Megan looked at him for a moment like she was analyzing him " yes...thats correct" she said in a uneven tone after a while

Alexandor took a broken phone from his pocket, one Megan recognized. There was blood on it. The headmaster had given it to him before he left the first day of classes, explaining that if he found someone claiming Serenity as their sister to present them with it. He didn't question it at the time, but he began to wonder. Still, he played on the story the headmaster insisted on.

"I'm sorry," he said. "We found a body last night. We found this. It appears that the murderer lured your sister from the group and murdered her just after 11:30 three days ago. Animals left her nearly unrecognizable. As there is no other evidence other than this phone, we can't do much more on your sister's case."

Something snapped inside Megan "No! I don't believe you! I want to see it! I want to see the body!" she said visibly shaking "thats not her! its not her blood!" SHe said covering her face with her hands, he would feel a surge of power surround them, something he did not recognise, suddenly the blood on the phone started to float, it started to change and to stretch until it made the form of a face, her sisters face "Its not her... she out there smiling that goofy smiled of hers" she said in a broken tone, as she said it the blood face smiled"its not her...its not" she said and started to sway, the blood dropped the the ground and she started to fall

Alexandor caught her and said, "I'll take you to your room. Tomorrow, I will talk to you about a place you can go where you can heal and make friends. It is a school, it will teach you many things, but it may help you deal with the lose of your sister."

Alexandor knew the headmaster wouldn't like it, but a power to control blood was powerful. They had to help it develop and learn how to use it to help the Carpathian people.

Before she could say anything she passed out in his arms

Alexandor sighed and took her to the tavern. The owner told him her room number. He laid her in the bed and put a note on her table, telling her to call him. He left the room to continue looking for more students.

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