Memories and Shame 2

The chopper landed and the men stepped off with there large guns “heard you guys were having a vampire problem “ said the one in the front “names Jaxon we are group 738, you were to.d we were coming” he said to blanke who nodded “yes I was but you just shot down this mans lifemate “ he said in a serious tone, the man looked back at the cliff “my apologies you said you had a dragonseeker fallen and they way you all seemed ready for battle I assumed that was it” he said and motioned for his men who nodded and went over to the black bird, they shot it a few times and it burst into flame and then ash “my men tell me that was not your fallen , which means they are still at large, we will scout the area and give you time to retrieve the woman, since you are not a fallen then she is still alive, but be warned she will be very weak”

"No shit!" Michael yelled. "You fucking shot her!"

“Yes I did, but instead of sitting here and screaming at me for a misunderstanding you could be going to find you mate before she sinks to the bottom of the ocean” he said in a calm tone

Michael jumped into the ocean and transformed into a whale. He made it to Scarlett she was in her human form, he began to take her to the surface and the beach.

Once on the beach he noticed the bullet wound in her side. There was no exit wound, which meant the bullet was still in there. She wasn’t breathing and her heart was still, but he knew she wasn’t dead but in a Carpathian sleep

He returned to his human form and picked her up. Because of her wound, she had been forced back into her human form. He clothed them both and took her into the tunnels to the healers.

Along the way he heard something metal hit the ground and her breath slammed into her and she coughed up water and her heart started pumping again. For a moment she went to fight his grip until she realized who it was “what...”

"The men in the helicopter shot you," he said, wanting to rip their throats out. "They could have killed you."

She giggled, the sound making him stop in surprise “your...a man handsome man” she said in a slurred tone and bopped his nose with her finger “you have a very impressively firm physique, very sexy warrior body that I like to look at” she said with a chuckle

He looked at her for a moment, blushing, and said, "We need to burn the tranquilizers out of you." She could feel what her words meant to him, though, and it sent another giggling fit through her. "Scarlett, I'm serious."

“So am I! I love watching you spar and train, the way your muscles tighten and your butt, oh you firm delicious looking butt, I can star at all days” she said with a giggle “you don’t know how badly I hold back all the time” she said with a hiccup “oh!” She said clapping her hands together “did you know you have the cutest little scar on your right hip that’s my favorite one”

He stumbled and said, "Scarlett! Don't you dare mention that scar to anyone! It looks like the Playboy Bunny and it's from an accident! Kirigan found the ring in Mina's things and threw it in a fire, and she fished it out with some tongs! She slipped, the damned thing flew through the air, and branded me!"

“Shall I call you my little bunny then?” She said chuckling and when he growled she burst into laughter “well my little bunny the more I feel your strong arms around me like this the more I want to eat you up” she said licking up the side of his neck “god you taste so good” she said in such a extremely sexy tone he was caught off guard

"We are not alone and you are injured," he said.

"We seem pretty alone to me and besides I'll keep your mouth bust so you won't make to much nose little bunny" she said running her fangs down his neck "god I want you so bad Micheal...take me right here and right now"

"Scarlett," he groaned, "anyone could come find us. There is no place to secret you away down here that they don't know about."

"I don't care" she said and let her fangs break the skin slightly "we haven't really laid with each other since the incident and while I can admire you giving me space out of consideration, if you don't fuck me right now Micheal I'll burn down this whole place out of spite " she said as her other hand gripped his hair and made him look at her "or do I have to show the bunny how it's done?" She asked in a challenging tone

"You do not have the strength for it," he said. "Let the healers take the bullet out, remove the drug, and all of that, then we will talk about making love."

She wiggled out of his arms and stood up and stepped away from him, without removing her gaze from him, she took two fingers and with a grunt reached in and pulled out the second bullet and let it dropped on the floor. She licked the blood from her fingers "there.... Now what's your excuse...."

"You still have the drug in your system and you're bleeding," he said, finding it hard not to smile.

