Alexander smiled and said, "Well, we walked to the road and then we drove to the school. Now, you and I need to go to the opening ceremony. It will be starting soon. Your heart rate is now steady, so you should be up for it. Let's go. You will sit in the first row so that I can keep an eye on you, in case something happens."

He helped her out of the bed and led her to the courtyard.

Seren linked her arm in his as they walked, he was warm and she found comfort being close to him but at the same time she felt exposed like something was not right "SO what is this school anyway?" She asked looking up at him, her blue silver like eyes filled with wonder and doubt

Alexander said, "It is a school for those who have special abilities, known and unknown." He searched her mind and smiled. "Think of me as Prof. X and everyone here is my X-Man without the costumes."

Seren stopped walking "I hope your kidding..." She said wondering if it was a joke, something came to her mind, it was fuzzy but it was there, him telling her she was special, her head started to hurt again as she unknowingly started breaking down his compulsion, she released his arm and grabbed her head

Alexander grabbed her and asked, "What's wrong?"

He looked in her mind. He panicked and reinforced the compulsion. He had to keep her near him. Had to! Without this woman, he would be emotionless! He sat her down in the front row before the other students and their parents could get there. He looked her in the eyes. She had to be with him. He didn't think twice. He planted more memories of her being his adopted daughter.

"Talk to me, Serenity," he said.

Serenity blinked and looked at him "Somethings head..something doesn't feel right" She said looking at him with almost tears in her eyes, she touched the side of his face "Are you ok papa? you look worried is something wrong?" She asked in a sweet caring tone

His mouth watered but his centuries of discipline held him in check. "I am fine, little one. I just need to feed. You just sit here and we will get this thing done and over with. Then, we can get you settled and end this night. Won't that be a blessing?"

Serenity nodded "you can feed from me if you need papa when we get home" She said meaning every word

"Thank you, Serenity," he said hugging her to him. "But with you fainting earlier, let me decide if that is the safest course. I don't want you to be hurt. The healer said converting you is the only way to fix your heart, remember?"

She hugged him back, she was light and soft in his arms "Ill be fine papa...I want to help...and I know but I want you do to it papa...I trust you" She said with her breath on his neck, it felt nice, to be touched to find her body pleasant, it had been so long for him the temptations was becoming to great

Alexander wanted to cry as he stepped back and said, "I know you do, my child. But I want you to be sure, without a shadow of a doubt. We will talk tonight. Remember, I will be in the ground in the De La Cruz Tower to the south. You will be in the Daratrazanoff Tower to the east. We live here now. After this is over, come to the tower and we will see about you helping me. Alright?"

She nodded "ok papa" she said softly and watched him go on stage

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