Memories and Shame

"Meghan, what do you need right now?" he asked. "What comes after, we will deal with together, alright?"

She shook her head “I’ll think about it, but first we should rest, I have already fed, but I left you bottles in the closet. It’s mine, so it’s stronger”

He drank the bottles with a smile when the call went out. He sighed. "No sleep now. Time to move."

She looked worried. She was so tired she could barley think. But she nodded and they started to take everyone and loaded them into the large van, they kept everyone asleep, but when they got to Roberto and his new mate they stopped “we should wake Roberto up, we need to keep her in soil, she was so weak when the conversion happened I’m afraid if we unearth her she might not make it” Meghan said

" I know but we have very little choice," he said. "We can't leave them here and we have no other way to transport them."

“We can stay” Meghan said “I’m a daughter of earth and your the best warrior and healer I know, we can protect them, together” she said with a soft smile holding out her hand

He laced his fingers with hers. He told the others in the group what was going on and that they would see them the following rising. But in truth they didn’t know if that was true. Meghan squeezed his hand “I love you” she said softly as the others left. Scarlett in her dragon form flying above the van and Michel driving it. Before leaving Scarlett warned that they couldn’t find Gidget and kirigan, they both also made it very clear that they thought it was a bad idea for them to stay behind but erik and Meghan didn’t budge. Scarlett said reinforcements were on their way but it wouldn’t be until the next night. After they left erik and Meghan both put up wards and Meghan healed the earth around them as much as she could making it as pure as possible. Erik found her checking inventory “we have enough blood for a week since it was meant for all those people but I’m not sure if it will be enough if we get hurt” she said in a worried tone

"If they manage to get past my barrier," he said, "There is a hidden surprise for them. Let's go sleep above Roberto and Angelique."

“You go first and I’ll follow” she said. They had been doing that to make sure that they were not tempted by each other

"Stay safe, mon amour," he said. She smiled softly and kissed him quickly, even a few seconds made them both aching. After he went to sleep she checked everything, staying awake as long as she could. The last thing she did was set a trap of her own in case any creature got through their barriers. Then she joined him in the earth
A strong hand threw Michael from Gidget. Kirigan cradled her to him, saying, "Gidget, piccola, I'm here. It's over. It's okay. He won't hurt you anymore. I won't let him."

Michael's breath went out of him as he hit a large boulder. He didn't move or look at his lifemate. He couldn't. God, he wanted to kick his own ass for what he just did. When he did look at Scarlett, he felt as if his heart was ripped out. The look on her face said it all. There is no excuse for what I did, he said to her. Let Gidget decide my fate as I wronged her. she didn’t answer him, she looked away from him and walked towards Gidget and kirigan.

Gidget pushed kirigan away from her and backed away, holding her arms to her chest, his hand prints were burned into her skin “don’t touch me!” She cried out, none of them had ever seen such fear from her, tears streamed down her face “this is why your kind is hunted...your all monsters!” She said and ran towards the woods

Michael stood up. Without warning, Kirigan punched him and said, "Stay down! She already had problems with what she became and you had to go all vampire on her!"

He ran after Gidget. Michael shook his head, stars coloring his vision. He looked at Scarlett and said, "Just kick my ass already, woman. I deserve it."

She knelt down and offered him her wrist “feed, your going to need it, I know how much effort it took to pull those memories....after all I’m the one that locked them away” she said in emotionless tone not looking at him still “and now we have to move over four dozen people tonight” she said and finally looked at him “because now they know where she is and no one is safe here”

"No, you need your strength," he said, standing up. "I'll be fine. I didn't realize any of that until it was too late. I wasn't thinking. The one thing I still did was try to protect my brother. I thought, if she left the society, it would all be okay, but I messed everything up. I shouldn't have been so reckless or careless. I definitely shouldn't have hurt her like that. You get everyone out. I'll keep them off your backs."

