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Summary: A Faery Elf with a sweet disposition

Orla Carling

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Gender: Female

Age: 346

Group: People of Dalen


Faery Elf/Mage


Orla lived for centuries in the deep forests of Verden before being driven out by the army's Inquisition soldiers that sought to purge the kingdom of all magical beings. She found refuge in nearby Dalen, and now dwells in an enchanted rooftop garden in the capital. She is known locally as a horticulturist and herb gardener. She has extensive knowledge of ritual magic practised by her ancient kin. She is skilled at telepathy, empathy (sensing emotions of others and magnifying or diminishing them) nature control (especially plants) enchantment, and energy manipulation magicks, specifically life energy.

She also has natural powers inherent to her race, most notably a thousand year lifespan, strong mystical senses, and flight by way of translucent, insect-like wings that appear and disappear as she wishes.

Unlike human mages, Orla's magic, along with her physical health, is greatly effected by iron, which is capable of neutralizing her powers, incapacitating her, and even killing her.


Orla has no titles, though she is a second cousin once removed from the legendary King Oberon.

Physical Appearance

Orla has silver-blue eyes, straw-coloured hair and a small, petite body. She stands at five feet two inches (157 cm) and weighs about 110 lbs (50 kg). With her hair concealing her elfen-shaped ears, she is often mistaken for human, but at night a soft, faint glow of light emanates from her not visible during the day. She can deliberately increase this light, but is incapable of turning it completely off.

Personality and interests

She is a kind, compassionate and upbeat girl always ready to lend a helping hand to those in need. She likes to wear bright, vibrantly coloured clothes and enjoys tea and gardening. To those she meets she is unfailingly pleasant and well-mannered, but sometimes has a distracted air due to her powerful senses picking things up in the ether.


Orla was born to a secluded clan of faery elves, who were a formidable combination of those two great races. Unlike her Uncle's side of the family that enjoyed playing tricks on humans and cruelly tormenting them, Orla was raised to view all races as equal and deserving of respect. But because she is neither elf nor faerie she has no relations with either race, which historically tend to shun her kind due to their other-worldliness and penchant to serve the forces of Chaos.

Favourite food

She prefers faery-elf food, which she does not eat so much as consume the spiritual essence of. She is capable of drawing nourishment however from a variety of physical foods such as certain vegetables, nuts, berries, grain breads, and honey.

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Image of Orla Carling
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