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Summary: The Devil's playmate's mother

Cecile Valorie Windsor

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Gender: female

Age: 39

Group: People of Dalen

Group (Verden/Dale/Other)

Dalen, but helps people from both Kingdoms.


Human who studies and practices witchcraft.


Cecile is a mother of five daughters. People from both Verden and Dalen arrive at her small cottage whenever their heart desires something that she can help with. She has assisted in bringing life into the world, finding lost loved ones, healing wounds that would otherwise have become infected, and feed those who are in dire need of food.


She has no direct rank, as she isn’t the leader of anything except for her own family’s coven.

Physical Appearance

Cecile has green eyes and long silver hair. There is a scar beginning from just below her left eye, down her cheek, and coming around her cheek bone towards her jaw. There is another scar on the right side of her lip. There are scars from whip lashings on her back as well. She stands to be 5’6”, and has a petite but well maintained figure. Celestia and Cecile look almost identical, with an obvious difference in their jaw line.

Personality and interests

Cecile is practically a Saint. She can sense when someone has mal intentions, which allows her to address a problem before it arises. Cecile is a very giving individual, minus the small payment for her magical favors. Those, come at a price. Her interests are helping others and assisting in allowing individuals to lead the life they truly desire.


Cecile Windsor was raised in a coven of 10 green witches. When she was 14, her mother decided that she needed to wed another coven’s leader’s son. The son was 18 and a brutish boy. Cecile became a woman at the age of fifteen, which made her fit to begin bearing children. Her husband made it his duty to impregnate her as soon as possible, with her approval or without. Her first child was born Cecile’s 10th month into her 15th year. The child was a girl, which would be the first of five. Cecile’s husband was disappointed in finding that she had failed in giving him someone to pass on their name.

Only one month after their first born, Willow, was born, she conceived again. Cecile proved to be an extremely fertile woman, but disappointed her husband again when she bore another girl, Wendy, on her seventh month of her 16th year. It was at this point that her husband began to take his frustration out on Cecile, and her first two daughters. In attempt to stop him on one of his most aggressive rampages, he broke a glass mug on her mouth, which caused the scar on her lip. Three months after Wendy was born, Cecile conceived her middle child, Celestia. Celestia would be born on the seventh month of her 17th year.

Celestia quickly became Cecile’s favorite babe. She was the easiest amongst the three to take care of, as she was more independent than the rest. Celestia was her father’s favorite as well. Though she was a female, her father took the time to get to know her and care for her. Later, in their childhoods, this would bring a rivalry about in the household. Two months after Celestia was born, Cecile conceived again. In the 6th month of her 18th year, Carmon was brought into the world. Celestia took up so much of her father’s time, that he couldn’t find the energy to be upset about yet another girl being brought into the world. Their last child was born on Cecile’s 20th birthday, baby Carla.

The ages of the girls:
Willow: 24
Wendy: 23
Celestia: 22
Carmon: 21
Carla: 20

When Celestia turned 16, their home was filled with a multitude of guests. Cecile had hardly the time in assisting all of them with their desires, and had put the girls at work. Celestia’s father aided in helping Celestia kill her first person. When Cecile found out about the death, she had confronted the two, only to be met with an ungodly amount of aggression. Cecile banned her husband from helping the girls with their magic, which caused Celestia to have an aggressive outburst. Celestia threw a double-sided (not double-edged) kitchen knife at her mother’s face, which almost took out her eye.

Celestia’s father attempted to beat her as a punishment for physically harming her mother. Cecile was so forgiving to her favorite child, that she threw herself in front of the lashings to keep Celestia from receiving them.

Cecile loved all of her daughters dearly, and was devastated when she found out what magic Celestia was found tampering with at a later age. When Celestia turned 18, and moved out of the house, Cecile mourned the loss of her child for months. The other children felt so neglected by Cecile’s undying love for Celestia, that they grew to hate Celestia and would occasionally pray for her death. If it wasn’t for her deal with the Devil, she would most likely already be dead.

Ceciles’ husband left their family shortly after Celestia. He married another woman and bore three sons, but their names, and his new wife’s name, are unknown to the original Windsor Coven.

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