Vampire's Lover

Hendrik smiled and said, "Come take what your desire, Amelia. I am yours to play with. Listen to the truth, what your body wants. Take what is your by right."

Amelia grabbed him and slammed him into the wall and ripped off his clothes, until the other woman she was wild dominate and she was not a girl but a woman, she knew what she wanted and she was more than willing to take it.

She reached down and grabbed his member at the same time she kissed him deeply. The touch of her hand was electrifying and her wild kiss still had her blood on her lips

He tasted her blood, his drug, and growled. He planted a new compulsion and said, "You are mine, Amelia. When we are in a room alone, your desire will beat at you until you cannot contain it. No man will be like me, and you will find them disgusting in comparison. Until I remove this compulsion, you are mine. Mind, body, and soul. You will not want to tell anyone a thing about me because you are no longer think I'm a vampire. I am your lover, your lifemate. Tell me this and I will make you mine for all time."

She moaned "I am yours," she said in a low moaning tone biting his bottom lip

He wanted to drink her blood, suck it right off her lip. "Now, undress for me and suck me off."

His hand circled his large member. It was the sexiest sight Amelia had ever seen. And it was all for her.

Ameila smiled and mischevious grin " said you were mine to play with" she said right before biting deep into his throat, it burned but the pain only added to her excitement, she though her clothes away and started rubbing her hot wet core against his member, not taking it inside her but just teaing

He turned and pinned her to the wall, where he entered her, stopping at the thin barrier of innocence. He laid the final brick in his compulsion as he said, "When I make you a real woman, taking your innocence, you will do what I say when I say it. It won't matter when or where. It won't matter if we get caught. You will do it because you want to please me." And he rammed into her. "Isn't that right, Amelia?"

She cried out in pain as he broke her barrier, his hand covered her mouth her back arched and a tear fell down her cheek, She was so tight it was painful, her muscles clenched around him and moved as her body tried to adjust to him, Her body was shaking from the pain and she slumped against the wall "yes...." she said finally answering him when she could.

He pounded into her hard and fast. She felt like heaven. Yes, she was his. He had the perfect woman. He emptied himself into her, but he wasn't done.

"Face the wall and stick you ass out for me," he said.

She did as she was told, his seem and her cum dripping out her hot tight core as she stuck out her butt for him,planing her hands on the wall

He rammed into her and began moving. He couldn't get enough of her. "Beg me for more, Amelia. Beg for my cock to fill you. Then, I will send you to heaven."

"please! harder! fuck me harder! take me in every possible way!" She moaned in a begging tone

"In due time," he promised.

The then pounded into her, leaving her soar and slightly bruise, but nothing to worry over. He filled her two more times before he let he collapse.

"I will see you in class tomorrow," he said, cleaning and clothing them both. "Return to your resting chamber and sleep. You will not go to the cafeteria, but will come to my office as soon as you wake up. Do you understand?"

"yes my love..." She said kissing him passionately before heading to her dorms, once she was there she went right to sleep just as she was told.

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