Just in Time to Hunt 2

She shook her head “no....you don’t understand...I was going crazy!” She said in a shaking tone “one day....me day I had been a lycan and then I was transforming into something else..you don’t know what it was like, you were born a lycan I was not, everything, everything was unbearable, the sounds, the lights the screams their heart beats their laughter!” She said shaking “everything! I had to go to such a dark place just to bear it, the smells in that place alone made me want to throw up, I was losing my mind and I was losing control so I mentioned Scarlett to attack...if I could have waited more could have been done but, then I came in the room and they were..” she looked down “I....I hated creatures like you for so long and then...I became one, you never asked...you never cared too....I never wanted this and now I can never go back, I am not meant to be this...this thing, you were right I am broken and I see what you creatures become when you are broken and I don’t want to become a monster like that and I did, I tore their limbs form their bodies and I....it wasn’t enough to just hurt them I..god I ate...”

"What do you think would have happened if our roles were reversed?" he asked. "I'm pretty sure I would have done the same thing. But I believe in fate. You may have been born human, but I believe you were meant to be a Guardian. It is who you are. You have me now, Gidget. You can't fall. And do you know why? Because you are the strongest person I know. You work your way through everything, let your mind and body assimilate it, and then, you use it to make your body, mind, heart, and soul stronger. You never let it drag you down. You acted as a mate would have. You saw them hurting me and you acted on instinct, removing the threat to my life. Right now, you may not like what you have become, but like everything else, you don't let it drag you down. It is this trait that I admire about you."

“I feel dirty...I always knew who I was and now I don’t, in just a couple of days I went from being human and single to a pregnant guardian with a mate...why can’t you understand...” she said standing up and running her fingers through her hair “I need time...I need to be alone” she said hugging herself “please” she said in a low tone. He never heard her sound so vulnerable, he could see she was shaking

"I will say this before I go," he said. "No matter your species, marital status, or the number of pups you have, you will always be Gidget. No one can take that from you." He began to walk away. "Especially not me. I don't want anyone else. Just you."
He had asked everyone and got the same answer, no one saw the Jaguar that he had put in the van. He checked everyone they had rescued and she was not amount them “here, this is the device you asked for” Scarlett said coming up to him “may I ask why you wanted the tracking device, are we missing someone?” She asked

"There was a sedated, female jaguar in the van, but she has disappeared," Roberto said. "Scarlett, she was the only thing in color when I rescued her. Nothing else. They were dull, but I still saw her clearly."

That got her attention “we will over more ground if I fly, you track and I’ll carry you” she said in a serious tone

He waited for her to take her dragon form and got on her back. He was determined to find this female and bring her back to be healed at the very least. But he needed to know why he saw her in color. It worried him that he could be falling, but no vampire ever boasted of seeing color before turning, which made him question the phenomena even more.

The flew for about an hour which meant she was miles away from both the fallen facility and them, the tracker stopped at a abandoned coal mine deep within the forest I’ll keep guard you go in

He jumped off of her and walked into the mine. No hesitation, no fear, and nothing betraying that he was searching a particular person. Yet, he wanted to run through the place to find her, not walk. He worked to keep himself composed. She knew this place, he did not. He was not about to be pounced on if he could help it.

He heard her first, a growl, a warning, which means she recognized him Jaguar more then Carpathian

He stopped and said, "I only wish to talk. Come out in whichever form you desire, but know this, I will have to touch your mind if you are in your cat form. I wish for us to be civil this night."

He didn’t hear her, but he saw the glow of her eyes before he saw her beautiful feline form. Graceful, deadly, everything the Jaguar was. Her paws were bleeding, letting him know just how long she had been running but then the smell of her blood filled the area, it was sweet, it reminded him of the cool nights after a rain storm in the Brazilian forest

"My name is Roberto De La Cruz," he said. "You are injured. I can heal you."

