with a deep cut on her arm that look like it was from a knife. Her face was stoned, she stood a deep breath and simply turned and walked out without saying “wait Luna he does know!” Chrisof began and stood up to go after her but stopped and turned back towards kirigan “they had a mind reader whole thing was part of the plan, it’s not your fault, you couldn’t know otherwise the enemy would know but, she really is your mate” he said pinching the bridge of his nose

"Cristof," Kirigan said, "I don't understand what you mean. I saw her covered in my blood. She had..." He shivered. "I know what I saw. It wasn't fake."

“It was her blood not yours...., she put your blood under your nose so that all you would smell and the skin was from no one good that she dipped in the blood she took with the needle, I’m sorry kirigan but it’s true everything was planned, well except for you getting hurt by those men, but from what I saw when I walked in.....she is very much your mate “ he said in a serious tone

"What did she do?" he could help but ask. Chrisof sat back down and told him everything, the plan and what he saw when he walked in. "She did that to four guys?" Kirigan held his head. "My brain hurts. Literally, because this contradicts everything I experienced. It's giving me a headache."

“Like I said it was the drug, it made your sense more easily influenced, I’m sorry but we all talked it over and realized this was the only way and it worked kirigan “ he said in a encouraging and soft tone “we saved over four dozen people, including Lycans” he said in a proud tone “and the society took a major hit” he said patting his shoulder “think about that too, three of them are from our pack” he said

"I need to apologize," Kirigan said, going to sit up. "I just... Damn it! Everytime I think we start getting a step moving, I fuck it all up!"

Chrisof held him back “you didn’t know she knows that and...” he began when Scarlett came in “hey sorry to interrupt but have you seen Gidget I know she came in here to explain everything but erik told her she only had twenty minutes before he came and dragged her himself to get healed “she said in a calm tone “but she said the first thing she wanted to do is explain things to you so...” she said looking around the room

"I have to get to her, Cristof," said Kirigan. "She may know I didn't know, but that doesn't change anything." He looked at Scarlett. "She left but I do not know where she is. We can look together." He growled at his beta. "Cristof, stop trying to keep me here. I'm going after her now. You can pretend to be a healer when I get back."

“Hey my pretend healing skills has saved your butt a time or two in the past and you need to rest....” when he gave him a look he sighed “Scarlett could you...” chrisof began and Scarlett held up her hand “I got it...I’m guessing it didn’t go well and if that’s the case she is probably just cooling off, I’m sure she will be keeping busy somewhere so it shouldn’t be hard to find her...though with our blood exchange.....” she was cut of by kirigan when he said, "You didn't see her a moment ago, Scarlett! Please, I have to do this. If I don't... I don't know if we could ever get past it. It will always linger between us."

“Ok “ she said and walked over to him “but first let me heal you, she will be a lot stronger then you now and with going from human, then Lycan to now a guardian....that’s a lot on the body, mind and soul, keep that in mind” she said and became healing light and healed his body and pushed out the remaining drug from his system. When she returned chrisof helped balance her “go” she said

Kirigan ran. He didn't care if he reopened wounds. His entire being was tuned to Gidget. It didn't take long for him to find her. He stopped to catch his breath and looked at her. There, in the middle of the woods, she sat on top of a fallen tree overlooking a large hill. He walked up to the log and sat down, facing the opposite way.

"Gidget," he said, "I'm sorry. Cristof explained everything to me."

“There is nothing to be sorry for, if I could have come earlier to explain I would have, it’s understandable you felt betrayed” she said in a low tone

"I still shouldn't have said those things," he said. "Betrayed or not, it was beneath me. I had no right to say those things."

She didn’t look at him “kirigan I mean it, I’m not upset, you feeling that way meant that I did my job well, I hated to hurt you like that.....I’m sorry but you wanted to help, to be capture, I told you ...you would see things....sides of me that would make you question everything, it was my warning, a vague one I know but still...” she said and looked up at the sky “I’ve been acting for years...but it was always only my life on the line but tonight.....” her voice shook “if I would have failed....” she clenched the log hard enough the wood cracked “you and our child would have paid the price...it’s been years since I’ve felt fear, since I have questioned if I was good enough to get something done, I stopped caring if I lived long again, not that I wanted to die I just didn’t care if I did” she said with a shrug “I......god I was so stupid to do it....it’s a miracle we pulled it off....I barely could control myself” she said gripping her head “I feel like I’m losing myself...these new emotions and instincts......I risked everyone and everything and...”

"Piccola," he said, taking her hand, "from everything I heard, you were amazing. You took out four guys on your own, you got close to the boss and brought him to justice, and orchestrated one of the largest rescues I've ever seen. You moved through the building like the hand of God and sent those men to hell where they belong. I doubt anyone could have done what you did. You are the reason the operation was successful."

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