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Summary: Let's cut to the chase, you're gonna die, and I'm gonna kill you. Simple enough, I think.


Gender: Male

Age: 24

Group: Criminals

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)

I'm a Dale at heart, but my spirit trnds to...wander.


My "race" is largly complicated. My blood has been severely tainted and mixed with lords knows what, not even I know what's in me. Cool, huh?


I like magic and all, but mine happens to be very specific. I can conteol any type of matter, long as it's solid. If I focus hard enough, I can spawn things from them too, beings from several different realms. With my final power, I can strengthen those summons, making them even more powerful. I couldn't sing my A-B-Cs while doing it...cause I don't know 'em, but it requires absolute focus and concentration.


Outrider, I came up with that one on my own.

Child of the Night, the dumbass name the villagers would always call me when I was little.

Hellspawn, because every mischievous, troublemaking, or just generally annoying individual has to be the offspring of a demon, am I right?

Physical Appearance

Well, I'd say I'm a good-looking guy. I've got a nice little tan going, and I have flowing brown hair. My teeth are sharp (but I know plenty of people who like 'em sharp ;-} ). My ears have a sort of elvish-y thing going on with them, but their round at the ends and frankly I dunno what that's all about. If some girls like a guy with a glow in his eyes, then they should love me 'cause mine straight up shine. Aaand I think that's everything.

Personality and interests

I'll admit it, I can get a little...destructive, but who doesn't? I'm just a guy who likes long walks on the beach and getting caught in the rain, but hopefully not by the guard that chased me down after spotting me running from the scene of a murder. Belive it or not, I hate that.


I don't have a bunch of time, so long story short, my mom was a witch who wanted to make the ultimate human, so she got knocked up, fled to the woods and turned me into a cesspool of different types of blood, using strong magic to negate the obvious effects this would have on my body, like disease and mutation (last one didn't work so well). Pops cought wind of this and was all like,"Oh hell naw!" And he had my mother burned at the stake. He tried to raise me but by then I was the equivalent of a perpetually pissed devil child, and eventually he let me loose in the world. Years of isolation, surviving on my own, with nothing but the disembodied voice of a homicidal demon, drove me batsh*t, and when I returned to society 10 years later, the only thing I could think of doing was making every human pay for the pain they caused me. Oh yeah, humans piss me off, so there.

Favourite food

I don't need to eat (or sleep) much, but if theres any food I'd stop mid-rampage for, I'd definitely be deviled eggs. Love those...

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