“Your faster then me” she said biting into her wrist and pressing it against his mouth “and I wasn’t asking micheal” she said in a serious tone

He drank a little and started to close the wound. She growled at him and pressed her wrist more firmly against his mouth. He looked at her. I don't want you weakened, Scarlett. Not when I have caused us to have to move before dawn.

“Despite what you apparently believe just because I’m a woman doesn’t mean I’m weaker so you feeding from me won’t hinder me in battle” she said in a tense tone “but you will be driving and I will be escorting so drink up because you will be driving as much as you can in the day time.”

I was trying to show her how the eny thinks, he said. How she would be a target.

“We can discuss what happened later,” she said removing her wrist and closing it herself “for now we have work to do”

He nodded and said, "It's Gidget's right to exact justice for what I did. If Kirigan can calm her enough, I won't flinch from what she seems fit."

She didn’t say anything for a moment but then she turned towards him “your wrong, it’s not just you that will be punished but me as well, Gidget will blame me for bringing all this to her and you for what you did, I know her”

"But you are innocent!" he said. "It was all me! You had no knowledge of what I planned to do! Hell, I didn't even plan to do that! I only wanted to convince her to leave the society, nothing more!"

Scarlett started to walk “we don’t have time to argue” she said “and we definitely don’t have time for me to sit here and explain why you are wrong, start loading the van with our things and I’ll start loading the people, we must keep them asleep”

"Okay," he said. "Just know, I will not let her do anything to you. You did nothing wrong." He jumped into the air, changing into a bird. Once at the house, he began to load people into the van.

Scarlett talked with Meghan and erik and by the time he was done loading the people they were saying goodbye “they have decided to stay so Angelique has a better chance of survival “ she said walking up to the van

"Understandable, but it will be dangerous," said Michael. "Let's get going. I'll have to relay on you to tell me where to go."

She nodded and shifted into her dragon form erik fed me so I have what it takes to carry the van, just get in and keep us hidden

Not a problem, he said confidently. As she lifted them into the air, he made them blend into the clouds above, ones he called in to aid in their cover. Just get us out of enemy territory quickly.

They had been traveling for hours, they were now traveling over the ocean there is a storm up ahead, it might get bumpy she warned

This isn't natural, he said. The enemy doesn't know where we are, so he is trying to create fear. I'm keeping everyone asleep, so he won't find us that way.

He knew we would go to Romania. There is no land for miles still, she said deep in thought , thinking of their options put a ward up around the van in case I need to drop you

I put a ward around you so that he can't sense you either, he said, starting to sound tired. I get that the ocean masks us, making it harder for us to be found, but go to Italy. The Justicanos, Scarlettis, and Kirigan's pack are there. They will shelter us until we can get these people to Romania.

Her large wings soared through the air, he felt her tense that’s not possible she said. Before he could ask what he heard another dragon roar and the van jerk as Scarlett was hit from the side by another dragon. Scarlett roared and the two dragons began to fight in mid air, she kept the van out of reach, but that left only her teeth to defend herself. She weaved and dodged, trying to get close to any land. She knew the cost was close but not close enough don’t attack he will know your here then, give me time

Scarlett, his tail, he said. I sense the vampire in the tale, not the stomach.

Dragonseekers do not fall...this is a disrespect of the highest on my blood line and I will not stand for it, whoever this dragon is I will either kill him or save him tonight, either way I will give him back his honor she said and he felt her dip down towards the water go she said and he felt the van land on something solid, when he looked he realized they were lucky this night as the van was now sitting on land, a cliff over looking the ocean. He barely got a glimpse of Scarlett going above the clouds, the other dragon on her tail

Scarlett, I know that dragon, he said in shock. He isn't a Dragonseeker. He must have captured a young Dragonseeker and used their blood to gain power. The one you are battling is young. He shouldn't have the ability to do what he is, even with Dragonseeker blood in him. The master must be somewhere else, directing the battle.

