Office Visit

The next rising, Hendrik drank from his wine again. He had everything worked out. Amelia was his, and he planned on enjoying her body to the fullest. He went to his office and, using their mental connection, woke her. It was two hours until classes started, so they had plenty of time. He sat at his desk and waited.

Amelia woke with a hunger but she didn't want to go to the cafe, instead, she got dressed and headed to Hendriks office. She didn't knock she just walked in and shut the door behind her, she leaned against it, unsure of why she came here "um...good evening" she said n a confused tone

"Yes, it is," he said. "I want you to suck me off."

He moved away from his desk, his hand circling his member, still the sexiest thing she had ever seen.

Her face flushed and she walked over to him, getting down on her knee, her mouth was heaven as she took him to the back of her throat, her tongue massaged and stroked as her warm tight lips tightened around him

He growled, putting his hand on the her head. He looked at her and said, "I need you to be quiet while I meet with someone. It won't last long." He moved her to under the desk. "Do not reach for anyone but me in your mind. Do not be seen. But do not stop taking me deep. Nod if you understand."

She nodded and let her fang gentle scrap his member, making him growl.

He looked at her and said, "That was good, but we cannot have you doing that during the meeting. Wait until I am done and they have closed the door, then enjoy my cock to your hearts content."

The knock came and Hendrick scooted in to hide Amelia better as he said, "Come on in, Danarius."

Danarius stepped in closing the door behind him "thank you for taking the time to see me, I was hoping to talk to you about a student you have in your first period an Amelia Dragonheart" he said sitting down across from him.

Amelia was too focused on his cock to hear was being said, her hands teased his sides as she started using her tongue, circling, licking, her warm breath in his lap

Hendrik had to clear his throat before saying, "Yes, her. She is quite troublesome. She made a wild accusation about a vampire entering school grounds. I tried talking with her, but she seemed adamant. I know it's preposterous, so I gave her a detention for trying to start problems."

Danarious nodded "that why Im here she never sowed for detention and no one has seen her as of late, even if it was just a wild accusation its our duty to fully investigate it, I f she shows up for class today please have her come see me," He said plainly

Amelias nails dug into his thighs as she took him all the way to the back of her throat, her lips touching his skin, he would feel her throat contract and squeeze his member, slowly she pulled back teasing him with her tongue as she did so

Hendrik fought the growl that wanted to come out. "I will," he said breathlessly. "Sorry, I must not have fed enough this evening. I will remedy that in a moment. I will see you later, Danarius."

Danarius said his goodbye and left

As soon as he left Amelia used her fang once more

Hendrik growled and said, "That was playing dirty, Amelia. It's time for a punishment. I want you to bend over my desk, naked." He pulled away from her and waited. "You will be dripping by the time this punishment is done."

Amilia did what she was told "You never said I had to play fair" she said as her clothes disappeared and she bent over

"It matters not," said Hendrik. "I had to save you from being thrown out or worse." He began spanking her, turning each check lobster red. "You should be grateful! You should beg me for forgiveness for having to save you for being a sorry excuse of a student! Go ahead and beg for my forgiveness!"

"no! you like it that im a bad student...your body cant lie...the more I teased yu the more you liked it I will not appologize for pleasing my life mate" she said through moans as he spanked her

Hendrik went to her and said, "Then, allow me to be pleased with your body." He shoved into her back door, covering her mouth as she screamed. He began moving hard and fast. "You wanted me to take you in every way. This is one of the ways. Enjoy it, Amelia. Enjoy it like a true lifemate would."

All Amelia felt was pain, then it dawned on her I cant! you havent claim me yet! she yelled into his head

"Yes, you can!" he said, pounding hard into her with every word. "You will enjoy it, because pain is good! This is punishment!"

No! I cant! a lifemate would not punish or cause pain! she said into his head, she felt like her mind was starting to shatter, like she was coming out of a dark hole

He pounded into her and filled her bowels with his seed. He fell to his chair. He said, "You did good, and I forgive you. I'm sorry if I hurt you. I loose myself in how wonderful you feel." He reinforced his compulsion. "You know I love you, right? And you will do what I say when I say it? No matter what?"

Amelia was confused, her body was in pain and told her one thing but she felt another "why does it have to be that way? why wont you let me be in control? do I not satisfy you? I know Im new...Im inexperienced...but I still want to try" She said in sad tone

He smiled and saw they still had an hour until classes. "Then ride me. Show me the love you have for me by riding my cock. I will tell you when to come."

Amelia was sore but her body acted on its own, She climbed up into his lap and slowly lowered herself onto him, she cried out, she was just as tight and hot as when e took her virginity, She wrapped her armes around his neck and started lifting up and down, she kissed him deep and passionately, he could tell by how tight she was she was still sensitive and sore from yesterday, he would hear her heart beat fast , her blood calling to him

He kissed her neck then bit deep. Taking in her blood, lights exploded around him. He closed the wound and let her ride him. He held out, not letting her nips on his neck and chest push him over the edge. Five minutes before class started, he said, "Let's fall together!"

He then surged up and they climaxed together. He had to cover her mouth so her scream would not be heard.

"We should get ready for class, and you have detention after classes are over," he said. "When that is done, meet me in the darkest hallway in the school, next to the cafeteria."

He laid her on his desk, uncaring of his seed flowing from her. He fixed himself and his clothes before walking out.

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