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Summary: He was the lone ruler of Verden


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Gender: Male

Age: 43

Group: Dead

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)





Former; King of Verden



Physical Appearance

Blond hair, blue eyes and have a very muscular body.

Personality and interests

He is very righteous and is trying his best to create a safe place for all humans.
He can be very stubborn and cold when it comes to those that oppose him.


He has been king for excatly 20 years. All his life he has been trained in how to be king and has never wanted to become anything else.

His mother died because of a sorceress who tricked his father many years ago, but neither him or his father ever forgave the sorceress.

He only have one son, Nathaniel (III) named after his grandfather Nathaniel the second, who was was a brutal ruler in a difficult time, but managed to bring peace to the people of Verden by his strict rules.

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Image of Asgurt
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