Amelia could not concentrate, something was off, something didn't feel right, she got dressed and went to class, she searched her mind for what could be wrong. The whole class went by in a blur as she was lost in thought, her body tired and sore and she was so hungry, she had not feed in almost two days. After class she decided to go to the cafe before going to detention, as she waited in line for blood, she felt herself start to sway a little, before she fell she felt strong hands grab her arms keeping her up straight, she turned to see Denarius "I've been looking for you" He said with a stern tone
Denarius knew the sign of a vampire victim well, and she displayed every one of them, which led him to believe there really was one in the school, She was weak, her body smelled of blood and semen and he could see bruising beneath her clothes, her eyes were glossed over, most likely from the compulsion and he could not read her thoughts, that was the biggest sign but not the last. He knew he needed to go a different way about this, she was in too deep "I just wanted to know why you were not at detention when you were supposed to be" he asked her letting her go, he would hunt, and she would be the bait
Amelia looked away from him "I'm sorry ill go there right after I eat,...I've been kind of out of it lately" she said honestly "that's no excuse, as punishment you will help in picking up the equipment after my glass at the end of the day for three days" he said in a superior tone "yes sir" she said softly "good...don't be late " He said and walked away
She found it was easier to concentrate after she had eaten, the day went by quick and after helping pick up the equipment she was exhausted, Danarius did not go easy on her, She did not have the energy to meet Hendrik so instead she went back to her room, once there she start a hot shower for her aching body


Hendrik waited for Amelia. He was angry. He waited until well after detention was over. He couldn't wait any longer. He went to her room. The sight of her in the shower took his breath away. He faltered in his stride and just watched her for a moment, his cock growing hard.

"Amelia," he said to get her attention, her very name making his body sing, making him even angrier, "you missed our appointment."

Amelia jumped making her breast bounce "Im sorry...I was just so tired after the day I did you get in here?" she asked confused, her body was soapy and wet, her hair danced down her body. outlining her breast beautiful her body was a sexy pink from the hot water

"The door," he said. "Tomorrow, you will meet me in the darkest hallway by the cafeteria. You will beg me to pound into you. You will hold onto the wall and stick out you round... firm... ass...." He shook his head. "You will a skirt with with nothing underneath it so that I have easy... access... to... um..." He growled. "Just show up!"

And he left.

Wait come back....would you like to join me? you could wash my back She said teasingly in his head with a told that held need and desire I want you Hendrik She said his name soft and filled with desire

He almost fell from the sky as desire hit him. Everything in him wanted to go back, to spend the next few hours with her, but he had to get to ground. He didn't even have time to find on of the other females to dampen his desires.

This is the truest punishment I can give you, Amelia, he said as he went to his sleeping chamber. You failed to meet with me, and so you will be left alone, wanting my cock... in... your... tight... wet... Just finish your show and go to sleep! You will dream of me and want me and know I am just out of reach!

But Hendrik She said in a moaning tone, he would know she was playing with herself " Your always within my reach..." she said giving him images of what she wanted to do to him and then showing him her in the shower and how she was playing with herself, making her tight and wet

Hendrik growled and said, Woman, I am going to ground! But... you like it deeper... rougher... pull and twist your nipples... put your fingers in as far as they will go...

She did as he said, her moans echoed his mind, her desire and pleasure filled him

He jerked off, not realizing that every movement she made with her hands matched his. Move faster... harder... d-deeper! Even though they were so far away, they still climaxed together. To bed, woman. I must go to ground.

Amelia complied and went to her bed, she was hungry but was too tired to go eat, she slept long and hard, she slept through her alarm, missing her first few classes, by the time she was supposed to meet him, she still slept

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