He saw Recognition in her eyes at his name, she came closer and turned her head to expose the collar on her neck. Scarlett, this collar bites into her neck. I do not have a way to get it off. If I were to try and break it, it would cause her more harm. Do you know of a way to remove it?

Gidget told me it was to keep shifters from changing form, it will hurt but you can remove it without killing her

Tell me how, and quickly. he said rip it off, break it at the clasp

Roberto did as she said and let the jaguar shake a bit before saying, "We should go back to the safe house. We have healers there for your cuts."

The Jaguar groans and her bones shifting echoed the mine, her soft pants turned into soft pants of a woman until she was once more in human form. Her breathing was quick as she slowly stood up on wobbling legs

He caught her before she fell and said, "It's okay. I got you. You still have some of their drug in you but we can remove it. Show me what clothes to put on you so that we can take you to the healers."

She looked up at him, her hazel and green eyes held tiredness and pain in them “my home is yours....I smell it on you...know your name” she said in a hoarse tone

Colors assaulted him. Emotions flooded in. He nearly doubled over from how disoriented he was. Scarlett, I need help. It's... too much...

Breath...say the words it will help put things in there place Scarlett said

The woman he still had in his arms gripped his shoulder “my home...are you ok?”

He held the strange woman to him, his lifemate, knowing that he was gentle but his hold unbreakable. He took a few deep breaths to concentrate on her as he said, "I claim you as my lifemate. I belong to you. I offer my life for you. I give to you my protection, my allegiance, my heart, my soul, and my body. I take into my keeping the same that is yours. Your life, happiness, and welfare will be cherished and placed above my own for all time. You are my lifemate, bound to me for all eternity and always in my care."

He felt their souls click, it was like a wave washed through him, her presence filled him, bring forward his very souls, he roared alive with new energy, the cold washing away from him. When the high settled he noticed she was softly stroking his back and her body was shaking lightly. Her face was buried in the side of his neck and slightly nuzzling it

"What is your name, little one?" he asked

“ Angelique“ she said in a soft tone “you feel like home....” she said in a said tone

"Trust me, you'll want to hit me with a two-by-four before you know it," he said jokingly.

“I am too tired to fight” she said pulling back slightly, her blood dripping slowly down her neck from where the collar was ripped off “I owe you my life, you came for me when you could have fled, I do not have but only myself to offer and it would be a honor to serve a de la Cruz “ she said exposing her throat to him "Angelique, did you not hear the words I said to you?" he asked as he neared her throat. "What I mean when I say them?" He kissed her over her pulse. "You are my other half. You do not serve me. I may have saved you from the human butchers, but you saved my soul." Then, he bit down.

Wild as the Jaguar that she was and even as tired as she was, her response was untamed. She cried out in pleasure as her blood came alive in his mouth, it as the best thing he had ever tasted in his entire life. It was hot and wild, it ran through his body like a Jaguar ran in the jungle, it dominated his ever sense. He felt a strong ward go up around the mine and knew Scarlett was not only giving them privacy but protecting them. Her hands gripped his back. He could taste the drug that was still in her system but it did not have the same effect on him as it did her and his body easily fought it off

He felt her head roll back and he cursed himself. He closed the bite and cut open a line on his chest. He pressed her mouth to it and had her feed to replenish what he had taken. You will not die, he said. You will take what I offer. He left no room for debate or room to fight. In her weakened state, she fed on him. When she had taken enough, he closed the wound and kissed her hard.

She didn't fight his kiss, but she stiffened a little, after a moment he felt her kiss him back, her body and body coming out of a haze as his blood killed the drug in her system. Her hands became wild and she pushed against him until he laid on his back with her on top of him, her tongue danced with his.

He cupped her buttocks. But then he felt his shirt get wetter. He pulled back, her blood filling his nose.

"You are injured, kessake," he said. "Let me take you to the healers."

For a moment he saw the insecurity most female jaguars have "do I not please you? " She asked

"More than you know," he said, cupping her cheek. "But you are bleeding from the cuts on your hands and feet. I want to make sure you are well. I need to make sure my woman is healthy and able to keep up."

