Image of North D'Agosta

Summary: A young thief with trust issues.

North D'Agosta

Gender: Female

Age: 22

Group: Inhabitants

Physical Appearance.

A slender girl with short, dyed hair and soulful eyes. She is often seen wearing tattered leggings, large boots, and an old bomber jacket.

Psychological Archetype.

A quick thinker. Highly observant. Resourceful. Extremely distrustful of others.

Job / Profession.

Thief, pickpocket.

Strengths / Quirks / Weaknesses.

While not very strong, she is quick and agile. Her small frame allows her to squeeze into tight spaces and vents. However this means she can't really hold her own in a fight, and prefers to flee or talk her way out of situations.

Tools / Weapons / Equipment.

Often carries a slicer tool for running bypasses on locked doors. She abhors weapons, though in a pinch she'll make due with a random blunt object.

What could you tell us about Him? / Her? / It?

North is a quiet girl who prefers to be alone. She isn't very trusting of most people and, in fact, has a very low opinion of people in general. Spending most of her life as a thief hasn't helped this viewpoint, as she's had to deal with some of the worst people on the station.

She enjoys reading old comic books. It was a hobby she and her older brother shared.

She loves Chinese food.

About - His / Her / Its - past.

North was born planetside in Chicago. She was primarily raised by her mother, who was abusive and soon ran off and never came home one day. She went to live with her older brother, Milo, who had run off before North was born. Milo taught her everything she knows about thievery, and the two survived on the streets before managing to smuggle themselves on a shuttle to Exceptum Triton.

Milo was eventually killed in an altercation at a bar, leaving North alone on the station.

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