I know, he is her, get to safety I may need your help

Michael began driving, the van fishtailing in the dirt before moving towards a road. He sped through the traffic, sure that no one saw him. He picked out of Scarlett's brain where to go. He didn't stop or slow down as he entered the abandoned tunnel system. It didn't take long to find the Carpathians and their allies. He drifted into the hidden garage and safe house. He accepted what Blake Justicano offered. He wanted to have the strength to aid Scarlett if needed

“let’s go back to the Cliff, we can spare a couple of hunters”said Blake

"Blake... it's your cousin... Henrique," said Michael. "He and I battled together before. He must have turned in the last decade. He captured a young Dragonseeker. He must have. But he didn't seem like he would fall. I'm sorry, my friend."

“No he was a dragonseeker, his lifemate was recently killed, and she was one, I’m the one who should be sorry, I was unable to help him die with honor “ he said in a serious tone “that being said I do not feel he tainted the dragonseeker line, if he never found his mate I know he would have been honorable” he said

"So, he didn't come out of the thrall well," he said, sending the information to Scarlett to make the vampire hesitate. "Let's go. My mate, also a Dragonseeker, is weakening. We must hurry."

They rushed back to the cliff with two other hunters, the storm had reached land, high wind and rain and flashes of lightning where everywhere. A flash of lightning went off and they all saw the dragon figures behind the clouds. But they also saw another, a large bird like creature. He is coming to you, finish it Scarlett said. A moment later a large dragon crashed onto the cliff and shifted into his human form. A large who in his chest and he was missing his arm. Blanke was their first “rest in peace my blood, may you find her again” he said and finished him off. His body turned to ash and was carrried away by the storm “any for we take cannot withstand these winds, she needs to get him closer” blanke said to Micheal

Scarlett, bring the master closer to us, Michael said. He has made it so that any form we take will be swept away, no matter our strength. Please, little dragon. His target is you and the baby.

She didn’t answer, minutes passed and the men grew even more anxious by the minute. Suddenly there she was, in all her glory. The red dragon looked like a god in the sky among the dark clouds. She had a large black bird on her tail, she spun in mid air “what’s that sound?” Blake asked and a second later there was a helicopter. The sound of a gun went off and the black bird roared and came crashing to the ground. It wiggled and started flailing around. The gun went off again and the dragon roared and lost its momentum in the air and fell down towards the ocean.

Scarlett! Michael yelled as Blake held him back.

"Gidget!" Kirigan yelled as he ran after her. "Piccola, please! He is not an example of all of us!"

“Get away from me!” She yelled and kept running. Along with her burnt flesh he could smell her blood, a lot of it. Even in the darkness of the forest he could see the crimson running down her leg on her inner thighs

"Gidget, stop!" said Kirigan. "I want to make it better, piccola. To fix what he did, but I need you to stop and give me a chance!"

“I’m done giving chances! I....” she slowed her running into a wobbling fast walk, the world around her got fuzzy and started to spin. She felt something hot running down her legs, she reached for a tree to hold her stead only to realize she missed and began to fall but strong arms wrapped around her “let me go!” She yelled

"No!" he said. "Look, I'm not touching your skin, or anything like that! You are growing weak! We have to get you to a healer!"

She fought him, but he could feel how tired she was, she landed a good hit on his ribs, it knocked the breath out of him for a few seconds but he still didn’t let her go. This wasn’t like her, he had seen her fight, she was skilled, this was her fighting out of fear and not thinking about what she was doing, is was sloppy and dangerous in her condition “I don’t want you touching me at all!” She cried out “let me go or...”

"I'm not leaving you!" he said. "I know you are scared. I know you are hurt. I know you feel betrayed and more. Gidget, I am the one person on this Earth that will never betray you. If I do, it will not be by choice. Let's work on getting your breathing even, get your mind centered. Once we do that, it will be easier to think."

Whatever fight she had left went away the weaker she got from blood lost. Slowly she stopped struggling and went limp in his arms “I hate you” she said in a exhausted tone, yet he could feel that it was not entirely true

"Piccola, it is not me but what I am," he said. "You have been hurt in an unimaginable way, so your anger, distrust, and fear are understandable. Let's go deep within the mountains. The Ravens may find us, but few others will."

