Memories and Shame 6

"I'll wait but you must tell me the story, cara mia," he said, going to kiss her softly. But she moved away from him before he could "I have to understand these things to better aid the woman I love."

He could see she didn't like him saying that "goodbye kirigan" she said and turned and with inhuman speed disappeared into the forest. Kirigan stood there a moment before letting out a mournful howl that tore at her heart.
night of the attack

Megahn woke up first, she knew something was not right erik my love, wake up, keep your mind hidden she said calling for him to awake

Alright, he said. Tell me what you feel. I have a barrier around Roberto and Angelique. I feel nothing strange at this time. It must be how sensitive you are.

it's the earth she is in pain, I think they are trying to go under the wards

I have put a ward all around them and us, he said. I was taking no chances with a newly converted female or with my lifemate. Meghan, how many? We may need to call in the Justicano boy until other hunters can arrive.

She opened the earth "there are three but...I can't tell what they are, I find it worrisome, I can feel heart beats but I can't feel emotions, just the movement of mother earth" she said dressing in armor

"They could be Sange rau," he said. "But they could also be allies. It has been so long since I've been unsure on how to handle a situation. It makes me uneasy."

"I will test them, just in case wake Roberto but keep Angelica sleep for now" she said

"I am already up," said Roberto. "Test them. But the only Guardians in the area are Scarlett and Michael."

"They are still miles away but they got the others to safety but I heard Scarlett was injured" said erik as meghan closed her eyes.

"Then, prey they are allies and not Sange rau," said Roberto. "Because if they are, we are already dead."

Megahn started to sweat and frown, she paled and started to sway

"What is it, mon amour?" Erik asked, catching her.

"I think they are jaguars, there is such a male agression there it's overwhelming" she said "they want someone"

"Angilique," said Roberto, clenching his fists. "They don't know she's already a Carpathian and claimed by me."

"But Jaguars need air to breathe," said Erik. "How are they going through the ground without oxygen? Is a mage or vampire aiding them?"

"I feel magic but it's coming from them...can jaguars posses magic?" She asked

"Not that I know of," said Erik honestly. "However, anything is possible. I would not be surprised if this is the first Jaguar Mage in existence."

"You are leaving out Jubal Sanders," said Roberto. "Brother to Joie and Gabrielle. As well as Skyler Tirinul, Colby De La Cruz, and I'm sure a number of others."

"You are right. They were born as Jaguar Mages. But they used their powers for good, and thus, I always thought of them as pure mages. Funny how a child-like belief can continue into adulthood. Anyway, we should capture these intruders and find out their lineage. Perhaps they are controlled by a vampire and do not know it. We are just now starting to see the number of Jaguars on the mend, finally out of the red. We cannot let them slip back down this dangerous path."

After a moment meghans eyes opened "let them in, I am going on my instincts....I have a gut feeling " she said in a serious tone

"Alright," said Erik.

"I'll keep Angelique safe," said Roberto. "Perhaps we will be lucky and it is not my lifemate that they seek."

The moment the wards went down a tan muscular hand slammed threw the soil followed by another. A black haired male pulled himself threw the soil and stood up, another male came from the same whole. It was clear they were siblings, they were almost identical looking. They brushed the dirt off their naked bodies. Their green eyes met with Erik and roberto not paying much attention to Meghan "glad you woke up, I was growing tired of taking down your wards, though I am glad to see you went to great lengths to protect our sister" the man said as his brother stood up and started brushing himself off

"And well met," said Erik. "Yes, she is a treasure to our people as well. She was converted recently to save her life. Her captors were not kind."

"Angelique is your sister?" Roberto asked. "Forgive me, but I have not had much time to learn about my lifemate, nor she me."

Erik put in, "If you desire, you can stay with us to ensure he is good for her, but he is a De La Cruz, descended from another Carpathian who was lifemate to a Jaguar. He is close to them because of it. I see no problem, but having you here will ease her distress greatly."

"I have plans to take her back to Brazil after my duty here is done and I have finished talking to our prince," Roberto finished. "I do not mean to be crass, but we have not yet finished the battle with the ones that held her."

"We will stay " they said in sync catching everyone off guard for a moment

"That was quick," said Erik.

"More protection for Angelique, the better," said Roberto. "They can protect us during the day."

"May we have your names?" Erik asked.

"Marius " said the one that came out first "Darius" said the second one.

"Twins?" Erik asked.

"I should return to Angelique," Roberto said. "She will be uneasy if I am away too long."

"Yes" they said in sync to erik. The twins looked at Roberto at the same time "wait" they said "we have questions" said Marius "important questions" said Darius

"Alright," said Roberto. "I will answer them as best as I am able."

They approached him and slow circled him, smelling him, eyeing his body. Marius went as far as to touch his back while Darius grabbed his chin and examined his face. Normal this would seem invasive and unnatural but Roberto knew better, these males we're testing him as another male "how old are you?" Marius asked "what is your job?" Asked darius

"I am about 750 years," said calmly. "I am a hunter for my people and work at protecting the big cats of Brazil. It is more so that Jaguars, like yourselves, have a safe place to roam away from our enemies but with all large jungle cats in the rainforest endangered, it works at helping nature rebuild their populations as well."

"Family?" Asked darius "children?" Asked marius

"Cousins, brothers, and sisters," he said. "No children."

"Your unstable" marius said "we can sense it" Darius said and they turned him around to face them, both gripping his shoulders "you were cold" marius said " now your not" Darius said "unstable" they both said

"I am new to emotions," he supplied. "That is what you are sensing. It will take time. I will be grateful for you to be here when I make mistakes. Angelique will need you at those times. Namely for kicking my ass, but hey, what are brother-in-laws for?"

They both growled "you have not earned that title yet" they said "mates does not mean you are good for her" said marius "we have met many mates who were not happy" Darius said "where is she?" Asked marius "we wish to see her" said darius

"One thing at a time," said Roberto. "First, I was making a joke. Second, I am her lifemate, not a simple mate. Third, she is healing from the conversion in the ground. I can open the earth, but she must sleep a little longer." He opened the earth for them, clothing Angelique in a simple dress. "You can examine her if you wish."

They jumped down and he could tell by their body posture that they were upset by how she looked. The more he watched them and the short words they used let him know these men were more wild then most jaguars. Even in their human form they moved like predators. Marius bent down and touched her neck slightly and moved her hair back like he was looking for something"how long since you started the change" Darius asked

"One day," said Roberto, dropping down next to them. "I wish to keep her in the ground one more night to be safe. Two at most." He cupped her cheek tenderly. "I regret that I have not had the time to get to know her as I should have. We were pressed to save her life. I would have liked to have courted her before claiming her. It was unfair to her." He looked at the brothers. "When she rises, I would like you there. Seeing familiar faces will ease her fears a great deal. I will respect any boundaries you set, but I cannot be far. It will cause her much pain, and that is something I would like to avoid if possible."

"Her smell is different" said Darius "that's normal" said marius "I know but I don't like it" Darius said in a tense tone "me either" said marius as they stood up. They both hopped out of the hole "have you mated with her?" Asked marius "you know it's our time of the season" said darius

"I have, but she was not ovulating due to the pain and trauma she had suffered," said Roberto. "Still, she did exhibit signs of being in heat, just as other Jaguar women would be. Even if she hadn't, I made sure that she would not be pregnant at this time. It is too soon for her after what happened and we have not had time to learn about each other. I may be unstable, but not unbalanced. I have seen and heard of what happens when someone pushed their lifemates too fast."

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