"Then lick it closed and drugged or not doesn't matter, because i have been wanting to make love to you non stop since they day we met, that's not the drug that feeling is always there, everything about you makes me want you, even the bad things that you don't like about yourself" she said coming closer "so....." She said ripping open his shirt "after all we have been through and me almost dying I am not going to fight it anymore and I am going to take you right here and right now and if anyone tried to stop us or interupts us I'll burn them alive"

"Scarlett, you wouldn't burn an innocent who happened to walk down the tunnel on a supply run," he said. "Besides, is a rusty, busted train track the place you really want to make love on? You're more of a forest floor kind of girl."

"As long as it's you I don't care where "she said pushing him against the wall "and as much as I love to hear your voice...and I do, I want to hear your moans more" she said and pressed her lips firmly against his

His arms went around her instantly. He growled as he took her to the ground. He put a barrier at each end of the tunnel to keep others from them. He kissed her neck. The moment he touched her mind he was hit with such a deep desire his body ached and the need to burying himself in her snapped his control. This was raw need and his cock throb from just feeling it. He removed her clothing in shreds, followed instantly by his. She was already wet as he entered her slowly. But she wasn't having that, she gripped his buttocks and slammed him forward, hard and deep, making them both cry out "Micheal" she said his name followed by curses of pleasure in carpathian tongue

He moved harder and faster. He growled against her skin. Part of him knew that she needed rest and healing, but God help him, he wanted her wild and untamed. He wanted her restless, begging him to stop even as she begged him to keep going. He wanted to be so deep in her, she would never get him out. Scarlett, show me what it's like to be the lifemate of a Dragonseeker, he said.

They both burst into flames, the fire dancing on theirs skins like hot kisses. Her wings came out and she rolled them so she was on top, using her wings to stay at a angle as she rode him hard and fast while her hands touched everywhere they could

He gripped her waist. It was the only place he could find to hold on as she drove them higher and higher. He was thrusting into her helplessly. He heard himself chanting her name. But he couldn't get deep enough, couldn't go fast enough. He looked at her, his golden eyes staring into her ever-changing eyes.

She gripped his chest as her core tightened around him, the tunnel began to shake as they both grew close to falling. He wanted to kiss her as he filled her, as she squeezed him dry. He pulled her down to him and kissed her so hard, the earth shifted. They game with such force their breath was knocked out of them, she continued to ride them through their orgasms. He saw stars in his vision as he came.

When she finally collapsed, he thought he was done, but with the aftershocks, his member was not given the chance to go limp. He found he wanted her again but didn't have the strength to do so.

She cursed in carpathian tongue as her wings disappeared "Micheal...." She moaned his name

"I can't move, so don't make me," he said with a chuckle.

She moaned again " neither can I yet I feel you moving inside me, pulsing..." She said grinding her hips slowly "god you feel so good Micheal....."

"What about you?" he said, gasping. "You keep squeezing me and won't let go, little dragon."

“Tell me how I make you feel Micheal...I need to hear it” she moaned

"There are no words to describe how you make me feel," he said. "I feel as if heaven has wrapped me up in it's warmth and I will never worry or fear for anything ever again."

Her hips moved faster and deeper “touch me micheal...I need you too” she moaned

He gripped her hips, surging into her again. Neither could help themselves. They had to keep going. It had been so long since they had made love like this.

They leaned on each other, they were so tired but helpless to their desires “Micheal.....” she moaned his name as she licked up the side of his neck, nibbling and kissing his skin

"Scarlett," he gasped. "Any more, and I'll burn in your fire."

“Then we shall burn together “ she said and bit in deeply

He rolled them so that he was on top this time. Letting the wild nature take over, sending her to another realm of pleasure they had never experienced before.

She closed the bite and cried out, she didn’t feed a lot it was just to taste him “Micheal! “ her nails raked down his back “I can’t hold back anymore...” she said as she felt her body building to something “hold me down..”

