Welcome to the Dollhouse

Welcome to the Dollhouse. This is a secret unofficial government facility that takes undesirable members of society and reprogrammed them in to specialized spies for the government in the present time. They are customized spies minus the experience and cost. Many of the Dolls are criminals from death row, some are soldiers with shattered minds and others are just plain unlucky. Reguadless they are seen as tools for a dangerous trade. To keep the Dolls in check they are assigned Handlers who are former government Agents or military. The Dollhouse is full of secrets and everyone has one. The Upper management not hesitate to use those secrets as a means to an end, whether it's to recruit Dolls, Handlers or deal with problem people. Create a Doll and or a Handler and deal with a world of Cloak and Dagger while not knowing who to trust. Remember your ally today may be your enemy tomorrow.

This Game contains adult content not suitable for minors so use symbols in your profanity and keep the love scenes less graphic. Good luck and be creative.


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