The pain in her stomach lessened but her dizziness got worse. She went limp in his arms as the world around her went dark.

Deep in the mountains

She awoke slowly to the sound of water dripping and a small creek echoing. She knew she was in a cave of some sort “I’m sorry moon child your child is no more” said a female voice “here, have her drink this and it will help her body heal from the miscarriage “

"As much as it pleased me to share a child with her, elder one, it would mean nothing if she were not with me," he said, putting a clay bowl to her lips.

She growled and bit down on the bowl, she felt it shatter under her teeth and the liquid fell to the ground. The old woman went into the other room to give them privacy

"It's to give you strength, heal your wounds, and to dim the memories," he said. "It's all natural. No drugs. I'm wearing gloves so as not to harm you farther."

She pushed him away “where are we?” She said in a upset tone holding her head from the splitting head ache there

"Deep in the mountains," he said. "It's a leyline junction, so tracking us will be difficult. Even those with psychic powers and special abilities like us can get lost. Only the Ravens can travel through here safely and without getting lost."

She hugged her legs to her chest and flinched when he got closer making him stop “why did you bring me here?”

"To help you," he said. "You were dying and your mind splintering."

“I wasn’t dying your pup was” she said in a cold tone, he saw her fingers digging into her own legs so hard her knuckles turned white

"You were dying with them," he said. "I cannot lose you. I had resolved to follow you into the next life, but you said you weren't ready to die. I knew you were out of it, but I also knew that it was your true feelings. You aren't ready to leave this world. You have a lot of work you want to do. It was that reason, and that reason only, that made me bring you here."

“Them?” She asked glancing at him side ways

"There was only one child," he said with a chuckle. "Barely more than a few cells. Do not worry about it. For now, just concentrate on drinking this tea. High Priestess Gweneth made sure it would work for you. She said a really long speech on what it does, but I'll give you the simplified version. You're going to feel like you chugged ten Redbulls mixed with a barrel of coffee."

“I don’t trust witches or you” she said moving so her back was too him. Even in the cave with little light with the candles he could see she was pale. Her shirt was torn, exposing the scratch marks and bruises that she got from the tree that Michael had her pinned against

"Is there a way to show you that I'm not going to hurt you or let anyone do so again?" he asked. "Tell me, and I'll move heaven and earth to accomplish it."

She didn’t say anything or look at him. She simply sat there, he saw her shivering slightly after a moment

He put a blanket over her shoulders and said, "You need to drink the tea. It won't hurt. I can drink it first if you want, so you know that it won't poison you. I only desire for you to heal."

“This is not something that can be healed this is me once again turning into a different kind of monster...” she said in a upset tone

"I see no monster," he said, looking her over to the point she was blushing. "I see my bella luna."

She frowned “stop.....don’t do that...don’t act like everything is ok “

"Oh, it's not okay, piccola," he said, letting her feel his anger. "I plan on strangling that brother of mine. His sins grow by the hour." He clenched his fists. "Non va bene, marcio, figlio di un cane bastardo! Lo ucciderò per quello che ha fatto!

“Technically he is half dog” she said in a low tone

"Did you just make a joke, piccola?" he asked.

“No” she said scooting away even more. Suddenly she stood up and sighed. Holding the wall closest to her, the blanket dropping “I need air”

"Okay," he said. "Promise that you will return to this hut before too long. You need rest and to heal."

“I don’t promise anything and keep your witches away from me” she said and used the wall to walk

"Then, you leave me no choice but to accompany you," he said, standing and taking her by the waist. She flinched and cried out and moved away from him so fast she fell on her butt “your just as bad as him!” She cried out , holding her hand over where he had touched

"But I didn't touch your skin," said Kirigan. "How is it that men touching you causes burns? I'm tired not being able to aid you as I should."

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