"Keep up?" She asked in a tired tone

"We cross that bridge when we get there," he said, picking her up and wrapping her in a blanket. "For now, we need to get you to the healers."

Scarlett, quit playing with the human butchers, he said. You didn't need to give me time with her. Finish the job before I come out to kick your ass for not moving faster.

don't start acting all tough now just because you got your emotions back be careful the longer you're without them the more intense they are when they return

Don't remind me, little sister. Just finish it up so I can get Angelique to the healers.

why don't you heal yourself

Oh, sure, and she'd come out looking like she was attacked by a shark! You know I'm the worse person to heal anyone!

He felt her laughing at him, a moment later she entered the mine, Angelique didn't react, she kept her head resting on his chest "let me see her brother" Scarlett said

Roberto laid Angelique on the ground for Scarlett to examine, saying, "Her hands and feet are from the running, and her neck from the collar. I do not know of any other wounds, but I would not put it past them to have done something to harm her inside. Please, look at everything, especially..." He growled, thinking of the men forcing themselves on her. "As bad as this sounds, I hope they got her while she was a jaguar. If they raped her, I'm going back to burn the ruins to the ground."

Scarlett became healing light and checked out over inch of her body and healing her along the way, after about thirty minutes she came back to her body, Roberto caught her as she began to fall over "you will have to take her back, Micheal is on his was here to help escort us back, I have done more then I should have" she said in a tired tone "when we are safe I will tell you of my findings until then she is safe and healthy" she said and started to drift off

Roberto put Angelique in his lap to hold, but put Scarlett next to him, as if she had fallen asleep on his shoulder. He put a barrier around them until he saw Michael walk in. Neither man said anything as they each carried their lifemates back to the safe house, but he could tell by Micheal eyes he was happy for him.

When they got to the house Roberto took her to the room he was staying in, when he set her down on the bed she remained sleeping, he could tell she was exhausted

Roberto laid down next to her. He wrapped his arms around her and held her. He wanted to talk with her, learn about her, and finish the binding ritual. But seeing her looking so peaceful and beautiful, he only stared at her and wondering why he was given such a gift.

The more he looked the more he noticed about her, her olive tan skin, her defined muscle, she was athletic built but still very feminine, her long limbs were graceful like her cat, her long eyelashes made her olive shaped eyes look exotic, yet her knew when opened they were big and beautiful. He found he already missed her voice and her presence. She stirred slightly but only to lay her face near his neck and cuddle up to him more. Her scent was wild like her, a deep rich aroma like the forest after it rains

Roberto moved some hair from her face and tucked it behind her ear. He looked up and said, "Scarlett, you should be resting. You can tell me your findings when you are better rested."

"Claim her now and convert her" she said in a serious tone "tonight"

"Tell me," he said, his face like stone. "I must know before I make the second exchange."

She leaned against the door frame "her body is shutting down, multiple organ failure, I did what I could to make it so she had a good chance at surviving the conversion but by the looks of it she has been sick for a while, what ever they were doing to her is killing her and has been for a long time"

"We will need Erik," he said. "Send him here after the conversion starts. I want to make sure she survives."

With that, he bit into her neck to start the second conversion. I need you to live, Angelique. Fight for a chance at life with me, at a relationship together. I know I won't always be easy an easy man to live with, but no one could ever love you more than me. So please, fight to stay with me.

Scarlett left the moment Angelique woke up with the moan, at first she stiffened and growled then she relaxed when she realized it was him. The scent of her arousal filled the room and Roberto felt a ward go up to give them privacy. Her breathing quickened making her breast push against his chest

He blanketed her body, his clothes disappearing with a thought. He nudged her legs apart to allow himself access to her core. He slowly entered her, but found that the first time her body tightened, he lost every ounce of control. He buried himself deep within her and began thrusting to find her deepest core. He closed the bite and opened a line on his neck.