He flipped her over. He bit into her shoulder to hold her beneath him. With her bottom in the air, he was able to hold her wrists as well and it allowed him to reach even deeper.

He felt the ground crack underneath them and shake. Magic filled the air around them as she cried out in pleasure , fire began to dance in the air like fireflies around them, some kissing his skin when they touched him

He was growling, his eyes glowing golden as their bodies wound tighter and tighter.
“You ,at not have touched ,skin but my whole body is sensitive right now, a breeze would drive me crazy” she said in a shaking tone “I feel like I have been skinned alive” she said whimpering

"This is Michael's fault," Kirigan growled. "What the hell was he thinking?"

“It’s your fault to and mine, I knew the moment I let you change me it would only lead to bad things, and now I am once again changing and it’s not pleasant...I want to vomit...I’m so hungry” she said holding her stomach

"You need to feed," he said. "I offer freely. It will help you heal."

Feed? Is that what it has come too...” she asked and looked at him “am I really a mix now?” She asked him like she wanted him to confirm it

"Yes, but young," he said. "Over time, your strength will grow. You won't become weak if you choose human food over blood, but the blood aids in quicker healing. It's really about finding a balance between the two sides. You can live more in the human world than normal Carpathians or even some Guardians. All you need is time to find the balance."

“I’m not made to be this....thing” she said in a distracted tone, and he saw her eyeing his throat “I am to messed up to be honorable like each kind will expect of me...” she said

"You have more honor in you pinky than a lot of people I know," he said. "Hell, you have more honor in one strand of hair than Michael. For him to do this to you..."

She suddenly grabbed his wrist and with surprising strength pulled him towards her and bit deeply in his neck. A fire shot through him , one he had never felt before

He wanted to hold her. He wanted to make love to her. It took every ounce of control he had to stand still. He felt her grow in strength as he became weaker and dizziness hit him. Be he did not tell her to stop, knowing she would know instinctively. Proving he was right she did, she ran her tongue over the bite , her breathing was quick, she felt his blood coursing through her giving her strength, the feeling was indescribable. It was like the ultimate high, she could help but moan against his skin and nuzzle his neck “touch me...I need to know you can”

It felt like a workout to bring his hand up to her face to cup her cheek. He smiled, looking as if that small movement was nothing at all. Her eyes closed the moment he touched her and she sighed a breath of relief “it’s only you...good” she said “here’s she said moving away and handing him that teas he was talking about earlier “you need it more then me”

"It doesn't replace blood, piccola," said, downing the tea. "But I am glad I could help."

"Do you......need to feed from me? Is that a thing?" She asked

He said, "Yes. Lycans feed as well, but not for sustinance. It is to replenish blood lost in battle and to forge bonds. Feeding from you would also begin the process of turning me into a Guardian as well."

"Is that what you want?" She asked. For some reason her asking touched him, no one ever really asked what he wanted, and he also felt shame because he knew now he should have asked her like she was asking him about many things, like their child.

"To be honest, it doesn't matter to me," he said honestly. "What matters is that we are together." He took her hand. "I should have asked you if you wanted this. I am sorry I did not. So, if I change, consider it karma for what I did to you."

"I think you should think about what happens if you change, weigh your options, you have a pack after all" she said removing her hand slowly "I'll back, I still need that fresh air" she said seeming calmer

"Promise you'll come back," he said.

"Can't, I don't like to lie but I don't feel like I shouldn't come back" she said in a honest tone "and that's a start, then again it could be your blood making me want to stay, who knows I'm new at this"

"It's because we are mates," he said sleepily. "We are a safe haven for the other." He had a self-mocking smile. "Well, when my selfishness doesn't take it from you, anyway. Guess Michael isn't the only idiota in the family. Looks like Mina got all the brains."

She was quiet for a moment as she looked at him "you need blood" she said "I'll go get some since you need time to think if you want to....."

