Something much worse

Amelia knew this was bad, she knew she should tell right now, but yet she found herself at the clock tower, her heart was beating fast, her blood rushing through her veins like they were in anticipation "hello?" she said going into the dark, its not that she couldn't see but she couldn't focus enough to really look

Hendrik stepped forward and said, "Ready to admit you have a thing for me? Lifemate?"

His voice made her shiver "lifemates don't fuck other people" she said coldly "you're just a disgusting vampire who gets his kicks from compelling woman to fuck him" she said glaring at him "probably the only way any woman would fuck someone like you" She said with anger in her tone. She refused to think she might actually be jealous but she did feel disgusted, he had touched her like that with someone else he was fucking right in the room "last the dawn or I make the choice for you" she said trying to stay focused

"But my sweet Amelia, I did not compel her to do anything," he said, truth dripping from every word. "She did all of that herself. And I felt nothing but my body's reaction to her performance. There is only one for me. That girl would not leave me alone after my class, and it was the quickest way to make her leave."

"your sick and disgusting.." she said taking a step back as if she was going to retreat into the open where people would see her

He was there, behind her in a second, forcing her deeper within the clock tower. Now was his chance.

His voice dripped with sex appeal and the promise of satin bed sheets, and also a compulsion, as he said, "Amelia, stop trying to deny what you feel. If you want me, then say so." He saw her desire peek through her shirt, smelled her juices on the air. "Just admit it, and this can be so simple."

She crossed her legs, her body started to shake and her breathing got heavier "N-No..." she said in a low shaking voice, she fought hard against his compulsion but she was failing, he was stronger than her "I can' don't need to..." She was losing her grip on her control, it was taking everything she had to not move, she bit down on her bottom lip hard, enough for it to bleed, hoping the pain would help clear her mind

Hendrik looked at the blood, hungered for it, but he had a plan and it was imperative he stuck to it. Using the power of his naturally sexy voice and still pushing the compulsion, he said, "I need to what? Tell me what you feel for me Amelia and I will do everything you ask of me."

She looked at him with glazed over eyes "my body might need you..but my soul needs something that you cannot give, which is why you will never be my lifemate" She said then lost her strength to fight his compulsion, instantly her body came alive, her skin became so sensitive her clothes hurt her, she pressed her back against the wall her heart beating fast, the look on her face was that of a pure wild desire and she looked at him like she was ready to devour him

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