"Feed, Angelique," he said. "I need you to feed from me."

Her lips covered the cut and began to suck, a moment later he felt her caine's sink in and her core tightened. He was thrusting wildly as if his body suddenly went into turbo and no way to stop or slow down. He closed the wound. He took her breast into his mouth and bit there as well. Here, he would put his mark, but the taste of her was driving out any remaining sense he had. He heard her heart stutter and had her feed from him again. With her replenished, he let himself enjoy the feel of her around him as they finally climaxed together, the very ground rocking beneath them and colors swirling around them. He regretfully removed his body from hers and lay next to her. He had his hand on her stomach, waiting for when the conversion started.

"Do you know how beautiful you are, kessake?" he asked.

She looked at him with a tired expression and placed her hand on his that was on her stomach "you know...don't you...that why you rushed it and made me feed" she asked in a tired tone

He nodded and said, "I cannot live without you. We should have had time to learn about each other first. After you go to ground to heal, I will be going back to see if there is any thing there to destroy or any agents returning from a supply run. They will pay for what they did to you."

She shook her head "please I just want to go home, to Brazil, don't go back there stay with me" she said in a soft tone closing her eyes

"We will go back when you are healed and my duty is done here," he said. "I will talk to the prince about starting a school in Brazil. That way, any jaguar there do not have to leave the forests. Romania is fine for the Italian and African jaguars, but not for South American jaguars." He kissed her forehead. "Not for you."

"I miss home....I haven't been there since I was.." she was cut off by a cry of pain and she sat up holding her stomach

He put a blanket over her and pants on himself. Scarlett, send Erik now!

Erik was their instantly with Meghan. He put his hand on her head and the room filled with warmth. Angelique's breathing was fast and uneven but she stopped moving as much as she was and her cries became more of gasp and whimpers, her whole body began to sweat "erik she needs to vomit" Megan said and he turned her on her side, the moment he did she violently vomited into the trash can there "hold her in that position Roberto, talk to her and touch her, your the best thing to help keep her calm, I am staking the pain so you can focus on her

He was there, ignoring how her claws stabbed his hand as her jaguar lashed out, saying, "Angelique, it's okay. Let it was through you. You won't lose your jaguar, but the shifting will be different. You can do this. You are strong enough to do it. I'm here and I'm not leaving you."

Megan put her hand on Robertos, the one that was touching Angelique, he felt warmth seep through his and and slowly Angelique started to relax, her breathing even out and after a moment she stopped shaking all together "was...was that it? I had heard it can last for hours or days" she said in a nervous tone.

Roberto had blood red sweat on his brow, holding her body still as the convulsions wracked her again, saying, "Well, your body will still go through the motions, so we still have time to wait."

Erik said, "Plus, we are taking your pain. Meghan more than us. She has a special duty and it is this that allows her to take pain away from or inflict it greatly upon people. She is the light of the otherworld, and it is her duty to protect the tree of life and the spirits around it. It is also her duty to help souls repent. This is nothing for her."

"Your a breath of fresh air" megahn said with a smile though Erik saw pain in her eyes "just relax and control your breathing and do whatever your body tells you to do" she said. After a moment Roberto felt Angelique look at him "water....I want to be in water"

"One more wave, kessake," he said, "then you can float until you drift off."

The wave came, Eric knew that Megan was the most affected he put his hand behind her to hold her up, after the wave subsided Eric nodded to Roberto who then took Angelique into the bathroom the tub was already full with warm water waiting for her "This will ease your pain," he said. "Angelique, the waves are slowing and easing. You will need to go to ground soon."

"Will you stay with me?" She asked in a tired tone

"I will be here when you fall asleep," he said with a smile, "and when you awake. I still have to help with the safeguards and a few errands around the safe house, but I will be next to you in the ground before dawn. You asked me not to go back to the facility ruins, and I will not. I would not want you to be upset with me later. Besides, you never piss off a giant cat. I don't know about you, but I don't want to be the mouse to your jaguar."

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