"Gidget, I don't care if I become a bug and eat sterco to survive," he said, "so long as I get to spend the rest of eternity with you, I will be happy. Besides, my pack is already waiting to welcome their alpha female when she is ready."

"But you wouldn't be a lycan anymore and I may have been one for a short time but I can still tell you, it feels very different" she said "are you sure you want to give that up?"

"Show me what you experience," he said. "It's only fair."

"How would you like me to show you?" She asked

"Did I give you a choice?" he asked. "I've always made decisions and my pack followed. I've never had my choices taken, especially over something so important. I think because I took your choice in whether or not you stayed human, it is only fair you take my choice in whether or not I become a Gardian."

"That's not fair for you to say to me...because I have a human mine, therefore they more power the better, but only you know how your people would feel about it and how you would feel about it" she said in a honest tone

"My pack doesn't care if I'm a Guardian," he said. "We accept everyone. No one should ever feel unwanted. Anyone kicked out of their pack comes to us. We give everyone a second chance."

"Then it's up to you" she said with a shrug "I won't make the choice for you but just know you will never feel the same again and your wolf will fell like it's dying....changing"

"We are close to the full moon," he said. "A Lycan's powers are weakened with the full moon. I can see how you would feel as if she is dying and changing. I always equated it to going into a week of hibernation, myself. I can't do some of the things I'm used to doing and get a little irritable. I hate this time of the month."

"I see well....tell me now what you want" she said "yes or no?" She asked pulling her shirt to the side exposing her neck

"I want you to go hunt," he said after a moment. "You need blood if you are going to provide for me. There are some humans nearby. Take control of their minds when you go to feed and keep them unaware. Do not kill while feeding on their blood. When you are done, you will be able to find me here, waiting. One exchange isn't going to change my species."

He can see she didn't like the idea of feeding "um I think not" she said in a serious tone "I'm not ready for that in fact I wasn't ready to feed from you it just...happened"

"Usually, it would happen while we make love," he said, his eyes getting heavy. "Piccola, I can't stay awake much longer. It's up to you to decide." It was then she noticed how pale he looked. "I trust you with my life, bella luna."

She helped him to his feet "come on follow me" she said

"Gidget?" he asked. "Where are we..."

Chrisof appeared in the next room when they rounded the corner “he needs blood” she said and helped him sit on a chair in the room, chrisof came over “are your ok?” He asked kirigan

"She needed blood," Kirigan said with a shrug. "Now, I need blood in return. I have left it up to her if I become a Guardian like her."

“Is that what you want my alpha?” He asked as Gidget started to walk away

"I leave my fate in her hands," he said. "I took her choice, so it is only fair she takes mine."

After she left chrisof looked at him “my friend, talk to me I want to know how you feel about this, really, not what you are doing to ease your guilt” he said softly pouring him some water

"The truth is, I don't want to change," he said. "No one likes to think about a sudden change like that. I'm so used to being a Lycan, to think of myself as anything else is hard to imagine. To be a Guardian," he laid back, "I already have enough responsibility to our people. To add the Carpathians to it seems like too much."

“Why didn’t you tell her that?” He asked while handing him a glass of water

Kirigan drank it all in one breath before saying, "I did not want to influence her one way or the other."

“But your keeping things from her again, kirigan you can not treat you like how you run the pack, a mate will feel you holding back even if she does not realize it, trust me I have my hands full and can hide nothing” he said with a chuckle “and I don’t want to, being open with your mate is a sanctuary few get to feel”

"I will accept what she chooses," he said. "I know her. She will research about the combination of blood and what it means to be a Guardian before she does anything to me. But I also know that it will happen eventually. There is no stopping it, whether I want it or not."

“Why do you say that?” He asked

"It has already begun," he said. "When I fed from her after she became a Lycan, I started to have Carpathian tendencies. The more I do so, the more exchanges we have while making love, the stronger they will become. The truth is, she chooses how fast or slow this change takes place.

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