Sophia intro

Sophie followed the tore close to the back of the group. Her hair was loos and as usual the wild mess of it fell in a eay that if she tilted her head right she could hide part of her face. It was a small thing but it made her feel safe in situations she wasnt used to. And she was not used to this. Not used to being around others like her, not used to being aroumd people at all, not used to these cloths..even as avergae as they were (blue jeans and a. Thin tshirt) not even used to walking around in human form.
She had spent most her life walking in on of her animal forms. For the last five uears she had been the wolf. When they started building the school she came to see what was up. She found others like her. It had been amazing but she had been scared of them and kept to the shadows coontent to just watch.
That was when she had met jake. He had found her watching place and she couldnt shake him. He soon befriended her and when his fatjer found out about her insistimg that she got the school and learn to be around other of her kind jake became another security blanket.
Her eyes scanned for him now but she couldnt fined him. where was he? sje thought nerviously to her self.

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