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Summary: A mysterious but kind hearted mage with a bizarre secret he tells few.

Dorian Mori

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Gender: Male

Age: 22

Group: Nobles of Dalen

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)

Technically part of Dalen Nobility put currently a vagabond mage searching for knowledge. He tends to be strongest at mental magic telepathy, telekinises, Even the ability to extract the thoughts and memories of those who can't resist him (a power he rarely uses as it leaves the target mentally damaged)


Human/Alien Consciousness.


Astronomer, Mage, Obtainer of arcane and mundane knowledge.


The Youngest and I'll favored son of the Count of Mori he holds no official title.

Physical Appearance

Whip cord thin and of average hight Dorian sports short black hair slicked back out of his eye. One of his eyes is a icy blue the other (and probably the thing most people notice first) is covered by a brown leather eye patch sporting a magical circle. Most of the time he can be found wearing expensive (but well worn) robes of purple.

Personality and interests

Energetic and all to excitable when it comes to topics he loves he is a avid scholar and will listen or talk for hours when it comes to topics of magic. When he isn't of questing for hard to find (and some time forbidden) knowledge he is usually looking up at the stars through a collapsible telescope he keeps in his robes.


Dorian was born a sickly babe due to complications from birth that took the life of his mother. This mixed with the fact he was the fourth child of the house of Mori ment he was not given much attention by his father nor his brothers. Due to his sickly nature he took to books and study while his brothers took to more physical tasks. He showed no real talent for magic so he focused his mind towards the stars. Astronomy was his passion and most nights (when his frailty didn't prevent) he would would be found on the hill next to his family estate looking at the stars. A "accident" while star gazing at 17 ended up with him sharing his body with a alien consciousness. The only outward evidence of which was him losing his frail nature, A absolute thirst for magical knowledge spurred on by the Consciousness (he tends to call it "food") And the loss of his left eye to the being who replicated it perfectly except for the iris being a iridescent sunburst the arms of which squirm like tentacles. With the Consciousness as a teacher he swiftly learned basic magic within a year and left his home in search of more arcane knowledge, telling few about his Noble birth and even fewer about is new "teacher"

Favourite food

He fell in love with the commoner food Potato shortly after he left his home for his adventure. He has them whenever he can. The Consciousness disapproves calling it "worm food"

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Image of Dorian Mori
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